Sunday, 21 March 2010

21 March 2010


There's only one way to say this, so here it comes... Astroducky needs to wind down. This week I'm packing my life in to a box (and a friend's wardrobe and an aunt's loft) and then I'm gypsy-ing for 6 months... Marrakech, then Milan, then who knows... The responsibility of being here at 00:00 hrs every Sunday night / Monday morn has been such a privilege - I can't tell you how great/purposeful/important these past two years have felt for that reason. But as from now I need to look at the other reponsibilities that are bubbling up.

Sorry it's so sudden. I'm a CFS personage and the energy here has plunged in the last few days so it's time to stop what I can. If you're feeling starved this week I recommend the brilliant and for monthlies,

This week the hard days are today (mmhmm) as the Sun opposes Saturn - responsibilities take their toll (?!!) and Thursday when the Sun squares Pluto. This is pride and fear - how one blocks the release of the other - and so the joy and fun and laugter and lightness cannot be realised. Tuesday Mars and Saturn make nice - if you can align your ego with authority figures and find a common thread/goal then Progress can be Made. [There'll be a quickie run down here by Wednesday to give you a heads up of Sun square Pluto by sign. April monthlies ++ will be with you by April 1st.]

Ducky was talking to someone recently about fear, and how episodes/moments in life can feel like the first visit to an ice rink - how we cling to the edge, how we're afraid to fall or get hurt. Sun square Pluto is a call for us all to find a way beyond our pride - and to ask for help so we can leave the edge, and sail down the middle of the ice confident about the way ahead as A...

I remember watching this performance live at the time and being awestruck. I marvelled at the way he twirls her in the moments just before the end - the trust! The strength of heart! The practice!

Pride to one side, people. It's time to ask for help so you can (metaphorically) accomplish this:

Have a safe few days.

Sorry to be leaving you soon.

Tatty xx