Sunday, 4 October 2009

This Month

Greetings, fellow earthlings. Well, that was September. Smile much? For yon Astroducky it was a trying month. However it’s done and time is calling us onwards as October lands with Mercury shoofteeing forwards (thank the Lady!) and a cowabunga Aries Full Moon as of 07:10 BST this morning. (If you’ve been wanting to cry, drink hard, or slap someone this weekend, this little critter could be the gremlin. Make peace. Move on.) And so to the merry month of October. Just as we in the Northern Hemisphere are unpacking our woolly jumpers and eating stew and dumplings, our Southern Hemisphere friends are cooing at de blossoms. Wherever in the world you’re having your morning brew, the good news for all is that Jupiter heads forwards from the 12th. But the really Big Noise this month is Saturn shifting from Virgo to Libra. It’s been over two years since the curmudgeon docked at Virgin Towers. For where his shift will curtail your personal liberty and fun for the next two years, see Betty Ford Took My Martini, below.

Astroducky is planning to return to weekly scopes this month… Let’s book it Danno from Sunday 18 October and I’ll see you here for a whatfor. In the meantime, a tune. I discovered this little gem recently and am glad I did. Talk of refreshing.

A month for love and bidniz partners, Ramface. The Sun’s already lighting up your lovin’ / bizniz one-to-onesies and will be joined by Mercury on the 11th and Venus on the 15th. And the New Moon here on the 18th should incline you to turn over a new leaf where your current squeeze/biz colleagues are concerned. Single Rams should redouble their efforts to find a honeybun and when Mars moves into your 5th house of squeezes and fun from the 18th, all Rams will find that their energy, passion, and honey-hunting prowess will soar. Oobah. Hot date night is Tuesday 13th. Don’t forget to wear your best pants. Across town this October, watch money bother on the 10th - work projects cost more or pay less than you’d expected. More happily, friends, goals, and long-term dreams that seemed to have dragged since the summer get back on track thanks to Jupiter’s forwards ho! from the 13th. Betty Ford Took My Martini: For the past two and a bit years, Saturn has had you on your knees vz work, forcing you to get your act together and to work smarter and harder with more responsibilities for bosses/financers who can’t take a joke. For some Rams, health niggles will have forced you to commit to new regimes, diets, herbal teas and tobacco substitutes; what you used to get away with your poor body can’t take these days, hmm? When Saturn moves into your 7th house of one-to-onesies from 29 October, you’ll be shifting your sense of honour and duty to those you are closest too in a squeezy or worky way. For some Rams commitment to a long-term ting is on the cards. For others, partners may be clipping your wings in the coming months. And no, you may no likey, but heed the lesson; what Saturn’s here to teach you is that putting other people first sometimes is what helps the world go round in a less clunky way. Savvy?

A month where work and health take centre stage. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are gathering in your 6th house and it’s time to (a) snatch juicy work projects and (b) get to the docs for check ups, the gym for a shake up, and the spa for a deep tissue massage. The New Moon on the 18th brings an extra push in these areas. Until the 11th money needs to be on your radar so look for work that pays you bigger bucks. From mid-month your home zone gets active so pencil refurbs from then on. Vz Love Stuff, late in the month gets steamy… lovers/friends have surprising offers on the 10th, Mars and Venus make cow eyes on Tuesday 13th, but on 24th the Sun scooches into your 7th house of partnerships for a month long stay. He’ll soon be followed by Mercury and Venus; late October and November have all the hallmarks of tiger skin rugs followed by commitment. Betty Ford Took My Martini: For you, happily, Betty Ford may in fact Give You a Martini (and a bikini wax) when Saturn shifts signs… Saturn’s been sitting frostily in your house of fun since 2007. Letting your hair down has been a self-conscious bind. Now though he shoftees into your 6th house of work and health. First you’ll notice how much easier it is to have fun, be flirtatious, and to connect with your inner child. On the flipside, Saturn will now be insisting on Routines vz work and health. Getting more bizniz like and even becoming the boss are part of this journey. Connections with publishing, broadcasting, teaching and international links are starred too but expect hard grind. If that doesn’t sound like fun, think on how much you’d like to be treated by a doctor who didn’t bother to turn up at class... Saturn makes you work hard for good reason. See?! Your 6th house also governs health. Put down that burger and get out in the open air! Treating your body like a temple now will help for years to come. Treating it like a toilet will cost you dear.

