Monday, 2 November 2009

This month...

November’s in the house, people. Intensity abounds all month thanks to the relay team of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the New Moon working their way through deep, dark Scorpio. A tricky Full Moon in Taurus this Monday night kick starts the adrenal glands. Try and take a time out now and again, at least oranges at half time. Where things may come unstuck in the coming weeks is the stand off between authoritarian Saturn and You-Can’t-Handle-the-Truth Pluto. The stand-off is a month-long-thang so prepare for the story to unravel gradually, and as Pluto is the natural born leader of Scorpio, expect it too unravel gradually spurred on by moments of real intensity... Dat sed, Venus and Mercury are making cooing noises to some of the other planets during the coming four weeks so there’s romance for some and good news for others afoot. And Neptune is heading forwards ho after slouching at the back like an old soak. Enjoy, enjoy. The Ducky Weekly will be back widya next Sunday.

SOUNDTRACK of the week: Back in the summer I saw Camille o’Sullivan, an Irish-French performer, burn the house down with a gobsmacking performance. Such chutzpah. Such cheek. Such darkness. One of the songs on one of the CDs I bought just haunts me, so here it is. If you’re feeling teary in the run up to Monday night’s Full Moon, have your ‘kerchiefs to hand before hitting this link. Here’s the Tom Waits version:

It’s a month of transformation for you, if you’re feeling brave enough and can work yourself into a pride-free zone. Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and the New Moon of the 16th are all begging you to (a) let go of outdated habits and situations that are way past their sell by date (b) get a little more adventurous with your approach to oobah and (c) sort out your big cash lettuce (mortgages, loans, credit cards dat sorta ting). You can do all or focus on just one, but do it with feeling. Turning over a new leaf now is closely connected to moving away from a self-centredness and instead embracing a going-with-the flow kind of attitude. Lovers, creative projects, and adventures with the chilun may be asking for just that and while your natural modus is to race towards the finishing line, if you can slow down now, a whole new hue of colours are bubbling up to give your world greater depth. Winning needs to be more about everyone being happy, rather than you walking away with the trophy. Try leaning on others, scary as it might be. Try picking the slowcoach onto your soccer team at five-a-side night. Try saying ‘well-played’ to the Wii Fit team mate who lost you the match but still did their best.

Although you’d rather let things simmer away and then blow your stack at the slightest not-worth-it incident, the Universe is conspiring to make you push for answers on a regular basis this month. What this is leading up to is the New Moon of the 16th in your 7th house of close one-to-onesies; yes, your Annual Opportunity to (a) relaunch your current closest bidniz or loving relationship (b) decide you’re not getting what you want and that it’s time to move on (c) install new emotional software that means you gravitate only towards Those What Is Good For Ya, Eliza. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus your ruler, are all currently sitting on your shoulder. Be brave. Be direct. Watch the 2nd for Full Moon impatience, the 4th and 8th for intensity good, and 11th, 14th, and 26th for surprises and about turns. The Saturn and Pluto square off connects your work/health zone to your future desires abruptly, especially around the 15th. It seems that to get back to college, to travel, or to get published you’ve work or health duties to deal with first. The grind may feel like it’s wearing you down but that highway up ahead will be worth the effort. And with Neptune heading forwards at your boardroom table from the 5th, if you need creative ideas to succeed, there may be a torrent to ride just up ahead.

Once you gather yourself from the mini quake of the Taurus Full Moon on Monday night, the real purpose of the first half of the month for you is getting your ducks in a row vz health and office requirements. If you’re overdue a check up, get to it Batman. Why? Because your love zone is about to get some spotlights on it that’s why, and you want to have your in-tray clear and your eyes shiny white in preparation. On Tuesday 17th and then Monday 23rd, Mercury and then the Sun saunter into your zone of close one to onesies. What’s of Critical Importance about their presence is that the Saturn-Pluto square off is highlighting your need to break away from the bad boys of the past and erase those peculiar vibes you’ve been emitting which have attracted power-hungry control-freaks and commitment phobes. Word. If there are gates flapping in the wind with any of the above, shut them and move out to a different ranch where there are new gates that fit. Finally watch for surprising career success opportunities on 11th, 14th, and 26th.

November begins with a Full Moon in your 11th zone on Monday night when a friend or a dream is in crisis. Hard as that is for a Moon-ruled creature to stomach what it triggers is your own need to get intensely involved with your own poysonal truth about creativity, love, fun, and your plans for/ dealings with chilun. Engage with the feelings that bubble up in the first half of the month so that when the New Moon begins to grow after the 16th you can begin making rooted decisions based on the real truth, not shadows and cortisol. What’s enlivening this whole sector further is Neptune’s turn to forward ho in your zone of transformation and the clash of Saturn and Pluto striking your zones of home/family and close one-to-onesies. Somehow you have to negotiate (a) your homelife to accommodate a lovelife or (b) your old habits to accommodate a lovelife and (c) the reality that Things Have to Change. Pretty stuff: 4th, 8th, 11th, 14th and 26th. Sticky wickets: 11th, 14th, 15th, and 19th.

