Monday, 24 November 2008

This week

This week’s short-term news: discordant emotions buffet us Tues – Thurs. Feelings lift from Friday. Mid-term news: Uranus, the goosing planet of surprise, puts himself out of reverse and into 1st on Friday. Expect the unexpected. But the BIG long-term news this week: Demolition ball Pluto changes sign taking his need to destroy-then-create into Capricorn for 17 years. For how Pluto will rock your world see, ‘Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist...’ below. (Oh and apologies to the Coen brothers for filching this and other top drawer lines from the Big Lebowski this week.)

If your thoughts of a brave, new future dim a little mid-week fear not. They’ll be back brighter and better by Friday and you’ll be writing blogs and spouting to all who will listen about your New Year's Resolutions come early. Way to go there, Ram. In fact, if you can remember to take a moment of quiet for yourself around teatime Thursday, that’s your peak time to make a wish for the overseas, mind-expanding, future horizons you want to get your little hooves into during the coming months. And if you’re heading on holiday this weekend, eesa cowabunga time. As Uranus heads forwards in your 12th house of Meep! from Friday the changes you need to make to yourself poysonally can’t be ignored. You need to be brave, calm, and considered to get to the top. (Yeah, well. The Dude abides.)
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Pluto rolls into your 10th house for a 17 year stay and Your Success is His Football. If you’re over-inflated he will burst you. If you’re under-inflated he will humiliate you in front of the home crowd so you try harder next time. (Truth is sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.) Pluto’s only interested in Truth, and more perticalerly you standing in yours. So help him by playing fair and the game will be a golden one.

The ‘letting go’ vibe that we discussed here last week reaches its pinnacle Wednesday. Be easy on yourself. (Fig it, Dude, let's go bowling.) As Friday dawns there’s a sense of coming into your own and recognising old hang ups and habits you need to bin to take on the world. Negativity – out. Control freakery – gone. Parental agendas – what parental agendas?! Saturday - Monday shines bright for foreign, financial, and loving spoonfuls. In Uranus News: For years now wild dreams, crazy wishes, wappy friends and rebels have been part of your on-going melee, Bull. (You brought the figgin' Pomeranian bowling?) Their purpose? To inspire you to break down your barriers, to reach for the possibilities you never felt entitled to take. As Uranus turns direct on Friday with a kiss from your ruler, dreams to study, move abroad, take up the life of a wandering sadhu or get published/broadcast/onto celluloid get a shot in the arm. Up, up and away in your beautiful balloon/pole vault/mind.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Pluto heads forwards into Capricorn this week and you’ll be struck by two things. (1) How great change feels when you own it, plan it, and get to it (2) How you need to study, move abroad, take up the life of a wandering sadhu, or get published/broadcast/onto celluloid to become self-actualised, man. Pluto’s going to make you whole by getting you out of your comfort zone. So get!

The big party for you this week falls in your 7th house of one-to-one lovin’ and bidniz partnerships. This is activity that gets you horny, focused, and purposeful. Heated rows can ensue (watch Friday) but far better use that energy for saying what you want (rather than blaming someone else for being less than perfect) and then getting jiggy with it. Friday, make a New Start by scratching the bad experiences from the past and loving in the here and now. With Jupiter and Venus hooking up in your 8th house of kink at the weekend, Sunday is a great day for skipping chapel and getting, ahem, sticky. (You mean coitus?) Across town: and Uranus sez it’s all change on the career front. Top choice for this current configuration is the chance to make more money doing what you do as a freelance. News and offers could land Thursday and Friday. Uranus offers change so we grow. Get out of the tramlines; real success comes freestyle so get to it.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: At last Pluto shifts from your 7th house of partnerships and the feeling of being addicted to power games is O-V-E-R, gone bye bye, foreva. Pluto’s mission now is to Make You Let Go – fear of sex, poor attitudes to money, and any affinity you have for nihilism. Faith, oobah, and oof, Donny. Cominacha.

