Monday, 7 December 2009

This week

One of ‘Ducky’s favreeet sayings is, ‘Stand in your Truth’ as in face what’s what pertaining to yersen. Yes, mmmhmm, suh. Not easy but most definitely worthwhile… This week, when the Thing that Needs to be Faced pops up, back off at your peril. Under these skies only fools ignore the Big Kahuna that’s right under their nose, and they’ll pay by missing the lesson and carrying the memory of opportunity lost as a weight between their ears. This all happyhaps Monday – the same day that the Moon sleepy sleepy in Leo all day. What’s decided Monday won’t stick. Wait up ‘til Tuesday and with Facts Faced, action can begin by Thursday. At the weekend, curve ball miester, Uranus, has a trick in store. For where you should brace, brace for the unexpected see: No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement, below.

More next week, Tatty x

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When relationships reach a testing point it’s not comfortable but it is a convincing way to discover if they hold water, can survive under pressure, and have your besty best interests at heart. Right now you may feel that you’re at the beck and call of a close bizniz or lovin’ one-to-onesie and that your ability to shine is dampened somewhat by their needing to be fed/stroked/reined in on the hour every hour. If you can honestly and concisely name what it is You Need to feel self-actualised then now’s the time to lay that out with a diplomatic reasoned explanation of how lack of compromise is getting in the way. Have a plan of solution, rather than a plan of attack. That way if it all goes teets up you know that (a) you’re gonna get self-actualised anyway and (b) you’ve learned an important lesson in negotiation. Thursday, book yourself a holiday* with a lover or the kids and get some sun on your shoulders. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: * Foreign trips and future plans may go awry. This is another cosmic reminder that Going with the Flow can reduce blood pressure and hypertension.

For you Bully Bull work and long-range/studying/foreign plans reach an Important Hurdle. Commitments to the office are no longer blowing your skirt up and while the make or break time might not land this very week, knowing that you will make that break will be clear as crystal now. The long-range/study/foreign plans come at a cost: intimacy, money, kids… Yet without satisfying your deep need for the long-range/study/foreign plans how ya gonna be the Real You who’s being In the Moment and is fully able to invest in the intimacy, money, kids once the shift is made? How can you ask from others what you cannot give to yersen? How is Not fulfilling your Full You setting a good example for others? Monday, watch for health niggles showing the stress you’re carrying – or even recognise the need to off-load the truth of those plans to a boss or authority figure. Across town: Thursday and home and money links look strong. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: Friends and wishes throw a curve ball at your 8th house of oobah, oof, and letting go. It seems someone’s unexpectedly frisky or there are unexpected costs in the ledger to be sorted.

Creative projects, squeezes, and chilun are high on your agenda and your commitment to them needs a change of tack… Not because they can’t work, but because you’re changing and there’s an old modus you need to chuck through the moving car window to make space for the New Look Airy Friend you’re becoming. Pluto is moving slowly through the important corridors of your Inner You, peeling off layers, and your deep desires are being revealed. As your ruler Mercury hooks up with him on Monday, you have the chance to name all your needs out loud, write them down, and know those needs are Real. Once done, you then need to work out a plan which can allow those needs to be met while not giving up on your responsibilities to creative projects, squeezes, and chilun. Get the festive bunfight out of the way first, then come mid-January the skies give you the perfect climate for review, including a re-jig of life at Gemini Towers. Thursday: A conflab with a one-to-onesie puts the wind beneath your sails. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: A change in the wind direction seems to put career stuff in an awkward place but may well reveal an alternative journey in the process.

Home, family, and love-life are in the picture again, Crabsticks. Your heart’s deepest and darkest desires might be alarming you, but keeping those things to yourself only makes them grow bigger and scarier in the silence. Naming Your Truth to a one-to-onesie is persistently your trickiest challenge – the dread of showing your soft underbelly and risking rejection. However, the skies say you can do it! Pluto sez it’s time to let relationships change you. Saturn sez homelife and family commitments need negotiating to allow these relationship changes to happen. At the end of the month and into January, it’s re-negotiatin’ time with old lovers – or with current lovers and old issues. House moves are possible then. Thursday: Work brings payday. Woo hoo. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: At the weekend work is going well but there’s an unexpected opportunity for travel/study/metaphorical adventuring. Note it. Check it. Then make decisions in mid-January.

For you puddy tat, work and health news are not making you happy. It seems docs and boss figures have decisions and results that tell you what you already knew but didn’t want to hear. (Or you’re the boss and having to take action that doesn’t sit comfortably with you at all.) While that doesn’t bring much comfort now, forewarned is forearmed and the forthcoming Mercury retrograde (26 December – 16 January) brings you a cosmic opportunity to revise plans and revisit budgets so the money side of things is more in order. Thursday: and there’s joy and comfort with kids, squeezies, and potato painting efforts. Hoorah for funsies. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: Uranus, currently making waves in your zone of oobah, big cash lettuce, and transformation clashes with your ruler the Sun. An unexpected advance from a squeeze or an unexpected request for a lump sum from the chilun may catch you behind the knees. And breath. Investing in art today is a no no. You’re mad as a March Hare with about as much long-term sense.

