Sunday, 19 October 2008

This week

It’s a mighty week, campers, not least because demolition ball Pluto makes nice with the Sun early doors right on top of the Galactic Core – a sort of cosmic drain hole where the power of the truth lies (err…). The Cosmos is offering a whole new way of looking at things. For what it means to you poysonally see your ‘What the Blue Blazes..?!’ sections below. In other news Venus is getting adventurous and the Sun is getting sassy. Fruity times ‘abound’. Pass the smelling salts. Look to the lady!!

The Sun and Mars congregating in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes, aka ‘Letting Go’, sez it’s time to feel it and do it – let go. This can be earth-shattering oobah oobah. This can mean cutting the ties with the past so you can get the freak on with the future, Bridget. And this can also mean sorting out your money situation by working with the laws of attraction and believing that you are worth abundance. Mars, your ruler, may be urging you to fight against it. Go right ahead. Knock yourself out with that running up the down escalator thing you do. But better to be an open window than a bolted door. Energy likes it better that way. Chats with lovers and bidniz partners continue this week and may even start making sense. Be careful not to make promises you can’t keep Sunday. What The Blue Blazes..?!: The words, feelings, energy, input of a lover or bidniz partner show you the way to an exceptionally shiny future. Following these words means you will have to change. Stop being scared/proud/feisty. The future needs you.

Hot times, Taurus. Your focus on relationships cranks up a notch as the Sun moves into your seventh house of one-to-ones from Thursday. Twinned with Venus in your 8th house of kink and you are likely smouldering out there in the paddock, all negligee and tassels, driving your admirers wild. What you can feel brewing deeply in your waters is a total about-change in the who, how, why and even where you love – as if visions of what you’ve demanded from squeezes in the past were mere teenage fancies. This brewing will reach its crescendo from November’s first week. In the meantime recollect all the lessons that love has taught you thus far, and get ready to go for the MA. Or become the teacher. In office news, what you’re told Monday 27th may be a heap of tripe so check the small print. What The Blue Blazes..?!: An old health or work hang up is holding you back from striking out on your own and leaving the past where it belongs. News / insights / a figure you warm to early in the week shines a light and you at last see a path leading out of the dark.

Love stuff continues to occupy you this week, Fairy friend, as Venus, she of love-ruling fame, glides into your 7th house of long-term one-to-ones while Mercury, your winged ruler of chitty chat, continues to chitty chat in your 5th house of love affairs. Issues with former squeezes are ‘brought to the table’ - likely in a chitty chat way (for now) and there’s more likely a chance for sweet melodies and soft scents in the air than there has been for a while. Striking while the iron’s hot is key as work and health issues will start dragging your mind away from romance from mid-week. Sunday and watch out for making promises you know you can’t keep – particularly those where you promise to STOP doing something. What The Blue Blazes..?!: Tuesday and it’s make or break time for a love affair. Is it coming with you into your bold, new future? The jury may be out for yet another week.

With all the carry on surrounding your homefires, you may well have found attending to love affairs, chilun, and/or creative ventures scary/ exhausting/vexing. From Thursday you should start to sense a rising confidence in these three areas of life as you embrace the joy/funsies/ purpose of your on-going investment in all three. And your ardour should be on the up too, sailor. Work and health improves this week as well, thanks to Venus soothing aches and egos. The only leetle ding falls at the weekend when in trying to sort a homelife situation you concede too much to a nearest and dearest. Stand your ground. You have claws. Use them if necessary. What The Blue Blazes..?!: A financial habit, possibly even something you’ve learned from your ole Ma and Pa, comes up for air this week. It may be an aversion to spending on the kids, spending on your health, or an outdated belief in what constitutes a ‘proper job’. Bin it. Move on up. Shake it like you just don’t care.

Your fellow pussy cat, Madonna, may be leading the way for all felines this week. It’s time to talk it and sort it; conversations that have been skirting around the issues like frightened mice won’t cut the mustard a second longer. It’s time to name it. It’s also time to get the homefires the way you want them and by gollygeewow have you got the fire and the energy to do it! It’s time to kick past habits that you’ve put up with for too long to the kerb. It’s time to remember how love feels, pure and simple – whether that’s creativity, fresh new love affairs, or the joy and innocence of children. It’s also time for Cats to wake up from any delusions they’ve been entertaining in their one-to-ones. Wave bye bye to the pussy cat – and take those cheap shoes with you! You tell ‘em girl! You’re standing right on top of your Truth, in a volcanic blast of energy. What The Blue Blazes..?!: Tuesday – Wednesday and the voice from the burning bush is yours Pussy Cat – what you have to say vis lovers, chilun, and creative projects will change your world. So say it and blam! The future happens.

While conversations and decisions about money start to finally fold out neatly and make sense you should be finding peace and harmony and beauty about your homefires. You’re into a three week spell where having friends over chez toi and repainting the kitchen, re-grouting the shower cubicle, and investing in scatter cushions and shelving are de rigeur. There’s also gathering action in your third house of everyday – which encompasses such diverse goodies as travel, transport, bros and sisses, and communications… Out of town trips, calls from siblings, street parties, and investment in gadgets can all be expected in some form or another. And Talking. Right now there is nothing that will stop Virgos from Writing, Talking, Chatting, Chinwagging, and Emailing. If you’ve got a report or a novel or a website to get written – strike now while the iron’s hot! What The Blue Blazes..?!: Money and homelife are linked as if there’s some flicker of an idea about how to work from home, or get your family life more as you want it – and finding a new way of bringing home the bacon holds the key. Think outside the box; think of commissions rather than salary.

