Monday, 7 September 2009

This month

Well hello there. September’s landed and we’ve already had a Full Moon plus Mercury doing a uiee this very day. This month is a birrova belter vz getting down to brass tacks in spite of Mercury’s curveballs. For starters, Pluto is going direct on 12th September and he starts a domino effect of one biggy planet turning direct each month until Christmas. What you do in the next three weeks should lay high-speed tracks for the forwards ho of October, November, and December. For now, drum roll please, this month’s wowy X Factor lands on Tuesday 15 September when Saturn (propriety, societal norms, no running in the corridors) faces off to Uranus (the sky’s surprise surprise maverick). The same cosmic climate was around on 4 November 2008, the day the US elected a black president… so while Uranus and Saturn can be acquitted of having compatible energies, when they come together the shake up can be huuuge. With a reversing Mercury hooking up with beleaguered Saturn on the 22nd and again on 8th October, what transpires when Saturn and Uranus meet will be a Hot Topic of debate until mid October. The same opposition is due on 26 April and 26 July next year. For its effect on your polling booth see, ‘Yes we can’ below. And for your Mercury survival kit, see Pixie Balls below too.

Astroducky is going monthly for a while and will be back with you during the first weekend in October. Until then, here’s a soundtrack to start you off. I shared ‘East Nashville Skyline’ by Todd Snider with a pally over the weekend and was bursting with happiness listening to it again, so here's one of the tunes for you too.

The big emphases for you during September are (a) home and family (b) fun and (c) work. A hat trick indeed. Your ruler Mars sez that you’ve energy for home decorating and family activities but that here too are your greatest irksome moments. Around Thursday 24th and the last few days of the month you may need to let things slide to avoid locking horns. Across town: and Venus is winking from your Fun Zone until 21st of the month. Lovers, funsies with chilun, and potato painting exhibitions are where the entertainment is at my friend. Single Rams should mingle, especially at parties where wayward and unusual creatures will be catching your eye. And so to Work. Sorry to use that dirty four-letter word when it was all sounding so good... It’s a constructive if patchy month where you’re trying to shine but hitting road blocks and lampshades en route. Circle Monday 21st for financial successes that ease the strain.
Yes we can: The day job is probably NOT allowing you to showcase the coat of many colours you’ve been developing in the past few years. The time to show it off will come in the Spring. For now it may be a question of taking the money and waiting for the right mentor/bizniz partner to pull up a chair at your work station.
Pixie balls: Mercury reverses from your 7th house of close one-to-onesies into your 6th house of work and medicine cabinets. Dealings with former squeezes/bizniz partners are on the cards until the 18th. From then old work projects / medical diagnoses come back for a rethink. Research and double check i-s and t-s.

Your September involves a big case of motoring (including motor mouthing), mixed with some downtime at Bully Towers, and some Fun, Fun, Funsies with a capital Flirtation. Out of town trips are on the cards and because Mars has got your tongue all month, while it’s good to talk, remember to check in once in while during your monologues, and reel in the vitriol when necessary. Across town: Venus, your floaty ruler, is caressing your four walls until the 21st so be the hostess, decorate that fusty old downstairs toilet, or sell your antiques to release lolly for spendsies… And so to love: For the past few years you’ve been considering ‘Fun’ and trying to develop a grown up attitude towards it – whether that’s turning a creative hobby into a business, becoming a ‘better’ parent, or seeking lovers who are (a) older/more mature/serious or (b) looking for a mother figure. Hmm mm. Word. This month you’ve three planets plus a New Moon in your Fun zone meaning you are going to be craving some creative attentions… watch what happens when Mercury re-joins the pool party on the 21st. Former squeezes may offer to rub cream on your shoulders, if you know what I’m sayin’. Likewise former creative projects are due a re-jig from then too. The whole month should bring bundles of creative activity with Taurus junior and children generally.
Yes we can: What do you want from your lovers, Bully? Saturn’s giving you some set ideas; Uranus is saying take a walk on the wild side. As if on cue, expect unusual offers from friends and some interesting rethinks on your approach to Fun.
Pixie balls: A work project or old health niggle needs a revisit. It’ll be mid-October before the picture is clear. Until then gather information and keep options open.

