Sunday, 10 May 2009

This week

The World feels a bit more intense on Tuesday as the Moon meets Pluto. Cancerians, Capricorns and Aquarians will feel it most. Up ahead meatier stuff looms... Next week a HUUUGE Kahuna lands when Jupiter makes cosy with Neptune for the first time in 12 years… [For news on the pow wow between everyone’s favourite Goodtime Adventurer (Jupiter) and the creative King of Dreams and Delusion (Neptune) let’s meet here next week, same time, same place.] The reason for trailing this Kahuna now is that this weekend the Sun makes like a Warm Up Act for the Main Kahuna Attraction and clues are revealed… Meanwhile: Saturn, the headteacher of the zodiac, turns direct on Sunday after snoozing in his study since the New Year. And he means bidniz! For where Saturn will be directing your attentions, see ‘Jones! In my office now!’ below.

NB Astroducky is booked for more stargazing on BBC Radio Northamptonshireshire this coming Saturday at 5pm. [That is if de management can breeze over her enthusiastic support for self-flagellation last Saturday. Err. It was all in context…] See link, right.

Money ideas are coming back to the table, Ramface, but are they really the glue you need to stick your wishes together? Name the ‘problem’ this week and watch a solution pop up next… Jones! In my office now!: Saturn is heading forwards ho! in your zone of officey and medicine cabinets. Where health is concerned, diagnoses that have been delayed or baffling you since January get a seismic shift forwards. In the office you can begin re-climbing the career-ladder and impressing boss figures once more. Your key driving force seems to be m-o-n-e-y. Negotiate and renegotiate during May and play it out until June when lettuce-stylee conversations start to make more sense. Nota bene: Mars and Venus are mekkin you focused and pugnacious. Work doubly hard to resist goring anyone who seems to be standing in your way.

A deal/thought/conversation that comes back to the table on Monday holds some sort of key. Have you sold yourself short recently – or learned how to ask for the hourly rate you need to keep yourself on darling scatter cushions and the finest grapes? This week you wonder if you’re good enough; but next, opportunity knocks. Jones! In my office now!: For you Bullybull Saturn has been zoning out in your realm of lovers, creative projects, and bébés bringing your ability to commit to these adventures to a standstill. As the curmudgeon gets up off his corduroy-covered hiney old lovers may be back with apologies and you/new lovers may be weighing up the long-haul together. Creative projects get official backing under these stars and you’ll be re-committing to your creative self. AND for Bulls tinkin about chilun, it’s time for stork talk with your other half or the time comes to sort children and their schools or activities. In all of these – thanks to Mercury’s on-going retrograde - there’ll be natural delays and snafus until June. Roll with it. Spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

Something you’ve said in the past seems likely to upend/ backfire/ embarrass you this week – even if just on a small scale… Is it really that bad? Can you laugh at yourself when the chips are down? You’re worrying that studious/foreign/long-haul, or publishing/broadcasting plans won’t come to fruition but by next week the picture looks brighter already. Re-negotiations are starred and nothing will be settled until mid-June. Jones! In my office now!: Saturn is grinding forwards at last in your zone of home and family. Airy Ones buying, selling, and moving should soon find homes/mortgages easier to come by. While Astroducky has your ear, the advice is to really get out into the market place during May and check out the dealios on offer. Mercury’s retrograde could have you making decisions while unaware of all the facts. It may be June, July, or even August before you have the strongest hand. So aim for the Autumn and if the harvest lands earlier, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For Geminis reviewing commitments to parents and in-laws, responsibilities may become more formalised and manageable, even starting to feel like they’re fitting into a groove.