As the pressure comes off and the planets roll around the zodiac, the focus shifts from Who You Are and Why You Are to what lucre and possessions mean to you. A much easier quandary to handle. Behind the scenes there’s still a sense that it’s not quite time to let go, as if loose ends, just off screen, need to be tied up before you can move on... but to where exactly..? You won’t know anytime soon so let that feeling come and go. In the meantime as big bills come in ideas are starting to follow them... ideas that create ways you can do without some stuff and afford to do more of what makes you happy, stay well-fed, feel comfortable. Love is available but you’ll have to communicate. Look out for the love around you and then name it, even if you start humming Ma Cherie Amour. Loudly. What The Blue Blazes..?!: Early in the week a powerful communication sets you free; you may not know it until afterwards but when you wake up Thursday morning how you communicate will be changed forever. The voice from the burning bush hereinafter, Scales.

It’s Scorpio time! The Sun at last, after what must have seemed like months of copping the fuzzy end of the lollipop, lands in your first house of You, Yourself, and You. At last your ability to speak, hold court, and even make a decision about what to have for tea in front of more than two people returns. You have been hamstrung, Scorpio. Flummoxed. Terrified even. From Friday the Sun lands in the 1° of your sign, joining Mars, giving you energy and self-confidence. There are s few on-going shadows of paranoia as Mercury is still circling your 12th house of, er, shadows for a few more weeks but they’ll be back in the, er, shadows as your time to shine lands this week. Go steady on spending – retail therapy is written large – and Sunday don’t let paranoia gag you. You have very important things to say. What The Blue Blazes..?!: As your ruler hooks up with the Sun on Tuesday you’re thrown a life line out into the dark. Abundance is available on so many levels. Believe it, grab it, reel it into your life.

These are tricky times. You feel that the growing pains are a necessary step to get you to the future and yet the intensity is beginning to pull you in two ways – one to fall into it and go with the flow, the other to try and control it and make it work the way you want it to. Lightness comes this week in the shape of Venus - humour, laughter, music, love, sweet incense and kind words from lovers. If you can be gentle to those around you while the heebie geebies rise and fall, they’re more likely to put marshmallows in your hot chocolate. The big news for Archers is that it’s your last few weeks EVER this lifetime with Pluto in your sign. If you do nothing else in the coming month meditate on what you have learned about Power in the past 12 years – good and bad – and how you will emulate its best qualities for eva more. What The Blue Blazes..?!: Your ability to manifest your dreams is at its zenith early this week, perhaps even a lifetime’s high. Design your perfect target – include, love, creativity, work, money, worldwide destinations - and then aim your arrow. And remember, don’t drink before drawing.

Your route to workplace success is starting to make more sense this week, Goat, as Mercury gathers speed in the boardroom of your wash. Then from the weekend friends throw light on your dreams and action stations are ho! (though you may need to walk before you run with some thunks). Circle Friday for a feeling in your waters… What The Blue Blazes..?!: Tuesday is your power day, Goat. In a little over four weeks the last 12 years of underlying fear, uncertainty, lack of control, and humiliation will be wiped clean. On Tuesday the Sun lights the way forwards but before you crack open the bubbly it may be worth taking stock of all the lessons you have learned (painfully at times) and what they add up to – humility, apology, fairness, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, equality… From November 27th for the next 19 years you will have the power of a modern-day wizard. It would be great for the rest of us if you were a wizard with a forgiving heart and a fair hand; that will make you the type of wizard we will follow gladly, by skipping. Goats who harden themselves to the past and grasp power like a psychological fast car or bootcamp officer bent on control and revenge will feel nothing but pain and make the rest of us suffer. Brrrr. Like some crazed mad bad Billy Goat Gruff.

The big movements for you Airy friend are in your houses of future visions and career success. Key mover and shaker is the Sun who Friday makes a leap from the first int’other. A vision you have had and have been nurturing looks set to pay off. You can expect ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’ to resonate around the boardroom and for bosses to invite you along to the ‘club’ for an after work social. Venus, Goddess of fruitiness and bounty, sashays into your zone of friends and wishes on Monday. Friends become lovers, prettiness surrounds your hopes for the future, even money and social networks are connected. If you’ve wanted an excuse to have a party at home now’s the time – and ask all friends to bring a gorgeous friend you’ve yet to meet. What The Blue Blazes..?!: Take a Polaroid picture of your wishes for your future on Tuesday – or write it down or make a visualisation board with pictures to symbolise those dreams. Then watch. Pluto’s forthcoming move into your secretive 12th house will turn some of those ideas upside down but creating a time capsule now will show how far you’ve come.


It’s been an uncomfortable time of letting go. Certainly you’ve had your fair share of paranoias, old habits, and ways of life to confront. Thankfully, as the Sun moves into your zone of future horizons from Friday, you should feel the weight lifting. Foreign holidays and time to daydream about the future are starred, and ideas for what you want to fill the void left by the letting go phase should start rushing at you like balls in a Pinball Wizard machine. At the weekend the words of a friend may show where you’ve left a stone unturned in the ‘letting go’ period. Don’t shoot the messenger. What The Blue Blazes..?!: You have to leave somewhere good to get somewhere better - literally, metaphorically, physically. It’s time to get higher up the ladder. Look up!