Sunday, 3 May 2009

This Week

And so to Ice Creams… We’ve finally arrived at lesson #5, the last in our current masterclass season. We’ve covered the poysonalities of the planets, the speed they travel, their communications, and the way they affect us like pond skaters affect frogs(!) Last week we looked at the tricky angles of the Square (90°) and the Opposition (180°). In our final class we’re looking at the sweeter angles - the Conjunction (0°), the Sextile (60°), and the Trine (120°). A Conjunction is the flashpoint, the intensity of a process beginning. Here the planets are up close and poysonal but instead of facing off as they do with the Opposition, in the Conjunction they see eye-to-eye. Prrrrr. It’s exciting being this close to someone so different but can sometimes lead to over-excitement or one planet becoming subjugated in the mix. The Sextile is much more balanced. It’s like going on a date, checking in with a good friend, or having a successful session of swapsies. Here the planets (poysonalities) exchange energies, tips, news. It’s a purposeful get together. The Trine is less active and much more familiar and relaxed. It’s an affable ‘Areet?’, a touching base, a checking in, an enquiry as to progress since the Sextile – and an arm around the shoulder after the more recent and stickier Square. In Sextiles and Trines we sense we’re getting help on the journey. Phew. Class dismissed! This Week: Tuesday’s your day to motor. After that Mercury grinds to a halt, the Full Moon docks in Scorpio at the weekend, and everyone goes wappy and Sexy-hot. Send money, mother! Quick Batman! To the Stars…

Just past the Venus-square-Pluto post and you’ve money on your mind... Something eesa no righty… Name it Tuesday (perticalerly on the job front) then wait for three weeks to get your outcome. In keeping with this, Mercury uiiees in your bank vaults from Thursday. Where you’ve been a flippertygibbert with your wonga, money hiccups are coming to call. [Or not to call as the case may be.] With Mars hanging around you like a flame thrower, you won’t take these financial shenanigans lying down. Don’t burn your bridges. What goes awry from Wednesday might not get sorted until month’s end. Rather than go into meltdown, enjoy the not-very-subtle love and oobah energy that’s fluttering around you like a flock of helicopters.

Tuesday make shiny with lovers, chilun, or creative ting, and bottle that feeling. The Sun’s energy is making you shine but from Wednesday you’ll be easily distracted; Mars and Venus in your 12th mean that secrets viz love and passion are ricocheting round your pretty head, Bullybull. But as Mercury reverses from Thursday you’ll be disinclined to voice those ricocheting thoughts. Would you be understood? What you shushpect is that you don’t actually know what you/other people want, think, feel, or mean. So make your decisions knowing that you don’t know a thing and won’t be ready until June. Full Moon intensity lands in your 7th house of one-to-onesies on Saturday. Is this Sexy-hot enough for you?!

We all learned habits watching our Mas and Pas when we were small. The trouble is we thought they were always right! And so we grow up trying to be like them when we could be somebody else entirely! Tuesday you recognise one of your habits as your Ma’s... Then on Thursday, as your ruler slips into reverse, you get the chance to review your need to evolve. Yes, this is an old theme, but like, ‘Come On Eileen’, or the title track to ‘Cabaret’, it’s a good one. With energy dipping just now, and a clash or ending at work looming at the weekend, the last thing you feel like doing is partying. But try. There’s love potential amongst friends and social networks. Life is a cabaret old chum!

Tuesday make a wish and stick to it; the Sun, beaming into your 11th house of friends, networks, and wishes clicks with important and substantial Saturn and a bidniz or lovin’ one-to-onesie gets a Green Light, Seal of Approval, Weighty Handshake. So why are you feeling so scared? The prevailing tides are stirring your communication channels. Saturn is standing still until the 17th leaving you tongue tied. Mercury is reversing in your 12th house of Meep! and conversely you’re scared of saying too much... Agh! So don’t speak, reflect. Clarity is coming in May through a review of old friendships and a month-long thunk about what you really want. On Saturday the Full Moon means you’re (a) sexy-hot (b) bad tempered (c) sleepless in creative expression (d) all three.

A job interview or promotion early this week is bringing in the oof, Pussycat. Hooray for that! What you will need to do in due course is check the small print. Mercury’s heading backwards from Thursday in your zone of fame and success and he has a habit of muddling things up [and that’s putting it politely, the bleeping little bleep]. What may transpire is a loophole to get you more money – or a sense that even this won’t keep you in the regal style to which you aspire. Saturday’s Full Moon lands in your 4th house of home and family. Emotions are running high with rellies or endings are starred. Make sure your dinner table Thursday – Friday is laden with foods fit for a King. It’ll soothe your soul.

