Sunday, 17 January 2010

This Week

Ball change! A week in which three planets change into New Zones. On Monday and then Wednesday Venus and the Sun respectively move from earthy Capricorn to Airy, inventive Aquarius. Venus will stay here for three weeks, the Sun for four. Aussi, on Monday lucky, happy Jupiter shifts from Airy, inventive Aquarius to intuitive, dreamy Pisces for a year-long stay. What’s also Big News is that Saturn is now heading backwards until June. Yes, this means the headmaster is on holiday and you could get away with running in the corridors and writing rude words in weedkiller on the front lawn (ooh the japes, Pippin!). But acting the fool is a fool’s game, and you’ll cop it worse dan ever when the Big Guy’s back in town. As these changes happen, a sector of your skies gets a blast of attention. And FOR ALL, pixie Mercury is now back on track and sensible tawky tawky can recommence. (for where this affects you most see last week’s scopes). This week’s horoscope gives you a heads up on the lowdown of where your world eesa shifting. Hands to the wheel, amigo. Notebooks at the ready.

The Sun and Venus entering your 11th house of friends, social netwhoring, and wish-making is groovy news. There’s fun and high times in store for a month and friends can be become lovers under these stars. Jupiter’s hoof into Pisces means that for twelve months you’ve got the chance to see your shadow side and learn to love it, heal it, turn it into an advantage. Boldly go and whatnot. Saturn’s six-month reversal heads from your zone of close one to onesies into your office and medicine cabinet. Right now, reflect on commitments – why you made them and why you’re sticking to them. Are one-to-onesies giving you the sense of social standing you wanted? Have you done the right thing by those who matter most to you? Watch Friday this week for clues to the answers.

The Sun and your ruler Venus enter your 10th house of success this week and it’s a month of mekkin hay while dem Sun he gat his hat on. Jupiter’s hoof into your 11th house of friends, social netwhoring, and wishes sez here comes a year of shared benefits, expansion and growth thanks to the support of those around you. Socialising is the air you breathe. Saturn is reversing from your 6th house of work and medicine cabinets. All Tauruses it’s time to consider whether work commitments are taking you towards your big shiny goal, including emigration plans. Watch this Friday for a comprendo momentito and love stuff with foreign/long-term ramifications. For those working in creative fields (lots of you) the notion of making a living through your art is coming back in April. All Bulls, health issues and old war wounds may seem to abate now. Don’t give up the yoga! You’ll pay harder come July. Now’s a good time to recommit/seek another opinion on health ting.

The Sun and Venus land in your 9th house of foreign shores, study, and travel for a month and it’s high times for travel, lovers from overseas, and pushing your energy into studenting and making long-range plans. Jupiter’s shift into your house of success suggests that 2010 is going to be your year to Shine in the Big Wide World. There’s a confidence about you now that will attract support and backing so use it. The only thing to watch for is overexpansion and too much air with not enough substance to carry you through. Where you have though, expect to go far. This is a once in a 12 year opportunity, so grab it and ride the Wild Tiger. Saturn’s uiiee in your 5th house of lovers, chilun, and creativity is a call to reconsider your attitude towards responsibility and commitment in these areas, perticalerly where money may be concerned. Watch Friday for the penny dropping, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The Sun and Venus are moving into your zone of hot oobah, money, and transformation, Crab, for a month. Ohmeohmy. Single Crabs will be going up the walls with ardour right about now. Smitten Crabs are likely to be doing little else but the wild thing. All Crabs will be spending big and feeling optimistic about earning big. These are days of Abandon and Letting Go of old habits, and yes, paying your tax bill. Jupiter’s shift into your 9th house offers you a year of expanding your horizons. Many Crabs will travel this year. For others study, working with those from abroad, or those who bring spiritual philosophies to your kitchen table are where it’s at. Saturn’s uiee questions your role within your family. Is it time to stand back from a commitment, or step up to the plate? Is a partner doing enough? Friday this week, the Cosmos shines a light at the right signpost.

The Sun and Venus are shifting into your zone of close one-to-onesies, your Highness. Bidniz and lovin’ partners just got shiny and/or lucrative. Those you’re attracted to now need to be Achievers; you’re only interested in social standing, beauty, luxury and a Mirror that shows You the You you most like/aspire to be. While in this dizzy space of social climbing, remember the things that really count – honesty, humility, gentleness, laughter. Gold watches won’t keep you warm at night or make you laugh to cheer you after a bad day running the jungle. Jupiter’s shift into your 8th house says that during these next 12 months sex is getting adventurous and that big, cash, lettuce is going to be on your mind. It’s a time for fast expansion of your assets and big bonuses, but also getting tripped up for being a greedy fat cat. Saturn’s uiiee suggests it’s time for appraisals on the work front. Before you throw in the towel, could you ask some leading questions?

