Monday, 27 October 2008

This week

We’re now into the monthly Dark of the Moon a time of low energy and inward-looksies. Eat broccoli and rest easy if need be as by the weekend it’s action stations for all not least for happy Halloween celebrations. Celestial headlines this week are the Scorpio New Moon, (Tues 11pmish) a time to make new starts, then Neptune, God of the Seas/mists/illusion turns forwards ho on Sunday. We’ve also got a mother of all links between Saturn and Uranus forming on Monday – just in time for the US elections… More next week. For what the BIG Neptune uiiiee means for you consult your perticaler We All Live in A Yellow Submarine oracle below.

There’s something you can do without. There’s an old attitude regarding control that is frankly, wearing a little thin. Name it, shame it, bin it Wednesday morning and bin it like you mean it. It’s time to go a little more with the flow rather than ranting about pace and immediacy all the live long day. Thursday and into the weekend and you’ll feel switched on, tuned in, and ready to roll. Make it about rolling with the river of life and not sabotage and it will all be good. Something regarding work responsibilities or health catches you off guard during the weekend and you’re blam! Not going to like it. Why? Is it because you’re suddenly not in control? Go wid dem flow, Ram features, go wid dem flow… We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Since May Neptune has been clouding your judgment where your dreams and friendships are concerned. It’s time to shine a light into the dark waters and make these more true to you in the here and now.

A New Moon in your seventh house of squeezes/bidniz partners means it’s time to (a) get a new one (of either or both) (b) find a new approach to existing ones to mekem bigger, better, stronger, more delishy (c) get shut of the detritus and strike a new pose to attract (either or both) that suits who you are now more spectacularly. Single Bulls will feel more inclined to BE with someone. Go get dem, Tiger. The weekend is a mixed bag of potatoes. You’ve some adventurous vibes where the heart is concerned and mingling is a good plan, yet there’s a dramatic need to break free from the tried and tested – as if it just isn’t enough any more. The really big news seems to be an announcement / revelation / truth that comes out of the blue. A lover or friend (or both rolled into one) behaves in a way that pulls the rug from under you. Freedom from the known eh, hoof-features? We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Since May your dreams of success have been muted under the briney and all at sea through lack of clear direction. Watch Thursday for helpful work news, Captain, and Monday onwards for a gut feeling of where Treasure Island lies. Ooh arr.

A health regime that has slipped or a pact with yourself to spend more /less time in the office which has gone to cheese can be snapped back on track Wednesday thanks to the Scorpio New Moon. Do it, Fairy. Make that pact and stick to it. Your big day this week is Thursday. Your ruler Mercury hooks up with Neptune and you’re looking at lovers, chilun plans, and creative projects with rosey promises for a dweamy future. Twinned with Venus in your 7th house of squeezes and there’s fluffy stuff in your wash for sure. Work stuff and family obligations have you tied up at the weekend keeping you away from the fluffy. A sense that you can’t be in two places at once arises but acknowledging where you’d rather be speaks volumes… We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Neptune has been clouding your future since May and you’ve been reviewing your wash through daydream, illusion, and fantasy. From Monday it’s time to bin the illusions and start getting real. So get real.

As the Dark of the Moon descends around your own perticaler coral reef Astrobable will wager that you’ll be (a) jittery and (b) likely sweating at the thought of some delight that has caught your attention but who you feel you just aren’t good enough for. Per que, Crab sticks? By Thursday and into the weekend, as the Moon begins to shine in the sky once more, it really will be time to stop snivelling and to start making new wishes about what you want vis lovers, chilun, and creative tings – and then steeling yourself to go Go GO for it! (Pop the question at the weekend.) By the end of November you’ve a mother of all transits coming your way where relationships are concerned. And if you think you can avoid having that perticaler boat rocked, you’re a bint – and that’s official. Go with it. Reach high. Look up! News, likely connected to study or interests overseas, lands Friday and early into next week. A whole new chapter beckons. Be prepared for change. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: If the libido’s been low, or there’s been a whole bucket of Scotch mist regarding your finances since May – that’ll be Neptune dampening the energy. As he switches to forwards ho your interest, in both areas, will be rising.

If you need to have a conversation with a squeeze, pencil Wednesday and Thursday into your leopard skin diary. Mercury, who’s been playing silly beggars in your communications zone, is finally getting back on track and you can deliver a few home truths, and set a few recuds straight from Wednesday. The New Moon lands, blam, in your fourth house of home and family Tuesday night. If there’ve been fireworks, arguments, frustration building – Wednesday onwards is the time to make a fresh start. Watch out for grudges though. If you’re not really sorry it will show… Big changes for you are coming in your money zones from the end of the week. It’s time to shore up your reserves and get jiggy with your monthly spendsies. Ermine-lined slippers and pearl-coated-tiaras may just have to wait. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: If you’ve been living a ‘lie’ ‘dream’ ‘unhealthy illusion’ in your lovelife these past six months, reality could be about to rear its ugly head. Worst case scenario is you’ve been a divvy. Best case scenario is your squeeze really is a dreamboat come true. Purrrrrrr.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… this weekend you get another big dose of wappy from your nearest and dearest. Relationships for Virgos have been erratic, unpredictable, ‘interesting’ in recent years and the sense of predictability you crave and the commitment to slow but steady and valuable progress that you abide by may seem mocked by the flipperty jibbert attitude of lovers or bidniz partners. But try not to take it personally. Exasperating as it is, the more groovy and flexible you can be, the freer you will become and the more wildness you will get to enjoy (even if only by proxy for the time being). Tuesday’s New Moon in your third house points at reconnecting with the outside world – whether that’s through the latest technology, with bros and sisses, getting more community spirited, or sorting out the motor. Then Thursday your ruler makes a deal with Neptune; financial negotiations around work are starred. Press home the advantage. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Since May your commitment to work and health has been growing watery. It’s time to snap to it Batman and start reaching for the ideal in both – the ideal body and the ideal body of work.

