Monday, 30 March 2009

This Week

Astrology works by considering each planet as a distinct poysonality and then forecasting what occurs when that planet meets another planet on a good day / bad day / smoky saloon in sling backs. The poysonal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars (and the Sun and Moon), move quickly covering terrain in days or weeks. The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move more slowly – Jupiter takes about 12 months to complete a lap of the zodiac, Pluto takes 248 years. Astroducky is flagging this up the pole now as we prepare this week for Pluto’s impending uiiee at the weekend. Pluto is the Demolition Ball of the Zodiac. He rules Destruction and subsequent Creation and it’s his job is to reveal the depth of our human soul to us. Working with him will bring you to your Truth and ergo inner Light. [And ergo inner peace, baby.] For where you can best hone your spiritual plunger see Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP, below.

Tuesday brings a choral aaaah of realisation as if you could sum up the mysteries of the world in one sentence and those around you will drop to their knees in awe and wonderment. Suck it in, Ramface. By Thursday it seems there’s some deep work to be done if you’re going to get the success that you want. Striking a balance between playing Good Cop and Bad Cop isn’t easy and at the weekend Bad Cop may win out. Listen to the tension in your body and watch for old health troubles flaring up. When your cells start screeching in Top C it’s time to take a time out, see a doc, or get some fresh air. Running your concerns passed friends before you holler is Another Way. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 10th house of fame and honours for the next 15 years. Let the ding of Thursday help you reflect on the priorities in your life. Fifteen years from now, what do you want to have accomplished, including financially? And more importantly, why? Plunge here for motive and clues to your next stepping stones.

Tuesday and a fear you’ve been scared of facing gets the Full Power of your fabulous lash-rimmed peepers. Naming a vulnerability makes you stronger, beefcake. Before you find a place to pin the rosette, however, along comes a ding in the road. Your current review of Love and Oof stumbles upon a logjam viz plans to study, travel, emigrate, or get your bonkbuster published… Not enough money to get plans off the ground? Love and foreign shores not happy to dovetail? By the weekend it seems that even work pressures are messing up your plans for adventure. Gather information and find a quiet corner in the field to cogitate. Given time the logjams are going to fall away or nudge you onto a better path. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 9th house of foreign shores, long-range planning, study, and publishing for the next 15 years. This week he spars with your ruler and then heads backwards. Fifteen years from now, what will the big brave version of you be like? Start plotting your way to that dream.

Some good news and bonhomie is around at the start of the week, Airy, but then by mid-week an uncomfortable truth surfaces. Something you’d hoped would go your way without too much effort reaches a dead end. With your nerves already a tad frayed you enter your weekend with home and family commitments getting in the way of your own plans. If you can delegate some of the tasks then do, but it may be friends who come to your assistance rather than squawking family members. Harumph. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes aka 'Letting Go' for the next 15 years. It’s a process of shedding taboos and recognising your inner-power struggles with Oobah and Oof. As Pluto snarls at Venus, ruler of love and money, before heading backwards this week it may be a cue to rekindle your inner sexkitten by exploring extra joy around the boudoir/ sofa/kitchen floor and also to review whether you control your money or your money controls you.

Tuesday pop out of that shell and blow your trumpet until those little crabby lungs of yours can blow no more [I said crabby]. If there’s a deal around you’ve been thinking of clinching, then clinch! The spotlight of success and fame is yours – but for 24 hours only. Wednesday’s a non-starter as the Moon’s snoozing in the royal box and come Thursday a business or loving partnership gets stuck or at least seems untenable in its current state. Everyone the world over seems to be backtracking right now. The problem you’ve got is lack of time. Your here and now is already clashing with your there and then. Your everyday wash is already getting in the way of your foreign, long-haul, or studious plans. Hang tight. Next week friends’ help is at hand. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 7th house of close one-to-onesies during the next 15 years. His role here is to bring you intimacy that reflects your soul’s core backacha. Make it a pleasure! As you begin reviewing your close relationships head towards those which offer growth and a healthy mutual exchange and avoid AVOID those which are nothing but power struggles.

Decisions about holidays, foreign plans, studies or long-haul moves should be made Tuesday, Pussy Cat. Thursday work or health issues seem to be Getting in the Way of your best laid plans and then into the weekend money stresses reach a peak. Without this pressure you may not seek out New Ways to make your money work for you. Necessity is the mutha and so forth... If your balance sheet is causing concern, the skies say opportunities are due next week. Hold onto that silver lining. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 6th house of work and health for the next 15 years. It’s a long process so it figures that there are threads running through from the decisions you make over your cornflakes this morning to the results you reap 15 years from now. Yes, 15 years from now. Your body is a gorgeous battery. Love it, recharge it and give up the things that are bad for it so it’s still a gorgeous battery 15 years from now and beyond. And with all the focus on money right now, it may be time to start re-considering how, where, and why you work - with some recharging due here as well.

An acceptance to let go feels right and good early in the week, enjoy the moments Virgo. Nothing of huge importance will get accomplished Wednesday and by Thursday you’re into a game of whack-a-mole with love-related issues popping up for your attention. Somewhere in your wash past love issues are catching up with your present love life. It’s feeling messy because people seem to want answers – or conversely it’s getting messy because you are the one pressuring others for answers, particularly at the weekend. Can you wait? It may not be time to get the best out of people. Within a week there’s a softening of energy and within three weeks there’s a solid turning point. Until then don’t make yourself into a doormat but if you can, take a step back and keep asking, ‘What is the loving thing to do?’ Include yourself as a benefactor in that. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 5th house of chilun, lovers, and creative ting for the next 15 years. How you have Fun that really expresses you as you is getting an upgrade. Feather boas, potato painting, breeding… they’re all in the mix.