The big step of the Sun and Venus heading into your 6th house of work and medicine cabinets has the double wammy effect of brightening and energising both of these areas. Recommitment to health: check. Heartiness, drive, and cash and foreign opportunities on the job front: Check, Cheque, Czech! You’ve a month to go bebe, so Work It. Jupiter’s shift into your 7th house of close one to onesies also has a double wammy effect. You’ll do better working in partnerships for the next year at least. But this week’s move also puts Jupiter in an upward curve through your skies. Your luck is on the rise. Don’t let parents and old self-defeating mantras hold you back. You at dem steering wheel now. Saturn’s uiiee in your second house means the party pooper is all about the money, Lebowski. Saving, earning enough and all that jazz. Where can you expand/contract your financial commitments vz creativity, chilun and lovers? Watch Friday for a light going on.

As your ruler Venus and the Sun sweep into your 5th house of lovers, chilun, and creativity, Scales, the Cosmos is urging you to let your hair down and have a little fun. Back in October you entered a two year Cosmic boot camp of working like a Trojan (you can thank party pooper Saturn for that. More on him later). Now, you’re getting a break. It’s time to see that love, lovers, chilun, and getting creative aren’t part of the problem! They’re your release valve, your safety net, your oasis. Time to give them some time! Jupiter’s stride into your office and medicine cabinet says this is your year to get back to robust health – or put on weight. Seriously! It’s also Your Time to push ahead on the work front. Promotions can be yours now. Saturn’s uiiee in your 1st house of you, yourself, and you, gives you a physical break from the cosh. Your mind will be wondering if you’re good enough however… high time to have a safety net nearby eh? Watch Friday for delicious falling.

Venus and the Sun are hoofing into your 4th house of home and family and it’s time to entertain in your mudhut and spend time with those you consider part of your tribe. The 4th house is a time for retreating inside the mountain and having some quality time doing t’ai chi on the hearth rug and making healthy soups. And staying in a lot. As a result, perhaps, redecorating and beautifying your four walls becomes a recurring thought. Jupiter’s shift into your 5th house of chilun, creativity and oobah means that Scorps the world over are getting expressive. These 12th months are all about fun and recreating yourself out in the world, as art, as bebes, or as a soul lifting your spirits with fun-loving love affairs. Saturn’s uiie in your 12th house suggests there’s a spot you’ve missed during your current two-year karmic cleansing process. Your words aren’t ringing true to who you are today. Watch Friday for an insight into where the record maybe scratched.

As the Sun and Venus enter your 3rd house you’re looking at a month of chitty chat, news, commuting to distant towns for work ting, and doings with bros and sisses. Some Archers will be investing in new wheels and new comms technology too. For you the really Big News is the move of your ruler Jupiter from Aquarius to Pisces and your 4th house of home and family. Yes this is a time for buying or selling property and for families expanding (are bros and sisses expecting the pitter patter?). It’s also a great time for you to heal old habits that are lingering from childhood that need a looksee. This year is your year to take charge of your own sailing boat. Saturn’s reverse thrust in your 11th zone of friends, social netwhoring, and wishes sez it’s time to consider your commitments, particularly where money is concerned. Subscriptions and club membership fees may be squeezing you. High times with pals due Friday.

You’ll be feeling the weights drop off thanks to Mercury’s turn to forwards ho in your control room, at last. This week, the Sun and Venus leave this zone and head into your bank vaults bringing a four week focus on what you earn and what you own. Acquiring Things is your motto and even lovers need to be shiny and glamorous to keep you satisfied. Jupiter’s move into your 3rd house for a year tells you that in 2010 getting what you want will be all about What You Say, How you Ask, and Whether you Listen. Ecoute et repete, frequently. Astroducky will prod you too. Saturn, your ruler, is having a lie down until June. The prognosis is that you can use this time to consolidate what you have. Pushing upwards on the career ladder is rekindled in July. Nice stuff this Friday though. Money and career stack up well.

After a dragging month and grey clouds, a shiny dawn lands. The Sun is back with you after 11 long months away, and he’s brought you his shiny pal Venus too. Not only will you feel energetic and charismatic, you’ll be projecting a healthy glow and come hither eyes. Venus is the goddess of love and she’s covering you in sparkles for the next three weeks. Work It. Jupiter now leaves your control room and heads into your bank vaults. Earning good bucks is well starred in 2010. The one caveat with Jupiter is always, ‘be wary of overexpansion.’ For you, don’t spend money until it lands – and Save Something. It won’t always be this easy… Saturn’s reversal is a breathing space for you. Take time out between now and April to sketch out a long-haul plan. Include things you were once too afraid to try.

Jupiter is coming to get you. You’ve had a year to practise facing up to your fears and working out where you upend yourself, and why things haven’t gone as you’d wanted – and now, for 12 months, you have chances to take chances! Jupiter is a bleeping A for making us ‘overdo it’, so no you won’t suddenly be a world famous opera singer if you’re tone deaf, but you will be able to go for the things you haven’t felt brave enough to go for before. While this all sounds shiny, Astroducky suggests you take a month of You Time before your relaunch. The Sun and Venus are heading into your 12th house of Meep, and energy, love, comfort, and shininess are going to feel harder to come by. It’s a process, so go with the flow and rest. Saturn’s uiee is about big money. It’s time to reflect on your big financial commitments and get those ducks in a row – mortgages, credit card debts, the buy-now-pay later fiasco. A conversation on Friday brings a mini wake up call.