Monday, 25 January 2010

This week

A quickie this week campers. Astroducky has a bit of a headyache and wants to lie down in a darkened room with calming lavender essential oils. The word on the astro street this week is 'ouch'. Venus and then the Sun oppose Mars, there’s a Full Moon on Saturday next to Mars and slap bang in the centre of the oppositions. Then Monday Saturn squares Pluto once more. Ugh…

We all drift along, somewhere in our lives, Ignoring the Elephant in the Room – be it our own ineffectiveness, or the inappropriate behaviours of another, or the fact that It Isn’t Working (whatever that may be). Then weeks like this appear... The Cosmos makes us all over-antsy and FINALLY the fact that there’s an Elephant in the room gets aired at last. I’m going to say something to you now which I know is easier to say than it is to do, but seeds sown and all that. When the ante gets upped as it will, go to your detached place – a shelf on the wall, the top of an empty bus with misted windows, a daisy in a summer field – and then look back at yourself, in your situation, at those moments of fury or doubt or scratching for control and ask your inner knower, ‘What was I born to manifest? What is my greater purpose?’ Then, and only then, when you have that information, make your move.

Next week: Feb monthlies. See you on the daisies xx

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Money and good times face off. Watch that tongue of yours when the stress gets too high on Saturday. You’re an adult now. You have control over the choices you make. Part of this stress is that people and things aren’t heading as fast as you’d like. Why not take your foot off the gas and drift for a while? Monday week and it’s showtime on the career front. Bosses want to double check facts but explaining yourself isn’t your numero uno hobby. Does it serve a purpose? Does it serve your ultimate purpose?

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: If you find insecurity dogging advancements on the career front, name those old self-defeating habits, imagine writing them in the sky, then watch them burn up and disappear. Facing walls is sometimes a call to assail them anew. Home life is stressful and a door closes on Saturday. It’s part of the current upheaval. Bosses/responsibilities are overbearing on Monday week. They’ll have gone through their testing times too, though that’s not your fault… Let their pushiness spur you into recommiting to your long-term, long-haul, studious/publishing plans.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Cat got your tongue? Overseas/long-distance love connections or a choice between lovers is stirring and stressing you. What’s that there? A fear of being earthed, a fear of being tied down? Talk about it. Friends can be sounding boards but the ideal is to name your fears out loud and then let them disappear into wisps of vapour. Remember that yesterday is another yacht ride. Speak now and hear what you say. The future really does have a very different vista. Next Monday and fun and work clash. Use the anguish as a FINAL reminder that you need to make changes to get the balance right.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: It’s all about the money, Lebowski. Career and tips from friends may be bringing in the spondoolies but as your lifestyle gets ever-more Champagne-stylee, the bills get bigger, the pay cheques vanish quicker, and you’re back to being thirsty again… Saturday’s Full Moon suggests you may start over-emotionalising lettuce but use the adrenaline to get your pocket book in order. Next Monday balancing ties to home/family and responsibilities to your close one to onesies is a high wire act with no safety net. No fun bro. What needs to give?

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: The Cosmic hooha is happyhaps across your 1st and 7th houses ie You and your Close One to Onesies are sparking off each other. Chances are they aren’t making enough of a fuss of you and that’s stinging the royal pride (see what I did there?). However, what’s also getting you riled is the slowness at which everything is happening right now. Others can bolster your esteem, your highness, of course they can. However, a gentle request for help might work better than a goring. Monday week: Conversations are brewing pertaining to work and home and imbalances of power. Prepare now. It’s going to take a whole new approach.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Work and health, emotions and health, work and emotions. If you’re feeling small and retreating, it’s hard to work it work it out in the big bad world. If you’re feeling poorly, it’s hard to stop yourself feeling small, or needing to retreat. If your day job is grinding you down, the stress builds and you get poorly. Do you see? Between lozengers and your liquid lunch it’s time to remember who it is that you are and where it is that you’re going. Transformation and reformations are possible now with a leetle gumption. Monday week: Lovers, creativity, and fun things clash with money. A Big Truth Conversation is overdue.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Lovers and wishes and friendships are areas of intense cosmic energy for you this week. Turning lovers into friends, friends into lovers – deciding between two lovers… right now you’re reviewing what you want for the long-haul, relationship-wise. Fun’s fun, for sure, and there are options aplenty – but will any of these admirers lead to something solid? Don’t be afraid to close the door on those who don’t. Monday week: It’s boot camp on the homefront. Big changes are required, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate already.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Old habits, family responsibilities, and insecurities about money are clashing with The Big Things you want for yourself, that make you feel you’re a success. Work projects, globe-conquering, spiritual uprightness, qualifications… Notice where Old Habits and Insecurities are tripping you up. Those need working on in time for March. For now, though, some aspect of your Success Wishlist needs to make way for home and family responsibilities. Monday week: Your ruler clashes with Saturn. Honest conversations that might hurt are overdue. You’re looking at something that you’ve outgrown and need to let go of. Try to remember, life is a journey, travel light…

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: The cosmos sez you’re being pulled in two ways as the planets battle it out across your 3rd and 9th houses. The 3rd concerns your everyday life, commuting short distances, the way you communicate. The 9th is a much broader vista – long haul travel, your vision for your future, higher education, and spirituality. A need to travel, runaway, give it all up and go back to school reaches its peak. Progress on this is possible, but from March. Can you begin making plans? Monday week: Boss figures seem to be holding back on the cash. Yet another reason to fly, Archer, fly?

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Like the Cosmic Crab, your stars this week cross your axis of Ooof and it’s all about the money, Lebowski. It seems you’ve money in your hand and you’re keen to splurge it particularly where close one-to-onesies and home and family are concerned. What you need to know is that house bills won’t be fully dusted until 7 June, so keep some lettuce to one side. Saturday’s Full Moon suggests a mini wake up call vz finances is coming, or more happily, that a big debt is finally paid off. Next Monday bosses are likely to pour scorn on your dreams. Brace, brace. It’s a slow season of worky challenges.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: You and your Close One to Onesies (or lack of them) are coming under the spotlight. Inventive One, it’s your birthday month and you are HOT – but it seems others are dragging their heels, being obstructive, or getting emotional… and that’s the cue. Although uncomfortable, Saturday’s Full Moon is about releasing emotions, recognising the way you feel, recognising what you want, then resolving to make it happen. Monday week: Saturn and Pluto clash and your long-term plans hit a stumbling block. Doing this the right way may take more effort than you want to give, but long-term it’ll be the
making of you.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Work and health, emotions and health, work and emotions. Like Virgos, the Cosmic spat this week is happening across your 6th and 12th houses. If you’re feeling small and retreating, it’s hard to work it work it out in the big bad world. If you’re feeling poorly, it’s hard to stop yourself feeling small, or needing to retreat. If your day job is grinding you down, the stress builds and you get poorly. Do you see? This week it’s time to ask Questions and bring up Topics that may make you feel a little vulnerable. Include check ups at the docs too. For some Fishes, a health problem has been dragging on too long. Monday week: Overseas and long-range plans can’t work the way you want them to. Time to head back to the drawing board or be honest about the finances.