Tuesday, 4 November 2008

This week

Eesa big week, fellow earthlings. Monday and into Tuesday, US election day, Mercury hooks up with Pluto for a chinwag about change and Saturn the headmaster of the zodiac gets into the ring with Uranus, he of gaga-twittwoo-quelle-surpise-noone-expects-the-Spanish-inquisition fame... So in spite of Obama’s birthchart looking like Rocky Bilbao’s before the big fight, Uranus skipping about the ring means that nothing is cast in stone. PLUS the Moon is void of course all day Tuesday – and actions taken on Voids have a habit of not panning out… So whoever’s elected may not even last a full term in office. And, will it be a fair fight? Unlikely. Mars hits a ding with Neptune early doors and strong accusations of lying/slander/cheating /yaboosucks surface (again. For a change.). For us lot it’s likely a week for our own personal history books ‘nall. Cock on.

As alluded to last week, a health or work issue which has rather upset your apple cart means it’s time to get out of your self-imposed mindset-style prison cell and liberate a few fears. Not being good enough from time to time? Welcome to the human race. Realising that you need someone’s help? Ohthankgod you’ve finally let us in. It’s a busy old week and putting on a brave face for fear of seeming weak is going to be your natural approach. So be unnatural for once. Cry. Wear baby pink. Show extreme patience in the face of idiocy with call centres. That’s it Ram. You can do it! Knock yourself out with your sweetness and raw openness. Wednesday and at the weekend the tension lifts enough for you to let down the barriers. Resolve to allow your weaknesses out a little more in future. We love you all the more for it.

Propriety and change, Bullybull. Straightforward versus wappy about-turns. Right now you’re plodding along making steady progress with finding ways to express your innate self out there in the big ole world. And then something comes along – a wish, a new opportunity, the input of a friend, and you wonder if your tramlines are too rigid… Dees is de test! Saturn sez hold tight. Take in ideas, for sure, but only those that shape up your plans for the long haul. Once you’ve taken your stand let go and watch the changes happen around you and outside you. Mercury joins forces with Mars and the Sun this week suggesting that those changes concern one to ones of both de bidniz and loving varieties. There’s a chance to sort a work/money situation on Tuesday. Wait to sign though and check the small print. This week there are fluffy vibes Wednesday and the weekend brings a surprise fillip to overseas or education plans. Buy a lottery ticket Saturday and remember your friends when the shekels roll in.

The past and the future meet blam! this week Airy friend and it’s time for you to pick your destination on ‘who you want to be when you grow up’ and get motoring to that place. Conversations with lovers are in the frame Tuesday, deep, difficult, open sortsa dialogues. Snafu is you’re trying to negotiate love bidniz during a tricky work spell. You can’t get ahead on the 9 – 5 by pushing or shoving yet you’re convinced that letting things follow their own course will get you nowhere fast. But is the real question whether this particular 9 – 5 is getting you where you want to be on your new shiny map, above? Frustration and temper tantrums will get you nowhere this week so soldier on as you are and sort one thing at a time. Your key to success now will be managing to separate work issues from loving issues. Particularly on Tuesday, as you close the door to the office, park your work worries just inside it so your mind is free for martinis and lovin spoonfuls.

Take Tuesday off. Your leader is off message and off piste and you’ll likely lose your way in the snowstorm. From Wednesday then, make tracks and make them like you mean them – particularly where interests overseas, legalities, or education matters are concerned. It seems that there are unexpected changes /developments in these areas to be dealt with and with a Full Moon brewing next week you'd be wise to get cracking while your head's serene. From Wednesday too, you’ve the power to tawk like a tawky thing on subjects including lovers, chilun, and creative projects. Mercury is skipping into this perticaler zone to join the Sun and Mars so where there’s been attraction or disagreement, fire or fisticuffs, now's the time to bring it together again with your soothing Crabby vocals.

The big humdinger of planetary movements this week – Saturn opposing Uranus is striking all pussy cats in their wallets. Financial belt-tightening Saturn has been suddenly knocked off course /hoodwinked/goosed by wappy Uranus and dropped the ball, as twere. This is a two year cycle of yo-yoing so perhaps have a shortlist of financial ‘ideals’ for your shiny future and then get used to adapting them to accommodate the changing winds. On a money tip, watch Friday and next week for surprising but good news about wonga and work. In other news Mercury joins the Sun and Mars round your campfire. A rocky patch that hit early in the week with one-to-one partners may all have been a misunderstanding (or a few truths aired in a not so subtle fashion). Mercury’s arrival brings tea and buns and an option for vibes at home to even out a little by tawking.

The big change in the air falls across your relationship axis and while it may feel unsettling early doors this week come the weekend there may be some nice surprises vis love, creative ting, and chilun to cheer you and lift dem spirits. In fact single Virgos should be out on the mingle Friday / Saturday – even if via the ‘tint. With all the choppy changey going on around you, your winning hand is in keeping your cheese radar on warp factor 10 – perticalerly Monday and Tuesday. Someone is selling you a line and they are doing it with impatience and gusto hoping you’ll fall for it. Breathe and come back to it Wednesday. (And if it’s you trying to pull a fast one, shame on you. Saturn will whop your behind so he will.) Stars on Wednesday link money and home – if you’re thinking of moving or renting out the spare room, now’s the time to win negotiations.

