Monday, 15 March 2010

This week

The switch in energy is coming. The under-the-weather-itis that we’re afflicted with perks up after Monday evening’s New Moon. Tuesday brings a final Uranian bolt from the blue and then it’s all about the Urge To Push Forwards - and the other end of the see saw - the Need to Take Stock. The weekend brings Truth to the table. Set her a place. What she has to say is Very Important.

Come Saturday, the energy is back onside after a year of gradually running out. What seems incredibly important for you is to use it to Set the Record Straight. Transformation and Becoming Who You Really Are are absolutely your soup du jour and after nigh on seven years of feeling unable to steer your own ship, you can almost feel the wheel beneath your fingers. A few weeks… Just a few short weeks to go… Right now the very best you can do is look at where your health/work commitments are a Picture of where you’ve been taking the strain. As the energy comes back, you get to play a part in balancing those see saws.

You may be feeling flat as a biscuit but hold your course just 24 hours more. The New Moon tomorrow eve at 9pm GMT is your annual Wishing Moon, it’s time to recommit to YOU so Take a Moment to Concentrate on the Things That Matter and where you’d like to be 12 months from now. Sparkly things could land as soon as Tuesday when the Sun meets planet of Surprise Surprise, Uranus, in this same zone. Conversely if a friend acts out of character, try and recognise that your watch word right now is Freedom; so you can play that card if you need to. Come the weekend it’s the start of your annual four-week energy low. Work may mean you can't retire to your bed 24/7 but take a note from nursey, strive to book a few extra Zzs in your schedule right now. PJs, hot choc, a good book... ‘Taint so bad, Bull.

Monday’s New Moon signals a restart to your Career and an ideal time to launch a New Plan. What follows – the linkage of Uranus to the Sun – suggests that your words have the power to Take You Far so push ahead early doors this week. What is essential to remember is that the eclectic moments from Monday to Wednesday need time to percolate. Don’t bank on anything until time has shown its merit. This week’s big challenges pit your wishes/friendships against your lovers/creative projects. Your clues are to remember, honestly, amidst some of the discomfort, the transformations you need to make... When you are clear where you are now and where you want to be, get ready to discard the things in your way and move towards the changes that will make you All You Want To Be. Huzzah!

There’s a nagging doubt in your waters at the moment that the dreams you have for overseas/studious/long-range plans are about to go swishing down the pan without a by-your-leave. Oh no no, Crab! The Dark of the Moon has had you cowering and blue – however, Monday night’s New Moon will give your confidence a shot to the arm by Wednesday. Changes may be needed – money being one of the Big factors – but ideas are coming. What you need to balance is your Career/Sense of Success (whatever that means to you) and an overwhelming sense of responsibility for home and family, partners and children. Teamwork can bring answers. Schedule meetings for next month.

With the Fire in your Engine on Red Hot you’ll be keen to push ahead with all your future plans. Those who stand in your way this week are going to feel the heat of your breath right up close and personal. Be sure to floss, eh. There are two things that need to be considered in all your Pushing Ahead. (a) Money. You need a plan and a new approach. Surprises early this week could be in your favour or require A New Plan. (b) You need to explain and reassure others, perticalerly work colleagues, exactly why what you’re doing is in no way related to them. With your big bold future zooming up to meet you, you can afford to be generous.

Which are your most intense one-to-one relationships right now? If they’re of the lovin variety they’re focussing your attentions on intimacy/transformation; if they’re of a bidnizzy variety they’re focussing your attentions on transformation/cashola. For Virgos with intensity on all fronts, ahem, have a lie down once in a while, eh? Whatever the Focus, what you can draw from the current Cosmic Patterns is that Letting Go is a painful but liberating process. Whether you’re breaking up a relationship or taking the bold step to launch a new approach, or fighting to create a New Era of Compromise and Togetherness in your partnerships by removing some outdated habits/survival triggers you’re clearing space for Something Important to arrive. And it will. In just a matter of weeks. Monday night, Be Honest with yourself vz what you want from your one-to-onesies. Then be prepared to go for it, unflinchingly.

