Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This week

This week we can all expect heightened energy from Wednesday and then some reckoning/arguing /quashing at the weekend. Next week and on until Christmas the crazy goes up a notch. Astrobabble suggests we get our cheese together now as we’re in warp factor gaga until the 27th. If you’ve yet to write and post your Christmas cards, make your Christmas cake, or get the sprouts on then get to it.

Wednesday: and no matter that it’s six months before the official London marathon if you’ve ever wanted to strap on the Reeboks and go for gold now is the time. As your ruler meets with the Sun your energy levels are about to hit warp factor 12 (and that’s on a scale of 1 – 10). Emigrating, tripping abroad, heading back to college, taking up religion with fervour, carving a dynamic blueprint for life, or suing the tail feathers off someone who’s rubbed you up the wrong way, are top of your agenda and there is little on planet earth, including wild horses, tanks, and perimeter fencing that will stop you. What Astrobabble will say in passing here is that advice which crops up at the weekend should be considered. Don’t be too proud to change your mind and don’t be so stubborn that you risk your job or your health by pushing yourself too far too fast. You are here to learn the art of patience this lifetime; this week will be a good week to test your progress.

A good feeling about links abroad and plans for the future that lands early doors this week gives way to a need to eek out the internal stumbling blocks and external hurdles that are keeping you from that dream. Wednesday and over the weekend expect some soul searching and to get a rising sense of which parts of the past you need to let go. There’s an irksome see-saw here between the expectations of friends versus your commitments to present lovers, creative projects, and plans for children. Liberty from the past and from other people’s expectations is your Get Out of Jail Free card. Friends holding you back will need to back off. In fact over the next few weeks your panorama of wishes and friendships is going to change expediently and unexpectedly as you let down the drawbridge and beckon in the new.

There is no escaping the fact that your nearest one-to-ones are pushing your buttons and making you mad, angry, happy, horny, and revitalised. If you’ve been trying to ignore this passion and sweep it under the hearth rug, by Wednesday you’ll be at bursting point. Expect to wind up in a phone box swivelling like a dervish until your pants are over your trousers and you’ve a capital S across your chest for Stimulated. What are you fighting Gemini? Sure you’re going to have to sift through your old habits so you can really feel this thing with all the barriers down. And sure you’re going to have to concede on some points before you can win on others. But what are you waiting for? Armistice? A white flag from the other party? Reinforcements? Press home your advantage. You’re in a place to lead by example so lead.

You’re coming out of your monthly Dark of the Moon and starting to get a sense of what’s what. If there was ever a time for you to quit being namby pamby in your office or medicine cabinet, then that time is now. Your greatest chance to make changes in either of these areas in many years reaches its peak on Wednesday this week. Instead of resorting to type and avoiding the noise, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and name the nameless. Your dreams of the future have changed – whether that’s living abroad, buying abroad, studying, suing, or even the evolution of your faith – this Big Thing has taken an unexpected turn. Make your decision Thursday, discuss it over the weekend, and then expect the fall out to begin from next week. It’s not going to be an easy Christmas, but it’s going to be a brave one.

Like a lemon meringue pie, life is starting to present its various peaks. Your passion and energy in love affairs, creative pursuits, and concerning children, are culminating this week – particularly circle Wednesday and Thursday for arguments, endings, or explosions of an altogether different and fruity nature. Likewise, as Mercury clashes with Saturn and Uranus over the weekend sparking off your two money boxes, financial issues that arose in the first week of November are now starting to look overcooked. For all Pussy Cats financial burdens are crushing your spirit and curtailing your desire to create, be a perfect parent, express yourself. However, across town, you know that without the regular drip drip of money coming in you can’t do what you want because of existing commitments. As your head races over the weekend the only conclusion you can come to is that it isn’t the right time to come to a conclusion. By the 13th February next year you will be ready to rumble. Until then bake and eat metaphorical lemon meringue pies on the hour every hour and be grateful for the sustenance.

The things you thought you’d unpacked regarding family, neighbours, issues at home, or those old ingrained habits which passed their sell by date in the ‘80s, are back. Why you can’t really relax and be at one with yourself (and therefore all significant others) is rooted in your unresolved sense of self – and this is in turn rooted in the way you were raised and the patterns you have perfected since then. This week some of the old familial, habitual, pain-in-the-aspic, undermining banana skins pop up for a looksee. You can either (a) pretend that you didn’t notice or (b) stop running and start acknowledging. For the next few years wacky, unpredictable people or twists in existing relationships are going to keep popping up in your life to stimulate you to let go of control. If you give it up now then you can enjoy the coming ride with a wide smile and an unfettered heart. Wednesday and over the weekend if you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable at what arises, chances are you’re on the right path.

