Sunday, 9 August 2009

This Week

It’s a quirky ole week with the Sun and Mars inyaface meaning big fabalas ideas and busy-ness bumping into disappointments and bosses/circumstances/party poopers saying, ‘No’. Early in the week everyone may be more inclined to put their needs first. Hmmm. Tricky. Look for silver linings, or if that doesn’t work, look for margaritas… Things perk up as the week progresses. For those of you who took decisive action at last week’s Full Moon eclipse, here come the highs and low. For those who haven’t, the highs and lows will be pushing you further down the corridor towards decisions in late September and action in October.

New: Astroducky’s weekly soundtrack!
This week’s Astroducky was written to the gorgeous strains of Abbey Road. (Though I had to stop and swoon at ‘Something’ aaawww. Lovin’ that toon). How perfect a soundtrack for our Sunny Marsy week actually – what with Here Comes the Sun, the Sun King, and Mean Mr Mustard… I love it when a plan comes together Mr T. Sway! Sing! Fall in love!

With Mars your ruler in the ring/centre stage you’ll feel poised for action all week like a coiled spring with a broad grin or a boxing glove. Work responsibilities make you cross early doors and you’ll be spitting feathers at those who seem to be getting in your way or letting you down. They’re under the cosh too, remember... Try and see any irksomeness as a golden opportunity to be the peacemaker… Things brighten from Wednesday and contacts with social circles and trips to see friends are gorgeous. At the weekend, share your company with lovers, children, and friends. Then Sunday, tell them all how much you love them. True!

The fiery emphasis of the Sun and Mars doesn’t sit well with your inclination to laze in the shade eating grapes on hot days. But this week you’ll be hot and busy… Ooh put those horns down I beseech you. Early in the week it’s the rising costs of a creative venture or activities with the chilun that really gets your goat (sorry Capricorn). But the chilun and creative ting isn’t it, is it? The Real Issue is money and your need to get your bank vaults lined so when big bills land they don’t knock you sideways. Thursday, Friday and next Monday offer career cash bonuses for innovation and lateral thinking. There’s also money to be made via Bully Towers. Perhaps a lodger? Mebbes a car boot sale?

Mars is with you and the Sun is in your chatterbox zone so you’ll be feeling the peppiest and the most inclined to Say What’s On Your Mind. Early in the week it seems the family are the first to COP IT. If they’re trying to reel you in a little, is it for good reason? Is it because they’re a little scared of making changes as fast as you’d like? Is it because your dream of living in a treehouse won’t be practical if you don’t include underfloor heating in your plans? Give them some space and by Friday things look shinier on the home front and your long term plans are gathering pace. At that juncture, don’t gloat. Recognise the concessions your nearest and dearest have made and Sunday, when the Moon joins Mars, write them a poem of gratitude.

Mars is still ripping through your 12th house of shark attack! When he makes confrontational postures right now you feel scared deep, down in your waters, and when he makes dynamic plans with other planets, you experience breakthrough moments. This week youhava slice of both pizza pies. Monday, everyone seems to be saying that you’re not good enough and you’re on the defensive and/or avoiding anyone who might have a bone to pick. Take it on the chin. Listen if it’s constructive. By mid-week Mars makes some gorgeous angles and you recognise – positively – that there’s work to be done on some outdated habits of yours. We’re all a work in progress, Crabsticks. That’s sort of the joy of it all.

A week of partying ahead but first a mini hurdle to surmount. On Monday, the Royal bank vaults cause consternation. To reach a long-term goal means a change in cash flow. This could be as productive as (a) changing your job/role but incurring a mini salary cut or (b) starting a savings plan so you can buy that beach hut on Koh Samui in 2011... Whatever it is, the cash restriction makes the Royal face scowl. But only temporarily. By Wednesday friends and social networking are lifting your spirits and you’re groovier about following your long-term wishes via short-term sacrifices. Monday and Tuesday next week look like days to make the shove. Amidst the trays of langoustine tails and Kir this week, get your research done.

