Sunday, 7 March 2010

This week

A mid-week focus this week as that’s where the planets are AT, people. Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn. Wednesday Mars turns to forwards action after three months sitting it out on the side lines. Thursday Venus squares Pluto. Lots of astrologers may tell you that things are going to be icky. And chances are, yes, there may be some ickiness/compromise/letting go necessary. The good news is that changes made around now can allow Good Stuff in… We’ll be feeling the waves of these planetary motions from early doors this week so ears pricked, up on your toes, get ready for the incoming.

See you next week. Go easy where you can. Everyone’s under the same cosh.

Tuesday: While you’re feeling a little frivolous and cheeky / and praps a little slapdash with the contents of your piggy bank, partners of a bizniz, lovin, or banking nature are more inclined to be wet blankets. While you may huff and tsk, he who pays the piper calls the tunes… Pay heed to the voices of Reason.
Wednesday: Your Ruler Mars goes forwards ho at last. Expect to be getting hot under the collar and under the bonnet, ooh er.
Thursday: The boardroom/ career ladder needs your attention. It may be time to change tack to get the attention you need.

Tuesday: Other people are calling the shots, or so it seems. At work bosses are asking you to up your game to justify your pay packet. Lovers too are retreating/needing space/needing support. Friends are around in droves to cheer and support.
Wednesday: Delays at bully towers are over. Time to get the tennis courts in/the guttering fixed. Family feuds/ get togethers increase now.
Thursday: Something must out vz love and your big bold future. Now’s not the time to push your demands on close one to onesies. Let any flying dust settle and recount your chickens in three weeks

Tuesday: Love/Finances and Commitment are due. There’s a compromise needed between what you wish for and what you can have. A change of perspective will soon sort that out. Light work for a nimble being like you.
Wednesday: Time to talky talky. Mars in your 3rd house is all about the chitty chat. Just watch your foot on the gas pedal while driving. This is THE configuration for speeding tickets.
Thursday: Pluto in your 8th house of Letting Go is stirring up uncomfortable changes. It’s about transformation. Sex and Big Money are the areas for focus. Time to give up one lover for another? Time to get your fiscal ducks in a row to make a dream come true.

Tuesday: Partners/family are making demands at home and while you might like to keep things light, there’s a rites of passage you’ll miss if you do. Focus on where you want to be, emotionally, a year from now and see what stepping stones are presenting themselves.
Wednesday: Fire in your belly for earnsies and spendsies just got stoked. Bills are rising but so is your resolve to bring in the big bucks.
Thursday: Opportunities for transformation here too. Career success is coming at a price. Time to decide if it’s really such a high one to pay…

Tuesday: Discussions with boss figures may be growing curmudgeonly and intractable perticalerly vz your long-term, studious, or travelling plans. You need to keep them on side as money/savings become an issue after April.
Wednesday: At last, your hot air balloon has fire underneath it! Time to get motoring on those long-term, studious, travelling plans!
Thursday: Tuesday’s discussions reach an impasse, and now that the fire is with you, there may be only one route available. As per the March monthlies, if you can’t change something, then it may be time to get out.

Tuesday: Money issues land and it’s a contract needs signing or a pay check coming in, or a financial agreement coming to a close. If the latter is true, planets are heading to your 8th house of Big Cash Money (mortgages/loans/savings). It’s time to focus on fiscal ducks and rows.
Wednesday: The little paranoid voice inside that pretty head of yours is going to get louder (who said that?)… While this may get distracting, it’s the PERFECT time to see how much your inner-critic has been hamstringing your life - and to make the necessary internal changes.
Thursday: The state of your spondoolies is curtailing stoodious and travelling plans. Your outgoings on chilun, love, creativity aren’t stacking up (or neither are the creative incomings). Time to right the balance of your lucre.

Tuesday: You’re wanting to get serious or thrash out contracts, but the partner in your sights (bizniz or lovin) seems coy and lightweight. Are you pushing too hard too fast for commitment?
Wednesday: As above, Mars’s move to direct ho means you’ll be pushing to get things the way you like it – and that includes wanting partners to Stand Up and Be Counted. Parties just got bawdy.
Thursday: Hmm… partners aren’t coming quietly. Home and family life are in the way. Do you need to wise up to redecorating the bedroom to keep partners happy? Or emotionally, are you churning out some inherited old habits of your dad’s that are preventing intimacy from being as easy as a hammock?

Tuesday: Work and money are calling for your attention – and in perticaler you want partners (lovin or bizniz) to be above board. What’s really going on is your need for external triggers to clear some old poop in you. You be above board. Partners will follow – or you can then move on.
Wednesday: Work projects that have stalled since mid-December just got a shot of adrenaline. Go GO GOO, Scorpio!
Thursday: Truth bombs land today concerning that hot potato that raised its ugly head on Tuesday. It’ll be harder to be really clear about what you feel today as your ruler is feeling irksome. Say what needs to be said, but closing the door could feel like a regret in the near future.

Tuesday: Career may need to come first before romance and the kids, which isn’t pleasing anyone. It’s the money at stake that’s at the heart of this.
Wednesday: Hooray for Mars at full swing! Plans to travel, study, and get going on those big future dreams of yours just got a shot to the arm. What you dreamed about around your birthday and promised you’d do this year can start to come into being.
Thursday: Money. Love. Chilun. Fun. Mark them1 out of 4 giving 1 to the Most Important and 4 to the least important. Now, start adjusting your world so you get your 1 – 4 in the right order. Yes easier said than done. But still do-able.

Tuesday: Planets talking across your 4 – 10 houses axis often imply the on-going battle we have to incorporate the influences of our two parents in our One Body/Mind reality. You may be behaving a lot like your ma at the moment. Perhaps time to edge in some more paternal/ male-traits. Also the career ladder is taking a toll on homelife.
Wednesday: Focus is now on big cash money and other transformations, including your life in the bedroom. Your libido is likely to be higher. And so too your impatience with slothful lovers.
Thursday: Why are you resisting the paternal balance in your make up? Rows at home more likely at the mo. Nothing wrong with clearing the air, but just remember to check in now and again and ask yourself honestly, are you being a bully?

Tuesday: If there’s a transformation you need to make in your life, and something you need to let go of in particular, it’s time to open up and talk about it. Right now, a spiritual take on life or a new course of study could be The Thing to open your heart/mind.
Wednesday: Mars going direct in your 7th house means your close one to onesies just got demanding/horny/extra me-me-me.
Thursday: Time to have The Talk you’ve been dreading vz home/family/long-range plans. Why’s the Fear there? Still trying to control the outcome?!

Tuesday: Income looks perky in the coming months so time to make it work for you. Apply for funding, commit to savings plans, apply for a mortgage etc. Mature approaches are supported by the cosmos now.
Wednesday: Work plans just got some fire in their rocket. Now’s no time to work as part of a team. You want to blaze your own trail after towing the line.
Thursday: Dreams and wishes cost money. Time to set your priorities or allow time to run its course.