Monday, 30 November 2009

This Month

Is it December already? I’m sure it was March just five minutes ago... Anyway, Yuletide greetings one and all. I hope you’ve got your brussel sprouts on? This month Uranus heads direct on the 2nd, and we’ve two Full Moons – the first on the 2nd in Gemini and the next a lunar Eclipse on New Years Eve in Cancer. Careful how you phrase those Resolutions after a swig of cooking sherry and a couple of eggnogs, what?

Astroducky is busy prepping the 2010 ANNUAL FORECASTS this week. These are four-page previews for each star sign of when to move it, shake it, or lie down and take it easy during the next 12 months. Reports include a heads up for Eclipses, retrogrades, grey clouds, and sunshiny days. If you’ve got plans to hatch in 2010, this could be your besty friend. Ready to be emailed to you or your loved ones in time for Christmas. See more by clicking ORDER A 2010 FORECAST in the right hand column.

Also ~ NEW ~ if you’d like a PERSONAL READING from Astroducky and want a deeper look at where you’re at, the way you’re facing, or what’s tripping you up and when it might end, get in touch. More info under Personal Readings in the right hand column.

Okay, parish notices over. December Soundtrack is in honour of genius Sadge Mr Jimi Hendrix, born 27 Nov 1942. There’s a guitar riff that comes in around 2.40 into this version of All Along the Watchtower and it makes ‘ducky get up and pogo. If you need to get the house spruced up for visitors during the holidays, start dusting to this and you’ll be done in no time.

Back with the weeklies next Sunday, Tatty x

With all the hurly burly of the season, Ramface, there seems to be a need for some backpedalling and re-visiting for you. Before you grumble, it’s in your fun sector. Aha! This means getting in touch with old lovers, friends who make your heart sing, kiddiwinks, and general inner-child giggliness. You’re not a fan of retracing your steps – nosirreebob – but this may be just the thing to remind you of what really matters. Wide-eyed, unadulterated, innocent fun. Meanwhile, back in the jungle: the planets are gathering in your 9th and 10th houses. Some Rams will be getting a quick holiday before the Big Day and then racing back to career needs. For others there’s no time to snooze as Big Future Plans are ripening well before the New Year. (Circle 16 December for kick-starting your scheme.) The Sun and Mercury arrive in your career zone on the 6th and 22nd, you can see that your career ladder isn’t idling or holding up the backdrop at the kids’ nativity. What is something to note is Mercury’s reversal in this zone on the 26th. Reports may need writing over the holidays and while that feels irksome, it will pay dividends. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 3rd house of chitty chat, bros and sisses, and out of town travel. Watch impatience, driving too fast, or motor mouthing! 31 December in your 4th house of home and family: don’t fall out with the in-laws. Make your dream home a priority in 2010.

Your ruler has sidled into your 8th house of transformation for the holiday season, Bully Bull. This spells Big Spendies, prettiness, kinky pants, and forgiving and letting go. That little lot should keep you busy. Genuinely you’re a smart cookie when it comes to cashola but you do like a luxury or three. Don’t melt the plastic and particularly around the13th and 19th, when friends or plans do a uiiee, try to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It’ll be yours for the taking in January. In other news, Mars retrogrades in your 4th house of home and family from the 21st. Of course it’s the time of year when family and belonging are so often on the top of our priority list whether we like it or not. Mars here can make that super stressful. When you say no – which you can – try and say it gently... Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 2nd house of earned income. Finances mean it’s decision time on whether to change jobs or not. 31 December Eclipse in your 3rd house of chitty chat, bros and sisses, and out of town travel. Bros and sisses may delight or drive you nuts tonight. Set off early for NYE parties and drive slowly in all the excitement. Make 2010 the year that you speak more calmly and assertively to get you what you want and get where you choose to go.

From now until Christmas there’s attention in your 7th house of one-to-onesies thanks to the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Single Geminis get ready to mingle at parties and whatnot – and make a pact with yourself at the New Moon of the 16th that you’ll leave the past behind and take a new approach to finding new love in new ways (and in new sparkly shoes). From mid month you’ll need to prepare for Mercury, you ruler, doing a uuiiee. This Yuletide he’s chosen your 8th house of Big Cash and letting go to cause chaos so expect Christmas cards to arrive in January and your granny to lose the receipt for that hideous cardigan she bought you so you’ve no chance to return it. On a sober tip, be everso careful with online transactions, posting cheques etc from 23 – 29 December, and be patient with cheques you’re waiting for; they’re likely to get snared up in the post. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 1st house of You, Yourself, and You. If you’re not sleeping well at the moment, now you know why. La Luna has got your creative juices on high tide. 31 December Eclipse in your 2nd house of earned income. Is your career ladder bringing in enough Cash, Money, Lettuce? Make 2010 your year to get your financial ducks in a row.

