Sunday, 8 November 2009

This Week

On Pluto...
Pluto is getting active this week; early doors good; late orders tricksy. This tiny, demoted ruler of the undergrowth can strike fear in even the strongest Gladiator. Pluto is scared of nuthin. He takes no prisoners. His Goal is to make you spill The Truth and as you’ll know, as a fellow human bean, sometimes The Truth is hard to share. We’re not talking ‘fessing up to buying yet another pair of shoes. We’re talking The Truth about why you need those pair of shoes, why you want to pretend that such and such a thing doesn’t hurt, why you do everything you can just to Stay in Control and avoid being emotionally vulnerable... If you’ve ever ‘brushed it under the carpet’, you’ve run from Pluto. And he no likey. Here are two thoughts for dealing with Pluto. (1) Say his name ‘Pluto’ as Peter Sellers used to say ‘Kato’ in the Pink Panther films. This will make you laugh and The Truth that Pluto is demanding you face won’t seem quite so earth-shattering. (2) Recognise that you can only deny The Truth for so long. The Truth brings Power, and that can be a power to transform the Way Things Have Been. It also means that if you recognise you need help handling your Truth, you also get the stones to go out and seek it.

Have a truthy, soul-filled, eye-opener of a week. A bientot xx

Pluto is at the wheel of your 10th house of success and for you status and money seem All Important. What happens Monday then should cheer you Ram-features as Venus, planet of oof links up with Pluto our short-arsed power planet. Enjoy, enjoy. But briefly... for what really seems to be brewing is a tete a tete with a close one to onesie of a bidniz or lovin’ nature. It seems that while you want to chuck your weight around and Get Ahead on the career path, there’s an obligation, a lesson or a commitment to a one-to-onesie that you have to deal with. This is rock-meets-hard-place so no, there is no Quick Fix. You need this unwelcome input/lesson/burden to get under the skin of what success is all about – and it ain’t what you think it is today. Word. Across town: Friendships/dreams are due a shake up. Transformations go a lot more smoothly when the truth is on the table and that isn’t likely this week. Gather info. Share info. Delay and cogitate. Yes, you.

Pluto is stirring the feeling deep in your waters that there’s More to Life Than This: there are countries to travel, new academic horizons to master, publishing and broadcasting dreams, and spirituality and New Ways of looking at the world that you have yet to explore. What lands early this week is a feeling or delightful fleshy evidence that working in partnership can help you reach those golden places on the Other Side of the Hill more easily. What hits the skids later in the week though is clear proof that work, the lack of experience, service to others, or health burdens have to be tackled before those shiny horizons can be reached. Grrrr. On the upside, you now know what you’re dealing with so you can plan accordingly. There’s support around you – watch Wednesday and the weekend for surprising leg ups from friends or vz your wishes. Also this week: negotiations with bizniz partners aren’t clear cut. There’s fudging - and manipulation at worst. Keep everything in writing and don’t say anything you can’t back up later. True.

There’s buckets of activity at the office Airy One and while it all looks ‘tastic and fun, there seems to be a party pooper around who’s passive-aggressive-ing all over your cheery visage. Stinker. You’re being offered support but through gritted teeth and promises that can’t come true. Rather than psychoanalysing what their beef might be (save your grey cells for people that matter), your best bet is to consider Who You Are, What You Are Here To Manifest, and Whether this Professional Road you’re on will Get You There. Watch Wednesday and the weekend for important breadcrumbs, Gretel. And so to Pluto (remember ‘Kato’) ... Pluto is making his way through your house of transformation and external experiences will be turning you over deep inside. On Monday a work or health matter holds the kernel to Important Changes you need to make. By the end of the week it seems that lovers are here to turn you over, as twere. Stick to the healthy, emotionally balanced types, Gemini. There are addictive power struggles available but that’s a mug’s game.

Pluto is turning over your one-to-one bonds like a cosmic plough – those around now and your vision for how your bonds should be in the future. This isn’t only to upend you, although it might for a time. It’s a way of demonstrating that one-to-onesies are mirrors; stuff you see in them that you like or don’t like is, ahem, a view of your own internal workings. True. This week see a lover, creative partner, or child as a mirror that reveals a key to how you operate and how you can make your one-to-onesies better in the future. As Saturn and Pluto clash at the weekend it's clear that your old modus needs to change to make your relationship work; or that a house move is needed to make your relationship work; or that your family is part of the problem. Your theme this week is, ‘Things you need to let go’. It might not be a gentle seven days, but there are high points. Watch Wednesday and the weekend for news from abroad and shininess vz lovers/fun/creativity and future/teaching/foreign opportunities.

For you Pussy Cat, Pluto is raking through your zone of work and health. What he plants here will be seeds for the future but right now you may feel you’re doing five rounds with a Turkish masseur - and on top of this Mars is mekkin you pugnacious and enraged at any delays. Family seems on hand and supportive (perhaps with money, watch Wednesday and the weekend). However there’s trouble afoot by the end of the week when Saturn and Pluto have words. It seems your responsibilities in the here and now are hamstringing your ability to go out and make Bigger Strides in New Places. Whether it’s a project you’re committed to, or a PR/marketing/communications role you desperately want to give up but can’t, the end result is A Delay in Your Plans. Two things: Mars is going to be with you until June so you’ll still have fire at your disposal long after the hiatus is done. Secondly Mars is going to lose his edge in December for a few months so the delay won’t feel quite so irksome. The Big Change is pencilled in for May next year anyway. Why not pad around the enclosure and enjoy the slowly slowly catchy monkey for now?