Tuesday and if your tummy feels knotty it’s a sign that you’ve bizniz to tackle with a lovin or bidniz partnership. Pluto sez it’s Intense and it’s True. Out of that shell, Clawface! Name it! Next week’s Kahuna lands in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes aka Letting Go. You won’t sense it this week but whether it’s cash coming in, or links being severed, or good ole rumpy pumpy it’s going to be better than expected… though expect negotiations along the way… Jones! In my office now!: Saturn lights the touch paper and a conversation you’ve been putting off since January with a close one-to-onesie is ripe for the plucking... Cancerians aren’t ones to confront. You mostly crawl inside your shell and Avoid! Avoid!! Until you feel so hurt or angry that those big ole claws of yours do what dey do best. Saturn’s saying ask the questions you may not like the answers to. Give the answers that are True even though they may cause ripples. Meanwhile: other 3rd house hoojah means out-of-town connections are focusing on a perticaler bidniz or loving link, you’re reconnecting with bros and sisses, and Cancerians with motoring problems accept it’s time to get it sorted.

Is there a clash between bidniz success and your one-to-onesies? Pussy Cats really have clout in the boardroom right now and there’s more coming in June. This week, if you feel you’re not getting the support you need from squeezes or bidniz partners, ask some frank questions. Support is there. It’s just hiding behind something you need to uncover. Perhaps they’re feeling neglected. Jones! In my office now!: Money pussycat! It’s time to get your financial ducks in a row. Work promotions that have been on the back shelf since January are coming up now bringing more cash and more responsibility but is it enough to cash to cover the added burden – and, more importantly, is it enough to suit your lavish lifestyle? For other Leos cash-money issues are linked to investments, savings, or pension plans. It’s time to sign up, shift it around, get a financial advisor on side. With Mercury, the planet of commerce, heading backwards now May’s the month to have a shoofty about the marketplace. Get ready to sign up in June.

Shiny, promising, former publishing/broadcasting, studying, or foreign news/plans/contacts are back in focus on Monday but by the weekend you feel that everyday responsibilities are getting In The Way. They are – but there’s glory and excitement in here too… Eek! One (hyphenated) word to you Virgo: Time-management! That’s Your Theme for May. Jones! In my office now!: The headteacher is awakening in your 1st house of You, Yourself, and You. For two years Virgos have been working extremely hard pushing forwards with a goal that makes you feel proud of You. At times you’ve wondered if the You you’re pushing for is actually the You you want to be – and not just some trumped up version of something a parent wanted of you, or even society itself. There have been wacky ole characters coming into your life too, stirring things up, and even changes to and with close partners that have made you rethink Yourself. Since January you’ve been scatter-gunning somewhat. Now it’s time to gather, gather Kate. You’re into a six- month stretch of picking a clear target and go, go, going for gold! Even better if it includes the creative, your attitude towards loving relationships, and/or children.

You don’t often get a second bite of the cherry but here one comes. A conversation you’ve need to have about sex, death, or taxes aka Letting Go arises on Monday. The reason for the re-speak concerns developments with lovers or creative projects. The conversation may come in chunks and may not reach full circle until mid-June. Mind your course, Scales. Jones! In my office now!: It’s all going off in your dark, secretive zone of, “Meep! There’s something in the woodshed!” Saturn here focuses our attentions on old hang ups, fears, our Secret Enemies, (too often ourselves such as the self-sabotaging things we do based on outdated beliefs), guilt, and so forth. Saturn’s job here is karmic cleansing and as he only makes this visit once every 30 years there’s plenty of poop to be washed off the decks. So for the past two years you’ve been learning then cleansing - and yup, sometimes he’s taught you by rubbing your nose in it. You’ve been treading water here since New Year’s Eve but now it’s time to sluice down again. By October you’ll be ready for a re-launch of yourself, just in time for your birthday. Yippee.

