Sunday, 26 July 2009

This Week

This week’s cosmic landscape is less landscape and more fairground ride. We’re Up and Down and then Up and Down again ~ aycaramaba! Hold on to your hats ~ and with Mercury, planet of chitty chat, and Venus, goddess of love and money in the mix this is False-Sense-of-Security and/or Over-egging-the-Pudding Central. What follows this is mighty Pluto clicking with both Mercury and Venus at the weekend. “Spit out the truth fool!” Then next week the Full Moon eclipse lands. Hmm. Clue: whatever gets over-irksome and exhausting this week, take note. The cosmos is giving you a Flashing Arrow to indicate What Needs Sorting so you can progress. Alrightee then… Next week, Eclipse update cominacha. In the meantime, if the See-Saw becomes too much, have a swizz at Manolibera in the links below. Three minutes of sheer joy that’ll make you beam.

New: Astroducky’s weekly soundtrack!
This week’s Doing It Astrology was written whilst listening to the deliciously funky Bajofondo’s Tango Club - that’s it, dance bebe, dance! Eg here:

UP: The week starts swimmingly with joyful tidings from friends and conversations that seem to put your dreams within your grasp. DOWN: But then you find yourself bowing out of the thread, upended by some emotional tick that you thought had long gone… UP: But wait, by Friday you’re rallying and you find you’ve got Things To Say to cover your tracks and/or Big Up your kids to your lover, your dreams to your kids, your potato painting talent to your friends. DOWN: But you suddenly find that you’re saying too much – and you ask yourself who are you trying to convince of what, Ramface? And you sense that you’re letting yourself down. PLUTO SEZ: Sunday, talk to your lover/kids/creative project pals from the most vulnerable place that you are able. Your reward for this will be bigger than a big pizza pie on top of an elephant, and just as astounding.

UP: Monday, Tuesday and finances seem like they’re lining up for you there Bully Bull until DOWN: Wednesday and unexpected news (a) from friends or (b) vz your deepest dreams casts a shadow over your cash flow and you’re not best pleased. UP: So you rationalise that you need to get your head down and keep pushing in the same old way, or turn to the family for a bit more support DOWN: only to realise that this isn’t the direction you wanted for you at all. Sheesh. What to do..? PLUTO SEZ: It really is time to stand up and be counted and to stand away from the Conditions and Hoops you’ve allowed others to impose on your pretty path. On Sunday take stock and see the stiles ahead on your chosen route. After next week’s eclipse, you’ll be ready to lighten your load so you can assail them all, proudly but daintily.

UP: Early doors this week there seems to be stardust around your pretty wings Airy One where foreign, studious, or long haul plans are concerned and yet… DOWN: On Wednesday unexpected demands of you on the career front leave you (a) surprised (b) torn and (c) indecisive. How can you do that and still have This, That, and The Other? UP: When in doubt you talk it out and boy can you big up your plans this week, almost to the point of convincing You! DOWN: Almost but not quite… By the weekend you recognise that running and hiding from the career curveball is only fuelling self-delusion. PLUTO SEZ: Something has to give so you can Get On with Being You. Talk about that! Talk about being you on Sunday, and see how real it feels. The Eclipse next week offers a portal to be moving on in your career so see it as Onwards, Airy, not Downwards or Outwards.

UP: Wobbling as you are right now with both Mars and Venus shaking up your 12th house of Meep! There seems to be light relief Monday and Tuesday where money, tax rebates, or even hot, smokin’ oobah are concerned. DOWN: Until, yup, it seems long-haul, studious, or foreign dreams are going to cost more than you’d bargained for. UP: So Friday and you’re off to investigate loans, credit cards, and other ways of Paying for the Dream, other than with ready cash. DOWN: But please don’t believe the schpiel and don’t believe what you want to believe just because it smooths over a crack in the plan! PLUTO SEZ: Get real! This weekend wear these worries on your sleeve and share them with those closest to you, whether bidniz or lovin’ partners. Next week the Eclipse lands and it’s time to consolidate debts.

UP: Ooh pussy cat, lovers and friends and happy social bunfights and flowers and chocs uh? Pencil Monday and Tuesday for these joys! DOWN: But then surprises regarding wishes and finances land outside your drawbridge on Wednesday, unsettling the Royal grin. Do friends owe you money? Is the tax bill depleting your savings accounts? UP: Well you’ve Mercury on side to help you tawk and tawk and tawk and whinge and scrike about it. And there are close lovin’ and bidniz partners with ears nearby… DOWN: But tawk isn’t action, is it pussycat? And even you know that they know that you know that what you’re saying is procrastinating, delusional bunk. PLUTO SEZ: It’s time to face up to some truths vz work and money so that in the future you accept that sometimes, money IS the best reward for hard work and success.

UP: Monday, Tuesday and a link between Venus in your career zone and the harmonising trio of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in your office & medicine cabinet rather suggests that the financial picture is sweet as a choir singing lullabies, Virgo. DOWN: But come Wednesday a bizniz or lovin’ partner throws a curveball into the mix that leaves you winded. UP: You’ve plans up your sleeve that they don’t know about and that’s giving you a certain sense of power; you have other irons in the fire, you can get along without them, just wait! They’ll see! DOWN: But how real are these options? Are they in place? And why do you need curveballs from others before you decide to take action to better your lot anyway? PLUTO SEZ: It’s time to march to the beat of your own drum. Changes on the workfront starred next week could be just the opening you need to get your creative /foreign / longhaul / studious wishes lined up for real.