If you’ve ever wanted to speak with the voice from the burning bush then here comes your chance. As Mars makes a rare link to the Sun in your third house of communications on Wednesday the courage, light, spotlight, and orchestral overture you’ve needed all these years to galvanise you into really saying what you really think lands at last. Kapow! Yet no sooner are the words aht your mahth when you realise you’ve been living in half truths all these years. Of all the signs, Librans have the cosiest Christmas ahead. Hold fast to that reward as the next few weeks chug out a few unwelcome revelations. Over the weekend, as Mercury makes tricky angles to Saturn and Uranus, thoughts and discussions suggest it’s you that has been bringing problems to your own door. Listen hard. Insights into dramatic but difficult changes to your health and work habits, which will act as outward manifestations of inward positive changes, are coming too. On a more pointed note: watch Wednesday through Monday for road chaos, running late, and getting caught with your foot down by policemen eating sandwiches in parked cars.

You may be feeling alarmed or excited by the amounts of money to be made and lost this week, Scorp. Mars in your second house of earned wonga always suggests big bills going out as well as big cheques coming in. On Wednesday this week he hooks up with the Sun, right here in your bank vault. If you’re interviewing for a filthy rich job this week, or vying for a raise, the stars are on your side… ish... The fly in the ointment is pixie-faced Mercury also camping out in your bank vault. Ordinarily Mercury here suggests plum times for opening bank accounts, sorting out contracts and so forth. Over the weekend however he makes tricky links with Saturn and Uranus, links which are repeated next week by Mars and the Sun. Be money-wise this week and check and double check bank statements, pay slips, and receipts in case of mistakes. Next week where money is concerned you’ll be less patient and more inclined to shout first and ask questions later.

If you’ve been awaiting a break through then here it comes, Archer. Wednesday as the Sun hooks up with Mars in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, you’ll be hard pressed to stick a sock in it, back down, or otherwise refrain from crowing. The thing is, fiery one, the thing is that over-selling yourself, or over-exaggerating what you’re capable of, or over-crowing generally will eventually come home to roost; and by the weekend the declarations you have made Wednesday will be coming back to bite you on the aspic. Bosses and board members are going to be less than impressed by your claims to have the Midas Touch. It’s just not tennis. This is an old habit of yours that needs addressing so now make a conscious effort to address it – otherwise next week your balls could be in a very different court.

The internal noises and struggles that have been plaguing you continue apace this week as Mars and the Sun meet up in your 12th house of, ‘Meep! I’m scared mama. The Bogey man is hiding in the wardrobe.’ Uncomfortable as it is the process is a kind of internal passing out parade for the changes that have happened on your watch during the year that was 2008. The crescendo of Wednesday can be unpicked over the weekend – just don’t expect it to be light and cheery. Some half truths you’ve told yourself (and likely anyone who would listen) about your future and what you really want are coming home to roost. You’re not going to like it, no siree you’re not, but like the chalky balm that is milk of magnesia it’ll be for your own good. Astrobabble has been carping on about the damaging effects of trying to exert too much control and suggesting you peel your fingers away from its gaudy promises all year. Any fear and loathing you’re feeling now are tell-tale symptoms that you’re still smitten with its dubious beauty.

The heat is mounting under the glorious melting pot that is your friends, social networks, and dearest wishes. This week as Mars hooks up with the Sun in this very pot you can expect to be the butterfly on crack cocaine that we always thought you were. Flutter as you will in all your splendour and energy from Wednesday, there seems to be an almighty price to pay for it come the weekend. The small print on financial deals and financial agreements concerning lovers, children, and creative ventures that have slipped your attention in all the socialising come home to roost. From January 6th the tide is turning in your favour. If you can set to one side the fact that it is Christmas and New Year between now and then, it will do you well to hunker down, get your cheese together, and get ready to face 2009 with a can do, go get ‘em, world-here-I come attitude.

The freedom, and more precisely the lack of it, imposed on you by significant others or brought to your door because of the lot of significant others resurfaces this weekend. An ultimatum delivered in early November reaches its first testing point. It would seem that you may be getting what you asked for – but at what cost? No-one else seems to be benefiting from your choices. The rising tide reaches its peak next week as the Full Moon culminates at the base of your chart with a whole bundle of other planets in tow. Mother issues, home issues, and bad, old habits that keep knocking you sideways are flooding at your door. This week ask as many questions as you can and talk as openly as you can because by December 13th nothing is ever going to be the same again.