Sunday, 9 November 2008

This week

This week’s astroscope is a tad like the narrative arc of yer typical Hollywood flick. Our hero’s cruising along ignoring a certain something that needs sorting out/confronting/chucking from a moving car window when a mini ding/calamitous hiccup/outright confrontation brings the Thing right out onto the metaphorical picinic rug of their wash and looks them right between the eyes. And so they have to find the courage to face it… And when they do they emerge into a new lighter place – and they’re left wondering what took them so long…

Our confrontation on planet earth is Beauty and the Beast; Venus and Pluto. On Wednesday Pluto (deep inner truth/sex/death/fears/darkness) collides with Venus (love/sex/money) – just as the Taurean Full Moon reaches its emotional peak. Oh Matron/Therapist/Officer! Find time to talk and swap stories at the weekend. This is a week not to be forgotten.

Your ruler’s on-going transit through your 8th house of letting go is a sign that you’re likely struggling with that concept – either not letting go enough, or letting go in theory but mebbes not in practice. Your need to go through a certain grieving process should not be ignored so go into it. From next week your struggle with this passage in your life will lessen and you’ll be focusing hard on that brighter, clearer future like our Hollywood hero. Therefore this week’s homework Ram is to learn stuff now so you won’t have to go through this again. Note down every time you resist letting go, and more importantly jot down what exactly it is you are trying so cotton-pickin’ hard to cling on to. Then make a resolution not to do it again; sheer stubbornness is not a lifestyle choice for the brave. Wednesday intensity strikes: (1) watch for leaping at the future before you look (2) watch for arguments about money and what belongs to who.

With your ruler banging into Pluto Wednesday and the Full Moon landing, bing! In the middle of your sign (mekkin a beach of an angle to Neptune) – you’re getting stimulus from all angles, Bull. Work stuff is hitting a pivotal point and where you’re being asked to close a door, or you’re feeling the urge yourself, delay decisions until next week while you examine the small print; this is not the week to be switching the doors to manual. Where the Full Moon is working in your favour is where love, creative ventures, and your future are connected. The heightening of your feeling for something or someone means it’s time to say it / do it / make it happen. Across town at Bull Towers the Pluto-Venus hook up is a fest of passion and indulgence physically and/or materially. This is make or break, all or nothing, raw and deep and your hot hot hottest link of the year. If you’ve needed to show your vulnerability, or some sweet tricks you’ve been hiding, or to wear your heart on your sleeve, the courage comes getya baby! Truth is a beautiful master.

The weekend’s a good one, Airy friend, with news and chitty chat and breakthroughs you’ve been waiting on for too long. Before then work’s got you flying high and you can see a career pathway leading out into the future which feels exciting, profitable, and achievable. The big intense moments for you concern your fears and your control or balance within partnership. A Full Moon in your zone of ‘Mummy, I’m scared of the dark’ is just going to make every suggestion feel like a criticism and every compromise make you feel you’re a doormat. Tosh, Fairy. The intensity / friction / passion of relationships that have come along in the past 12 years blowing your socks off and/or knocking you sideways are making their very last swansong mid-week so the fear is simply that old dust being stirred up again. Make a note of all the feelings that surface from Tuesday to Thursday – particularly those where you feel impotent/vulnerable/ defensive - and then burn it. You’re ready to move on. So kiss your past g’bye.

Astrobabble wonders whether you’ve already taken up your position behind the settee, Crab, as a Full Moon prepares to roll across the sky again this week. Where you’re most likely to be exhibiting your fears and heightened emotions is where chilun, lovers, and creative projects are concerned. If you can paint through this one, or make love, write poetry, or make dumplings/breast-shaped cakes the frisson of energy coursing through your veins will make you feel more alive than you have done in Moons. (The alternative modus could be over fretting and irritability for spurious reasons - perticalerly with chilun and lovers.) So dust off the guitar, fill the quill, goose the squeeze and give in to it. With all this music and merry-making there’s a work or health issue that is due to arise. It’s a powerful moment of Truth. Once you see it, name it, and act on the insight.

Wednesday’s Pluto and Venus hook up is a moment of intensity with lovers that will be hard to ignore. If you’ve been wanting some clarity or to feel what your undeniable Truth is regarding a perticaler sweet cheeks here it comes. For Pussy Cats the world over Neptune is clouding your overall judgement on relationships (at its worst seeing Princes where you should be seeing Toads and vice versa). Pluto and Venus’s intense moments together this week will shine a light on whether the Prince or the Toad is really the right creature to be rocking your world. (And if you’ve got a date lined up Tuesday or Wednesday take along your hard hat; the earth has every chance of moving…) At Pussy Cat Towers life should be feeling better. It seems that you’ve got your way. On the downside this week the Full Moon lands early doors Thursday. Watch Wednesday / Thursday for overemotionalising issues at the office.

Some glorious chocs this week Virgo and some not so glorious. The Full Moon, in your 9th house of future visions and travel, is making a pretty gorgeous party of it with Saturn and Jupiter. Lovers, creative ventures and plans for chilun that arise now have longhaul writ large – and in spite of your understated modus, you can feel it bygollygeewow you can. (Pencil all Friday and next weekend for tawky and planny of deese ting.) Where the Full Moon is not being quite so helpful is in the office or medicine cabinet. Mid-week work situations/medical diagnoses don’t chime with what you’d expected – and you may even feel the rug being pulled from under you/over your eyes. Play for time and let the information assimilate until the end of next week when you are more likely to get things the way you want them. If in doubt get a second opinion. Pluto and Venus strike you in the fourth. It’s time to move house/let go of past habits where love is concerned/or face some deep family truths and let them go in peace.