Pluto’s cruise through your 5th house of lovers, chilun, and creative ting means that when you want to Express Yourself Truly to the World, these are the routes that feel most natural and imperative. This week conversations with or about these things absolutely Must Cut the Mustard; you’re in vocal boot camp Virgo, so feel the burn. Your emotional six-pack that results from the heave-ho will stand you in great stead long into the future. What is also abundantly clear is that Finances and your quest for Lovers, Chilun, and a shiny Creative Life aren’t stacking up; sadly the money most come first. Money buys you freedom and freedom gives you the worry-free-space you need to explore. Head down and get on. What you’re also contending with is the on-going marathon transit of Mars through your 12th house of Meep! Continue to create your magnum opus from within the safety of a still mountain and don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. Talks with lovers and one-to-onesies take surprising but pleasant turns: Wednesday and at the weekend. Talks with work colleagues and vz health issues aren’t giving the full picture all week: don’t make moves in the half-light. Ask questions, keep everything in writing, and stall until the mists clear.

There’s focus on your bank vaults and some bonuses from work in the pipeline; watch Wednesday and the weekend for opportunities for overtime. The irksome financial tight rope that faces you this week and on through November is the cash money lettuce that kids, lovers, and creative tings require. You bring home the bacon and it’s gone in 60 seconds. They’re treating this place like a hotel etc. Gather evidence now then prepare to push things your way in a few weeks. To Pluto. For you Pluto is camped out in your 4th home of house and family, and your old ingrained habits. His mission is to Transform You via these areas. Yes that can mean house moves so you break away from the past. It can mean changes within your family too. On Monday home and money are connected. By the weekend your Plutonian changes are much more personal. You need to break free and be You not Your Family’s version of You. Disagreement with family members, especially your Dad, now are about you disliking things that they/he does that you also do. Erg! The Mind-Fig of it all. Change you. It’s not your job to change them/him. Savvy?

There’s some nice stuff around you, Scorp. Monday, Venus makes nice with your ruler and conversations are deep and rewarding, especially vz love stuff. On Wednesday there’s surprising news vz lovers, chilun and creative tings – and by the weekend, when the Sun hooks up with Uranus, you’re sensing all sorts of possibilities for how you can shine out in the real world in creative and fun new ways. Your New Moon lands on Monday 16th so if you feel a little tired at the weekend, take it easy and have someone cute bring you breakfast in bed at around 2pm (while you do your daydreaming about those possibilities for how you can shine out in the real world in creative and fun new ways). The sticky wicket in this week’s terrain is twofold. Firstly, at times you feel that homelife, nice as it is, isn’t suiting you. Secondly, you’re beginning to sense some karmic cleansing kicking in. It's like when you set out to ask for things you want, you suddenly feel that you can’t possibly deserve them. Observe the feelings that bubble up which aren’t helpful. This is a time for clearing the decks. What’s important for your future will stick around.

Reality checks vz money are never fun but here comes a biggy. Pluto is making his way through your second house of earned income and possessions. When he clashes with Saturn at the weekend it's a reality call to stop building castles in the air. No, not a great feeling. The silver lining to this cloud is that re-grouping at the weekend puts you in a stronger position than you are now. You have knowledge and knowledge is power. Mars is revving you up vz legal, studious, or foreign plans but impatience now isn’t a viable option. He’ll be slowing down in December and you’ll feel the urges dip a little. There may be surprising offers vz home and family Wednesday and into the weekend. Check the small print. You’re not in a strong position to get things your way. Your inner Popeye will be along come December. Yak yak yak.

A game of two halves this week, Goat. Friends and wishes are feeling groovy – watch Monday, Wednesday and the weekend for feeling great, feeling loved and surprising opportunities for letting the good times roll. What may be furrowing your brow is the cash you need to let the good times roll... You haven’t been overly realistic about spondoolies recently and here it comes to roost. It’s a checkmate situation scenario; it’s time to get real about the dough. You'll feel better when you do. The other side of the week is re-evaluating your sense of self versus your sense of dooty. It seems there’s the Someone Who You Want to Be which is different to the social status you now hold. Either you don’t feel that you’re high enough up the career ladder - or you want to break away from the constraints of propriety and responsibility altogether and be someone new. Gandhi once said, ‘You will be alright when you are fully yourself.’ For you there are some social loose ends to tie up first.

Some are born to greatness, some aspire to greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them... Right now, Airy One, the world is looking to you for answers. We want to hear the incredible things you have to say. We want to bask in your glory. We want to touch your cloak. We’ll pay you for it, watch Wednesday and the weekend for egs of that. But what we don’t know is how your knees knock sometimes, and how you’re having to draw all sorts of courage up from the ends of your socks just to walk into the room. This week watch out for see-saw action; don’t fall prey to believing your own press but likewise, don’t let fear stop you taking your rightful place on the podium. Modesty’s an unction we need in these egomaniacal times, and we’re casting our apple cheeks in your general direction. Deliver. Pwease, deliver.

Pluto links with Venus today, Monday, giving your wishes for foreign, teaching, and studious plans a zing of destiny. And there’s surprising but helpful news too on these fronts Wednesday and the weekend which could give you a whole new outlook. Where it gets a little less skippy is the meeting of the tiny power ball Pluto with Saturn; Money and Wishes aren’t stacking up. The reality might sting – perhaps your appeals for funds have been flatly refused or cut in half - or because financiers are presenting hoops of fire for you to jump through before they’ll hand over the cash money lettuce. While you’re feeling uneasy about this all week, and suspecting that mebbes you don’t even deserve for things to go well, try to remember this too will pass. Your current Big Lesson from Saturn is about saving up, spending wisely, and going steady with the never never. If your big juicy dream is worth it, then this week's ding is the perfect cosmic carrot to improve your lettuce savvy in the future. Kerching.