Sunday, 24 May 2009

This week

Yawn and stretch. We the world are just emerging from yesterday’s Gemini New Moon. If you haven’t made a wish yet, Gimme Gimme Gimme, below, offers a thunk of what to request at your rainbow’s end in the coming fortnight. This Week’s big planetary hoohaas involve (a) Mars sending rocking licks to the Neptune/ Jupiter /Chiron partay. Make sure you’re stretching your dreams in the right direction... and (b) Mercury turning forwards ho! next Sunday. If you’re travelling, changing broadband suppliers, or engaged in contract swapsies prepare to be upended. Laugh, hahhaha, or mebbes wait until Tuesday week. Remember that next week, as it’s the first week of a new month, Doing It is offering advance tips and gossip for the whole of June ~ Mercury’s pixieness notwithstanding, natch.

Money worries and angstiness should start easing up from 1 June, hoorah for that. This week the budget may simply not add up the same way twice. Instead of knitting your eyebrows into a cardigan, make use of your time by opening up with friends and talking more about your wishes for the future. This isn’t vulnerability, numptee. It’s being human. Twelve years from now where do you want to be? Live the dream Aries – not the drama! Gimme Gimme Gimme: The ability to speak with patience, an open heart, and without having my go-to horns at the ready.

A week more of the dragging feeling and nonsense, Bullybull… And breath… And graze (whatever gets you through the night)… From Monday the need to tawk money grows stronger. It’s a month-long theme. Don’t sign any new contracts/dealios until 3rd June. Aussi, on Wednesday don’t let self-doubt jeopardise a career opportunity. Next weekend Mercury does a uiiee in your first house of You. Keep a sense of humour in your pocket. No-one’s going to understand a word you say and your plans may go through something of a cosmic blender. Gimme Gimme Gimme: Money, oof, lettuce via the day job, thankee.

We’re just crawling out from under the dark of your annual New Moon so if you’re feeling poopy, get back in your pyjamas and stay that way while you can. Conversations about you are still going on behind close doors and you won’t get your chance to speak until mid-June. Until then, occupy your fabalas mind with get togethers with friends or study, writing, and foreign pursuits. As earlier as this Wednesday you’ve inspiring ideas for the future. Gimme Gimme Gimme: [on a sliding scale] a new hairdo, a new approach to life, the courage to be The Me I Always Wanted To Be.

Around this time each May you go through a low energy/slightly frighty dip. This year you’ve trustworthy friends who’ve seen your vulnerable underbelly before and are on your side and on the phone. It’s time to begin pushing forwards with your Big Plan but that means letting go somewhere along the line… There’s a ‘going freelance’ buzz about this but whether you’re chancing your arm on love or on work it means taking a leap of faith. Money worries are holding you back but you know that certain things are well past their sell-by-date. Gimme Gimme Gimme: Faith to trust myself to find the best way out of the dark.

Love and overseas are C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D; book a holiday with a lover, or even watch out for emails, flowers, or plane tickets from a previous holiday flame! Pussycats negotiating overseas bidniz deals are right on the lettuce too. This Wednesday and next both augur in international highs. Party month is still in full swing too. Whack on those slingbacks and shimmy. Gimme Gimme Gimme: It’s your annual Wishing Moon so make it count. ‘A night-owl dance partner who moves like lightning and can hold their drink’ is one way to go. Another is to sit one dance out and write a heart-felt list of desires for the coming year.

Overseas, studious, publishing and broadcasting plans are under review / confusing the bejeezuz out of you for just one more week. Ask. Ask some more. Confirm nada for another week. Meanwhile Mars is telling you to let go: whether that’s of a job, an attitude to work, or a bad health habit, you'll already be feeling it in your waters. To get somewhere you have to leave somewhere, Virgo, for now subjugating the ego/pride is your soup du jour. This Wednesday it’s inyourface. Expect negotiations to follow with final decisions from 3 June. Gimme Gimme Gimme: Success, career, fame and a break already from the self-criticism. How dey gonna come along if you don't welcome dem in?

Squeezes are reaching that all-or-nothing turning point this week and next. Yes. Decision time is here. [Your favourite!] There’s heat and passion in your lovelife but also what appears to be a whole-lotta-love-potential behind the friskiness. For Librans in a bidniz partnership this equates to heavy negotiations with the tempting allure of smoother waters and financial rewards ahead. The planets are conspiring. You are weighing things up. Dither one more week only. Throughout June you’ll either be getting in deeper or getting out. Gimme Gimme Gimme: A holiday where I can let go of the burdens of my soul. And see pretty things.

It’s time to focus on consolidating debts. Mortgages and credit cards are ripe for an overhaul. This week too get your work and health ducks in a row. From 1 June your attention will get diverted when your love-life goes off like a Catherine Wheel… More next week. This week though don’t expect conversations with close lovin or bidniz partners to make much sense. You’re both getting the wrong end of the stick. Goof around about it – so he says tomayto – so wyatt? Gimme Gimme Gimme: The ability to listen to my inner accountant in the coming year so my big debts stay under control.

Hello Archer. Have you been working out..? You’re still smoking hot, and what’s more, where love affairs are concerned you’re calling the shots and wearing the trousers. (And mercyme they’re so dern tight! Swooon...) Scusi. Mid-week chats with squeezes or out-of-town trips have the Stars on their side. So do it, do it. And in case you have time to think of anything else, work ‘stuff’ and health diagnoses start making sense from 1 June. Gimme Gimme Gimme: The ability to see myself through my close one-to-onesies, like we’re mirrors of each another, reflecting the inspiration and the flaws. (And the trousers. Mmmhmm.)

Homelife and money are fitting into place even if there’s been some thrashing it out to get to this point. A big push lands Wednesday; don’t back down. You can pour oil on any troubled waters next week. Mercury continues his final week of backwards ho in your 5th house. Confusion, rethinks, and miscommunications viz chilun, creative ventures and squeezies may reach their peak at the weekend. Gather skirts and a sensible plan from 1 June. Gimme Gimme Gimme: A relaunch of my work or health plans; the more creative and mentally-stimulating, the better.

You’re on fire baby when it comes to blowing your own trumpet and banging your own drum; Wednesdays this week and next are your time to Name It. State Who You Are and What You Want. This week, do it with gusto. Take no prisoners. Homelife and family life are triggering news, confusion, miscommunication, and rethinks for one week more only. Make firm decisions from the start of June. Gimme Gimme Gimme: The ability to focus on chilun, squeezes, and creative expression, to turn over a new leaf if I need to, and to have fun having fun.

Keep an eye on that wallet, Fish. And no, it doesn’t do tricks. Wednesday this week and next Mars and Venus are going to be enticing you to spend like a sailor – but be very, very careful. If you haven’t got the dough think twice about spending sprees funded by the buy now pay later fiasco. It’s going to hit you where it hurts in October. Finally, Fishes travelling at the weekend pack spare tyres and a dingy. Mercury’s not going to make it easy. Gimme Gimme Gimme: A new start with family; a decorative shake up around the home.