A big month Clawface, culminating in a Full Moon Eclipse at your reef. First up, there’s a gathering of planets in your 6th house of work, so while the rest of us are hoping to rest up and laze you’re Santa’s little helpers, boiling sprouts, peeling grapes, and organising the Christmas Fayre. You’re happy at it, and while you’re about it there seems to be some honey for the worker bees too... Both the Sun and Mercury head into your 7th house of close one-to-onesies from the 6th and 22nd respectively and you’ll be in a flirtatious mood, what with those Christmas Pudding earrings you insist on wearing from morning to night. Love stuff and/or work stuff clash with your future/travel plans around the13th and 19th, you just need to be flexible in the changing tide; you’ll be able to sort things out come January when Mercury gives you time to talk it over and an Eclipse takes you into the future. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 12th house of Meep! You fraidy cat, you eating doughnuts behind the settee and hidey. Why so scared? 31 December Eclipse in your 1st house of You, Yourself, and YOU. 2010 is your year to stand up and be counted. The past is a yacht ride you dreamed about once, a long, long time ago.

This roaring in slow-motion you seem to be doing is Mars slowing to a snail’s pace in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, so if you feel like you’re driving a hairdryer along your life path when you’re used to a Lamborghini, that’s why. Mars halts and reverses from 21st so you’ll have an overwhelming sense of frustration / or urge to give yourself the holiday season off, lying around eating peeled grapes and having fans coo about how relaxed you seem. Neither will do you any good. While the rest of us are putting the sprouts on, you’ve work stuff to attend to. There’s a critical point coming on 15 January and you need to prepare now before the working world stops. What’s pretty all month though, your Majesty, is the coochiness and fun around thanks to Venus in your 5th house of Fun. Single Pussy Cats, get on those shiny catsuits and tear it up on the ice rink / dance floor / carol concert, especially around the New Moon of the 16th. Other cats it’s time to get into the spirit of your inner child and paint backdrops for the nativity or make your own pressies. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 11th house of friends and wishes. Emotions run high. It’s a good night to party with good friends but avoid the trickier ones. 31 December Eclipse in your 12th house of Meep! Make 2010 the year that you learn to show your soft underbelly. IOW: Can you ask for help when you need it?

Time was Virgo when any extra anything gave you sleepless nights, ringing in your ears, and bags under your eyes. Saturn, thankfunky, has shooftied on so perhaps for the first time in four years you can look forward to this Christmas with a bit more excitement. And indeed you should. First up, Mars, who’s been whispering words of doubt from behind the Venetian blinds heads retrograde on 21st, and instantly becomes quieter. Phew. What’s more, Venus is in your 4th house of home and family, bringing love and peace to Virgo Towers. Virgos buying /selling/renting/renovating: things look more possible after the New Moon of the 16th; watch for a partner/seller making an about turn on the 13th or 19th. Roll with it, Virgo. With Mercury and the Sun moving from this homely zone into your zone of Fun on the 6th and 22nd respectively, it’s time to flirt, let your hair down, get involved in decking the halls, and hogging the mistletoe. There’s nothing like a cha cha cha in your favourite heels to raise the spirits, what? Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 10th house of success, a career project/avenue reaches a peak or is complete. 31 December Eclipse in your 11th house of friends and wishes: This should be one helluva party, though partners/children may be absent or less cheery.

Duty to family is going to feel extra trying this year. You’d rather be kicking back with pals. It’s okay to want to do things differently but you need to talk about it – and with your ruler Venus currently smooching her way through your 3rd house of communication, now’s the time to duck out of Christmas commitments beautifully. You could also be using that honeyed-tongue of yours to get yourself closer to a bird or bee you may have in mind. Neptune and Jupiter are bringing ideals and soulmate feelings around the 20th, just as Venus makes a pretty angle to them both. If ever there was a day to serenade a cutey on a balcony, this is it. A few days to watch: 13th and 19th choice words at the office won’t help. Mercury and the Sun shine in your 4th zone of home and family and Venus joins them from the 26th. If you don’t see the inlaws, Ma and Pa on Christmas day, then Boxing Day’s a good un instead. Full Moons this month: 2 December Full Moon in your 9th house of future plans, studies, foreign connections. Signing up to a course in the New Year or booking a last minute Christmas break are signalled. 31 December Eclipse in your 10th house of success. 2010 is your year to break through the glass ceiling.

It’s ever so tempting when the cosmos fills your money boxes with ooof at this time of year to spend like a sailor, but that’s not necessarily the best Plan. Money’s coming in, alright, but there’s always that unexpected bill: watch 13th and 19th for proof of the Christmas puddin’. In fact the savvy Scorpio will see all sorts of opportunities to get creative in the run up to Christmas; MYO (make your own) could be the soup du jour. While money’s coming in, you may feel that your Career is on ice. That’s Mars slowing to a halt in your 10th house. He heads backwards from the 21st and doesn’t resume forwards motion until March, the lazy bleeper. What it does mean is you get time to think about who you are and where you’re going. Christmas Day has a 3rd house emphasis for you and that means out of town trips to see the rellies or fabalas get togethers with bros and sisses. Full moons this month: 2 December in your 8th house of big, cash, lettuce and letting go. Time to sort credit cards and loans. 31 December Eclipse in your 9th house of travel, study, and philosophy. Make 2010 the year you get back in touch with your spiritual side, travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, immerse yourself in a new course of study.

