Monday, 6 October 2008

This week

Astrobabble was pontificating at the weekend about this strange sense building at the moment as if a giant cosmic wave is pulling back in agonisingly slow motion, and we're all left waiting for it to stop drawing back and to just get on with crashing onto the shore... If you’re feeling that in your waters then welcome to the club. Within weeks the biiiiiig, slow, important movers and shakers of the skies are changing; Pluto returns to Capricorn where he was briefly at the start of the year. [see archive 01/20 Pluto Noos]. Then Uranus and Neptune, the Gods of change and fantasy/idealism, gather up their massive skirts and drag us all to the dance. The wave is coming. The tide is turning. Thank God for friends. More next week.

With Mars and Venus firmly ensconced in your 8th house of letting go you’re faced with a double-edged sword… You know that conceding or at least compromising will make you the bigger person, and yet… the thought of giving your power away? Puh! That’s for cissies! Puh! all you like, Ram features, but de deep down truth is you have to give up something good to get something better. And honestly, how good is control just for the sake of hiding your fears? Monday and fear about the future grips you and whether it’s work or health related, you know you have to take that step. There are lovers and bidniz partners close by to buoy you up. At the weekend count your blessings and admit your fears out loud to at least one other person. See how tiny those fears become when they’re released out into the big wide world.

You lascivious strumpet you, Bullybull. You perfumed-haired Goddess. You buxom lovely with pretty hooves and sticky lashes. The fire in your ardour, and the pings in your heart, can be felt for a 40-mile radius and chances are a cavalry of suitors are haring to your door with all manner of ‘offers’. It’s been two years since this type of fuel has stoked you up but this time you have discernment. Use the flames for sensuality’s sake and don’t waste it on any bull-stylee flare ups with bidniz or loving partners. Angry types hit your buzzers so tell ‘em to buzz off. The End. Monday – Tuesday and a work project has some luck attached and a future flavour. Hmm mm. Then all week and into the weekend it’s love stuff that’s got you preoccupied. The future flavour continues in your heart zone with added surprises and rose-tinted glasses from Friday. Be smitten and smokin’ hot but don’t fall for smoke screens and don’t chug any out either.

As Mars strides, cod-piece protruding, into your 6th house of worky worky, you’ll feel that it’s ‘Stop! Hammer time...’ and that you should be thrusting your power about on the 9 – 5. Venus is here desperately trying to temper any overt power-tripping you may be exuding but she’ll be moving on soon enough. What Astrobabble is saying is confidence not arrogance; the carrot not the stick. Working for others is going to properly peas you off right now and yet you yearn to protrude... So, what to do? Identify with a project, even if it’s counting all the office staples, and give it all you’ve got. Awyeah. Commitments at the office link to your mudhut too; perhaps you can take some paperwork home and do the admin in your pyjamas. Lovelife and Monday a funny feeling in your stomach = fear about partnership, either you want one but don’t think you’re good enough or one is going awry and you feel unable to stem the ebb. Then at the weekend the Sun in your love zone makes a very pretty angle to Neptune in your house of future horizons. Romanticize and idealize, Airy, but watch and wait for the next 2 – 6 weeks to see if your dreams are strong enough to build a garage on. You’re in review time so sit on the fence.

Monday and wallop – a work or health issue rises up and scares the bejesuz out of you. It’s a passing mood, Crab, but a reminder that it’s Time To Sort It Out. Things smooth out and develop interesting hues as the week moves on. There’s joy, passion, and activity in your house of chilun, lovers, and creative ting – more bebe? Oobah squeezy? New potato painting exhibition? In fact if you need to ask some sweet honey out on a date, Tuesday has a glorious ‘ring’ to it. And there’s more. At the weekend pleasant loving surprises (or surprises from chilun or through creative ventures) touch your soul. There’s a secret in there that is yet to out but it will, come November. Keep your feet on the ground even while your head is spinning and you’ll not be wrong-footed. Or wrong-foot your cutey…

Monday and two notes surface. (1) Finances viz work look promising. (2) A truth in a partnership is revealed. Number 2 triggers a fear response and while it may just be a passing whim, sweep it under the carpet at your peril. What is it about facing Your Truth where lovers, chilun, creative ting are concerned, that troubles you so? Face it Pussy cat. Sort it. After 12 years of the same old habit It Is Time to chuck it from a moving car window. Tuesday and financial deals regarding house and home look favourable. In fact with Mars and Venus here in your home zone there’s activity and love stuff bouncing off the shagpile for sure. Just watch for Mars’s flipside triggering off old arguments. Live in lovers may be proving energetic, and not in a good way. Changes may be needed so that Pussy Cat Towers starts to feel like home again.

