Sunday, 14 June 2009

This Week

A busy week, campers. Mercury has just moved into Gemini and communication is going to get wild and free like a river, or an eagle. Or a wildebeest. Or a volcano. (Just covering water, air, earth and fire. Yes. How ironic! Communication is going to get like this!) Thursday’s a day of reality checks and changing course. The Sun makes nice with Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron but gets derailed by Uranus. Never drive a tractor with your mouth open. ‘Sall I’m sayin’… But what is really HOT HOT HOT this week is that on Sunday’s Summer Solstice, cosmic lovers Mars and Venus meet up at loooong last. Enjoy! Enjoy!! One final word for nowski. We’re heading into the shadow of the coming eclipses. The first may not be landing until 7 July but according to Debbi Kempton Smith never ever ever make changes for two weeks before the eclipses – and until three days after. The reason? There’s too much up in the air. Changes made may not be necessary or may end up making matters worse not better. Eclipses don’t arrive alone. We’ve three on the way this summer: 7 & 22 July, and 5 August. So. Get it wrapped up by Tuesday 23rd (whatever it is) or hold your horses until 9 August. Next week a look at the things that are holding you back, astro-stylee. Have a hot weekend. Happy Solstice x

Money should be working for you Ramface – at least you’re managing to match the big bills coming in, and seem to be enjoying a sense of self-sufficiency. There’s a sense of working hard for luxury’s sake and wanting to put your back into something to feather your nest for the long-term. Watch next weekend and into the following week for work opportunities that could help that dream. This week you want mental stimulation. Friends will be bringing it in spades. Some may even help you challenge some old ideas of you. It’s good to change. Just think of the seasons.

Okay Bull, get those eyelash curlers cocked! For two months, Mars and your floaty ruler Venus have been playing a game of kiss chase – and next weekend they meet at last. So. Does this mean you’ll be skipping off into the sunset? Well maybe. You’ve just got a dern sight bolder with life – what you want, what doesn’t cut the mustard… This can mean committing to a creative project or even deciding to start a family; getting a new do – or giving a half-baked lover the hoof… It’s all about being bold enough to express you. You’re getting to know you and want something that fits laka glove. Across town: and on Thursday career looks shiny but a conversation with a friend may include a tricky ding in the road.

Oh thank goodness – Mercury your winged ruler lands in your first house of You, Yourself, and You on Monday. No More mister Shy Guy – it’s time to TAWK! You’ve been feeling like the cat’s had your tongue for more than a month now. While there’s still some stuff you are worried about voicing, and there may be people out there who aren’t being as kind as they could, from Monday you’ll be feeling more able to face it, verbally. Meanwhile start rethinking the future: Thursday brings insights - and a feeling of, ‘I deserve better than this.’ Good on ya, Gemini. Take the higher road.

If you’re mainlining sweet cakes and strong tea now and increasingly into the end of the week, don’t give yourself a hard time about it. The Sun is at its lowest battery level for your year and the Dark of the Moon is bringing you enhanced sensitivity, paranoia, and weariness. Who said that, Yawn… Fear not. By next Tuesday you’ll be ready for life’s marathon again. This week don’t give up on things because you don’t feel you’re good enough Crabsticks. Why next weekend and the following week you’ve chances to get committed to friendships and wishes and your drive to expand your social networks is at an all time high.

One more week of whooping it up, Pussy Cat, and then you’ll need to reel in your social life to quieter activities such as the knitting circle and reading club. From next weekend the Sun moves into your dank 12th house. Before then he makes some spectacular aspects. Thursday one-to-onesies and your social circle have you bursting with positivity and able to make positive wishes for the future. That day too he clashes with Uranus; a money issue may cause an unexpected ding where a dream is concerned. Career highs are due though. Oh yeah. No-one leaves empty handed, Les. Watch the weekend and into next week for opportunities to shine.

Virgos with dreams of publishing, broadcasting, and overseas or studious plans get a shot to the arm this week. Creative approaches are getting cosmic opportunities to be unleashed on the wider world. At the weekend and into next week Mars, Venus and Saturn give you a leg up for the long haul – just as your ruler Mercury makes himself at home in your 10th house of fame, honours and success. Yes, Virgo. YOU. While you’re shining at work a bizniz partner’s likely to have a change of mind on Thursday. Don’t take it personally but you do need to face it.

It’s time to pick-a-lane, Scales. The alarm clock of destiny has gone off. The egg-timer of fate has run free of sand. The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire, Mr Morrison… Your ruler Venus meets up with action-boy Mars at the weekend in your deep zone of letting go. Thursday you struggle with the concept of ‘being tied down’; Sunday – and it’s time to nail your colours to the tree. The past eesa the past. Leave it there. In foreign news: er, overseas, long-haul and study plans have a three-week window. Yes. Here you can chatty, think, prevaricate. Molto liberta.

Oobah, Scorpio. What’s been said for Taurus could be said for you here too – but pertaining purely to one-to-onesies; what you want, what isn’t cutting the mustard, and what is or isn’t likely to stick is becoming crystal to you now. This can be a time of big rows and passionate mekkin up sessions too, by the way. Particularly around Thursday an unexpected change of plans at home may trigger discussions about this and other transformations that are needed. Relationships ending now are ending because it’s time to find the right mate. For Scorpions saying ‘Yes’, CONGRATS!!! And remember Astroducky when you’re boxing up the wedding cake.

A busy spell approaches, Archer. Close one to onesies of a lovin or bizniz nature are going to be on your mind and needing added communication, particularly if you’ve had your head up your briefcase in the past few months. Chatty starter’s orders seem to land Thursday with disagreements around home life. Careful how you play it for now, this sticking point will be coming up at the end of July and mid August too. While you’re sorting things at home, the office is still action-packed. Something big is culminating next weekend and into next week. May your arrows fly straight and true and hit the target.

From Monday work really needs your attention. You’re heading into a three-week meeting-heavy spell where selling yourself is the soup du jour. At the same time there’s a dilemma – how hard to push these opportunities without feeling like a sergeant major. There’s a cosmic masterclass right under your nose so use it – Mars and Venus are dancing in your fifth house of self-expression and they’re mekkin nice to your ruler Saturn at the weekend and into next week. Speak from the heart. Allow some humanity into your ambition. And remember, it’s okay to want abundance! At the weekend the Dark of the Moon falls in your 7th house of close relationships. Beware of seeing shadows.

A positive week for you Inventive One. With your brilliant mind at warp factor 11 creative projects are go Go GO under these stars. For single Aquariuses getting chatty with potential lovers looks hot – and for taken Aquariuses, dinner conversation may include mekkin bebes. For all of the above, Thursday looks like your power day. A note of caution, watch for unexpected money dings that day too, expenses may be hidden in the small print so read it carefully. At the weekend take your vits and have an early night. The Dark of the Moon may be tiring and next week you'll need your strength to relaunch your work life (and hatch plans for spondoolies too).

There are good times and activity at Fish Towers this week as the Sun is joined here by Mercury. News, visits, changes and plans – even looking for a new Fish Bowl are indicated by these stars. Thursday and you feel supported and happy – and yet keen to exert yourself regarding these changes without upsetting the apple cart (or little ceramic castle). Negotiate now otherwise there will be rows later this summer… Across town: and the weekend’s Mars / Venus hook up is happening in your third house of tawky tawky (see the theme…?). Fishes are making commitments under these stars either with lovers - or of a more business, and money-flavoured nature.