Monday, 12 January 2009

This week

A quickie this week. The Moon’s out of sorts Tuesday. Shuffle papers but seek to accomplish nada. Aussi, as forewarned, Mercury is in reverse thrust as we speak. This shorter Babble will leave you more time to back up your computer, get the car to the garage, tear your hair out, and miscommunicate with gusto. Sandwich of the week: soup. Buon appetito.

To repeat oneself repeat oneself, today’s Mercury uiiee is happyhaps in your 11th house of friends and wishes. Your Friend’s Revisited account could be heading into meltdown as old friends start popping out of the woodwork. If you’re arranging to meet them anytime this week or around the 1st of February, check, check and double check arrangements – and then cancel everything and rearrange to meet them a week later. Old dreams should be popping out of the woodwork too - mebbes Rams will be retraining as a lapdancer or a firefighter. What are you so afraid of? Circle Sunday this week for ideas day – then make those phone calls, Google those training centres, and get ready to sign up from 24 February.

Your ruler Venus is heading for a hook up with hot young buck Mars next week and a pretty wish could be getting some infamous Taurean gumption. Before that wishes are starting to fall into place and one in particular is about to get a mighty shot in the arm that you weren’t expecting. As Mercury uiiees in your zone of career success and immediately hooks up with Jupiter, an old opportunity is going to seem like a lucky break. News comes at week’s end with signatures to paper due 24 February.

Your ruler’s uiiee has you wondering why oh why do you have to go over and over things… but this time checking down the back of the metaphorical sofa is going to reveal some pri-tt-ee fine treasure. Your 9th house of study, law, travel, spirituality, and long-distance plans has just had a 12 month check in from Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck. At the end of this week, your ruler heads backwards. Without this reverse he wouldn’t be meeting up with Jupiter. And without him meeting up with Jupiter you wouldn’t be getting this boost. Whichever of the 9th house areas above has got your attention, watch this weekend for a revelation. You’ll be ready to sign up from 24 February.

Mercury’s backwards ho is in your deep, dark 8th house – the one that governs sex, death, and taxes. It may be time to up-the-ante with your sex chat and start saying what you want in the boudoir. There maybe an ending that you need to tidy up and THAT conversation is going to have to happen AGAIN. And natch, it maybe time to get your taxes in, renegotiate a financial settlement and chase up money owed (indeed be extra careful about money this week and in the days surrounding 1 February). Not one to Go for Gold when it comes to asking for what you want and need, Crabsticks, Jupiter’s arrival in this 8th house is going to give you balls. Watch this weekend for how golden things look when you rise to the Glass Half Full approach. Then circle 24 February for the date to clinch the deal.

Today’s Mercury reverse is in your 7th house of pardnersheeps meaning that pussy cats and their one-to-ones are going to be reviewing how good the squeezing is going and whether there are improvements required. Mercury is a chatty planet so this three week process is a chatty / thinky time rather than a do-y time. Patience, your Majesty. The do-y time really needs to begin from 2 February – with a sense of personal breakthrough cominacha on 24 February. For now though, circle this weekend for a good time to launch the chat. You may be effusive and overoptimistic – but you’ll have time to back your words with actions, or revisit them later.

Today’s uiiee by your ruler Mercury in your office and medicine cabinet may put the fearofgodinya, Virgo, concerned as you are by deadlines and ‘getting it right’. But him in the well-worn sandals is doing you a favour. At the weekend Mercury hooks up with Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck, and a work project that lands back on your desk is going to turn into something of a lucky break (or a health issue / diagnosis is going to get a positive development). Without this reverse thrust Mercury wouldn’t be meeting up with Jupiter. And without him meeting up with Jupiter you wouldn’t be getting de boost. So – see the golden lining to any temporary clouds early this week. Chew over news at week’s end and prepare to sign up, toast the contract, thank your lucky stars on 24 February.

Work news and surprising opportunities are starred next week, Scales, as your ruler Venus hooks up with crazy boy Uranus and gets a simultaneous boost of confidence from fiery Mars. Before that Mercury’s uiiee in your 5th house of creative expression means negotiations vis chilun, lovers, and potato-painting are starred for the next three weeks. This is a chatty / thinky time rather than a do-y time. The do-y time begins from 2 February. This weekend Jupiter hooks up with Mercury and tawks are filled with positivity and effusiveness; watch for overselling your wares. With two Eclipses to come, what’s aired at the weekend will get to set sail in a refined shape from 24 February.

If you’re buying or selling property this week, check the small print. Mercury sez there’s something you’ve forgotten. Or that the condo in the Isle of Dogs is in fact a bungalow in Wales. Even surveys and housey legal whatnot should be delayed until after 2 February. Sulk and pout all you like but you’ll be in with the kettle on at the same time – but at least with your hair intact if you heed Astrobabble’s skyward consultations. While you’re waiting use the time wisely. A 4th house review, especially for you deep-thinking Scorps, is a bonza time for a furtle in your bag of old, ingrained habits what keeps tripping you up, like. If you’re still following your Ma and Pa’s agendas to the letter, that goes double.

If you’re a computer expert or a car mechanic then chances are you’ll be getting rich this week. For most of us if the car isn’t making funny noises then the computer’s up to no good… Mercury reversing in your third house is the soup de jour for technical problemas to surface, resurface, surface but then disappear almost as suddenly. Chances are what seems broken isn’t. But when it comes to cars and whatnot it’s better to be safe than sorry. Fairdinkum. The upside to any snafus is that your ruler Jupiter is going to let you rise above it and see the funny side, or at least the lesson in fixing what needs fixing when it needs fixing. And to be fixating on the ultra-modern replacement.

It’s the month for material snafus, Goat. As winged flippertyjibbet Mercury starts spinning backwards in your piggy bank you can expect cheques to get lost in the post and moneys owed to be backwards in coming forwards. The positive spin in all this spinning action is that Mercury’s reverse behaviour means he bangs into fabulous astro chum Jupiter. Big and good news regarding income harkens your ears from the weekend. See the wonga rush at you from 24 February.

As Mercury heads backwards in your 1st of You, Yourself, and You today it may feel like it’s high time you carried out an MOT of yourself, emotionally and psychologically speaking. Whyyoudodetingyoudo? Whyyousaydetingyousay? Andwhyyoudothetingyoudodewayyoudoandwhyyousaydetingyousaydewayyousaydem? Mercury is a chatty thinky planet so chances are you’ll be lying yourself down on friends’ couches, spouting, seeking input yet throwing all thought and feedback into a trough without necessarily taking it all in or acting on it immediately. But that’s as it should be. Mercury’s review lasts three weeks and there are golden ingots to be harvested from them thar hills of your mind, Airy. Think, peruse the recesses, and analyse. Then bring home the gold and launch the extra-special, revised you from February.

Mercury in the 12th house of Meep can bring about moments of paranoia and dread – is everyone badmouthing our lemon box jacket the minute we leave the room? Was that joke about the vicar and the Finger of Fudge unsuitable? Are we making a complete grass of ourselves just be being there? So. It’s time to use the winged messenger’s reverse thrust to rise above these fears. Be a bold fish. Work with Mercury to recognise how often worry gets in the way of doing what you wannado – then next time fears arise you’ll be able to lookem in the eyes and say Boo! (Watch this weekend and 24 February for breakthroughs.) A mini warning: Mercury in the 12th means that conversely you may start to overcompensate for worrying by being too trusting. Be vigilant with personal details and double check locking doors and pc shenanigans.