Monday, 3 August 2009

This Week & Month

Astroducky’s feeling zonked thanks to the Lunar Eclipse cosh. If this week's post seems rushed I'm sorry, I need my bed... Back on all cyclinders next week, here's hoping. Okay, there's a lot to get through. You at the back, put your desk lid down and sit up straight. Smith, stop fidgeting. Jones, see me after class. While Full Moon Eclipses leave us frazzled, this one is making pretty cow eyes at Mars; whatever action gets taken on Wednesday/Thursday it’s Thrusty and Purposeful rather than just Doowop Waaaah! The rest of the month, however team, has some pretty inteerrestin’ side swipes. Watch the 10th, 18th, 21st, 26th and 31st for the ickier side of human behaviour.

New: Astroducky’s weekly soundtrack!
This week’s Astroducky was written whilst pogoing inwardly to the awesomely ‘tastic bunch of Icelanders, Sigur Ros. This tune reminds me of a late night mosh session right here in Astroducky Towers in front of the fire, as we danced like banshees. At the time I had no idea the title of the tune is Within Me a Lunatic Sings. Haha! If only we knew! Look how much the singer gives to each song; what a passionate sensitive soul indeed. Make a salute to la luna in the wee hours of Thursday morning this week. More on the other side, T x

For you, Ram, the flavour of August is homelife, family whatsists, and your current squeeze/creative project/breeding activity. There seems to be plenty of toing and froing with short trips too and gadding aboot in the car. Your ruler Mars is hyperactive all month and when he’s up for it, boy is he up for it. Watch out for spitting at the boss around the 10 – 11th, tripping yourself up by racing too fast without thinking around the 18th, and getting feisty with family on the 26th, and lovers on the 31st (Bank Holiday DIY will do it every time!). Smiley happy shiny days come get you from 13 – 17th with friends up for fun and games. On the 18th, conversations with lovers fill you with joy, just be sure you don’t say too much too soon – or conversely brush their loving words aside because you feel squeamish and uncomfortable. Find your inner fluffiness! Embrace it! This Week: The Full Moon Eclipse in the early hours of Thursday morning says you’re ready to come clean! It’s time to ‘fess up your wishes to close friends, and turn over a new leaf and tap on into social networking power.

August is generally a below-the-radar month for you, Bully Bull. Venus makes her way lovingly through your 3rd house of communications and your everyday wash so chinwags concern cash, love, and pretty things. Short out of town trips are likely too to art galleries and fields of wild flowers, massage the senses darling, the senses. And with the Sun in your 4th house of home, you’ll be the hostess with the dinner trolley all month. Mercury brings chats about squeezes, creative projects, and chilun-centred activities during August, and around the 18th you’re putting something in writing vz these things, anything from cash-rich contracts to love letters to House Rules… What is BIG in August is money. Mars in your bank vaults is mekkin you spend spend spend and earn earn earn, but is it balancing up? Tricky days for cash are 10 – 11th,18th, 26th, and 31st. Best days for cash 13 – 17th. Although work and money clash on the 18th, home and money chime well. Circle that as the day to sell your antiques. Or your grandmother. This Week: News from lovers or vz creative projects with foreign / studious connections land Monday and look good. Success and money are cosmically colliding at the Lunar Eclipse in the early hours of Thursday morning. A career project/commission pays out but it’s still not enough. Conversations on Thursday vz creative projects or lovers look pretty.

You’re firing on all cylinders this month it seems, Airy One, with Mars on side giving you power and energy. The other personal planets of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are skipping nicely through your day-to-day life too, Venus bringing in cash, the Sun bringing you shiny conversations and a shiny disposition, and Mercury bringing news vz family and even visitors to Gemini Towers. For Geminis thinking of buying property or signing up to a new pad Tuesday 18th is starred. (Be realistic about cash though. From September your bills are going to creep up.) With Mars whizzing through your veins you may find you’re a little more uppity than usual this month... Watch out for shouting at the landlord/your Dad 10 – 11th, shouting at your (wappy) boss on the 18th, losing your rag vz cash and the credit card company on the 26th, and picking a fight with your lover on the 31st. From 13 – 17th you’re on form though and you need to push forward with your big shiny future plans – whether they’re foreign, studious, or just plain Important, that’s the time to do it. This Week: The Full Moon Eclipse falls in this zone of foreign, studious, and Big Important plans and links with Mars in your first house of You. What you need to let go of now will streamline your energies for your big push mid-month.

A few more weeks of meep! Cancer. Mars is still traversing your 12th house of fear until the 26 August so if you need to leave the hall light on while the nightmares are around, you do that. On the days when you can look up and look around you, you’ll see pretty things around the reef. Friends who love you are nearby. There’s money around on the 9 – 5 and even if it’s meagre you seem to be enjoying what you’ve got, and there’s talk aplenty, thanks to Mercury in your house of chitty chat all month. What’s interesting to note is that as Mars leaves your 12th house of fear on the 26 August he immediately clashes with Pluto. If you feel you’re being held to ransom by someone close to you at the moment, methinks the gloves are coming off that Tuesday. Your tricky days this month when you’ll feel out of control due to Mars’s energies are 10 – 11th,18th, 26th, and 31st. Your pretty days are: you feel the fear and do it anyway Tuesday 18th, loving conversations land Wednesday 19th, there’s gorgeous news from abroad on Saturday 22nd, and heart-warming conversations with a partner Sunday 23rd. This Week: Full Moon gaga has got you gaga. What’s shaking you up is worry about big cash money – mortgages, credit cards, debts, that sort of thing. Any alarm bells ringing now need to be chased up because between 15 – 18th they’ll be ringing again.

