Sunday, 12 April 2009

This week

Lesson #3 is on hold this week, partly because it’s Easter recess and we could all do with a break from the intense academia [?] of planet Doing It, but mainly because there’s Big Stuff happening in the skies above us and this intro was getting too dern long. To the Big Stuff: Mars (Mr Fiery Pants) meets up with Uranus (King of all things Sudden and Unexpected) mid-week. Take your Dial for Wappy and crank it up to warp factor 10. What makes this sooo rootin tootin exciting is that for the past few months Venus, (Goddess of Oobah, Art, and Oof), has been heading backwards towards this meeting point – as if she knew Mars was going to need her straight after his pow wow with Uranus. Right now she's waiting in the wings for him, poised on the highly sensitive final degree of the zodiac. [Imagine a clock face with Mars and Uranus meeting at 11:55 and Venus hovering at 11:59… Once Mars and Uranus meet on Wednesday, Uranus stays put but Mars pushes forwards, finally falling into the arms of Venus on Tuesday next week. And because their meeting is at 11:59 on our cosmic clock within days they make the leap into a Brand New Start ie 00:00 while hand in hand! Ohgollygeemy! It gives Astroducky goosebumps how dem planets conspire…] But what does it actually mean? Something you’ve been waiting to act upon has needed to change independently of you before it would be Ripe and Ready. Uranus and Mars augur in final unconventional changes and coinkidinks this week. Brace, brace. Remember, the ball may get dropped this week but the starter’s whistle gets blown next. Big Stuff indeed. For where your balls are dropping [?] see your horoscopes, below. Lesson #3 will be here next week. Thank you for your patience. Look to the lady! Astroducky is off for a lie down in a darkened room.

Crystal Balls. The current sporting arena is your 12th house of, ‘Meep! Mommy me frighty!’ Is this bad? No Ramface. It is challenging, perticalerly as by nature you’d rather race passed the icky stuff and pretend it’s not there. What-you-gat this week is a chance to listen hard to your inner knower. Whether this long hard look at yourself is self-generated or provoked by somebody else it’s telling you what you’ve shushpected for quite some time - that you can’t keep hiding in this self-imposed prison of yours and also be happy. How the break for freedom comes about Tuesday and Wednesday this week may be unexpected but intuitively you’ll sense that the changes are right on time.

Going to the Ball. The astral Olympiad is kicking off in your 11th house of wishes, friendships, and social pow-wowing. Energy and surprises are coming thick and fast in these arenas whether it’s uber party-going, unexpected uppitiness from pals, or wishes getting underway or up-ended. Things this week are not going to be your average pic-a-nic Boo Boo. A week ago, this sort of intensity would have knocked your pretty knees from under you. Now, though, you’re starting to push up through the earth again growing stronger by the day. Watch with an open heart and mind the antics around you midweek. Next week you’ll be stepping into the fray and showing dem what you gat. ALSO: The weekend is a good time to set your stall out during love communications.

Golden Balls. The midweek planetary scrum is setting its action in your zone of fame and success. Surprising opportunities or confounded u-turns in these areas will be keeping you on your toes. Some doors are closing but that just pushes you down another route and there’s better stuff there already waiting for you. While all the bleeping dust and noise may appear to be causing you tactical problems, keep an eye open for the ball coming your way. In the shake up, a dream you’ve been too afraid to pursue in the past might come into view. You may have to fight for it, yes, but once you’ve got it… RUN!!

Hot air balloons! The astounding celestial routine this week happyhaps in your zone of foreign, long-haul, publishing, and/or studious plans, Phileas. Sudden changes and out-of-the-blue opportunities in these areas have been part of your wash for many Moons. With Uranus in this zone you’re guaranteed nothing except unpredicted changes in the wind that unexpectedly buffet you and your basket. Here comes another. As Uranus meets feisty Mars this week there could be an opportunistic push towards your choice destination or more miserably yet another tear in the balloon fabric. Perhaps the real point behind these perticaler, perculier experiences is what comes in to support or cheer you when you’re upended. Watch. Friends and lovers are due to give you wings.

Balderdash! Never one to like giving in or Letting Go your royal patience could be shredded mid-week by the unwieldy wappiness of Uranus and Mars. Money’s in the frame, large unexpected bills especially. (Though there is a chance there could be an unexpected windfall heading your way instead.) There is money around though and definite ways to make money work better for you. This week’s shove at the back of the knees won’t be pleasant but it could help you wise up about Oof forevermore. And let’s remember, whenever the cheese hits the fan a favourite way to lift one’s spirits is to count ones blessings. Opportunities to tawk about money as you progress up the career ladder land Friday and overseas partnerships are buoying you at the weekend.