With Mercury, he of the chitty chat fame, flapping his way through your sign in a forwards direction, it’s likely that you’ll be doing a lot of de chitty chat and setting the recuds straight where confusion has reigned in the past few months. Come Thursday dat chitty chat turns to tharts of chilun, squeezes and creative ideas and loykly dere’ll be no sock big enough to stap ye frem tawkin about deese subjects. It’s been a long time coming for ye, to be sure, so fill yer boots wid de tawky tawky. Just remember dough dat words and actions are two different tings – and showing someone how much you do or don’t care is de real slam dunk. So it is. Come de weekend a rising sense of needing to change either health or work situations reaches a crescendo. Not wanting to face it won’t actually make it go away - so stand away from the sand pit. Stand away! Right now you need to keep your head up and focus on your need to make money. As your ruler squares both Saturn and Uranus, it may be a case of getting what you need not necessarily what you want. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Since May your thoughts of lovers, chilun, and creative tings have been fantasy and mush with no real sense of substance… As Neptune nips into 1st gear on Sunday and starts heading forward ho you get a rising sense of what it is you want in these areas, a shape of your ideals indeed.

Tuesday’s New Moon is yours. That means Monday and Tuesday you’ll be a little under par, hovering inside the mountain awaiting your time to taa daah! Shine! Tuesday night, then, write a list of what you most want for yourself in the next 12 months. Make it important – better fitness, better financial outlook, more creativity, more time to yourself, more time for your lover… then light a yellow candle and ask the Universe to help you reach your goals. It’s a biggy this year, Scorp. Mars is in your sign giving you balls and as he hooks up with two big planets at the weekend (one in your house of wishes, the other in your house of creativity, chilun, and love affairs) your chances to start making your dreams come true is literally just round the cosmic corner. Booyakasha. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Confusion and/or unresolved issues concerning home and family that have been dragging since May (and likely getting little attention), are coming up for air from the weekend. This zone also rules past conditioning and past habits. Is there something old that’s holding you back?

Tuesday night’s New Moon in your 12th house is an annual opportunity to have a good ole looksee at your sabotaging aspects of yourself – where you let weak/unkind/hurtful/negative energies into your life because old habits continue to let you think that that is what you deserve. Shame, shame, Archer. Have a cheeky gander at the negative people/situations in your life and resolve to start letting them go (peacefully) from Wednesday morning. The big Astrocombi of Uranus opposing Saturn hits you across your 4th and your 10th houses. Changes around your living conditions are needed to help you buckle down and get ahead. If these changes appear unexpectedly it really is the Universe trying to get you to where you need to go. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: If you’ve been under the radar where bros, sisses and/or your local networks are concerned it may be time to pop up and say hello again from the weekend. Likewise if you’ve been holding secrets in since May, they may be ready to pop out now too.

The New Moon in your 11th house of friends and wishes is a powerful once-a-year chance to put your order into the Universe for the things you most want and need. This year, with Mars in tow, it’s extra-strength so make it count. A ‘gold rolex’ is not exactly the idea… ‘a lover who brings out the best in me’, or ‘an opportunity to work abroad’… A health regime... Strength to ditch bad habits and a clear idea of what they should be replaced with… Those are the sorts of triggers the Cosmos likes. Shock revelations and conversations that turn your future plans, foreign concerns, education dreams on their head are due from the weekend. This ain’t necessarily bad – it all depends on whether you’re up for adventure or still clinging to YOUR vision of how the future should be... Be flexible. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: As Neptune heads direct from the weekend any financial delusions you’ve been harbouring since May come to light. If there’s been way too much emphasis on money at the cost of other things then you’ll recognise this now. Contrarily, if you’ve been thinking that money can just take care of itself, you’re likely to find that idea flipped over.

Tuesday’s New Moon lands in your 10th house of “I am de best in de whole wide world!” If you’ve needed a boost to your esteem/confidence/general wash then here it is. With the Sun and Mars here too, upping the ante, Astrobabble would like to suggest you think twice before you pull your pants over your trousers and clamber onto the boardroom table singing “I did it my way...” There’s only so much self-belief us mere mortals can stand. At the weekend your ruler Uranus has a proper set to with Saturn across your financial houses. Money you’ve been expecting – or the payment set up – or your level of monthly outgoings - changes. You may have to draw on your reserves making you nervous. What does dis tell you airy friend? Get a savings account. Get your finances in order. Make your spendsies manageable. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: At the weekend Neptune goes direct at last in your first house of You, Yourself, and You. If you’ve been feeling a little lost since May, a little bewildered, a tad rudderless, your gut instinct just got a louder voice.

Tuesday’s New Moon lands in your 9th house of educashun, foreign shores, and future plans. New Moons aren’t often strong enough to make you get on a plane and emigrate if you’d never even thought about it but they can bring back and reopen areas of thought and add impetus to taking those first steps. So… Will it be a fortnight’s travel, or an evening class in origami, a degree in quantum physics, or a rethink of where you want to be in five years time? With Uranus about to clash with Saturn in your 7th house of close bidniz and squeezy partners, long-term thoughts could be what your relationship stakes should be. Saturn may be making relationships tough (and tough to stick to) but if your nearest and dearest is helping you grow and learn, then this weekend you may surprise even you with your ability to change and step up a gear. We All Live in A Yellow Submarine: Your ruler heads forwards for the first time since May. You may still be feeling your way in the dark, but at least now the gloves are off and your confidence to find your way out of the maze is heightened.