Sunday, 22 March 2009

This week

The week starts in tetchy mood then gets a little nervy before coming up for air. The reason for this Grrr, Errrr, Phew is Aries. The Aries slice of pie in the skies has stuff going on. Venus, ruler of Love & Money, is still heading down the up escalator in this zone and this week the Sun, New Moon, and Mercury all pass her by, each picking a fight with Pluto as they go. Think a power-spat in Dallas, shoulder pads and all. (Or if you want a modern twist, Itchy and Scratchy.) Go placidly amidst the thingy etcetera and so forth… have tea and scones... whistle...

The good stuff: there’s a feeling in your waters that just being you is enough to get the Love & Lettuce that you need. Like resting in a hammock, you feel you can trust and that you are supported. The bad stuff: A stark contrast in your world is undoing the trust. Whether it’s the powers that be or a career direction that isn’t going your way it’s convincing you that you Can’t Trust Anyone. What to do?! Look inwards. There’s a part of you that you keep locked away and when others come near to seeing it, like they will this week, you lash out. Whatever happened to, “just being you is enough”? Fiddle sticks!! Recognise the good stuff and don’t bite the hand that feeds you ie Tuesday face facts and Friday don’t kill the messenger. It’s your annual New Moon on Thursday. Think of one aspect of your personality that you want to change and change it.

As was said on 03/01 and 03/08 [see archive, below], you’re in mid-investigation viz Love and Oof, Columbo. This week as Mercury and the New Moon enter your house of shadows it’s time to allow new information to come to light, potentially things you don’t want to see, hear, or think about. Without the facts, how can the investigation be completed? Without this review how can you turn the page and get the love, adoration, and rich, green pastures you deserve? It’s not time to reach any conclusions but as evidence comes in note it down. This week focus on money too – how can you sharpen (a) your budget and (b) your lapse habit of handing your credit card details out ‘willy’ nilly. Dallas spat: and a set back that lands Tuesday can be brilliantly turned around. Be wary of apportioning blame. It takes away the headspace you need to rethink, rejig and relaunch again on Monday 30th. With the Moon off form this week here’s another sick note: This Bull needs to lie down and be stroked a lot.

With a dream hitting the skids early doors this week, you might be thinking things won’t perk up but they will. Planets are gathering in your 11th house of Friends and Wishes, and with Mercury and Thursday’s New Moon landing here too friendships, social networks, and dreams pick up a pace from the weekend. In all this dreaming some Geminis are hoping a friendship could develop into something more, others that an old lover might be ready for another twirl around the dance floor. The skies say it’s time to schedule some talk-time. One caveat in all this; with Venus in reverse until mid-April the facts aren’t clear. If you need to move now, go slow and be on guard for any of your old self-sabotaging habits. Thursday’s Aries New Moon is your annual Wishing Moon. Write down three things you want (1) This month (2) This year and (3) This lifetime. Then pin it to the fridge and crack on.

Your Itchy and Scratchy spat lands early in the week with lovers or bidniz partners seeming petulant and demanding when you’re feeling flat as a biscuit. If you can’t attend to their whims in your work-a-day week, get out of their way and schedule some talk-time at the weekend but be prepared to compromise. They probably have a valid point to make. Hiding in your shell forever is not an option. Between now and then your focus seems to be getting what you deserve for all your hard graft. Venus’s backwards ho! in your house of fame and success suggests that you’re weighing career options (new and old) against your need for Dosh. The skies are on your side but this week is not the week to tackle it. As your ruler disappears from view you may be worrying yourself into a security blanket. Retreat and do yoga. Recommit from Friday and you’ll be ready to make your necessary moves from Monday week.

As the emphasis shifts to foreign shores and long-term plans, communications viz overseas love or money affairs are forecast. In fact the force is so strong in this one that pussy cats wishing to emigrate could be making progress now with plans falling into place next year. Whether it’s holidaying, emigrating, signing up for college, or launching into some other new direction in life, there’s something you’re unsure of, something that needs further exploration. Schedule in a month of research, the planets are with you. First up, on Tuesday and then again at the weekend, it seems work commitments or old health issues could derail your brilliant plans. Look! The Royal lip is on the floor! You can still make progress, your Hairiness, in spite of these irksome tasks but lashing out won’t do it. Put the claws back in and attend to the here and now. You can sally forth exotically again from Monday week.

