Monday, 13 October 2008

This week

While doing yoga to the Doobie Brothers on Saturday morning (true) Astrobabble had something of a mini epiphany. The Babble was flying through the air, hurtling towards a brick wall, when suddenly a gate opened and she was deposited at the end of a pathway before a chocolate-box country cottagey. Que significa? Well, whether it’s a country cottage or something symbolic about ‘home’ and all that that means, the imagery mirrors the cosmos this week. Tuesday night’s Full Moon in fiery all-or-nuthin Aries is softened by Neptune, he who governs visions, illusion, dreams, and romance. Somehow an ending inspires a new vision / dream… In Other News: For all of us, pixie Mercury is stalling right now and preparing to head forwards from Wednesday. Communications and technology are all arcs-about-teet. Wait to fly / sign / buy until Friday.

The Full Moon in your first house of You, Yourself, and You is an annual emotional high which has you chomping at the bit and cross cross cross with yourself although you’ll likely be projecting that onto others. Why? The ongoing reappraisal of your one-to-ones and significant others means you’ve seen how they handle things, warts and all, and how that does or doesn’t dovetail with you in the Here and Now. A new picture of what you need from others is presenting itself. But to reach out for it you’ll have to stop stewing in your own frustration and let your barriers down.

A cosmic link which shows how your health or work life and your sense of success are two sides of the same coin is clear as crystal to you now. The hurdle is identifying an old festering secret/fear/horror of weakness which is undoing your god-given ability to progress up the mountain… Hmm. This week the secret pops up above the parapet. An inkling / emotional trigger / day dream which provokes a good old-fashioned sob holds the key. Scrike like a good un, let it all out, then Wednesday / Thursday fess up to someone and let the burden go forever.

A Full Moon in your house of dreams, friendships, and social circles is a natural time to jettison those which are keeping you too attached to the Someone You Once Were but need to Leave Behind. On the flipside of the coin, a dream which has not worked can be re-formulated now, taking into account all the things that have presented themselves in the past 12 months giving you a new Blue Print mit balls. If this dream involves lovers, children and creative ventures the skies say that this weekend is the time to act. Discussions are about to start making sense once more.

Home is where dem heart is and as Mercury stations direct from Wednesday, what has been up in the air / confusing / unconfirmed will at last start to form some semblance of order. If you’re finalising house sales this week wait until Friday at the earliest, Monday if you can fudge it. For some moving on and letting go of lodgers/family ties/old homesteads are starred but with the Sun making a positive aspect to Neptune it will feel like it is for the best. Meanwhile, your favourite favourite – the Aries Full Moon, dagnabbit, lands Tuesday night. This is the fieriest and most unsettling of all the Full Moons for Crabsticks and if you want to tell Astrobabble that you are a complete failure in everyting you do and nothing you ever work for will amount to a hill of beans, go right ahead, but first you have to have a long soak in a tub then eat this large mountain of meringues glued together with cream and cherries. There, there. Now what was it you were saying?

A Full Moon in your 9th house of holidaze, mind expansion, and future plans hints at the need to stop being emotional about these areas and to pick a lane in a few days once you’ve regained composure. Certainly if you’re trying to pick a lane viz the rest of your life right now, you’ll be driving all the other animals on the plain crackers with your banging on about me, me, me and your caterwauling about nothing being good enough/big enough/shiny enough. Enough already. Shut up. A leg massage will take your mind right off the whole bidniz until you’re thinking straight from Thursday. And will give the rest of us some peace.

It’s not like you to get overemotional or openly oversexed or overtly materialistic but this annual Full Moon in the sign of the Ram has a habit of fanning the flames to your ardour, wardrobe ‘choices’, and desires for tycoonery – even if it’s a heightened sense of not being ‘good enough’ in one or more of these areas. Twinned with your ruler’s snail-pace of a carry on in your second house of possessions and you may well be feeling that you’re stuck on a treadmill. And a cheap treadmill at that, in cheap gym shoes and very horrible shorts. Enough! By the weekend your ruler will be heading forwards, your ability to manage / control /master your spondoolicks will be back. And how much you spend on hearth rugs and sexy boots to ensure you feel sexy and successful will be your call, Hot Virgo Mama.