The energy is gathering in your 6th house of health and work just as your ruler the Moon turns her back on you. You’ll be tired, worrisome, and feeling a little out of your depth Tuesday - Thursday so stall ting, play for time. Come Friday and into the weekend as she starts turning her kind face back down to you, you’ll hear your instincts clearly once more. What can be said of these times is that you won’t get this energy here for another two years. If there are work projects and health problems you need to get motoring with cogitate Wednesday – Thursday then put a rocket under it. (And, you know, he's got emotional problems, man... You mean beyond pacifism?) The impetus will have gone by Christmas. On Friday as Uranus does a uiiee in your 9th house of foreign, study, mind expansion and future horizons the burning question is - Do you know where you’re going to pom pom? What had you frothing with excitement in June, and which has been under review since then, returns for decision-making time at the weekend. It’s not what you had predicted is it? Love and money have a new bearing on things now.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: If you’ve never really loved before (or never had your heart torn out and fed to you by a lover with cold bread sauce) Pluto is about to show you what’s what. It’s about Truth rather than agony but if you need some barriers breaking down, here comes the demolition ball. Gratis.

You should be havin’ fun Pussy Cat. Three fast, happy planets are tearing through you house of self-expression and Thursday’s New Moon here will certainly be a time to nail your colours to the mast where a creative project, cutey pie, or chilun-style plan is concerned. Mark Wednesday – Friday for Feline Overdrive and yatter about how fun these fun times really are. Write it down. Text it. Broadcast it on YouTube. Store it up for those rainy days that come by now and then. Uranus’s forwards ho on Friday is in your money box of bonuses and payouts. Linked to developments in your sixth house of work on Friday and Monday, now would be a good time to go for that better-paid post / internal promotion / freelance commission. Dough is around if you stretch for it so grasp the deep changes.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: A complete overhaul as to how and why you work rolls out with Pluto from Thursday for the next 17 years. Nothing about your 9 – 5 is sacred; it will only stay if it's true to you. Health matters that you’ve been ignoring will be dragged into your consciousness too. Pluto sez ‘Here comes the Truth’ in your office and medicine cabinet. (Fortunately, I'm adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug, uh, regimen to keep my mind, you know, uh, limber.) Don’t be lily-livered. Just get deep and honest about it.

So how are you doing with that feeling tired, fat, and useless thing you’ve got going on there? As three planets stomp around the base of your chart pouring cold water on what otherwise should be an upbeat week, chances are you’ll be nose-diving into a bucket of strawberry ice cream and then hating yourself for it. Amidst this harrumph is a golden nugget. A conversation about homelife, family life, old patterns and a glimpse of a new way forward lands Thursday so get ready to march on from Friday. The weekend’s your perticaler power house bebe. As Uranus goes direct plans with lovers and partners that have stalled since June are ready to progress. The delays have allowed new things to come to light - namely creative ventures, love interests, and plans for chilun. Their input sez decisions taken now are very different from what you've been expecting. Astrobabble isn’t saying ‘no turbulence’ but you’ll be pleased at the outcome.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: On Thursday demolition ball Pluto moves into your fifth house. During the next 17 years self-expression, children, and lovers are going to turn you upside down and shake you hard just so you truly know yourself. No, not a picnic, you’re right - but what a bunfight! (Ah guess that's the way the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself.)

Talking, prevarication, and expression are your watchwords this week and you will adopt anyone with ears as your friend. (Shut the FU Donny!). It’s as if by saying stuff out loud to a.n.other you get to defend, justify, or explain yourself… but who do you think you are really tawkin’ to? (Donny! I said shut the FU.) In all this jumble the truth will out. You might not quite believe it at first because as the Moon slips out of view midweek, your respect for your own words will slide down the pole as well. So say less. Talk to a wall. (Donny!) Play sudoku. Friday and into the weekend et voila. The truth that fell out of your mouth is ready to be acted upon. Old fears? Dem go bye bye and notice the goodness that immediately fills the void. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ravine: Work patterns and home life/family life/ old ingrained patterns link up this week as Uranus turns direct. With a kiss from your ruler Venus, ways to work from home or work closer to home are likely. If the 9 – 5 is not a reflection of who you are now then here comes the chance to be lifted from self-imposed or old, overly rigid tramlines.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Pluto’s shift into Libran Towers means that during the next 17 years your family life, homelife, and old ingrained patterns will be put through the shredder so the real you pops out and stands on its own two feet in its own glorious truth. (I could be just sitting at home with pee stains on my rug.) Destruction first, creation later. What needs to go?