You know what you want. I suspect by now you know how to get it too. That’s partly because Saturn’s school master presence has been popping up in your cereal bowl during the past two years relentlessly reminding you that daydreaming without reality is the stuff of chocolate fireguards. Not welcome, necessarily, but, er, necessary… Your Herculean push towards success this week may feel pointless but push you must. It’s all part of your cosmic training PLUS progress is due next week. Sooner than that, relief arrives Thursday. There’s success to be had by having fun on the day job so enjoy it. If old health issues pop up at the weekend, look at what’s going on in your mind. Links between stressed mind and stressed matter should be abundantly clear.

Like a marathon runner who feels the pain most with just a few miles left to go, you may feel yourself hitting a brick wall early this week. You don’t believe you have what it takes to get where you want to go. Pish! Shush that monkey mind! You can do it. Feel the burn, listen to some soothing music, give yourself a few days then make like Private Benjamin and take another run at that freakin’ wall. By Thursday fire and passion and a boost in your lovelife, parenthood, or potato painting arrives. And party times with friends at the weekend abound. So there are a few more miles left to run, Scales, but there’s also good stuff around too. Everything in balance my friend.

The fiery Sun and Mars are kicking up the dust in your boudoir, bank vaults, and at the boardroom table of your wash. If you’re not a Scorpio currently distracted by concerns with money watch the end of the week for hot oobah urges… If you are a Scorpio concerned with cash, lettuce, money, things may feel sticky on Monday when you can’t have what you want when you want it. Take a deep breath. By Wednesday home life links to cashflow and innovative ideas could bring money via family and/or homeworking. Cash via the boardroom table looks like a shiny possibility on Friday too, but it may mean future changes to your home-worklife balance.

Mars is in your zone of close bizniz and lovin’ one-to-onesies making you lusty, argumentative, and action-packed in these areas. When he makes pretty angles to other planets from here, Mars boosts those close relationships. When he makes a sticky angle, dis mekka friction. Now friction isn’t a picinic in the park with Victoria sponge cake and swings, but it does let you bring up any frustrations you have with your partners. And so, this week when the friction hits warp factor 11 on Monday, see it as an open door to air your grievances, but don’t fire all your arrows in an ambush. Mention things and then revisit the topic at the weekend ideally on a tropical island or a camel.

Being a workaholic, having Mars in your zone of officey may be right up your mountain path, Goat. Watch for old health habits popping up under with this configuration, but if health is robust, Mars at the office means you’ve got the buzz, got the schutzpah, got the stamina to rock the job-in-hand. Where you may come acropper this week is being made to reel it in a bit, which you no likey. Watch tempers fray on Monday when a boss figure blocks your way or brick walls appear on your road to teaching, training, or going on holiday. New news is due next week. In the meantime, money thoughts take over from mid-week. Work and money are doing good and now’s a prime cosmic time to be paying off old debts or starting a savings account.

A beauteous week lies ahead once the brakes are off… Aquariuses are feeling hot and lusty (or are on the receiving end of someone else’s ardour) but distance or propriety is making it hard to Get It Together and it’s driving you crackers. By Wednesday though the hiatus is over and there’s cosmic dweaminess and positivity - and lust lust lust around. Circle Sunday and Monday week for emotional watersheds. You talk about everything and suddenly realise that you can’t separate where your needs and dreams end and your partners’ begin. Ooh a complete circle. Ducky’s getting goose bumps. Single Aquariuses, this applies to you too. Now you know what you want, go out and find it.

Demands of your close one-to-onesies have at times been back-breaking. At other times, the commitment and support, and steadiness of those closest to you has been a godsend. This week, you seem to get a reminder of both. Monday, and a clash between home/family and your closest partners could lead to the most aggressive of fish actions – slamming doors and sulking, that sort of thing. But don’t let that bottom lip drag along the bottom of the fishtank for too long. Firstly, you’re only inflicting the pain on yourself. Secondly your work and health suffers when you hold on to stress and by the weekend you’ll need to be on hand. The Moon’s in your home and family zone by then, so do what instinctively you know needs doing.