For you the Saturn grapple with Pluto and Mercury is doing this: stirring your desires for self-expression and really letting your hair down but slapping your eager hand with a spreadsheet showing your financial bottom line. Self-expression includes creative biznizzes and hobbies, squeezies and procreating, and yup, some of these fabalas tings cost money, honey. There’s no way out of this so compromise and attitude will be all. For some Virgos this is a time to try and reduce working hours to free up time for this self-expression. For others it’s renegotiating the costs of creative plans and trimming corners where poss. Keeping Creativity in the mix is your Key to fulfillment. The money is simply a pain in dem aspic you have to negotiate. Thursday: Concerns about home and family life can be assuaged*. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: Partners change their plans or change their minds about homelife. Remember Thursday’s shiny moment* and try to bring that back to the table. There’s solace in hearing the other side and doing the Right Thing.

Having Saturn hanging around your neck is no walk in the park, or at least is a very heavy-going and uncomfortable walk in the park. When he spars with Mercury and Pluto it’s a time for you to put your foot down vz The Way Things have been at home/with family and why Mr Nice Guy just became Mr Assertive Though Still Fair personage. Saturn is here to help you grow up, to prove yourself to you, to stand on your own two feet as you are today – not the three-year old family clown or the gauche teenager. Just as we break away in stages from our parents as toddlers and then as teenagers, so we need to keep re-evaluating who we are in the here and now, continuing the pursuance of Being an Individual. You have diplomacy in spades so you can make housey changes without the need for bloody noses. Chest out, make it count. Thursday: party time with bros and sisses. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: News about changes at work catches you off guard. Talk it over with lovers or the chilun.

Saturn in your 12th house of Meep! is a two-year background process of clearing the karmic decks so you can launch yersen anew. The triggers to remind you to scrub your own inner poop-deck come when he makes tricky angles to other planets, as he’s doing righta now. The pressure concerns bros and sisses, your sense of community, and your ability to communicate. Difficult discussions may arise now with siblings – not because they’re not utterly lovely but because we’re always negotiating our pecking order within a family and it may be that something needs to shift as you grow up and develop away from the family mores. Similarly, where you feel at home may be changing too and news of changes around your turf may chuck out a re-think. What may be helpful now is off-loading the weight of your thoughts with a friend. Change can be a beautiful boat ride, but is so much happier with a friendly skipper nearby. Thursday: it seems the boardroom likey you and wanna give you some cash money lettuce. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: A lover’s change of mind or a creative/chilun-centred plan bring added expenses. Entertain at home instead.

Your commitment to pursuing those long-held dreams of yours reaches a financial reality check early this week. News says it’s going to take a lot of money, and while you like to remain free to manoeuvre, the commitment may mean stopping still for a while especially if you know that money can be relied on: yes it’s that dern ‘slowly, slowly catchy monkey [yawn]’ approach which can drive you to tears but that makes sense in the long run. While this news may dull your Sagittarian travels atop your camel or sailing the ocean waves, the Sun and Venus are bringing you charm and friendship and that goes a long way to easing a heavy heart. Thursday: connections abroad make your smile widen. There’s support for the journey, hoorah! No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: Family members or home-life changes direction again at the weekend driving you to distraction. Money’s at the heart of it. Negotiate rather than firing arrows.

While you’re pooped and wanting to take it easy and mind your own bidniz, it seems boss figures want a word in your shell-like. Something you’ve said or done seems to have ruffled their feathers and they want reassurance that you’re not out to upset the applecart - and that you can be relied upon to do their bidding. Control’s control. It’s not a nice bizniz to have to negotiate and right now you’re not in the mood to be dancing to anyone’s tune but your own. Word to the wise, Goat: look at the shiny horizon then give the harbour master what he wants. It’s worth it. Humility will get you all sorts of places right now. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: Watch out for speaking out of turn or not saying what you mean exactly at the weekend, or saying something just to be dramatic and blunderbusesque. Uranus has your tongue and as he strikes, your sense of reason is dozing in a hay barn. Yikes. Engage brain and then speak. And if you can’t engage brain, say nada. Comprendo?

Pluto rolling through your 12th house of Meep! is a process of facing your fears and worries - and inner nagging doubter - so you can knock those fears down like skittles. When he squares off to po-faced Saturn, as he does on Monday, you’re ‘blessed’ with a breakthrough moment: the shiny future, study or travel plans that you’ve been putting off because you were afraid become so Big and IMPORTANT that you can't help but have to knock fears over to get at 'em. Do you see how magical this is? This is a week to get out of your comfort zone vz your study/foreign or long-range plans and KNOW that you’ve taken a leap into a braver future. Huzzah, Inventive One. Thursday: friends/wishes and partnerships are starred. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: Unexpected curveballs for you say money and wishes need negotiating. Trust your gut feelings, Jupiter and Neptune are on side.

For you money and friends/wishes are the sticky wicket. Money has been feeling tighter since October and your desire to socialise and spend lavishly over Christmas is a no-can-do and it’s getting you down. Under these skies you need to revisit holiday plans and your share of the bills and you no likey. What feels like a Catch 22 on Monday is a sort of Catch 22 but there are small corridors and hatches to help you release the pressure. Thursday there’s money around for work done and that gives you a leetle pep up. What's more hurdles with friends and wishes are up for negotiation through until mid-February so keep the door open. The money headache will lighten Fish, but you’re entering a long-haul transit and the reality checks about cash lettuce will feel irksome while the transit beds in. No-one expects the Spanish inside leg measurement: You’re knee-jerking about what you really want and upsetting the apple cart as you do. Things aren’t as bad as they seem.