UP: The flush in your pretty cheeks early this week brought on by shiny overseas lovers, creative studious plans, or pride in your kiddywinks’ endeavours is rather eclipsed on Wednesday DOWN: when a curveball at the office or vz health leaves you hamstrung / on duty and unavailable. UP: There is always skype and webcams; there are friends you can talk to via phone and text… DOWN: But it’s not the same and however hard you try to put a brave face on things, and as a Libran you so often can, this time your heart isn’t in it and you don’t say how you really feel and the conversations smack of wishful thinking and delusion and you know it, they know it, we all know it. Harrumph. PLUTO SEZ: The success that you want is going to involve some profound changes at home. On Sunday, remember the joys from early in the week and let those thoughts of creativity, lovers, and/or kiddiwinks motivate you towards the success you crave.

UP: Monday, Tuesday and there’s love and money around Scorpio homefires – house sales, rental income, or even gorgeous oobah in cosy surroundings. DOWN: And then along comes planet of surprise Uranus on Wednesday and you discover that a creative project or your plans for chilun are going to cost more than you’d hoped and your excitement pales. UP: So, thinking caps are donned and there’s tawk aplenty about ways to cut financial corners; you’ve made some money working at home / through rental / on the sale, why not just make more…? DOWN: But you know as the words tumble out of your mouth that you’re over-egging a pudding that can’t feed 12 when it’s only baked in a dish for two… PLUTO SEZ: Talking is the way to do this, but only if facing the Truth. Sunday, write up realistic budgets and financial targets for the next 12 months and do it as conscientiously and honestly as if you were managing someone else’s bank account. (And yes, for someone that you like! Natch.)

UP: Conversations with bidniz and lovin one-to-onesies are sweet and low Monday and Tuesday, Archer, purrrrr! DOWN: But on Wednesday Uranus chucks a problem into the mix vz home and family; it seems lovin partners and family have a disagreement or bizniz partners aren’t so keen on the idea of you working in your pyjamas from home while eating hot buttered toast in bed. UP: What this sparks is open dialogue about where you’re at now and where you want to be, and with Mercury flapping around you’ll feel like you could talk yourself out of a lead-lined bag if you wanted to but DOWN: if you don’t reel it in fast enough you may feel better at having Got That Off Your Chest, but everyone else will be on the floor with insecurity... PLUTO SEZ: Money’s the underpinning factor in your reactions, fear of the loss of it and/or your possessions. Sunday, sit down with those closest to you and talk about your budget and what you need for your big shiny future plans (especially those concerning travel or study) - and be honest about those fears!

UP: Work and your 9 – 5 salary are linked and looking pretty Monday and Tuesday but then DOWN: Uranus chucks a curveball into that peaceful easy feeling and a conversation in the office leaves you feeling uneasy... UP: And so to work! Resourceful as ever, you want to stem any potential cash outflow and find yourself researching funding streams, contacting credit card companies, loan sharks, bank managers, pawn brokers… DOWN: Only to realise that this isn’t the way out of the hole – that if things are changing on the work front, a bigger, better, stronger, longer plan is the soup du jour. PLUTO SEZ: You can do this the right way or you can fight it like a bank of cannon. Sunday, talk to your close one to onesies about what you want and need. And Astroducky means Everything! Next week the eclipse in your zone of cash money lettuce on the 9 – 5 coincides with Goats’ growing big shiny future plans.

UP: The week begins with some gorgeous vibes around lovers, creative projects and chilun until DOWN: Uranus in your bank vaults throws a wobbler and a cash situation style scenario dampens the creative beauteousness. UP: Lovin and bidniz partners are there to talk about it, offer advice, tell you what to think DOWN: but there’s something much more important going on and the brave Inventive Ones out there won’t brush it under the carpet or settle for the platitudes, they’ll seek out The Lesson. PLUTO SEZ: Fear, lovely, is what is going on. Pluto in your 12th house of Meep! is unpacking all your oldest, scardiest triggers. On Sunday, kissed by the Moon, and listened to by Mercury, you’re getting the chance to face the fact that you need a New, Braver, Less Submissive Approach to lovers, creative projects, and chilun. What would your inner-Parisian woman do? Mebbes do that then… in killer heels.

UP: Early in the week everything is feeling groovy around the reef and your fears are laying quietly and peacefully when DOWN: Wednesday you’re suddenly restless and wanting to stir up the silt and rough things up a bit for your nearest and dearest. The tank just doesn’t feel big enough for you anymore… UP: By the end of the week you find yourself going into vocal overdrive standing on chairs in the office pushing your case, ideas, plans to all who will listen, tawking like there’s no tomorrow, stirred by the stirrings at home. DOWN: but you know that all this bluster is you puffing your chest out, trying to cover up fears and insecurities. PLUTO SEZ: On Sunday, reel it in. Sit down. Have a bubble bath. And then talk to a great friend about what you really want. Expect creativity, chilun, and lovin’ feelin’ to be the hot topics on your fishy wish list.