An enlightening conversation lands Tuesday followed by a realisation that there’s work to be done before your love can blossom. As your ruler continues to hoof backwards she squares up to Pluto, Master of Destruction and Creation, revisiting events of January and early February. What old habits aren’t working? How could family traits be blocking your power to flourish in a loving relationship? What about your home life is stirring up problems with your squeeze? As well as this intense Love Review, you’re going through an additional Personal Period of retreat and renewal. Aaagh! Make it stop! Make it stop! First up, take the stick out of your hand and don’t beat yourself or your work mates with it. Secondly progress is coming in April, including on the work front, so hang fire. Thirdly, when the energy gets too much get out and get some exercise. Mars sez you need it. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 4th house of home, family, and old habits for the next 15 years. Perfect timing Pluto. It’s time to exorcise your old habits, outdated family traits, and get your home life just so.

Some good news on the work front is starred Tuesday, Scorpio. You may not feel it intensely as somewhere deep in your waters you can sense that a wave is coming. For all of us Pluto’s reverse is bringing in a time of review, for you, he’s your Lord and Master so the review is about You. Issues heading your way this week are (1) money you get (or don’t get) on the 9 – 5 and why you can’t seem to just spit it out to the boss and (2) how you’re going to get started on a creative plan with all these other commitments in the way… For now, let the hiccups be your friends. As reality arises, notice it and see it as a preliminary check up. Plans for creative surges are due a shot in the arm in the coming weeks. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 3rd house of communications for the next 15 years. Right now the review is being triggered by your need to ask for more money from the 9 – 5. Once you’ve conquered that hurdle, what’s next?

Energy is foxtrotting through your fifth house of chilun, creative plans, and squeezes. It may feel like you’re heading round the same old dance floor – but this time with added information to really work those dance moves. There’s good news Tuesday concerning one of these subjects but by week’s end money seems to become part of the picture... This old bugbear came up in January. For Archers money is an Emblem of Freedom. You’ll work hard for it so you can play as much as you bally well like, Jeeves. Right now the progress of your creative ventures / posh weekends away with the current beau / financial responsibilities of children are conflicting with your desire for financial freedom and spontaneity. Think now. Get ready to act in May. Across town: Home / in laws are being demanding when you’ve other things (like your parents' needs) to deal with. Delegate! Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 2nd house of earned income for the next 15 years. As Venus triggers your financial review it’s time to think about what you can afford and whether creative plans and squeezes could be putting something back in.

There seems to be good news around Home and Family due on Tuesday. Soak it up and enjoy. By Thursday there are other issues to contend with. Are you not getting the support you need from hearth and home? Are those four walls not suiting your needs any more? For Goats wanting to buy or sell property, right now the money just isn’t stacking up. More negotiations are necessary to get this show on the road, and they’re coming in April. This weekend though, watch your chops. There’s fire in the back of your throat and authority figures blocking your way to that big shiny future / foreign land that you’re sailing towards are going to get both barrels. Hmmm. Time to rethink your Assertiveness Strategy and as if on cue… Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 1st house of You, Yourself, and You for the next 15 years. It’s a question of Power. Review whether you’ve been tyrant or timorous beastie these past 12 months and how well that approach has worked out for you. Then readjust. The idea is to get the pendulum of power to the mid-way point, natch.

Communication is still top of your To Do list, Airy friend, especially when a smiley conversation that arises Tuesday is quickly eclipsed by your fears of having said too much too soon by Thursday. How can you get that balance right? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall. Practise, practise… Where you will have to start tawking is around your Bank Vaults. The Big Players are throwing their weight around – think bank charges, loan ‘readjustments’, mortgage hikes. Your frustration at being financially trussed up may reach boiling point at the weekend. Note down exactly what needs resolving then let your fabalas grey cells get to work on solutions. Genius ideas and lucky breaks are coming throughout April. Pay attention. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 12th house of ‘Meep! Something under the bed is drooling!’ for the next 15 years. Insights into the subconscious processes that control you and others have been coming to you in intuitive waves. Here’s a breathing space to assimilate and act upon what you’ve learned.

There’s energy around and things in your wash are feeling good. The current headache though is money. Even when good financial news lands, like this Tuesday, it seems to get squashed by the rising costs of plans, as happens on Thursday. Being the intuitive being you are, you sense that the current belt-tightening has an end point and for the time-being you’re groovy about that. What isn’t so groovy are Certain Other People. A parent, bidniz partner or close one-to-onesie has pushed you a step too far. This weekend and into next week you can expect (a) to find yourself roaring about it and (b) to be pleasantly surprised at the change in yourself, Little Ole You actually deciding the direction of the flow for once. Whodda thunk? You’ve been growing more confident over the past six years. Don’t overdo it but do feel good in your own rather grown-up scales. Large Vehicle Reversing MEEP: Pluto is traversing your 11th house of friends and wishes for the next 15 years. It’s time to wish for something bigger and better than the little plastic castle in your aquarium…