You should have started the week on a peppy note. The Moon is with you and the flurry in your second house of income means that money may be going out but you’re well in touch with it and working/negotiating hard to balance things out and ensure there’s more coming in long-term. Thursday’s New Moon lands here too and wise Scorpions will take a half hour at teatime to call abundance to them and to draw themselves an earnsies/spendsies plan for the next 12 months. For you, Uranus’s uiiee lands in the rather gorgeous 5th house of fun. Lovers, creative ventures, plans for chilun which have been under review and getting short-shrift since June suddenly boing back into consciousness. Linked with Venus in your 3rd house it’s time to tawk about and even travel a little way to pursue deese tings of fun…
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Your ruler has shifted out of your money box and into your third house. Over the coming 17 years your clues to the real you and the state of your power will emerge through relations with bros and sisses, your status within your community, and the way you communicate. (I don't see any connection to Vietnam, Walter.) Expect turbulence and answers.

If you should feel a little low Tuesday through Thursday it’s just the Dark of the Moon in your sign. Chances are though you’ll be motoring so fast you’ll just give yourself a cold and keep going anyway. The key thing is that on Wednesday in perticaler slow down enough to hear little words of wisdom from your inner knower. As the New Moon lands in your sign Thursday teatime, make a wishlist for your coming year and make them broad, ambitious, and about communication. The same day Uranus turns direct in your fourth house of home healding changes concerning your family and mud hut. There’s potentially money around this. A family or home business could be the key to bigger mountains of shekels for Archers.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Money, lettuce, oof, Archer. Over the next 17 years Pluto is rolling across your piggy bank. If you’re taking it for granted he’ll take it away. If you’re slothing around, whingeing, and failing to reach for the joys of abundance he’ll come and show you how bad things can really get. The point isn’t to get you living in a cardboard box in Piccadilly Circus. It’s to reveal the True you and the Truth of what you need to be happy. (Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.) An honest approach is your only option.

You’ll be feeling under the weather more than most this week Goat as the Dark of the Moon falls in your 12th house amidst a plethora of back-chatting planets each wearing you a little thin, each pushing you a little closer to the end of your tether. It’s a phase, Goat. A process. By Friday the gloom lifts to a surprising but rather jolly communiqué – likely connected to love/admirers but potentially to creative endeavours and spondoolicks. Uranus has been in reverse thrust since June in your 3rd house of chitty chat. Now as he zooms forwards again conversations are zingy from Friday. Then Sunday and Monday are joyous days with overseas and long range plans getting a shot to the arm. Woohoo. (Hey nice marmet!) Go Goat!
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Pluto’s coming to Get You. There is no escape. Astrobabble has been harking on about this since January so in a nutshell. Pluto is going to reveal You to You. Resist and you’ll become a bully and upset a lot of people for a looooong time (The Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.) Go into it and you’ll never be afraid of anything again (except maybe spiders and lions).

It’s party time Airy, that you will already know. It’s also wishing time. As Thursday’s New Moon peaks at teatime, have yourself a brew and a sit down, and write yourself a wishlist of all the things you want for yourself in the coming year, make them bold and make them connected to money and abundance. In January, Jupiter the planet of luck is moving into your sign for a whole year. Wish now and don’t wish yourself short. The abundance point here is that Uranus, your ruler, is heading direct from Friday in your bank vault along with a link from Venus – planet of love and money. It’s a great time to be overhauling your approach to oof, Airy.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Pluto drifting up the corridor of your 12th house of fear isn’t going to be a sunny afternoon in a hammock but neither is it a Stephen King film. The stuff that scares you is the stuff that limits you ergo Pluto will set you free by urging you into the abyss. (Nobody fig wid de Jesuz.) The only way to do this is honestly. You can’t lie to Pluto. Name what scares you, Airy. Now Feel the Fear etcetera and so forth.

The dance around your boardroom table continues with new starts heralded from Friday. The New Moon may have you wobbling Wednesday – Thursday wondering if you’ve nailed the deal. By Friday though you’ll be back in the flow. The big news for you connects relationships, wishes, and your ability to change. As Uranus heads direct after stalling in your first house of You, Yourself, and You since June you’ll feel decisive and able to take some life choices at last because you’ll know what you want. They're connected to friends, wishes, and lovers. As the feeling grows by the weekend you’ll be ready to commit to a new phase of a close relationship – whether that’s making lovers into friends or friends into lovers. For the time at least, you’re leading the band.
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist: Pluto rolls into your 11th house of friends and wishes for 17 years from Thursday. His mission is to employ friends and wishes to reveal the real you to you… On the downside are power struggles with friends which show where you are weak or failing (Walter, I love you, but sooner or later, you're going to have to face the fact you're a goddamn moron...) and wishes that come to nothing because they aren’t really true to you. On the upside Pluto will bring you strong friends who force the real you out of you and love you all the more for it and help you fulfil wishes that bring you humility and joy in equal measure.