After a ridiculously clingy 10 weeks, Mercury finally unlimpets himself from your leg on Wednesday leaving your sign for another whole year. (He normally loiters for just 3 weeks). By now clarity should be starting to reign again in your wash where speechifying and general antimisunderstandingisms are concerned. What Mercury Did Next – is hop over the fence into your bank vault. It’s time to talk about what matters to you vis possessions, material ting, and most definitely lettuce – and that includes tawking pay rises on the job front. The fall out of Saturn and Uranus’s nuclear bunfight at the weekend signals a need to grow keenly aware of the psychological driftwood you are clinging to and how that impacts on your approach to health and work. Over the next two years these two planets will be doing a lot of negotiating, triggering outward manifestations of your inner evolution. Strive to be who you are Now out in the world Scales – not who you were then. Not even last week. Love tawk is dreamy Wednesday. Pleasant surprises around home-fires and worky worky starred Saturday and all of next week.

Mercury comes getya Wednesday and after 10 weeks of being everso slightly rigid as an icicle about speaking your mind, get prepared to blow off those verbal cobwebs. Andthensome. For the next three weeks it’s going to be you picking the conversation topics in the cheery game of blether-my-neighbour (and anyone else who’ll listen). Go Scorp. The Sun and Mars here say you’re speaking from the heart and stomach and that peeps are turning to you for your thoughts and phrases. So parlay, bebe, parlay. The big surprises for you following Tuesday’s joust between Saturn and Uranus concern wishes Versus bebes/creative projects/lovers – how can you dern well fit in all of these into one life? Which is a priority? Saturn is a stayer and he sez follow your dreams to the letter. Uranus is a surprise surprise wild card and may just set a ball rolling off his own bat where bebes, lovers, and chilun are concerned... Single Scorps will be meeting some interesting types for sure. Couples trying to conceive, or creatives trying to get an endeavour off the ground have a two year negotiation period ahead. That’s not to say things won’t get lift off. Just that it won’t be in the way you’ve been envisaging – but by now you’ll have felt that in your waters, you spooky psychic cherubim, you.

The rising sense of paranoia (who said that), frustration (grrr), and push-pull between the past and the future (arrrgh), probably won’t be cured this week by a bag of chocolate mini eggs. However bits of lightness will show themselves if you can look up once in a while. Wednesday’s a good day for hearing loving things to chivvy you along – or for you to be in such a groovy place that you can offer cheering words to another from the heart. And at the weekend a pretty link between your ruler and your home life says spontaneous furniture moving/buying/home-decorating – or even, mercy me in these credit crunch times – good financial news on a home sale or purchase lands. Hoorah. When’s the party? Astrobabble will bring rice salad and absinthe.

Tuesday’s set to between Uranus and Saturn will have ruffled your feathers, not least because Saturn is your lord and master and Uranus’s flipperty gibbet nature really sticks in your slow-but-steady-is-the-way modus. Surprise conversations, unexpected news, a spanner in the technological works concerning foreign dreams, commitments, or study plans sets you offksi and with Mar’s square to Neptune you’re not best pleased. Wednesday brings cheering news of money and the weekend restores your faith in humanity as conversations, surprise trips, or joy from siblings reigneth. Top job Universe.

As your ruler’s spat with Saturn on Tuesday begins to subside, you may be feeling a few financial tremors. Uranus, the planet of surprise and spontaneity is not necessarily a good fellow to have around in your bank vault. However, what is let go of now, in the light of the new day, and what is put in place to replace it will stand you in good stead for the future; Saturn, the Daddy of the Zodiac, will make sure of that. The key memo-to-self to tuck inside your 2008 – 2010 diary is that this yoyo of Uranus and Saturn continues periodically for the next two years... Ducking-and-diving-bobbing-and-weaving is your middle name Aquarius. And where spondoolicks are concerned, if you can master your middle name successfully, you could be onto a nice little earner… In other news: Nice times with friends due Wednesday. Don’t go crazy on the cashola at the weekend (but a winning dog at the track or a lucky lottery ticket could be yours if you use the radar of your gut feeling).

As Uranus has been your constant companion in recent years, you’ll not notice that you’ve been becoming more of an eccentric by the day. So to have a party pooper like Saturn pop upski and demand that you wear a starched white shirt could likely make you howl in your floppy hat knitted by etched-faced women from a tropical island. Conformity, conschmormity. The tricksy thing to negotiate is that this starched shirt ordah has likely fallen out the mouth of a lover or bidniz partner who just wants a little bit more sense from you, a little bit more steadfastness and predictability. Wet blankets are wet blankets, Astrobabble will drink like a fish to that, amen. However, before you cycle off in a poncho, it may be worth asking yourself whether you could just reel in the crazy a smidgen, mebbes bring the mindfuzz down to warp factor 5. You're in a two-year process of calming it down. What you run/cycle/hide from now will just pop up again later from a different person’s lips. Rage if you like, Fishface, but nicer to have tea and a chat. In other news: Foreign news is likely after Wednesday. Friends love you as you are at the weekend.