A month of fun, flirtation, and connecting with your inner child, Airy Friend. Your 5th house is lit up this month by the Sun, to be joined by your ruler Mercury from the 11th, Venus from the 15th, and the New Moon of the 18th. Single Geminis: Get Out and Find Some Honey! Coupled Up Geminis: Get Fruity and Creative! You’ve a month to make the most of your levity as Saturn’s coming to squash it a leetle (see Betty Ford, below). Across town and big bills coming in and going out continue to be felt until 17th. On a happier tip, as Jupiter heads direct from 13th your plans to study, travel, or go for Publishing and Broadcasting dreams get a shot in the arm with more energy to come throughout November. Betty Ford Took My Martini: If home and family life have been soaking up your energy like a sponge for two years, expect the burden to lift. Airy Ones who’ve been struggling to buy, rent, or move may find things slot into place from month’s end. The 4th house, where Saturn’s been skulking, also rules your family and old, ingrained habits. Geminis the world over should be sure of one thing: that they are not their parents. (Yes, that’s what all the argie bargie has been for!). As you set out to carve your niche as Your Own Person, Saturn’s move into your 5th house of Fun means you’ll be taking your Fun seriously for a while. Casual love affairs won’t quite hit the target any more. Creative Hobbies will need to become professions or left to slide. For some Airy Ones, the responsibility of existing children - or your decisions to bring in the pitter patter of tiny new feet - are set to play a big part of your growing up process.

October: a month to speak with the voice from the burning bush. You’ve Venus and Mercury on side so say the things that spook ya and feel dem power. Mars is with you too until the 17th of the month giving you fire in your tonsils so crow, especially where work ting are concerned. If you need to post your resume and put in a follow up call, Get It Done by the 17th. From then on Mars rules your bank vaults. Big cash comes in; big cash goes out. Start a contingency savings account now. Vz love, from the last week of the month the Sun scoots into your 5th house of Funsies, soon to be joined by Mercury and Venus. Single Crabs should sling on their dancey pants, get out on the reef, and mingle. For all Crabs, the end of October and all of November spell romance, creativity, and for some, bebe talk. Betty Ford Took My Martini: Saturn has been stomping around your 3rd house for the past two years bringing heaviness vz bros and sisses, on-going car bothers, the need to commute longer distances for work or to fit in with partners’ needs, and responsibilities or brushes with authority within your community. The Third also rules communications: Saturn's mission here has been to help you Speak Up a Little, and say what’s on your mind (rather than sulking, which can be a Crab’s most infuriating modus). As he shifts into your 4th house of home and family your next Saturnine Masterclass concerns the buying, selling, or renovating of property, greater duties vz caring for Ma and Pa – and last but by no means least your need to Stand Up and Be Counted outside of your family’s dynamic... The 4th house is where we repeat the ways our parents have always Done Stuff. Saturn here sez, ‘Be your own Ma and Pa.’ It’s time to see your parents as people, Crab, not authority figures. Be the boss of you, and the chief in your own reef.

The first half of the month is All About The Cash, your Highness. Call in the lettuce you’re owed, ask for the dough you want. Particularly keep your antennae up on the 10th vz cash surprises. You may feel that you’re not entitled to it, as if you should be at the back of the queue with a begging bowl that has a hole in it, but tish and pish, Queeny. Bluster can see you through the next few weeks until Mars joins your side from the 17th. From mid-month, the emphasis switches from cash to your everyday wash. Communications, bros and sisses, and out of town trips are starred. Betty Ford Took My Martini: Money has cast something of a pall, hasn’t it Pussy Cat? In the past few years, even if you’ve had money, you’ve been shoving it under the mattress, even parking it in property or savings accounts. That’s Saturn for ya, teaching you the importance of Financial Prudence. As he hoofs into your House Numero Tres at the end of the month, you can expect to feel a bit more easyozie about cash, money, lettuce. This doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to be richer. It just means that you’re going to get a little groovier about your tamaytahs. Where Saturn is going to clip on the thumb screws next is in your zone of your every day wash. Expect a bit more heaviness vz bros and sisses, on-going car bothers, the need to commute longer distances for work or to fit in with partners’ needs, and responsibilities or brushes with authority within your community. The Third also rules communications: his mission here is to help you Speak Up a Little, and say what’s on your mind to best effect. If roaring hasn’t been getting you anywhere, perhaps Saturn here will give you a master class in asking nicely…

