Sunday, 15 March 2009

This week

It may be a little tense this week, amigos. From Tuesday we’ve two big kahunas gathering. First Mercury picks a spat with Saturn. Then Mars has a BIG (constructive) pow wow with Pluto. What presents as irritating people sticking their beak in might well turn into a serendipitous kick in the pants to make you get your Back Up Off the Wall. Mmmm, mmmm girrrlfriend. That’s what I’m talking about. By the weekend it’s the Spring Equinox – and there are surprises in store. See Restart! And Boo! For your perticaler weekend fix. [And don’t forget to wear green and eat potatoes on Tuesday…]

The tension is building in your deep, dark 12th house of ‘Meep!’ and paranoia maybe your constant companion (who said that?!). But are they really out to get you or is this a golden opportunity to see that what bugs you out there is a mirror reflecting what’s going on inside you? For example if you’re feeling judged, try counting the times you judge your work mates today. Zoinks Scoob! You’re in a pesky six-week masterclass of self-revelation. It may not be comfortable but it will bring great rewards. Try and embrace it. Weekend Restart! Just in the nick of time the Sun comes home to you, Ramface. It’s not all roses (see Masterclass, above) but you’ll have the energy to do it. Weekend Boo! A surprise comment implies that someone knows something about a weak spot of yours. Secrets schmecrets! Now you know they know, you’ll just have to face up to it, woncha?

Companionship is a glorious and tricky thing, hoof features. It comes with the infernal challenges of compromise and compatibility. How much can we ask for before becoming a demanding princess? How much should we compromise before feeling like a doormat? And what makes a relationship great? Answers to these questions will continue percolating even past your forthcoming birthday so take your time. As frustration with others builds this week socialise more with friends and lovers you’d describe as reasonable and fair. You’ll learn a lot just by watching them be. Weekend Restart! Or more like, weekend lie down. This is your low energy, slightly under the radar time of year. But why the long face? Here’s a note – you must have four weeks of eating chocs and lounging around on scatter cushions. Live the dream, pretty, even if quietly. Weekend Boo! Friends or wishes may bring some good and surprising news regarding money.

To get somewhere you have to leave somewhere… Where do you want to get to, Airy friend, and what will you leave behind? This can be physical movement – like leaving your treehouse to get to work – or it could be deeper, binning an old habit to embrace life from a new perspective. Study and travel broaden the mind for sure but so does deciding that you’re free to live the life you choose, not one your parents / outdated obligations choose for you. Think, think, think and if you need grounding this week eat lots of potato! Weekend Restart! The Sun moves into your 11th house of friends and wishes and it’s time to (a) start partying hard and hobnobbing on social networking sites and (b) put some shiny energy into pursuing your dreams. Weekend Boo! Expect a lucky break or some unexpected news on the career front. Let serendipity be your watchword.

As it’s St Patrick’s Day this week here’s a quick story from Ireland. A tourist, lost in a town centre, flagged down a bus. “I need to get up to this hotel here,” he said frantically pointing at his map. “I was wondering whether this bus goes all the way there?” The bus driver nodded calmly, “It does now.” Not a bestseller, you’re right, but can you guess why that tale is so pertinent, Crabsticks? You’ve somewhere you want to get to and you’re stressing about it. Why? Connect with your inner bus driver and trust. Weekend Restart! The Sun comes shining at your boardroom table and you’ve a month to hoist your goodness up the career ladder, so hoist! Weekend Boo! News from overseas or regarding study lands. There’s a gamble to be played but are you feeling lucky, punk? Well are ya?

If the seat of your throne was split, your Majesty, you could either (a) sit down carefully and not fidget (b) get it fixed and sit on a lowly armchair for the time being or (c) get a new one. Your royal coffers have been getting rather a lot of astral attention lately, Hairy One, and by now you’ll be reaching a point of wanting to sort it out once and for all. As the Pluto / Mars conversation builds, big strides in your workaday world could present solutions to your cash situation. Cheers big ears! Weekend Restart! Your ruler, the Sun, arrives brightly in your favourite zone of travel, hot climates, and philosophising. You’ve a month of hankering for a hammock and dreaming of the future. Weekend Boo! A surprising financial twist at the weekend could go either way, your Liege. Watch the pennies but look out for the pounds too. We’re not talking small measures.

Your love life is about to get decidedly heated, Virgo. The Mars / Pluto connection is fanning the flames of your ardour and a partner is feeling just as hot, hot, hot. But there’s a hole in the road: your inner-critic is blocking the oobah. The Irish have an expression, “It is a wedge of itself that splits the oak.” Are you being your own worst enemy, blocking the affections of a lover to protect yourself but then feeling unloved? Park any controlling, defensive habits and try approaching love stuff a new way. Weekend Restart! The Sun comes to shine in your house of letting go – just in time, hmm! Let go of your inner chain mail and wear something small and inviting instead. Weekend Boo! Lovers have surprising announcements. It should be good… but this is Uranus we’re talking about. If in doubt, gather, gather and speak/respond when your tongue is connected to your head and heart.