Pressing conversations with one-to-onesies land Monday. It’s old ground you need to chew over from now until mid-June. It links to developments at home and with family. It seems that something needs to change shape. Jones! In my office now!: The 11th house governs wishes, friendships, and social networks and Saturn’s return to Action Stations here is bringing you a chance to commit to, sign up to, and take control of the way you network, the way you treat your friends, and your responsibility to them. Above all having a headteacher in charge of your Dreams and Wishes is bringing you (a) a reality check (b) the backbone to go for what you wish and (c) a methodical and eyes-wide-open approach. All hail to Saturn! Write down your dreams, commit them to paper - and then plot a realistic route so you can check them off one at a time.

Old work projects are coming back to the table – circle Monday for news. You need to roll with this one. It won’t be completed until mid-June. The thing is, where normally a work re-visit might feel that it’s a point against you, right now your words are sweet as nectar and you can charm dem boydies from the trees if you so wish. Suck up the returning file while oozing charm. No-one will suspect you’re cross at all. Jones! In my office now!: Career ambitions you’ve had can re-gather pace from Sunday, Archer. Fame, career, ‘for he’s a jolly good fellooow’ being sung around the boardroom table are Saturn’s intentions for you and he’s urging you to seek out financial remuneration for this success. Kerching! Out-of-town travel or relocating may have been necessary to reach this success and it’s been a pain at times. But keep working at it. You’ve every chance of getting things more to your liking from October.

Tuesday feels a bit rocky and intense. You’re having a check in with your deepest emotional fears, perticalerly with intimacy, and it may make the day a little raw and a little adrenal. Note it. Work on it. Why so frighty? Could it be news of an old lover…? Mercury’s backwards zippy is bringing up old love/creative/bébé schtuff for you to ponder. You feel like you won’t get what you want from it but don’t want to slam the door… So negotiate for now. Who sez you have to hurry these things? Jones! In my office now!: Saturn’s turn to Onwards! Is REALLY big news for Goats. Saturn’s your ruler and to have him napping by the pool for since January is no activities holiday that’s for sure! His move into 1st gear on Sunday cranks you up and your passion for life is rejuvenated with thoughts of foreign, long-range, studious, and even broadcasting and publishing plans. By October you’re into a phase of rising to places of authority and leadership. If everything feels too Goat-lite at the moment, try and breeze with it. Your time is coming. Also: Goats immersed in legal shenanigans should find these start coming out in the wash now too.

As the Moon slides up to Pluto in your 12th house of “Meep!” on Tuesday, you wobble and fear the worst. Hearten, Inventive One. There’s really gorgeous stuff floating your way. First up there seems to be a revisit needed viz home and family negotiations. It’s not going pear-shaped. It’s nudging you into a new way of thinking. Jones! In my office now!: It’s time to be making some tough decisions, Aquarius. Saturn in your 8th house of Letting Go is no Saturday night at a Village People concert. It’s time to hoy out-dated ballast overboard. Ties cut now free up your time. What’s sapping your energy like a plug hole? It’s time to be a little hard-nosed and while that might scare you, you the answers are staring you straight in the face. The other side of the 8th house is M-O-N-E-Y. While Aquarians like to be the unconventional rebel, financially now you may need to get into bed with large corporations and grey public organisations. It’s a case of dressing for the weather Aquarius. And remember, you can always provoke change from within…

The power to rise above your worst fears is coursing through the air filter in your tank, Fish. The snafu is, in knowing this, and feeeeling this, you’re also going to have to Talk About It. Conversations that seemed cut and dried come back on Monday for a further period of negotiation. By mid-June you’ll have speaking from the heart / laying your guard down/ the voice from the burning bush thang down a treat. Jones! In my office now!: It seems it is time to Straighten Up and Fly Right with significant squeezes or bidniz partners. Saturn in the 7th house is tawking commitment, signatures, propositions… (Yes, even those sorts of propositions. Wink.) He’s been heading backwards here since 1 January so you/your significant others may have taken your eyes off the ball or been less than crystal about your intentions. His move to forwards ho! is galvanising the situation. It’s time for you and others to re-write the rules of an earlier commitment, recommit with gusto, or even start planning a new one.