A month for sorting readies, Virgo. The Sun is currently lighting up your bank vaults soon to be joined by your ruler Mercury, as well as Venus and the Libran New Moon of the 18th. Going for pay rises is your Soup Du Jour in October. Work projects are set to motor forwards from Tuesday 13th as Jupiter awakens after snoozing through the summer. A couple of irksome points to note this month: (a) lovers seem wappy and have unexpected mood swings on the 10th and (b) Mars heads into your 12th house of meep! from the 17th. Thanks to a retrograde action in mid-December, Mars is going to spend a massive nine months between your 12th house of meep! and your 11th house of friends and wishes. The 12th house transit is a test of confidence and not letting your subconscious get the better of you. Keep your nose clean – karma rocks the 12th house - and if people seem to be goading you, ask what aspect of yourself you like least. Chances are, they’re taking a pop at the very same. Saturn here sez it’s time to iron out some self-loathing wrinkles. Betty Ford Took My Martini: For you, dear Virgo, the last few years have been monstrous. Saturn hasn’t been focusing on how you walk, work, or play the mating game – he’s been focusing on All of You. Yes, you’ve been through the ringer. What’s transpiring right now is a sense of You emerging, old, wiser, and statelier from this swamp with a brighter, more realistic vision of who you are and where you are going. From month’s end, as he shifts into your 2nd house of earned income, Virgos are preparing to forego instant financial gratification to pursue a sense of higher purpose. There’s a You that may need to move sideways on the career ladder, for now, and careers concerning creativity and children have the stars behind them. Savings Plans and squirreling for rainy days are bang on the money.

The Sun’s with you as we speak, Scales, but with Venus and Mercury hiding in the shadows of your beauteous mind until mid-month, you may feel ineffectual and lazy. Rest up while you can. When the New Moon docks on the 18th you’ll have four celestial bodies saying, “You Da Man” – PLUS Jupiter is heading forwards ho in your 5th house of Funsies from the 13th. If you’ve been crying out for a good excuse for a party, here it is. In fact make it a weekender from 17 – 19th, and take Monday off for a snoozey. Final odds and sods for the month – your social life picks up a treat from the 17th when Mars moves into your 11th house. Watch work surprises which ask you to go the extra mile on the 10th, and watch career rewards for stepping up to the plate around the 13th. Betty Ford Took My Martini: Okay Scales. When you read the thing about Betty Ford and the Martini, you knew exactly what I was saying didn’t you? Having Saturn in your 12th for the past two years hasn’t been fun, not even if you’re a masochist with a self-sabotaging habit and a love of falling flat on your face or skiing into wooden fences in the buff. This has been a two year Karmic Cleansing process and as you enter your final 25 days, it’s important to recognise that you’re near the final mile. As Saturn enters your first house of You, Yourself and You from 29th of the month you’ll be ready to decide who you are and all that you can accomplish now that the slate has been wiped clean. Firstly: Congratulate yourself. Secondly: Take note that Saturn in the first house is no walk in the park – but it will feel like getting out onto the trek up Everest, rather than being locked in the toilet at base camp.

The I-Ching advises that sometimes we need to retreat inside the mountain. With the Sun in your 12th house energy levels are low so take it easy but when you can, until mid-month, try to circulate and milk your social networks. Mercury and Venus are giving you charm and the gift of the gab to clinch new and future deals... From the 17th Mars enters your career zone giving you passion and ambition. What’s fabalas news is that he’s going to make an extended nine month trip through your 10th house of career and 11th house of social networks. Sew the Mercury and Venus vibes now and you get to reap them for the next nine months! Betty Ford Took My Martini: Saturn naturally rules your third house of communication. At the end of the month, as he moves into your 12th house of Meep!, the Big Lesson he’s coming to teach you is how you fail to get what you want/need when you don’t ask for it properly. For example, you don’t want to go to Tenerife on holiday but would much rather go paragliding off the Welsh coast. Instead you say, “I don’t mind, whatever you want to do...” And end up, guess where..? Saturn’s mission is Karmic Cleansing. You need to first understand that you’ve been verbally undermining yourself. Then you’ll have to plan a course of action – which may well upset a few apple carts. Then you’ve got to let Saturn move from your 12th to your 1st house, where he’ll put you through the ringer for a further two years... Look, Saturn’s always operating somewhere in your chart. Knowing where, like you do now, means you make the most of the Master Class. Spit out the deep stuff. Get used to standing in your own truth, Scorpio. It’ll make the rest of your life so much more fruitful.

It’s a good month for you Archer. The Sun’s in your social life making you the invitee of the month. Mercury and Venus are in your career zone giving you opportunities to pow wow and get the money for your labours too. Your ruler, Jupiter, heads forwards ho after snoozing for the summer. From the 12th of the month get prepared to chitty chat as he lights the touch paper in your third house of communications. Even out of town trips are more likely to suit you well, thanks to his support. Even this month’s New Moon on the 18th lands in your Wishing Zone meaning this is your month to ask the cosmos for the things that matter most to you heart. The ‘but’ in all of this is Mars. He’s making a tour of your 8th house of letting go – which can mean hot oobah action but can also mean rows about money and big bills. Settle up, Archer. When he moves into your 9th house of legal action, he’s going to retrograde and hang around here for an extra long stay. Betty Ford Took My Martini: Saturn has been toying with you around the boardroom table for the past two years, but it’s all been for good purpose. If you’ve yet to see WHY, trust that it’s coming. Not only have you seen how those around you rise to the top, stay at the top, fall to the bottom of the heap, you’ve also learned what bits of your earlier career plans still chime with the shiny person you are, which were too naïve, which were way off (ah said, ah said waaay off). And so, as Saturn moves into your 11th house of wishes from the end of the month, watch how gurus and cosmic road signs seem to line up, giving you a push towards the You you want to be most. You bet you’re going to work for it, but this time it’s you working for your dreams, not someone else’s.