Intense conversations and emotional letting gos may not sound like a picnic on a sunny day in a park surrounded by furry woodland creatures and pretty flowers but Facing the Truth this week is likely to be a lot more liberating and emotionally constructive than eating a pork pie on a blanket. Venus, your ruler, bumps into Pluto in your third house of chitty chat Wednesday and the Stuff that you’ve needed to say but avoided Putting Out There is at bursting point. So burst. Let it out. Just as this peaks the Full Moon shines over your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes aka Letting Go. Your desire to freefall into emotional release is sparked through lovers, creativity, and even making bebes. So feel it, do it. With Neptune making a link to this Moon, though, stick to the facts. In the height of the emotional fall out don’t spin any yarns or impose hero expectations – and don’t wind up on the receiving end either. Across town in your bank vault there’s a rising interest in how you can increase your spondoolicks. At the weekend watch for news/inspired ideas on work avenues and working/making money from home.

Money baby. Lucre, wonga, lettuce. It’s been an awfee long 12 years since your ruler Pluto started ploughing his way through your financial sensibilities causing some Scorpios to turn materialist-crazy, others to reject oof as if it were something icky at the bottom of a bin, and others to fall into a pattern of earn/feel guilty/self-sabotage - earn/feel guilty/self-sabotage. Mid-week the whole thing comes full circle on ya as Venus holds an appointment with your lord and master – just two weeks before he leaves your bank vault foreva. Astrobabble’s take on this pivotal meeting is this: through some means (conversation/news/bank statement/credit crunchy biscuit fallout) Scorps are being forced to confront the highs and lows of their relationship with money and in this final analysis to strive for a sustainable, balanced approach. Rock on, Dude. Thursday’s Full Moon is striking in your 7th house of one-to-one partners. You’re in no mood to be trifled with right now and squeezes who aren’t pulling their weight – especially where the washing up, laundry, and general imbalances at Scorpio Towers are concerned – are skating on thin ice.

The intensity lands blam in your first house of you yourself and you on Wednesday (so of all the signs you’ll be feeling it by Monday). A rising sense of love and all that it means to you – and all that it does to change you – is inescapable. Archers are going through some soul-searching and vulnerable times at the moment with planets stacking up in your 12th house of ‘Meep!’. So the urge this week to be ‘fessing up to the power of love, Jennifer, may have you as scared as if you’re walking a tightrope above a croc pond in a pair of stilettos. Truth is a better buzz than lightening and margaritas put together. So name it and get light-headed. Love can lead you out of the darkness. Across the way: The Full Moon lands in your office and health cabinet making an unhelpful angle to Neptune the planet of illusion and delusions. Diagnoses made Wednesday may need a second opinion and conversations at the office aren’t punching out the facts. As emotions and impatience run high don’t pull any porkers out at your colleagues yourself and keep your cheese radar on Max.

For you Goatie there’s some painful truths brewing about love and ting. The Full Moon falls in your fifth house of lovers, bebes, and creative plans and would ordinarily mean an emotional high in these areas – whether it’s crossness, bliss, or an ending/change of sorts. The prequel to the Moon’s roundness though, is the hook up with Venus and Pluto in your 12th house of ‘I’m afeard. Help me! HELP ME!’ It’s as if a veil drops and a deep habit of how you sabotage your own happiness in relationships is laid bare. Sinking feelings in the tum, a mini panic attack on recognition, regrets that fire up like a candle in the dark. This particular Pluto pattern is a repetition of what happened in January this year – but this time the Full Moon emotionalises everything and the penny drops. Power games in love get you nowhere as great as vulnerability does. The weekend’s a great social time for you – news and surprises from friends at home and abroad raise the spirits.

The Venus Pluto hook up lands On Wednesday BLAM! in your 11th house of friends and wishes. Its intensity means that a burning Truth, a heartfelt desire, or an intense experience reaches a point of no return. These celestial configurations are where friends become lovers and where heartfelt wishes stop being castles in the sky and start manifesting as real, solid things you can reach out and touch right down here on planet crazy. However barking your ideas or affections may seem it’s time to act on them – and even more so in the light of the Full Moon. She’s illuminating emotions about home and what it means to you/letting go of redundant habits that have kept you stuck in the past/resolving family (and particularly your mother’s) agenda - so you can let it/them go in peace. It’s going to feel a little fraught, you bet your aspic it is, but ohgollygeemy will you feel vital and alive alivoh! Rise above a fear Thursday. Research inventive ways to make wonga at the weekend.

A culmination of you hard work in two parts. Part the First: Boardroom Applause. The Venus Pluto hook up strikes in the final degrees of your 10th house of Success Success I’m a Success! Implying that the culmination of many Moons’ efforts are being rewarded now with money, freedom, and a sense of being at some sort of pinnacle. What’s happening now mirrors the skies back in January. Since then there’s been something you’ve had to revisit, and now you have, you’re ready to move up to the next level. Bravo. Part the Second: Conversational Faux Pas, Half Truths, and other No Nos. The Full Moon lands tadah! In your third house of communication. Normally this would be a matter of maybe spilling the beans on how you felt about someone, even needing to get away from it all for a few days with a trip to the seaside, or perhaps a row with a sibling over trivialities such as cous cous. This time, however, Neptune your ruler is hiding in your 12th house of ‘Meep!’ You’re drawing a veil over the truth, and not being completely honest about why the cous cous means so much. Take note of (a) how bad you feel when you’re less than honest and (b) how hiding the truth automatically makes other people distrust you. Then let it go and resolve to do better.