Your month begins with a career deadline looming and then quickly shifts into home and family pressures and delicious bunfights. There’s siblings coming to stay and money to be spent on sorting out the porch and the new underfloor heating in the throne room, natch, and there’s generally callers coming to see you to touch your cloak and bask in the sheen from your hair. Partners may not be so cheerful at having to shoulder some of the housework: watch 11th, 14th, 19th, and 26th for outbursts amidst the ranks. For you the Saturn-Pluto square is lighting up your zone of communication and your zone of work and medicine cabinets. Pussy cats may need to stand up and be counted in the office if they’re going to (a) be part of the changes or (b) make the much needed changes happen (and yes that does include voting with your feet, potentially). Watch the 15th for Big Moves Afoot. For many pussy cats applying for and interviewing for jobs is around now. Pussy cats who have a tickly cough or an old splinter in their paws, stop being a woose and get off to the vets for a check up.

What’s gratifying about November’s stars for you is that as Saturn takes his foot off the gas you get a chance to watch the world drift for a while. Mercury, the Sun, Moon and Venus in your 3rd zone of everyday life augur in at least a few weeks of gadding out of town, laughing like a drain with neighbours and bros and sisses, and chinwagging over tea and buns. As we reach the New Moon of the 16th in this zone the clash of Saturn and Pluto lands too. The Truth may be that you don’t have enough cash to (a) launch a creative venture or playschool or (b) that a lover doesn’t stack up materially and you don’t want to be their patron for eternity. Money In the Bank is Saturn’s boot camp for you now. Days like the 17th show you why it will be good for you longterm. What’s not helping any feeling of deflation is Mars in your 12th house of Meep! (in-for-me in-for-me, they’ve all got it in-for-me) and the gathering of planets at the foot of your stairs. Launch small projects from your couch. Work on projects close to your heart. Other than that watch for surprising news from lovers: 11th, 14th, and 26th. Watch for pointless rows: 19th. Watch for work irritations: 11th, 14th, 15th.

Money, Scales, what is it good for? The tricksy Full Moon in Taurus on Monday night may add a little piquancy to your feelings about oof – as in a credit card bill landing that winds you temporarily. Then for the next few weeks you’ve three planets and a New Moon in your zone of earned cash lettuce. Perhaps the Lunar Crisis means you begin turning down the heating and buying dins from the reduced bin at your local hypermarche for a while to save some readies. Proud of you. The alternative is that you strike it rich at Bingo and then spend like a sailor until the New Moon of the 16th. Enjoy enjoy. From the 16th expect pangs to arrive when you start thinking about home and family. For some Librans, Aged Ps are going to need more help. For others, house moves or big changes on the home front are on the cards and the upheaval may not be welcome, perhaps not even of your choosing. Pluto in this Zone says that what’s happening now is about you transforming some old ingrained habits. If you can’t see the boons now, just get through the day. The boons will come see you in January. To leave you on a cheerier note, Neptune’s turn to forwards ho on the 5th is Good Nuus. He’s been snoozing in your zone of chilun, lovers, and fun since early summer leaving you rudderless and ineffectual. It’s time to crank up those dreams, Libra, let your hair down and get skiptastic.

Once the Full Moon emotional frenzy with one-to-onesies abates by mid-week, this month really is all about you, Scorpio. The Sun sez, ‘Look at me! I have energy and I shine!’ Mercury sez, ‘Listen to me I have fabulous ting to impart!’ Venus sez, ‘Do you like my new boots and my pretty dimples?’ And the New Moon of the 15th sez, ‘Here I come, bright and new and shiny.’ Watch the 4th and the 8th for days to Feel Great and the 11th, 14th, and 26th to use your Inner Confidence to Make Changes you want to see – whether that’s with lovers, self-expression, or on the mekkin bebes front. Hmm hmm. Where you can really rise to the occasion though is navigating the waters of Saturn squaring your ruler Pluto. Pluto in your 3rd house is a Grade A call to Communicate. Saturn in your 12th is a period of Karmic Cleansing. If you’ve apologies to make or an habitual modus which undermines your sense of self-worth by apologising for whatever may have gone wrong even though you were never in the room , now’s the time to work through it. No, it won’t be easy. Therapy for you right now should involve vocal exercises, chanting, getting your base note out into the open and making it so strong you could build a garage on it. Watch Tuesday 17th for choral epiphanies and hitting the right notes.