We’ve one word to say to you here at Doing It towers, ‘Control’. Venus’s current uuiiie is a chance for you to unpack why you can’t let go more, sing in the supermarket, eat pasta with your hands in a crowded restaurant… Your ruler Mercury is asking this same question now - how could being a little more easy-ozey in your life make all the difference? Conversations about sex and money are starred too - it’s time to talk, read, investigate. Proof of the need for this review lands Tuesday. Watch how you roar when one of these subjects comes up. Exploration is needed. Bring it back to the table at the weekend and be prepared to negotiate. If you can own your own hang ups, you’ll feel better about yourself from here on in. With Thursday’s New Moon offering a restart of some kind, list three things, habits, or attitudes you need to let go of and then do it, do it, do it.

If old love stuff has been bubbling to the surface, Scales, here comes the torrent. Certain conversations are becoming unavoidable. Your first tricky talk seems to be You arguing with Yourself, admonishing yourself for being your own worst enemy where love is concerned. Then there seems to be a disagreement about boundaries with Home and Family - family members sticking their beak in too much or issues and ground-rules at Libra Towers causing disharmony in your close one-to-onesies. (Has someone not done the dishes again?) If you can, postpone discussions until the weekend. Thursday’s New Moon says it’s time to turn over a new leaf viz your lovelife and with all the above going on it’s right in the nick of time. What new approach would make a world of difference? Don’t dither, do it, and at the weekend when you regroup, put it into practice. By Monday your path to harmony will be a whole lot clearer.

Are you fit enough, fat enough, pretty enough, Scorpio? Are you being worked to the bone for far too little oof? If you’re unsure why Astroducky is posing these questions watch what triggers your Dallas-spat early in the week. A comment about the bags under your eyes... Or seeing the boss’s new car while you’ve schlepped to work in the rain... Right now the planets say it’s time to focus on your health and wealth – and it may take the words or actions of other people to make you do that. Cue: Spat. Try and take the criticisms you hear or feel and turn them to your advantage. Maybe you do need to check out an old health concern. Maybe it is time you talked over what you financially require from the 9 – 5. Thursday’s New Moon offers a two-week window for your health and work relaunch. Your time to move is Monday week. Countdown is progressing 10… 9… 8…

For Archers the planets are mixing it up in your zone of fun. Just when you’d got the Waltz nailed, here comes a Shag or a Pase Doble. But it isn’t just dance moves on the cards. Unfinished bidniz with lovers, children, and creative projects are coming back for a revisit and pieces of the jigsaw of why something went the way it did are beginning to fit together. For you your Dallas-style spats early in the week concern financial disagreements over children or creative projects, or a lover isn’t paying their fair whack. Even if you brush it aside it’s coming back at the weekend. Perhaps Thursday’s New Moon will shed some light on decisions you need to make about lovers, chilun, and your creative plans. There’s more energy entering your fun zone in a month’s time. Savvy Sadges will get their ducks in a row now.

Early in the week and into the weekend you’re on the rampage, Goat, particularly venting your significant spleen around the hearth, scorching the ears of your quaking family members. Letting off this amount of Grrr might feel like a relief but as any good Buddhist will tell you, he who throws a hot coal must first burn his own hand. There’s a lot of love around you. There’s some real peace in the familiar. You’ll be calm enough next Monday to realise it. In the meantime chant as hard as you can and practise damage limitation in every waking hour. Thursday’s New Moon says just because you’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t make it right for you in the here and now. Let your habits grow up with you. And breathe.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is ‘communicating at the next level’. Venus’s current uiiee in your 3rd house is advocating a little more gentleness and a little more humanity when you open your mouth; Aquarians can be quite unforgiving when they see faults in action. There is of course the other side of communication ie listening. ‘You’ll never learn anything with your mouth open,’ as Granpappy used to say, sort of ironically… Anyway, early this week and into the weekend watch as your fears are triggered and your mouth opens in defence or attack. Stop! Instead of declamation practise assertive listening. Ask this person, “What is it about ‘X’ that makes you feel so unhappy?” or “If you had control of ‘Y’ what would you want to do with it?” or simply “How are we doing?” And listen. Then ask another question. And then another. Then watch as you get what you wanted in the first place. This tape will self-destruct in 30 seco…

It’s negotiating time for Fish’s finances. The Sun and Mercury are bringing some much needed attention to this zone. This week you seem to instantly hit a buffer, as if the pay cheque’s been spent before the month has even begun, but that’s part of this process. Venus’s uiiee is saying exactly that – it’s time to review how you spend your money compared with how much you earn. Are you a Las Vegas big name taking home a lounge act’s pay packet? The financial winds are due to blow in your favour later next month. For now brace, brace. This week’s going to feel bumpy and worrisome. By next week it’ll lighten. You’ll have thrashed out a budget and drawn in your belt. Heck, in all the reviewing, you might even have set up a savings account.