Sunday, 7 December 2008

This week

There’s a BIIIG kahuna in the skies this week as a Grand Cross forms from Tuesday between heavyweights Saturn and Uranus at either end of one pole and the Full Moon opposing feisty, speedy Mars on another. Uncomfortable is the understatement of the day. Wherever you go there’ll be wappy human beans, a sense of time speeding past, and extreme emotions and measures. When you start feeling rebellious / angsty / underfire hole up in a cabin and do some navel gazing. Just remember this week the whole world may seem gaga as millions of others start sifting through their bucket of cheese too. Sandwich of the week: tamazipan on rye. Chaser of the week: Night Nurse.

You’re going to shout. Likely you’re going to shout because your future isn’t getting to you as fast as you want it to and ergo anyone being slow as a snail is going to get annihilated. This is hardly evolving into the rounded, patient soul you came here to be is it Ram? (And it’s not doing your health or your reputation at work any favours either.) No matter. These things take time. (See what Babble did there.) With three planets stacked up in your 9th house of study, travel, and long-range plans the urge to get away from it all will be reaching a crescendo by mid-week – and therefore anything mundane, close to home, or short-term is going to be testing your patience to breaking point. Ah! And the circle is complete.

The teetering balance you’ve been trying to master between your more outlandish friends and wishes versus propriety, society, and reliable relations reaches a major turning point this week. Outside financial factors are about to change your whole picture – either because a contract or source of income comes to an end or because you win the lottery/get a Christmas bonus/receive an inheritance. Either way, finances are simply part of the current picture; your quest to pursue your dreams within the constraints of normality will continue for many Moons to come with many more boons and challenges along the way. Live the dream, Bully Bull, hit the red ball into the top righthand pocket - just do it with one foot on the floor in a proper and orderly fashion.

The Full Moon is yours, Airy, and as such you can expect to be getting just a little overexcited and anxious where lovers and bidniz deals are concerned. Take the Night Nurse. See it through. The trick here is to recognise that you’re working on some deep, ingrained, gender stereotypes as if you’re trying to live your life in the 1950s; with this sort of backdrop how can you be yourself in the here and now? For the next few years your picture of success, ‘mother’, and marriage is going to be peeled apart like an onion (please say ‘onion’ in a French accent because it’s so much fun… ‘wunyohn’). Things have moved on. You can be yourself whatever you are. You’re free! Free I tell you! This week’s Full Moon meep stirs you up so your real self can appear more fully when the dust has settled. If there’s a down-to-earth lover or kindly therapist on hand, so much the better.

Never at your best on a Full Moon, this week maybe the week you decide to find an isolated cabin, retreat from the outside world, and hide behind the sofa there instead. Friday’s Full Moon in your 12th house will be gathering pace from Tuesday and as it triggers your office and medicine cabinet you can expect knee-jerk contratemps in the workplace and old health whatnots to resurface. Behind the intense emotions and fears is an on-going struggle between your need to belong and your need to break free. From March next year the odds will be stacked in favour of freedom; between now and then rearrange your health and work pictures so you are ready to take flight.

This week’s Full Moon versus Sun/Mars pole is pitting your ideals against the way you are currently expressing yourself to the outside world (eg through your choice of lover, through breeding, or through potato-painting exhibitions). As emotions reach bursting point you may vent your frustration at these things or go off ‘half-cock’ quitting the 9 – 5 to breed or to paint wagons for swarthy gypsies. What fun! The reality in the here and now (and in your bank manager’s office) is that your knee-jerk maverick tendencies won’t financially stack up. This week’s energies are cajoling you to find a balance between self-expression and a steady income. Yes you can paint wagons for gypsies but first you may need to send the kids out as chimney sweeps. Or bag yourself a sugar Daddy. Or find another stream of lettuce that’s more legal and enjoyable.

Like your friend Pisces, the planets this week are pitting you against your one to one partners on one pole and your thoughts of success versus family mores on the other. The difference for you is where the intensity lands. You are in an on-going process of wappy partners and quirky significant others helping you come out of your shell and change (while still remaining a washed, dressed, and presentable Virgoan). The intense feelings this week question your shackles to ‘family’ and your inherited burdens. Are you being pressured to succeed at someone else’s agenda? Are you trying to fulfil a role that is not yours? Your wappy friends will tell you this is not the 1950s. You are not a cardboard cut-out. Tension at home and with family arises as you break away. No, maybe they won’t like it. But who are you – their expectation or your true self who’s free to dance with the outlandish friends in your midst?