Mars and Venus haring through your 8th house of Sex, Death, and Taxes aka Letting Go, suggest that you are (a) Sexy-hot (b) Sorting Large Lumps of Oof or (c) Breaking Up a Relationship so you can Move On and Renew. Meanwhile the Sun and a backwards Mercury are directing you to foreign shores, publishing deals, or studious endeavours – some of which are old plans back for a revise. This week eat your greens, drink plenty of water, and stay groovy. It’s busy. Tuesday and the foreign shores, publishing deals, or studious endeavours get a shot in the arm. Wednesday and a bidniz deal stalls and comes back. Friday and the Full Moon loosens your tongue. Express BIG happiness at news from siblings or during short trips out of town.

Your lovelife/desire-for-a lovelife is Sexy-hot, Scales. Simultaneously you’re facing a need to Let Certain Things Go. Tuesday and you get an insight into the emotional/ spiritual/Karmic journey you need to take to get fully to the Other Side of the Letting Go process. Then as Mercury reverses back into your 8th house from Thursday he prompts you to begin dithering about that process – talking about Financial arrangements, or discussing your perticaler Bedroom needs, or airing your preparations for this forthcoming Ending of sorts. As the process unfolds in the coming weeks, expect some upheavals in your Home and Family life. Across town: and Full Moon fever strikes in your bank vaults. You’ll be feeling the stress from Thursday.

A conversation with a one-to-onesie early this week lets you know where you stand, Scorp. The Sun linking to steadfast Saturn suggests it’s a commitment – yes even a proposal. Wink. It’s not all cut and dried by Wednesday though. Wouldn’t that be too simple! Mercury reverses back into your 7th house of close one-to-onesies for three weeks from Thursday and there are Things to Be Discussed and points to be Debated and Thrashed Out. Even charming old squeezes (or bidniz partners) could be back in the mix, craving a word in your shell-like. Whichever way up, it’ll all come good. June is Sexy-hot-hot-hot! Saturday’s Full Moon is yours. If you want to live the vida loca do so. But only until Monday otherwise you’ll exhaust yourself.

Breakthroughs are due Tuesday. Archers interviewing, having an annual review, or checking the job ads have an astral boon via the Sun and Saturn – time to Shine in front of Bosses! What may tarnish the glow is Mercury’s about-turn on Thursday. A close bidniz or lovin’ squeezy may not be quite so gleeful about your Tuesday news… Fear not! You’re into a three-week review of work ting and taking this extra time won’t hurt your career. So indulge. Across town: and health check ups now may only give half the picture. Go for a second opinion in June. Feeling fraught from Thursday? It’s the Full Moon building in your 12th house of, ‘Mommy me frighty!’ Hide behind the settee and resume normal service from Sunday.

Tuesday’s the day for Goats. Your ruler, who frankly has been below par since 1st Jan, gets a hearty ‘Hullo!’ from the Sun and a flash of inspiration lands between your pretty ears. Inspiration areas include creativity, lovers, and chilun linking up to foreign, long-range, study or teachy plans… Heading off to Borneo with an old squeeze to teach the indigenous peoples how to make delightful cous-cous based dishes is just one of the potential dawnings… Postcards please! In other news: Mercury uiees from Thursday bringing old creative plans and lovers back to the ‘table’. Tease them. It’ll be June before you know where you’re at. Saturday’s Full Moon heightens emotions with friends. Have a happy party rather than a haphazard parting.

At the risk of making you sound like a dullard, Inventive One, [which you most certainly are not btw], you seem most able to get your rocks off this week by bringing order into your life. I know! Whoddathunk?! Tuesday and you are positively salivating at the opportunity to Organise. You’re even relishing family stuff. See it as something of a Rite of Passage, a sense that you are the Head of Your Own Family now and no longer the eternal snivelling teenager. And everything. Family and home issues are back on the cards from next week. If you’re moving/ selling/signing try to postpone until June. Across town: and Saturday’s Full Moon is in your house of Fame and Honours. A culmination cometh.

A conversation with a parent or authority figure goes well Tuesday. There’s a gentleness about it that hasn’t been part of your recent experience. Enjoy it. Whether connected or not, Tuesday’s conversation acts as a pebble thrown into your pond – other conversations and reviews are coming like ripples, perticalerly concerning home life and your close one-to-onesies. At some points during discursive May you will feel like you’re just blowing bubbles… oh… but it’s all grist to the mill. You’re enrolled on a cosmic Communications Masterclass and may need to blow bubbles once or twice before you speak with the voice from the burning bush. Saturday’s Full Moon brings impatience to thoughts of travel, study, legalities, and long-haul plans.