You seem to be stuck in Party Mode, Pussy Cat. Mars is moshing through your 11th house of friends and social networking and with the Sun shining around your pretty ears too you’ve got raa energy. Mercury is scooting through your bank vaults, so if you need to talk about money, now’s your month to do it. Your best day for signing and sealing is the 18th. With Mars roaring through your zone of friends and wishes, you may find yourself getting overwrought at times and a little quick to claw others... Watch money issues around 10 – 11th and 18th, work frustrations on 26th, and for general rows on the 31st. Perhaps the partying just takes its toll and the royal head needs a glass of milk and a royal pillow? Tuesday 18th may have its money frustrations but you seem to be proud of how you handle things. Sunday 23rd looks hot smokin’ ‘tastic for work news though. This Week: The Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 7th house of close one to onesies of a lovin or bizniz nature. It’s been a two-year stretch and it’s time to seal the deal, change it radically, or get out. All relationships have good and bad, but if they’re not the real deal hanging in there is only blocking your chance of finding something better. If you don’t do it now, the feeling’s coming back again 15 – 16th of the month. Venus may be making you feel beholden. Try and step out of that and see it in the round.

The big news for you in August is health. It’s time to recommit to that diet and exercise regime, taking the tablets when you’re meant to, going to the docs to get your thing looked at. (Don’t show it to me. I’m not a doctor. Go to a real doctor.) As the planets gradually slide into your 12th house in the coming weeks, you’ll feel yourself slowing down. And in September things are going to get slower, weirder, and protracted. So. What to do? Get your ducks in a row now and prepare for a relaunch in mid-October. Seriously. This is what astrology is great at, saying whether the tide is in or out and when you should set sail. Preparations in August include getting healthy PLUS nurturing and expanding your social networks, sending out prospective work /commission letters, and tarting up your CV. Mars is still at the helm of your career so it’s a good time to promote yourself, but with the Sun in your 12th house right now it’s going to be hard to bag the gigs, the exception being the last week of the month. Tricky dates in August: boss figure pours cold water on your career 10 – 11th and pulls unexpected stunts 18th and 21st, you can’t get your mojo going on the work front 15 – 16th, rows with friends/lovers/kids 26th, and money disagreements 31st. Good stuff: work and career plans shine 13 – 15th, things going better than you thought and something biznizy to sign 18th, pretty lovin’ news Wednesday 19th and lovin’ surprises Saturday 22nd. This Week: Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse sez: Work and Career, bin the bad stuff and refocus on getting it how you want it. Plus Health Stuff as before yaddadda, yaddadda. Now put that thing away.

The planets are high above you, Libra, with August bringing a focus on foreign shores, success on the career front, and friends and wishes. Yes, it does all sound so very pretty, so why aren’t you feeling it? Mercury, the planet of chitty chat has just sidled into you 12th house of Meep and you’re feeling increasingly worried that you aren’t good enough, or that people are talking about you, or that you’ve forgotten something. And what with Saturn striding up and down these same corridors, you’re aware that right now, for all the prettiness out there in the meadow, the woodshed still needs tidying. Watch Tuesday 18th for a moment of knowing. Fear is only fear, Scales, you have to plough on. During August Mars, the sky’s firebrand, is charging through your 9th house of foreign, studious and long-term plans. Watch 10 – 11th, 15 – 16th, 18th, 26th, and 31st as days when you feel like fighting for your freedom to choose and when others may have something to say about it. Happier prettier days land 13 – 15th when lovers/creativity link to foreign/studious plans, Wednesday 19th when a career breakthrough shows how far you’ve come in spite of your doubts, and 22nd a great day for parties with family and friends. This Week: Thursday’s Eclipse arrives in your 5th house of lovers, creativity, and children. A phase that began two years ago and that has gone through many changes is ending. Break out; your future depends on it.

Like Libra, the planets are high above you, Scorpio, with August bringing a focus on foreign shores, success on the career front, and friends and wishes. First up though is cash money lettuce. Mars is hot footing it through your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes, and while this could mean hot lovin’ oobah, it also means BIG bills. The 8th house is debt, mortgages, loans, stuff you bought on the buy-now-pay-later fiasco that have come home to roost. And Mars is being seriously icky this month so here’s a heads up of the dates he may be bringing your finances to your attention: watch 10 – 11th, 15 – 16th, 18th, 26th, and 31st. August isn’t all doom and gloom. No Scorp. Why there are those lovely friends and wishes we spoke of, and foreign shores and study plans too. Happier prettier days land 13 – 15th when opportunities to save/make money close to home arrive, Wednesday 19th when shiny news from friends overseas lands, and 22nd when your ruler Pluto hooks up with the Sun and important career talks are starred. This Week: Thursday’s Eclipse arrives in your 4th house of home and family. Things may get emotional or angsty, or you may need to be there for a family member who’s under the cosh a bit at the moment. For Scorpios changing home, Jupiter seems to be protecting your way.