There’s a rumbling round the base of your chart all month. Like the prom queen getting ready for her big night there’s preparation work causing a flurry in your 4th house of home, family, and old habits. Commitments to family or Gemini Towers are taking up your time. If it feels like a chore right now, from 21st, when Venus lands in this zone, you’ll feel joy and beauty in the process. Wobbles, indecisions, and hiccups thanks to your reversing ruler Mercury are likely all month but especially around the 18th and last few days of the month. Geminis selling or moving, be sure to check the small print. Money is a BIG topic for you in September too. Mars sez there’s big money coming in but big bills going out. Keep a check on your balance sheet, especially with your ruler Mercury up to his usual tomfoolery. Weekend pleasure trips are on the cards too until mid-month which may account for some of your spendsies.
Yes we can: What’s stirring you at a deep level is the thunderbolt of the 15th as Saturn and Uranus oppose one another. Propriety is keeping you on the straight and narrow but to succeed you may have to break new ground. There’s tension. Your old ways will be shaken this month but the transformations and your break with the past will fully begin in the Spring.
Pixie balls: New news from old lovers is likely until 18th. After that, expect to go over old ground where home and family developments are concerned.

You’ve Mars energy all month meaning you’re a force to be reckoned with, especially with career tingaling. Tread carefully on 24th and the last few days of the month though. The cash, money, lettuce you’re expecting may not quite stack up. Check your budget for the Autumn. There’ll be big cash coming in and going out from mid-October so you may need to roll with the September situation. Venus in your bank vaults until the 20th sez there’s money around now so put some away for a rainy day. The other big cosmic focus for Crabs this month is your third house of chitty chat, out of town trips, and bros and sisses. You’ll be travelling more, hooking up with siblings, and where you’ve been putting off certain conversations September sez ‘Last Orders laydees and genelmen’. Friday 18th you wobble and hide behind the settee. Let the wariness pass, regroup, and try tawking on 21st. There’s power and beauty in your words and you’ll be able to clear the air with that certain someone.
Yes we can: The Here and Now clashes with the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Uranus sez jack it all in and run away to foreign shores or take up a course in carpentry. Saturn sez you have dooties that need your full attention Here so you can’t possibly go There. Saturn will win this round but the stirring in your passport / student union card will return in April and July next year. Take notes for now.
Pixie balls: News vz home and family doesn’t fly straight under these stars. Gather the facts then tawk it through. It’s clearer come mid-October. And check and double check train times and car tyres. Mercury changing direction in your transport zone is Chaos prime time, especially around the 7th and 29th.

Money’s on your mind this month, Pussy Cat. Saturn in your bank vaults has been mekkin you wise up and develop a mature relationship to spondoolies in recent years. Now with the Sun here too, you want to earn it but Show the World that you’re earning it… The chances of that happening are creeping up. When Pluto heads direct this Friday, necessary upheavals on the work front beckon. Add money magnet Venus and a reversing Mercury into the mix this month and there are negotiations about money in Full Swing. The one caveat in all this is the current transit of Mars through your 12th house of Meep. This often brings up feelings of insecurity, fear that others are out to get you, and a fear of competition generally. March forwards regardless. Mars will be with you by mid-October so aim negotiation changes to begin from then.
Yes we can: Money again! Your yo-yo of spend and save reaches a peak moment around 15th September. There may be a jewel-encrusted throne you’re dying to splurge on but in a moment of reality, you feed your credit card to a blowtorch. Hunker down for now to avoid foolhardy extremes, your Majesty, and prepare for a spending spree on such darling trinkets in the Spring.
Pixie balls: Negotiations return to the topic of Money. It’s fact finding time. Expect conclusions from 1 October.