It may be hard to keep your mind on the day job while issues of relationship are gathering around your pretty ears. However, try hard to make an effort Monday – Wednesday to be 100% in the Office as surprises here early doors will need your full attention. In fact wear comfy shoes if you have them so you can turn on a dime if you need to. From Wednesday it’s time to feel the love – or the lack of it. Planets staking up in your 7th house of one-to-onesies means that finding/forging a healthy relationship is your soup du jour. Single Scales, you’ll be hunting out that balance most assiduously. Coupled up Librans, you’ll be wanting to re-balance the way Things Are. (Watch the weekend for simmering issues with home/family coming out for an airing!). Sweet words and opening your heart may feel scary, but don’t you want the same openness in return?

If you’ve been feeling a little blue about a love affair, creative idea, or child-related adventure, Monday evening’s New Moon and Tuesday’s Sun/Uranus taa daah should add some wind to your whistle. Even breakthroughs/unexpected news vz home and family could land. It’s Uranus in charge after all so Freedom and Surprise are the operative words. A big focus from Wednesday onwards is how what’s going on behind those peepers of yours is having a direct impact on you Work/Every Day life and your Health. In astrological charts your 12th house of mind/fear directly opposes your 6th house of health and daily life. Imbalance in one impacts directly on the other. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now see a shrink, share with friends, talk things through with a boss/supportive figure. Clearing the Decks is easier with support.

Hello Archer. What’s causing your current dis-ease is the Stop Start of lovers, chilun, and Creative Ventures. The Fire’s in your belly for shoooowaah and the Future is just there, right in front of your pretty nose, and then…. Problems with/vz Lovers who have Doubts, Career/Success responsibilities that are keeping you from the Fun, or with Children and issues with authority figures need addressing Now. Monday’s New Moon gives you a chance to get your home/family life back in order. New regimes can start to bed in by mid-week. From then on it’s a question of setting out to tackle one issue at a time en route to the future. On Friday/Saturday, that issue-tackling includes balancing cash spendsies.

Planets are beginning to congregate in your 4th house of Home and Family and for Goats redecoration, upheaval at your stumpy, or family get togethers are your soup du jour. You’ll be getting some deep feelings in your water that a lick of paint or a Mother’s Day card aren’t even a sniff of what approaches and you’re right. Wappy Uranus, who has had you commuting here there and everywhere to bring in the dough for the past 7 years, shifts into your home zone in a matter of weeks. Buying, moving, moving out, moving parents in, moving to be nearer family, buying the parents’ house… All this is on your list of Possibilities. What’s sure as sugar is that decisions will be based on making your money work for you. This week, Ma and Pa issues surface. Are you exchanging roles in some way, becoming the parent? Watch your temper at the weekend. If it gets stressful, ask yourself, what would a calm and loving parent do now?

Monday’s New Moon in your money house is important for two reasons. Firstly it’s your annual New Money Moon and gives you a cosmic signal to focus on the Income Column on your financial ledger as a Key Way of solving the problems in the Unavoidable Outgoings Column. Secondly, what’s extra, extra important this week is that this New Moon lands just as the Sun meets Uranus in your money box. It seems the answer to your Income Column involves a partnership dealio- and getting into bed with someone who balances out your business acumen with their sparkly sales flair. Don’t be put off or worry that you’re about to be relegated. Partnerships can be devised to suit both parties. Your goal is to negotiate, remind yourself what your long-term plans are, and then to play to your strengths; finding the solution that fits all, natch.

Fishes feeling under par, hold tight! Tomorrow evening’s New Moon is your New Moon so your sense of purpose and direction and being able to see in the dark will grow stronger once again. Early doors this week, a lightning idea strikes vz work opportunities and it’s time to take a (calculated) risk. Money’s at the heart of this and you need to be sure that 1 + 1 = 2. The coming long-range currents suggest big changes to the way you earn money. Tentative steps can begin now. What may be necessary first is to either pay off existing debts before you can make the leap: or to hold fast to your course just a while longer to be sure the pay off you’ve been promised comes your way. Late spring/early Summer look favourite.