Until the 17th, Mars is touring your 7th house of close one-to-onesies. Passion, arguments, straightening things out is par for the course – whether it’s lovin’ or bizniz relationships. As he shifts into your 8th house fo letting go; relationships that haven’t made it through the ringer, get cast aside, some with financial consequences. On a lighter note, Mercury and Venus are flitting around your 9th house of foreign shores and studious plans. Goats who are back in the classroom will be enjoying the library… and the honeys, I should coco. For other Goats, news from abroad sounds uplifting. Around the 13th of the month, a money situation that’s been hovering on ice over the summer shifts forwards. Student grants or professional pay rises are starred. Betty Ford Took My Martini: For the past two years, Saturn, your ruler, has been soldiering on through your 9th house of study, foreign shores, broadcasting/publishing and long-range plans. For many Goats, the pressure has had its upsides and brought a sense of satisfaction but will have impinged upon other areas of your life, most likely your ability to settle in one place or keep a healthy relationship intact. As Saturn shifts into your 10th house of career at the end of the month, your destiny seems to be calling you. Not only do you get to do the Saturnine thing and lead the goddarn pack, you get to call the shots. What’s needed balancing out will be balanced within the coming months. His stay in the sign of Libra will see to that.

The Sun is in your 9th house of foreign shores and you may be craving a break and the chance to feel the Sun on your shoulders. Mercury and Venus in your 8th say that you’re negotiating deals right now – likely financial ones, but for some it could be sexy liaisons, or endings of sorts (that are tied up with lucre). From 15th Venus and Mercury are in your 9th house – and on the 18th, the New Moon docks here too. If you can get on a plane and fly away, the weekend of the 18th looks shiny. Vz Love Stuff: Mars jumps into your 7th house of close one-to-onesies from the 17th. Passion gets a kick in the head meaning steamy oobah but likely row-time too. This is an extended stay so draw lines in the sand. What you don’t nip in the bud now could come back and bite you on the aspic. Betty Ford Took My Martini: Saturn’s tour of duty in your 8th house of Letting Go has pushed you towards a freelance take on life. The 8th house rules sex, death, and taxes. For some Aquarians, there have been inheritances, wills drawn up, lottery wins, or stock market crashes. For others, you’ve been getting more Managerial when it comes to getting your sexual needs met and/or your finances in order. For all Aquarians, when it’s come to being Completely You, where you’ve needed to, you’ve chosen to go it alone. As Saturn hoofs into your 9th house of study, travel, and long-range plans you’ll be getting ready for a new adventure which you’ll love. Moving abroad, studying a foreign language, getting published, broadcasting… all these things are starred. What Saturn will ask of you though is discipline and routine. No, don’t come out in a rash. You have the power, Inventive One. Imagine Saturn’s demanding grooves to be magical train tracks – whatever it takes – and get grounded enough to take flight, if you see what I is sayin’.

As the month opens, the needs of your close one to onesies are still your top priority. In fact Love Stuff is the Soup du Jour for Fishes: Mars in your 5th house of Fun until the 17th is making you peachy keen about kiddiwinks, feeling creative - and it’s upping your libido. Single Fishes should get out there and mingle wearing your luckiest cod-piece (see what I did there). Likewise, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and New Moon of the 18th are all in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes. Yes, big cash needs sorting, but there’s abandon in the boudoir too. Enjoy, indulge. What to Watch Out for is being a push over. With three planets in your 12th house of meep-and-being-a-doormat life can be tricky with other people’s needs always making it to Number One… but as Jupiter turns to direct ho from the 13th, expect to feel jollier and a lot more purposeful. In fact as the month gathers pace, your needs start to rise up your to-do list and you’ll be pushing yourself to the front of the queue, including in the office. Betty Ford Took My Martini: Aw, Fish! Your close one-to-onesies have been calling the shots for the past two years – whether that’s lovers making the decisions and curtailing your desires to explore, or work colleagues / bizniz partners carving a groove you haven’t particularly wanted to roll along with... Enough! As Saturn moves from your 7th to your 8th house of Letting Go, it’s become time to make a little more room for a freelance take on life. No, you don’t have to break any chains, but you do need to look at new ways of rising to the occasion as You. The 8th house rules sex, death, and taxes. Saturn here suggests you’ll be getting Managerial when it comes to getting your sexual needs met, and your will, inheritances, and finances in order. Likewise, when it comes to Completely Being You, where you need to, you’ll be ready to go it alone.