Tuesday’s annual Aries Full Moon in your 7th house of long-term lovers and bidniz partners is a cosmic heightening of feeling in the good, the bad, and the downright ugliness of situations current, past, and future; a time to feeeeel what is right or wrong in your bidniz and loving twosies and what aspects/expectations of them are ready to be chucked from the moving car window. The heightened emotion doesn’t sit well with you, as you don’t like making decisions when your feathers are ruffled as a duck in a wind tunnel. Double whammy this year is Mercury still heading backwards in your first house of You, Yourself, and You giving you cause to reflect on the past and what you may have done to upset the apple cart or to pick an apple cart instead of a Transam in the first place. Babble sez delay decision-making. Think, feel, cry, delay, blart, run, skip, scrike, read, hide. Then come Thursday you’ll be in a much better space to explain yourself to you first and to others later.

A panic or fear about health or work issues arises as the Moon reaches it’s fattest on Tuesday night. Whether there’s any substance in those fears is a time-relative question; right now you’ve the Sun and Mercury still hanging out, Man, in your 12th house of Meep! There’s something in the woodshed. From mid-week as Mercury turns direct and the Moon begins to ebb, have a long look at whatever inadequacies, concerns, diagnoses popped up at the start of the week. Any that still remain should be looked at again. And second opinions from doctors, shrinks, and your close circle should be pencilled from November 5th.

Feisty areas for you in the light of the Aries Full Moon on Tuesday are lovers, chilun, and creative ventures. Either they’re driving you to drink or raising your passions and your desires to procreate/create/adore. Across town, Mercury slows and then turns forwards in your 11th house of dreams, friendships and social circles. Old lovers pop up or back off; old dreams and plans can start to take shape now all the news is in, and social networks start to call your attention so you can get on with getting ahead. Wishes you put your name to early doors have the stars behind them so make a wish and be proud to call it yours.

An issue concerning home and family reaches an emotional culmination on Tuesday. It’s an annual thing, this Full Moon, and it’s feelings as well as endings/changes – anything from your past which is holding you back bubbles up under these skies so expect to feel sentimental and a little like adopting the foetal position with your favourite blanky – though probably not during the 10am board meeting. Across the skies, Mercury quits stalling in your 10th house of “I Am De Best In De Whole World” and starts heading forwards ho from Wednesday. You can expect snafus in your chosen path in life to do likewise.

The irritation / emotion of Tuesday’s Full Moon will be felt most strongly through stuff happening in your every day wash. Expect to feel just a little bit irksome, a little bit phooey, a little bit “WILL YOU STOP THAT NOW!!” to small boys kicking a football around on the green when you normally wouldn’t bat an eyelid. A little bit “DAD ALWAYS LIKED YOU MORE!!” to brothers and sisters. A little more effing and blinding to other road users. It’ll pass by Wednesday and you can return to normal convivial habits. Mercury’s screeeech… uuiiee… forwards ho… in your 9th house on Wednesday means that from week’s end, the snafus that have cropped up viz studying / life direction / who am I / what does it all mean will start to iron themselves out. Pea green boat at the ready, Airy friend.

A financial deal, or at least your attitude towards lettuce, is up for a review this week Fish. Tuesday’s Full Moon in this sector spotlights an emotional sense of how your spending / earning habits unsettle you sometimes and a desire to tighten your belt and get your direct debits in order may arise. Rock on. Across town Mercury’s stalling behaviour says wait until Friday before making these changes. The Full Moon is an emotional neon arrow pointing at your wallet / bills / appliances on standby. Mercury’s about turn on Wednesday is the cosmic green light to get finances in order from the weekend.