Wednesday, 24 March 2010

March 24 : Sun & Pluto Square (dance)

As promised a quickie one-liner style horoscope to give you a hand ‘neath your elbow should you need it in the coming 36 hours. The Sun / Pluto square cometh on Thursday. This spat happens twice a year but after the relentless rush of hot and jangly energy this month in this corner of the sky, and the brewing Libran Full Moon (which lands on Tuesday and also squares Pluto), this is no astroscape to be taken lightly. The Sun, aka our inner (happy) ego is at loggerheads with Pluto, he of Transformation and Truth ‘Fame’. Where you been zoomin’ yourself girlfriend, ‘stime for a Reality Check. Hmm,mmm.

April monthlies here on the 1st. Go Placidly amidst the noise and whatnot, and take time out for tea and buns, something or some such or other...

Where you’ve been settling for second best vz lovers and creative ting, or drifting vz the bebe question, you’re getting the feeling the egg timer’s drained and the smoke-screen has run its course. Success in these areas takes gumption, so Gump.

Dreams, long-range plans, ambitions to study or travel, and be published or broadcast are TANGIBLE, Long-lashes. See the old ingrained fears that are banging on about you not being good enough, as tumble weed. Then douse them in hairspray and nuke the bleepers. Work projects finish at the time of the Full Moon and then there’s new space.

Your wish to speak/present and expand your merit in your community patch requires a quid pro quo. You need to clear the path of detritus aka old habits, the lowered expectations brought on by old war wounds, addictions. No not easy. So talk to friends. Ask for help.

How well you’re doing can be answered most often by looking in the mirror, aka the mirror of those closest to you – lovers, bidniz folks… You’ll notice that their shininess and wealth figure on your list of Good Qualities right now. Ah. That’s new! You’re grappling with this, and that’s good. Re-evaluation saves you from boredom.

Your focus on foreign shores, study, the stage is being stymied by Work and Health. It’s time that the should-tos and ought-not-tos you’ve been carrying with you since birth were consigned to the skip, Pussy Cat. The long haul is where it’s at. Time to change your day to day so you can get there.

Taking a spot in the limelight is not your first thought when getting out of bed in the morning. Yet it seems that creative adventures, squeezies, or even activities with children are conspiring to put you on show. You’ve a brilliant mind. If you get scared, tell them, all of those upturned apple-cheeks watching you in awe. We’ll love you more for your humility.

The on-going need to Make Changes to your home-life or your relationships with family members is reaching a crescendo. Next week’s Full Moon is yours and you’ll be ready to lash out/melt down/break away, or sob. This week, if lovers don’t deserve the sharp side of your tongue, give them ice cream or winter-flowering pansies instead.

Watch out for the physical drain of commuting taking its toll this week. A job closer to home is going to feel so much more appealing. Watch out too for your frustrations with your own tongue-tiedness being reflected at work colleagues. If they seem more successfully communicative than you, then see them as a teacher not a gloater.

Headaches about money are getting exasperated by dealings with chilun and lovers. Lovers want holidays. Children want school uniforms or University loans from the family money-tree. Always one for a new adventure, you could just try saying no for a change.

Your deep personal transformation continues with a cosmic reminder to leave your family’s stuff where it belongs, in the back of the station wagon your dad sold when you were 6 and which you haven’t seen since. Imagine it’s been scrapped or melted down into bed pans. Either way, you’re relieved.

You need to speak up, to say something to connect more deeply with a close one-to-onesie (likely lover, could be a bizniz link though) - and yet to do so is to lay yourself bare before a barrage of pointy-beaked ravens… But if you don’t? What then? Yes life’s hard… but as a wise woman once said, “Compared to what?”

Money and your Big Dreams don’t quite hit it off this week. They will though; they’re for the long haul so they have to. Now may be the time to keep the money coming in rather than gambling it on a whim. See what next week’s Full Moon brings, then decide whether to place your bets.