A big month. First up: Mars in your 11th house of friends, wishes, and networks sez you’ve energy to make progress in these areas. However, as your ruler Mercury does his backwards ho! he’s causing a general slow-down to most of your undertakings. This month follow the tide. Reconnect with existing networks and old friends and revisit on-going projects rather than launching anything new. If hiccups occur, keep your patience levels high by remembering that friends and networks are dealing with their own Mercury hoohaa too. Across town: and your lovelife has an interesting hue. Until 21st it seems that Love is a Secret – either yours or someone else’s – and that the Secret won’t get revealed until 21st. In fact the 21st is a powerful day for loving spoonfuls. If there are no secrets, Venus in the 12th house can mean we’re more inclined to put our lovers first. Be a nurturing Goddess by all means but not a doormat… From the 21st Venus is in your first house of You, Yourself and You and it’s time to get love stuff your way. Wink.
Yes we can: Saturn has been travelling through your 1st house for two years and you’ve been pushing boulders up mountains to prove yourself to you. In the midst of this you’ve been handling the unpredictable ups and downs of bizniz and lovin’ partners. The shake up that’s coming will test your resolve. Commit to what’s best for you and ask that others follow your lead. For now.
Pixie balls: Your ruler Mercury reverses from your bank vaults into your 1st house this month. Check up on your bank balances and take time to practice asking for the readies you deserve.

September’s a month for hunkering down in readiness for your own personal relaunch in October. With a total of four planets Plus a New Moon in your 12th house of Meep the next three weeks could be energy sappers. It’s certainly going to feel more difficult now just getting through your day let alone breaking through on any new shiny career schemes so take TOS whenever you can. Reversing Mercury means that between now and 18th you may have to repeat yourself as others seem unable to understand where you’re coming from. From 18th September until 11th October you may begin to feel you’re being asked to explain yourself. Psychotherapy would be switching lights on all over the place for you right now. If you can’t make that happen, try and see the lessons. Ever the diplomat, you find it hard to be direct sometimes. Circumstances now may offer you a Masterclass in changing all that. If you have the energy, friends and parties can help you let off steam until 21st.
Yes we can: What’s going on in your head is limiting how you fare out here in the world. Saturn has you clearing down the poop decks for all your imagined misdemeanours of the past and you seem to be finding some safety in that. Don’t let it become a habit! Watch for wild alternatives waving at you around the 15th – and make space for them to enter your life from November.
Pixie balls: Say what you mean, Scales. Ah! Has the rash popped up? You hate demands to be so direct but it will be essential during September. It grates, it grates, but reversing Mercury is doing you a favour.

Everything is about your party dress right now, Scorp. The Sun sez you’re busy networking and hobnobbing with pals. Saturn here suggests that friends are being supportive, even taking a parental role if you need one – and when Venus drops into the party from 21st, it just gets more loving and sweet. In fact circle the 21st as a power day for a party. You’ll feel so loved and so cared for you’ll wish you could bottle the feeling. Across town: and all month Mars is coursing through your 9th house of long range plans, travel, and study. You’ll be getting competitive and pushy in these zones. Watch for overreactions, especially around the 24th and the last few days of the month. And yes, travel plans that fall in the last few days of September are set for delays and hiccups. Pack patience and a good magazine.
Yes we can: Bored? Uranus in your 5th house of Fun means you’re getting urges to breed, create, and make out with fabalas, weird lovers. Saturn, perched on your other shoulder, says a walk on the wild side clashes with your deepest dreams (and for now friends are saying that too). Revisit your idea of fun, but the real fruitiness may have to wait until the Spring.
Pixie balls: Mercury reverses out of your 12th house of Meep! from the 18th and back into your friends zone. This is a cosmic gift, Scorp. Notice what scares ya, then after the 18th take it round to the girls with a bottle of wine and dissect until it doesn’t matter any more.

You’re flying on your wits round the boardroom table, Archer. The rays of the Sun are bringing you to the attention of the bigwigs and they’re asking you to show you can raise the bar (watch 18th for report deadlines). Venus lands here too on 21st suggesting that money is coming in too. Looks like your flashes of brilliance are paying off. Kerching. Mercury moonwalks back into this zone from Friday 18th September until Sunday 11th October. If you’re asked to revisit a career idea don’t be alarmed. You’ll learn from it – just push the report deadline as close to 11th October as you can to give yourself the best tailwind. With all this going on, pay attention to your compulsions. Mars in your 8th house can have you spending like a sailor in port, lovin’ like a sailor in port, or spitting your dummy out when others get too close to the real you. No solution. Just be aware and monitor the fire in your belly.
Yes we can: The thunderbolt of the 15th as Saturn and Uranus oppose one another has your need to fly away hemmed in by propriety. Being the Zodiac’s most likely sign to be on a camel/ hang-glider/ arctic expedition, being hemmed in gets unbearable sometimes. And now is one of those times. Changes are due in the Spring. For now get on with re-writing that report.
Pixie balls: Just when you were preparing for a fun month of partying, the Boardroom calls you in to work weekends. It’s temporary, Archer, and the parties will be so much better in October anyway.