It’s a time to retreat inside the mountain and play darts with only those you love enough to see you in your jogging trousers with no make up on and greasy hair. Three planets and a New Moon this month say take it easy and don’t push hard for the Big Stuff out in the real world. There’ll be more archery competitions and photo opportunities soon enough. The first hurdle is the Full Moon in your 6th house of work and health. A sore throat or urgent work crisis tick this box. Muddle through then rest up. What you need to be saving your strength for is the month-long stand off between Saturn and Pluto. Success and money seem to be colliding and not in a good way; bosses are demanding but don’t seem to want to pay you the oof that you feel you’ve earned. It reaches a boiling point around the 15th... Two points your Ducky would like to make at this juncture: from the 5th Neptune is back in force in your zone of communications after too many months snoozing on the job. Use your charm to ooze information out of boss figures and purse carriers so you know what’s what before you strike. Secondly, no good comes of launching anything when the Sun’s in your 12th house of Meep. Talk openly from the 17th, make clear noises and intentions from the 23rd but expect no money resolutions until after 3rd December.

Monday night is a tricky Taurus Full Moon and for Goats it spells a heightened moment for issues with chilun, lovers, and creative ting. For some it’s an ending, for others a turning point driven by a feeling in your waters that Things Cannot Continue as before. Once negotiated it’s time to stick the Bee Gees on the CD player and party. You’ve a fortnight of gladragging, dancing on tables, and bunfighting with your pals before you need to rest up in time for your birthday month. Social networking and etching your dreams in the rock face are also Things To Do right now. Beneath the thundering baseline, you’ll be aware of a rising call to duty which will soon need your attention. As Saturn your ruler clashes with Pluto, currently in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, it’s clear as eggs that you need to change tack. What’s driving this change is your career. Responsibilities on the job front and any chances you have of making it closer to the Important Seats at the board room table involve You Changing Who You Are. Easy? Mais non. Potentially fun, profitable, and life enhancing? Naturellement. Chest out, make it count. Get more real about your lettuce: from Thursday 5th. Friends and networks link to work success: Tuesday 17th. Partying hits you in the pocket: Sunday 15th, Thursday 19th.

Your action stations are at the Board Room table, Aquarius. There’s money for your brilliance, and cheer for your brilliance, and you’re shining with your brilliance. For she’s a jolly good felllooow, You know the rest. Make halos while the sun shines because from the 17th onwards you’re likely to be distracted by friends, wishes, dreams, and social networking addiction. Word. So, when the New Moon lands in your career zone on the 16th make a concise list of Who You Are in your career and Three New Things you’d like to succeed at in the coming year. Then hop down to the nearest jumping cafe and Tweet like billio from whatever technology you have at your disposal. Where your party may feel a leetle pooped is the forthcoming set to between Saturn and Pluto. Pluto is rolling mercilessly through your 12th house of Meep! and the things that have made you afeard in the past are popping out of the woodwork so you face ‘em like Buffy. As Saturn sets up stall in your 9th house of foreign shores, long distance plans, study, philosophy and legalities, it seems that your course in one of these areas could be better enhanced if you were more open to change – and for you that means structure and patience. The expression, ‘feel the fear and work through it methodically,’ springs to mind. Get ready to focus after months of being vague: from Thursday 5th. Your career brings kerching: 11th, 14th and 26th. Partners are tricksy: Thursday 19th.

A tricky Full Moon in your third house on Monday raises urgency or emotions on communications, tings with bros and sisses, or transport frustrations. It will pass and with three planets stacking up in your 9th house of foreign shores, long range plans, legalities and study, Fish, you’ve plenty to take your mind off leetle irritations. The New Moon lands in this zone on the 16th too so what you’ve been chewing over in the first few weeks of the month should become part of your modus / action plan from then on. What is jolly hockey sticks and deserves a lap of honour and delight around your bowl is the return to forwards ho! of your ruler Neptune who has been a waste of space for six months. Trident schmident. From Thursday 5th expect to have a little more zip in your tail and a better focus on where you want to be heading off to next. What maybe causing consternation for you is the clash of Saturn and Pluto across your zones of big cash money and your zone of friends an wishes. Dreams that you’ve been building may get a kick in the shins this month. Big pay outs or savings accounts may not be enough and you may have to delay launching big dreams until there’s enough oof in the tank. Great days for surprises and exciting holidays or daydreams: 8th, 11th, 14th, 26th. Feeling under par: Sunday 15th. Work clashes with holiday plans: 19th.