How are you doing there Archer? With Venus, the Sun, and Mercury on side and the New Moon of the 16th also in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, it’s a great time for pushing ahead, being heard, and making strides by being You. Just watch the 13th and 19th for curveballs from family members. There’s no room for compromise right now so try and let it slide. As Mercury and then the Sun move into your bank vaults on the 6th and 22nd respectively, your focus needs to shift to income. With Pluto in this same zone, many Archers will be really feeling the worth of money. Christmas can be so much more than a materialist-fest. Your words are like honey at the moment. Write poetry and songs and short stories for those you love. Give something to charity and make that the only pressie you give this year. For all Archers, Mars is slowing in your 9th house of long distance plans, studies, and foreign connections and travel. As he turns retrograde on the 22nd it’s time to review these things and decide if the passion and direction you set out on is still right for you. You can forwards ho from March. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 7th house of close one to onesies. Passion or ire – or both! 31 December Eclipse in your 8th house of letting go. Make 2010 the year to get your loans, credit, mortgages sorted.

It’s an Eclipse year coming your way, Goat. First up, the overwhelming tiredness and worry you’re feeling will begin to lift from next weekend. Mercury joins your side from the 6th and news you’ve needed to hear to get yourself in a stronger mental position lands. From the 22nd, and then the 26th the Sun and respectively Venus, also come round to your house brightening your mood, raising your energy levels, and importantly bringing you a loving, relaxed warm feeling after all the Christmas shenanigans. Two little Pay Attentions here: 13th and 19th December there are hiccups likely in financial transactions. You’re feeling under the weather, even more so around 16th December. This is your heads up to keep an eye on your piggy bank. Changes around you are taking their toll on your energy levels too. Mars who’s pushing this under your nose right now, takes a back seat on the 21st and the sense of urgency and anxiety will lift. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 6th house of work and health. Energy and stress levels are high. Try yoga or regular breaks at the water cooler. 31 December Eclipse in your 7th house of one-to-onesies. A huge turning point. Relationships are made and broken under these stars. Make 2010 the year you get the relationship you deserve – and be the partner your one-to-onesies deserve in return.

Jupiter and Neptune hook up on 20 December in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, and the good news or big/little boost you’ve needed to press ahead arrives. What a year, what an amazing year. Where your attention’s being drawn this month is (a) the tardiness of bizniz or close partners and (b) the importance of the calm after the joyous storm/bunfight... A: Mars hangs a uiiee on 21 December and partners backtrack or slowdown and deals are put on ice. It’s frustrating but there’s beauty to distract you in the shape of social circles and gatherings. Venus is spending 2 – 26th December in your 11th house of friends, parties and wishes. What a glorious placement for Christmas. Just watch 13th and 19th for going OTT with the spendsies. By Astroducky’s reckoning, there will be a 2010 and you’ll need to leave some readies for that. B: Mercury, the Sun and then Venus will be moving into your 12th house of Meep! on the 6th, 22nd and 26th respectively. You’ll be partied out by Boxing Day. If you need to lie around with the phone off the hook over New Years then do it. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 5th house of squeezies, fun, and kiddiwnks. Joy or worrisome emotional peak. A good night to bat those lashes with a potential new beau, just don’t tell ‘em you love ‘em before the end of the first dance. 31 December Eclipse in your 6th house of work and health: You’re run down but still doing paperwork/washing dishes. Make 2010 the year you get the balance right between what you do for Them and what you do for You.

If there’s a work process you were hoping to get tied up before you opened your favourite bottle of absinthe, Fish, perhaps open it anyway. Mars is on a go-slow and while he’s the King of your Bank Vaults, and so you feel you should attend to him more closely, he’s not in the mood. He reverses from the 21st and that’s a cosmic flag to pull up a chair by the fireside for the foreseeable. Chin chin. In other news, holiday plans should be filling you with glee. Planets are beginning to stack up in your 11th house of socialising and hobnobbing. Just watch your own sense of wappiness around the 13th and 19th. It seems you’re tempted to put your career first, especially after the 16th when a New Moon in this zone makes you want to get up and go just as Mars is checking into Santa’s grotto. Full Moons this month: 2 December in your 4th house of home and family. Careful that the inlaws and outlaws don’t push your buttons! 31 December Eclipse in your 5th house of Fun: Coupled up Fishes, this could be the year you wish for a baby fish all of your own. Single fishes: get out there and mingle! Midnight kisses could lead to something super. All Fishes make 2010 the year you got creative with your bestest pet projects.