Your need to talk isn’t likely to abate anytime soon, Scales, as Mars, the Sun, and Mercury continue to engage your tongue. What’s really getting you yakking this week are intense feelings about the future (as if talking hard enough could stop it). As the Full Moon peaks Friday, fears that your current everyday wash won’t get you anywhere safe have you knee-jerking to nail your colours to a mast, any mast, as long as you can pick one and hunker down. The real issue of course is that the future will seem scary (and that a golden one will feel unattainable) until you let go of the past. Saturn in your 12th house for the next 10 months will continually remind you to sort out your old laundry. As he does so, Uranus picks up the slack and starts shaking things up in your office and medicine cabinet. You can be sure of one thing, the future won’t be like the past.

A financial ding this week may feel like it’s upsetting an already teetering house of cards you’ve been trying to build vis self-expression and living the dream. Mars, the Sun, and Mercury gathered in your 2nd house have been calling your attentions to your bank vault in recent weeks. As they oppose a Full Moon on Friday issues around a contract or financial lump sum come as a surprise – either it doesn’t materialise or it materialises and reaching for it has unwanted ramifications on other plans. Your on-going quest to commit to a dream which makes room for bebes, lovers, and creative expression is still the right quest, Scorp. That commitment will be tested and supported for many Moons to make sure you’ve got it just right. Right now the test is money.

There’s energy bursting from every pore Archer which means when things aren’t going your way and to your schedule you’re going to pop - and with the Full Moon in your 7th house, lovers and bidniz partners are likely to cop it (or be the ones to burst your bubble). Like your friend Gemini, you’re in a long-term ongoing trawl through deep, ingrained stereotyping as if you’re trying to live your life in the 1950s perceiving success to be keeping up with the Joneses and having the latest blender on show in the kitchenette. If lovers are winding you up, perhaps it’s because they are suggesting there’s another way. Money is one side of success, of course, but so is freedom from it.

The ongoing noise in your head regarding loss, not being good enough, and baddies continues apace and thanks to a Full Moon, ricochets kersplat! in your office and medicine cabinet this week. Dead ends and contratemps in the workplace arise and old health whatnots resurface. It’s anxiety, Goat. It’s fear. Behind these intense emotions is an on-going struggle between your need to reach the destination you’ve set for yourself but knowing you will have to uncharacteristically chuck your current short-term modus out of the moving car window. Freedom from the known Goat. From the end of February next year your ability to discard all short-term modi will reach warp factor 10. You’ve a week more of fearing fear itself before your loins commence girding. So for now find a hammock and have a back rub.

In your eagerness to live the dream and hold fast to the ideal you may find tensions mounting with lovers, chilun, or those exhibiting your fabalas potato-paintings. (Either that or your overzealous socialising may be riling lovers, chilun, and exhibitors with your late night shenanigans and devil-may-care attitude.) The reality in the here and now (and in your bank manager’s office) is lucre. Inventor of the zodiac you may be, but sometimes even your inexhaustive mind can become too much. Outlandishness still needs to sell. One source of steady income buys time to create. This week’s energies are cajoling you to find a balance between self-expression and a steady income. Yes you can make potato paintings the size of a whale but you may need a part-time job as a waitress or fishmonger to fund it.

Like your friend Virgo, the planets this week are pitting you against your one to one partners on one pole and your thoughts of success versus family mores and gender stereotyping on the other. The difference for you is where the intensity lands. You are in an on-going process of wanting to change, move on, make tracks yet feeling hamstrung by the burdens or aloofness of partners. Yet deep down you wonder if these are really ropes of silk reeling you in just when you’re about to do something half-cocked and cannon ball yourself into the unknown... The intense feelings this week ask which parts of the mother / father equation are tripping you up. Wanting current partners to repeat the patterns you had at home is a sign that you are stuck. You are not a cardboard cut-out chained to the 1950s. And neither are they.