Sunday, 7 June 2009

This week

After yesterday’s tricky Full Moon, which ‘ad words with headteacher Saturn, it’s time to gather, decide what’s not working, and then make changes in the coming week. Right now Venus, her in the floaty frock who rules lettuce and love, is making a cooing trine to Pluto, Master of Truth; we’re all getting grounded and practical around cash and cutie pies… Form an orderly queue. Next week’s blog brings a low down on the coming eclipses. Notebooks at the ready, team.

Putting any weekend disappointments behind you, this week’s main job is all about The Money. Venus makes nice with Pluto on Monday and money and profound changes in your career are linked. It’s a bold step and whatnot, but sometimes you have to make big changes to get closer to the best result for you. What you’re most afraid of is admitting it out loud, particularly to friends. Try. If you can’t, find a boss figure or role model you admire and try emulating them for a while instead.

Venus is home at last, Bullybull. After months of pain and anguish (or even feeling a leetle perturbed by life) you can happily cavort in lush mountain pastures. You’ve a six-week window to Go for What You Want. One nota bene: You had this energy a few years ago and burnt yourself to a crisp. This time, focus on the Stuff That Matters and put your all into that alone. Doors closing now are doing you a favour. Money, creativity, and success are linked. Monday this week, watch for bold strides vz publishing, teaching/learning, and foreign shores.

Things going on Behind Closed Doors may feel troubling. Having decisions made that affect you, without your ability to speak out and change the direction of events, is no bed of roses. Hold fast. From next week, Mercury your ruler returns to your side and you have the chance to voice your thoughts. For now focus on the things you’d like to let go of so you can move on. Hurdles are up ahead on the way to your dream and you can sense what they are already. Develop plans to stride over them.

While you’re feeling the wave of sleepiness around you, particularly after yesterday’s draining Full Moon, there’s much afoot in your zone of friendships, social circles and networking. Monday and one friend in perticaler has bizniz or lovin’ potential the like of which you’ve never experienced before. You’re anxious about giving too much of yourself away. It may be a few weeks yet before you find the cojones to hop onboard. If so, ask questions for now and assess the lie of the land.

An opportunity to get ahead on the career front strikes on Monday. We’ve been chatting for ages about you and money and this Monday the cosmos pops it in a nutshell: an overhaul of what you do for a living is The Way to get the kudos and golden nuggets you desire. Mercury hooks up with Uranus and you know you’re happy to say arrivederci when the right post pops up. If it ain’t around by 22 June, no stressing. There’ll be more opportunities in August.

Profound changes happening vz chilun, creative ting, or squeezes in your life get a pretty boon on Monday as Venus makes nice with the King of Transformation, Pluto. News from abroad, publishing/broadcasting opportunities, or even chances to study or teach are linked to these deep, on-going changes. There’s every chance of making work successes out of these opportunities. Watch for help from unexpected quarters or overseas contacts, and grab it with both hands.

Yesterday’s Full Moon may have felt like being tied naked to a rockface in a storm as the cosmos pressured you into owning your own vulnerability. What you have now is a chance to get up, dry yourself down with a fluffy bathsheet, and start owning that vulnerability. Three planets in your 8th house of letting go say it’s time to be Real. That’s going to be hard – but in doing it, you get to ask for it back. If lovers can’t hack it, it may be time to move on.

Love is in the picture. Recently Mars and Mercury have been stirring things up in your zone of bidniz and loving partnerships. As Venus arrives she brings healing and amour – and a warmer, financial focus to bidniz partnerships. Monday brings a chance to say how you Want Things To Be. You’ll be talking from the heart and speaking with grace. You have the power to change things now including getting home and family responsibilities on an even footing.

If you’ve been feeling that work is something of a drudge and you’d much rather be beating your own path than filing someone else’s gubbins, expect that to change. Venus has now landed in your 6th house of work and you’re going to find working with others a much more satisfying thing to do. What’s more, as she hooks up with Pluto in your bank vaults on Monday, helping others may bring in more bucks too.

The emotional angst of yesterday’s Full Moon should be subsiding by now. Gather. Dealings with lovers are about to help you communicate. Seriously. When you let your guard down with lovers, do you recognise that you instantly become more powerful? Being authentic and real is soooo much more attractive than pretending or being a bully. Practise this with lovers then take it out into the wider world - and see how you become a leader who is open, respected, and fair. (We all love a leader who can say, ‘Sorry I was wrong,’ Mr Brown…). A lover tugs at your heart strings Monday. Speak up Tuesday and expect the unexpected to follow with unexpected results.

Concerns around home and family that land Monday may be unfounded but they are showing you where you may need to let go of control. Pluto is rolling through your 12th house of Meep! Challenges to him are Golden Cosmic Opportunities which reveal where you find it most difficult to go with the flow or let others do Their Own Thing in Their Own Time. With so much activity around home and family it’s fair to want a modicum of order. Maybe try peeling one finger off at a time.

The hook up on Monday with Pluto and Venus should delight. Out of town trips to pretty places should stir your soul. Conversations with good friends should flow and touch on your deep connections with each other and how lucky you are to have met each other. In these times you’re opening out, Fish, and drawing open-minded fishes to you too. Sharing your hopes and fears with others is inspiring us all. Top work.