Sunday, 22 November 2009

This week

A mixed bag of cherries this week, including a link between Venus and King of Wappiness, Uranus; this is Surprise, Surprise vz Cash and Love Central. Generally the next 7 days look good but the on-going Saturn square Pluto may mean you fail to see the rainbows. Take a time out. Look up, look up.

Back next week with the December monthly. x

For you the energy is shifting in the coming week from your 8th house of Transformation, Letting Go, and Big Cash Lettuce, to your 9th house of Foreign Shores, Study, and Long-Range planning. Watch Monday for blowing the doors off your piggy bank in a spending frenzy or just trying too hard to impress. While 8th house issues are still around, my favourite day for you this week is Wednesday. Your ruler Mars hooks up with Mercury, planet of chitty chat. News from abroad and booking hols with the squeeze or the sprogs is Go! You’re also the sign most likely to win the mid-week lotto. Mine’s a gin, thankee.

Your ruler Venus has another 10 days in your 7th house of important squeezies so all Bulls feel the love, show the love, share the love. Single Bulls it’s time to get out there, get your heart on your sleeve, and look for love amongst your social circles – mid-week’s your best night so go speed-dating or sign up to that dating site you’ve been thinking about. Wednesday is your day too for positive news of Cash and Home: rentals, bills, mortgage deals should be going your way. What’s less cherry pie are dealings with bigwigs. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday they seem to be blocking your plans. Take it in your stride. Things turn around at the weekend when there’s good news linking career and cashola.

If you’ve been building up to pop a perticaler question, Airy friend, then Mars’s meeting with your ruler Mercury on Wednesday suggests that you can pop corks and get down on bended knee, suggest lunch, or even strike a new bizniz partnership then. (There's even more talk at the weekend but this time it's booking holidays/setting off into the sunset, ooh schucks). Back to Wednesday and that day Uranus joins Venus; success on the job front looks starry. The Big Wigs love ya, baby. The thing to watch for is the price you may pay for success. It seems work responsibilities and the career ladder are pooping on your dreams to travel or head back to college.

Mid-week there’s a surprise turn around in a love affair or with the kids; it seems their influence over you has you changing direction. If you’ve been feeling rudderless, Crab, love and off-spring are holding their hands out towards you with new journeys on offer, even literal opportunities for journeys abroad. Sound good? Well, you’re going to have to work for it. There are changes you need to make to let this stuff in. Ay caramba. Feel the fear and crack on, Bridget. The other prettiness coming for you mid-week is a fabulous link up between work and money – and there’s more good news about cash at the weekend. Your big drive at the mo, to bring in more bacon, is getting a cosmic leg up.

Pussy Cat, if you’ve needed to push forwards with a squeeze then make it Wednesday. Mercury, planet of chitty chat, hooks up with Mars giving you the Good Big Hair Day you need feel the power and to persuade them to go for a date with you to the watering hole. For Cats with creative ventures that need pitching, Wednesday’s your day too. Cat’s looking to make money out of property, Uranus’s link to Venus mid-week suggests that things are turning out better than expected. If you’ve been thinking about getting a valuation, now’s the time. Just clear it with your live-in lover first, eh...

For you the mid-week Uranus/Venus cha cha cha suggests there’s an unexpected soupy twist of a conversation with a lover in store – either you’re dropping a heart shaped truth bomb, or they are. It’s a positive link so surprises should be heartening... Mars doing the rounds in your 12th house means you may have moments of real self-doubt running along in the background at the moment. On Wednesday Mercury your ruler checks in with Mars. His report back to you will be this: if you keep doing what you (your father) did, you’ll keep getting what you got. It’s time to transform yourself, Virgo – and falling as this does on a Uranus / Venus day, love stuff may be your motivating factor. Smoochy.

The Venus / Uranus picnic happens in your bank vaults and work zone. Put it together and it looks like mid-week news is about a raise, a new, better-paid job in store, or that a redundancy is giving you an opportunity to go and start an entirely new working life. Hoorah. Add to that Mars’s pretty lunch date with Mercury on the same day, linking your dreams/friends sector with your desire to chitty chat, and there’ll be friends on hand to celebrate with you even though it’s a school night. Single Librans, it’s a great day to be signing up to dating sites. For all Scales, the theme of the moment is it’s time to expand your social circles and get out of town for weekend breaks.

Ooh Scorpio, here comes an interesting week. Venus is making you sultry and a honey-magnet. On Wednesday she hooks up with wappy maverick Uranus in your 5th house of fun, squeezes, and chilun. You’re getting winks in the supermarket from eccentric hippies and cow eyes from bohemian cutey pies with big collars and bicycles. The same day, however, Venus squares off to Neptune. Two things: check how you really feel about this honey pie after a few dates. And secondly, wherever you’re at in the dating game, this configuration is Surprise Visit from the Stork Central. If you don’t plan on having a family, take care of the necessaries, ya dig? In other news: career and money align on Wednesday. You’re getting what you’re worth.

On Wednesday you’re pushing ahead with future plans – whether that’s study, travel, or legal shenanigans. It’s your day to take to the floor and state your case, lay your stall out, pass round your business cards with a confident handshake. On the same day Uranus hooks up with Venus, and about-turns with the family or a home situation are on the cards. While it sounds good, you’re not getting the whole picture – and it may even be you holding some cards pretty dern close to your own chest. Talk and fact find again at the weekend; then talk from the heart next week.

Could a friend be the one you’ve been waiting for? The link on Wednesday between Uranus and Venus suggests that there’s a surprising conversation between you and a pal. Uranus is a maverick so if you’re normally bashful about sharing your feelings, Uranus could give you the courageous energy you need to sweep them off their feet. For Goats with no honey in mind, the surprise news could involve a last minute trip out of town to visit friends, or glad tidings vz money you’ve been wishing for. There may be a delay of a few weeks before it lands though. All Goats, as the Sun docks in your 12th house today for a month, take it easy. You’re going to need more rest, more greens, and less play for four weeks.

Mid-week’s Full On, Inventive One. First up there’s a surprise cash bonus to a career dealio – a new post, a new gig, a commission that pays a handsome daily rate. Kerching. Aussi on Wednesday Mars in your 7th house of bizniz and loving one to onesies has a gorgeous social with chitty chatty Mercury in your 11th house of dreams, wishes, and social circles. A party with pals to celebrate your big win and big announcement will go beautifully well. There are proposals in here too. And for single Aquarians, pals and social networking, or online dating are your golden tickets to catch a fiery, passionate honey bunny.

With Uranus cruising through your first house of You, Yourself, and You for years now, you’re used to the choppy changey energy he brings. His mid-week hook up with Venus suggests that money you need to travel, study, or reach your next destination is here and all because of your inventiveness and creative thinking. Bravo, Fish. Mars also has a cosmic pow wow with Mercury on Wednesday and your daily graft and service to others is getting the attentions of the Big Cheeses at the boardroom table. One thing to keep in mind this week, especially Monday and Thursday, the route to your destination is going to need tweaking. Allow in some reality to shape your planning.