August is a month for love, sex, and money, Sadge, plus overseas news and some advances on the career front... That got your attention! First up the love and sex. By now you’ll be getting use to the feeling of Mars coursing through your 7th house of close one to onesies, and if he’s not sparking passion, then he’s likely sparking chagrin and a few choice words too I should coco… Key dates to watch for Martian fire are: 10 – 11th, 15 – 16th, 26th, and 31st plus you’ve got a big row + kiss and make up day on the 18th. What maybe helping to pour oil on troubled waters is Venus’s presence in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes. Here she can offer sexual healing – as well as expensive tastes in strawbs and champagne! Shiny days this month land 13 – 15th when conversations with your one to onesies seem to iron things out, and Wednesday 19th and 22nd when career breaks link to extra cash. This Week: Thursday’s Eclipse arrives in your 3rd house of chitty chat, bros and sisses, and out of town trips. The Full Moon means over emotion in one or all of these areas. If you find yourself wailing like a banshee, the healing vibes of the 13 – 15th seem to help you work it out. What’s more, your ruler Jupiter here sez exploration in self-expression is all par for the course.

Oooooh Goat! What a month here in August for you to charge at! Venus in your love zone, the Sun in your zone of oobah kink… and Mercury linking up to your ruler in your zone of exotic locations and studious plans. If you're in love, Venus in your 7th house of one-to-onesies is going to help make it even sweeter. If you're single, Venus here doesn't automatically mean you’re going to meet Mr or Mrs Right on the bus this morning. It does mean that you are more likely to be looking for a partner and that you’ve got an extra sparkle about you right now, making you more attractive to potential mates. But you have to get out of the house and on the bus! And yes, work life maybe sending you into orbit with consternation at times this month. But it’s paying well isn’t it and you could do a lot worse than parking your job woes by dancing the night away in the search for a new dance partner? For day job frustrations circle 10 – 11th, 15 – 16th, 18th, 26th, and 31st. Happier days land 13 – 15th when work dosh lands, 19th when a lover seems to have F-U-T-U-R-E written large on their head, and 22nd a great day for going on holiday. A big day for you is also the 18th, when work news aside, you’ve confirmation of plans coming through that day. This Week: Thursday’s Eclipse arrives in your 2nd house of earned income. A phase that began two years ago and that has gone through many changes is ending. If you need more, now’s a good time to crack on and make it happen. Likewise, if you’ve been obsessing about money and having no life as a result, it’s going to feel like time to switch your priorities around.

For you August is about work, love, cash, and sex! Hooray! Venus is in your work zone most of the month, meaning work is going to feel swell. The Sun is in your zone of love meaning you’ll be focusing here and looking for someone shiny that reflects you back at you. Watch what type of love is around now and if you don’t like it it’s a sign you need to work on liking yourself some more so you attract a reflection you do like! On a cash tip, Mercury’s in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes and you’ll be signing up for things on credit (careful it’ll come back and bite you in September), reading about sex and talking about it too, and possibly talking about endings (for example if you don’t like what you’re seeing reflected back at you in your heart stuff). With Mars thundering through your 5th house of love affairs, creativity, and chilun, you could be being demanding, insatiable, and impatient. Key dates for trickiness on the love front: 6th, 10 – 11th, 15 – 16th, 26th, and 31st plus you’ve got a big row + kiss and make up day on the 18th. Prettier stuff: lovers make you happy 13 – 15th, pretty lovin’ big lucrative work commissions on Wednesday 19th and work and money boons Saturday 22nd. This Week: Thursday’s Eclipse is yours. It’s time to stand up and be counted particularly when it comes to expressing yourself creatively.

You seem to have a few more months of working it all out in the safety of your own tank before you launch your big plans into the big wide world in October. The flavours of August are homelife, creativity, expression, and lovers with a garnish of work-a-day world in there for good, grounding measure. Mars, the ruler of your bank vaults is in feisty mood all month so fishes would do well to keep a log of their spending habits – and the spending habits of those around them as inconsistencies will not be tolerated by you this month. Watch 10 – 11th for rows with your nearest and dearest about cash and family, 18th for you asserting your own opinions on home and family issues (and yes, you might just cause a bit of an upset), and 31st for rows about money – and credit spendsies in particular. Watch out too on 13th – 15th. If someone at work seems to be shovelling their in-tray onto yours, don’t let them get away with it! Pretty days include: 13 – 18th when family makes you feel good about yourself, 19th when loving or bizniz partners show they rate you for who you are, and Saturday 22nd which is you and love, bebe! Date night!! This Week: Thursday’s Eclipse lands in your 12th house. Try and own the anxiety and fed upness you feel by going for a good long power crawl rather than terrorising those in your fishbowl with your jagged teeth and spooked erratic swimming behaviours.