Lovers and bizniz partners are on the receiving end of your (a) passion or (b) spleen, Goat. Watch how you go about it, especially from the 12th when power house Pluto is in charge. Getting too pushy will lead to irksome grovelling apologies on 24th and the last few days of the month. You’ve been warned. The other hot news is the shebang going off in your 9th house of study, travel, publishing, and long range plans. You’ve vision and stamina to go for your goals but September will also bring moments of hesitation and review, a cosmic way of making sure you’re really sure. From 18th until the 11th October, reversing Mercury means you need to thrash out any details that were left hanging at the end of August. Your biggest shiniest day this month falls on 21st when Venus makes a gorgeous link with your ruler and you know you're on the right track.
Yes we can: Having your stoic ruler questioned by maverick Uranus has its advantages. Around the 15th make a note of the things you’d like to say, trips you’d like to take, and partays you’d like to arrange with bros and sisses, then put them on hold until the Spring and get on with the job in hand. Nothing like a reward at the end of the journey, what?
Pixie balls: Career plans need a revist. Expect bosses to question your conclusions then roll with it. The real fun begins when Mercury returns to the merry-go-round of your 9th house from the 18th. You get to fine tune and change your study, travel, publishing, and long range plans with impunity. Huzzah.

Your attention now is on the Big Bills, not your salary or grocery bills, but the mortgage, car repayments, taxman… For some Aquarians you’re coming close to paying off a long-term financial agreement which will be freeing you up financially. As Mercury reverses back into this zone from 18th check and double check the small print to make sure you’re not getting short changed. And that goes for all Aquarians buying anything on credit right now. And for the record, if you can possibly delay splurging on technology while Mercury’s up to his old tricks, you’ll be doing yourself a favour. From 21st of the month Venus glides into this Big Cash zone too, sex gets flirtatious and beautifully sinful, and shopping sprees are all about the Wow. Mars in your 6th zone of work means you’re frustrated by slow co-workers all month. Take time out and try to move to the corner office so you can ignore them for long periods of time.
Yes we can: Having your ruler puffing his chest out to sombre Saturn is unavoidable. Circle the 15th of the month for feeling squashed into a box. Your heads up sez stand back and review what’s really at stake. Money is unpredictable right now. It may not be the maverick modus, but taking the cheque from the grey suits now could help you to demob by the Spring.
Pixie balls: News from abroad or vz studious plans sets you thinking about old ideas. You’ll need to check in with your bank manager before you can embark.

Relationships of a lovin or bidniz nature are your focus right now Fish and when Venus slips into this zone from Monday 21st things get prettier/more lucrative. Single Fishes will be feeling these effects too and your quest to find something loving and long-term will get stronger. The ‘but’ is Saturn’s presence here and the impending return of Mercury to this shiny picture. Saturn tends to make things stringent and that doesn’t help love flow smoothly. On Friday 18th there’s an ultimatum on the cards and coming so soon after the Saturn Uranus bunfight, it could be make or break time for any wobbly liaisons. Where you can let off steam are creative activities and fun times with chilun. For those on a break up tip, Mars in your 5th sez hot affairs seem super appealing.
Yes we can: Like Virgos, the Saturn Uranus contretemps of the 15th happyhaps across your relationship axis. At times during the past two years you’ve felt like lovers and bizniz partners have been calling the shots and you’ve been left to jump through the hoops – or scram. The shake up that’s coming mid-month is to test your resolve once more. If you want to keep the relationship, commit to what’s best for Them right now. You can ask for the favour to be returned in the Spring.
Pixie balls: Reversing Mercury sez conversations involve money, sex, or endings this month. Friday 18th (again), Tuesday 22nd, and Thursday October 8th are milestones in your current relationship’s story.