If you’ve been slacking on the day job and eating too many pies here comes the crunch. Saturn is in your 12th house and you’re into a spell of great, if icky, karmic cleansing. The focus for your clear out this week is work and health. Be honest. If you hate the job, look for a new one. If your energy’s running low, get a check up or get to the gym. You’re better when you’re in balance – and your balance means a healthier love-life too. Life’s juicy, Scales. Don’t do it in half measures. Weekend Restart! The Sun comes to shine in your house of squeezes as he does at this time every year. This time though you might be seeing an old lover in a whole new light. Weekend Boo! You’re ready to make sweeping decisions about work and health this weekend. Don’t think too hard because you know what happens when you do. Follow gut feeling and opportunity.

With such a flurry of opportunity at home and in your fun zone, it can be hard to keep your mind focused on the bigger picture. Children, lovers, and creative endeavours all need a piece of you now (how gorgeous to be in demand!) but… what about you? You’re at breaking point. Pluto, your ruler, is giving you the power to speak with the voice from the burning bush so speak up, talk about it, pow wow. You could find ways to link children, lovers, and creative endeavours to your dreams and share the craic! Hooray! Weekend Restart! The Sun in your zone of health and work for four weeks says you’ve a robust constitution (or you’re ready to work on it) and a lust for the day job (or you’re working on that too). Work colleagues will like you more now. While you’re Miss Popular, why not get into the habit of delegating. Weekend Boo! News from lovers, creative projects, or about chilun comes as a surprise. Yes. Surprises about children. If you don’t want a visit from the stork, mind how you go.

The energy is gathering in your 4th house of home, family, and old habits. Archers dealing with real estate, such as selling the mudhut, may have some juicy breakthroughs this week. Check contracts and if you have to, be polite but firm with irksome officials to get what you want. Likewise for Sadges dealing with the joys and stickiness of family life. You are not the teenager at the table! You don’t have to defend or explain yourself! If you want your family’s approval, use the charm of the Archers and then enjoy the bonhomie. Weekend Restart! The Sun will be beaming for four weeks on your 5th house of squeezes, creative projects, and chilun. It’s time for some fun. Woo hoo. Weekend Boo! Unexpected family or house news arrives. Be philosophical as things could go either way – it’s Uranus, the planet of the unexpected we’re talking about here. But a solution to the week’s irksomeness could land too.

Your current wish is about making a move that gets you on the road to a destination. With your ruler in reverse until May, that destination might be a theory or an ideal rather than an exact plan. Important stepping stones are around this week, particularly through communications. Firstly, whatever you’re saying or presenting, think, “Chest out, make it count!” You want people to see you’re top notch not someone who couldn’t hit a hole in a ladder, as the Irish might say. Secondly, remember that communication includes listening. Feedback really is your friend. Weekend Restart! Home and family are going to be uppermost in your mind in the coming four weeks. Socialise more at home. Have the family over. Reminisce about the good old days. What a bowl of cherries. Weekend Boo! A conversation, possibly with bros and sisses, reveals surprising things. Keep the speaking and listening thing going, Goat. There’s news in them thar hills.

Apparently the Irish say that a man who paid too much for a cow at market bought every hair in her tail. For you this is right on the money. Cash is coming in but big bills are forecast in the coming six weeks. Plus the big deal you’re banking on might not land until May. Conversations and thoughts about it come this week but until it’s in the bag, spread your beans carefully. Stick to small treats – like one pint of stout instead of eight, or chocolates instead of a whole dairy herd. Weekend Restart! The Sun docks in your zone of communications and out of town trips. Yes, really. Call someone from a cathedral city. Twitter someone from a canal barge. Send postcards. Weekend Boo! Unexpected financial news lands. It’s Uranus (your ruler) in the mix so it could be great or tricky. Either way, there’s a ring of destiny about it and it’ll help or push you towards a fresh assault on bringing home more lettuce.

Not one to spit your dummy out in the fish tank, Pisces, events this week might make you do just that. Dreams you are willing to fight for are within your reach and any critics or wet blankets will get a fish finger wagged at them for being too negative. There, that’ll teach them. One small point to consider is that the money for The Dream is still not in the bag. “It isn't a trout until it's on the bank,” as the Irish might say. If the critics are simply pointing that out, then perhaps they’re your friends after all. Weekend Restart! The Sun is hoofing into your second house of… money! Hooray. This is time to be focusing on your weekly lettuce, and keeping an ear to the ground for promotions and raises. Weekend Boo! You’re going to surprise even yourself with your new-look, go-get-‘em, you’ll-never-take-me-alive, you-tawkin-to-me stylee assertiveness. Go get ‘em cowgirl!