Ball and Chain. The choppy changey modus of your close one-to-onesies has been addressed on these here pages before, Virgo friend, and will be again. You’re in a period of change that’s being stimulated by your liaisons with other people – sometimes through inspiration, sometimes infatuation, sometimes duress. This coming week is either Infatuation or Duress. You’re hot under the collar but won’t Give Way – worrying about propriety and/or clinging to self-righteousness like flotsam in a turbulent sea. Your mission is to consider the Endgame. Is playing with this person actually going to get you where you’d like to be? Cogitate. Over the weekend foreign, long-haul, publishing, and/or studious plans get a shot to the arm and options will be fizzing next week.

Medicine Balls. The powerhouse of a Mars/Uranus meeting in your zone of workplaces and medicine cabinets may not sound like a walk in the park, not one without mishap anyway. (And you may infact be more accident-prone under these stars. Drive steadily, don't run with knives, be mindful of machinery especially at work etc and so forth...) Wednesday’s tête, which you’ll be starting to feel already, is exceptionally complex. At the eye of the storm is the truth about the links between your Oobah, Health, and Work lives. Stones making noisy splashes in your pond this week are designed to grab your attention. Reducing stress on the work front is going to improve the state of your health and loving oobah. And if you’ll look up, there’s support around to help you. Big changes this week may be unsettling but a few weeks down the line you could be singing arias in their honour.

Great Balls of Fire. Being a sign that understands the Power of Sex, having Mars and Uranus larking about with Venus ‘on hand’ sounds like a fun night in… Indeed Astroducky wishes you all the Fun of the Fair, protectively of course. What may stick in your craw is other people trying to dominate proceedings. This is Non-Fun domination - arrogance, egotism, or downright bullying. The 5th house is the house of creative expression. It covers breeding, chilun, creative pursuits, and lovers. Being dominated blocks this house's purpose – ie encouraging You to Express Yourself Creatively. The minute Non-Fun domination appears on Tuesday or Wednesday, talk about it. The planets are there for you. And what’s more, you’ll be freeing the other person from one of their oldest fears.

No Ball Games. Our fourth house of Home and Family tends to be where we park a lot of the shoulds and ought-not-tos that we hear as children, carrying them with us all of our lives even when we’re old enough to decide for ourselves whether to brush our hair or make friends with the misfits. Tuesday and Wednesday, as Mars and Uranus synchronise moshing, a few old Family Laws can be chucked from the moving car window. You can do it alone but it’s likely the impositions of a parent might lead to ‘words’. Healing is in the wings so stand up and be counted. Archers moving or buying this week are guaranteed a surprise. The dust clears next week. Make moves then.

That Ball Was In. You have lines, Goat. People can hover near those lines for Moons and you won’t bleat at all. The minute they cross them though there’s trouble. It seems that someone has really got your goat [excuse me] and as their tootsies wriggle and stomp across your clearly marked lines, out comes your wrath. Firstly: go easy in the car early this week. Secondly, three good things emerge from the rising ire: (1) You’re standing in your Truth and sense the Power of assertiveness without defensiveness. (2) The soothing comfort of family, chilun, and lovers shows you’re loved. (3) This other person’s transgression of your boundaries actually liberates you. By the weekend you’re engaged in conversations of foreign shores and future plans. A more liberated, creative you is emerging with the Spring.

Ball Park Figure. The Mars/Uranus pogo is happyhaps in your bank vaults, Inventive One. I feel you tremble. Oof hasn’t been steady of late and you’ve been growing more impatient, more indignant with time. This week, someone’s financial demands, change of plans, or a payment being missed is going to be The Last Straw. These ‘set backs’ are really cosmic doors closing to nudge you further along a corridor where you find the sort of financial situation that will free your troubled mind. Those changes are coming over the summer. In the meantime you need to be having a talk about money. And you will. Remember that by this time next week, this week’s hiccup will be in the past.

New Balls Please. Fishes rarely shout. Mebbes it’s something about living underwater and the sound distorting into the giddy noise of a small child gargling their orange juice nonsensically. Or maybe it’s just that you’re too sweet to squeal. Notanymore! Tuesday / Wednesday the nonsense that pours out of someone else’s cakehole or an unspoken passion has you reaching for a microphone and a loud haler. You’re fighting for love, Fish, and the freedom to love who you choose and how you so choose. Oh gosh how gallant. Money fits into the tête a tête too, the growing financial demands and the need for sense in this area. Broach it all, Daddio, then by the weekend you can reel your fangs back in. Chinwags are more upbeat than beat up, with brothers, sisters and lovers on side.