A truth about what you want from your homelife hits you smack dab in the middle of your forehead Monday and naming the truth out loud will only help to speed you towards the answer. So name it and speed forth. The other news this week encompasses money and chitty chat/communications generally. Mercury and the Sun meet up early doors this week and a review of money reaches its peak and potentially most confusing point… However remember that sometimes the best way to sort out a chest of drawers is to empty the whole lot onto a bed and then sort it from scratch with everything tidied at last. And so it may be with your bank vault. In Chitty Chat News: communicados with lovers/creative projects/chilun look positive. In fact chitty chats with lovers are looking hot/surprising/idealistic (or downright guff-laden). Tuesday and a lover seems to have all the hallmarks of F-U-T-U-R-E writ large. Then into the weekend come unexpected turns / surprise invitations / romantic fogs / blissful unions. Keep your feet on the ground and sashay with aplomb even when your heart is booming like a kettle drum.

Backwards ho Mercury meets the Sun Monday and Tuesday and you’re under the spotlight to present yourself without the wherewithal to get your words to come out in any form of sense or clarity. Twinned with this vocal ding, Pluto and the Moon remove any confidence you may have left to present yourself in the way you think people want you to present yourself. The problem comes in being on the defensive when there is nothing to defend. Is being defensive what you think ‘they’ want? Defensiveness, deschmensiveness. You are their equal. Venus, your ruler, gets a knowing playful cuff on the shoulder from Saturn on Monday and Tuesday too. There’s more on your side than you believe. One word of caution though, away from the talky talky you are cruising for a spending spree when you’ve five weeks of big bills heading your way. Money’s coming in, that’s for sure, but be careful of resting on your shekels. There’s more due out. Watch the weekend for blowing your bucks in a retail frenzy.

Mars and Venus in your first house of You, Yourself, and You mean you are hot to trot and good to go. Don’t bother fetching your coat. A bit tired and dishevelled as your brain might feel, your body is bristling with lust and amour and you’ll be set on christening every room in the house and surprising your lover with ‘special’ love toys and Karma Sutra partnership workshops. And if you don’t have a partner, you will be going up the freaking wall right now. So go out and get one. Scorpios are in an odd bind (in more ways than one you kinky darlings); your mental-confidence feels sapped and yet your physical / sexual confidence is brimful and overflowing. The successful raa is being with a lover who’s reciprocal and on your wave length so you are relaxed enough to go with each other's body language and save the verbal emotional interaction until later. (Though sweet nuthins and cuddling are allowed.) A brief aside while you come up for air: Money worries surface Monday. You know you have to get this sorted. Plans with friends or networks made Tuesday look well starred. That is all. As you were…

A bolt of fear goes through you Monday and then leaves. Have you overstepped the mark at the weekend? Been unkind, tyrannical even? Confidence is one thing, Archer, crowing that you are the God of all things and have sweet-smelling toes and the world’s best recipe for artichoke soup is quite another. If you need to make apologies do so and mean it Thursday / Friday. Likewise if you’ve been verbally slapped by someone else’s less than gentle maelstrom, speak up then too. Mars and Venus in your 12th house have you feeling that ‘they’ are out to get you and that ‘they’ must be appeased/rounded up and locked away/appeased /rounded up and locked away etc. Paranoia like this is the Universe's gift revealing where some of your greatest fears lie. How do you give away your power? What are your self-loathing habits? What habits have you picked up from your family and your past that are no longer relevant? Keep a notebook to hand and jot down scaredy cat feelings as they arise. It’ll make a giant Archer out of you soon.

A Meep! feeling starts the week on Monday morning but soon fades as you find your footing by lunchtime and from there the week is upski. There’s success for you early doors though you may have to revisit an old plan, dust it off, and reformulate it so it’s ready to sail come a fortnight. Then Tuesday your ruler Saturn makes a lunch date with sultry, lucre-laden Venus. A friend, a social network, or a dream has legs and is sturdy and reliable enough to carry you off into the yurt / picture house / sunset / bank. In fact overseas and future plans spell G-O-O-D and friends, social networks, and dreams hold the key to the weekend’s tides of surprises and dreaminess. Friends become lovers under these stars, woo hoo! The one caveat in all this easy weekend fun is to check the lettuce… Bite down on money offered in transactions to check for chocolate – and ask all to be up front about what’s available and what matters financially and what isn’t/doesn’t. Be clear. A kitty is a kitty is a kitty.

You do not know where you are going to… at least you couldn’t explain it in one, clear sentence. But why worry? It’s time to review the turn you wish your path to take next, and to pick and choose which pretty metaphorical shoes to wear on the journey. Part of your lesson this year has been tenacity – picking a lane and sticking to it. Now you get to review it. See if you’re happy with your pick or not. If this prevarication is causing you chagrin unknit your eyebrows and focus on some of the plaudits coming your way and any emerging plans you have to take over the world in your own perticaler Aquarian stylee. Mars and Venus here say it’s time to bask in the glory and hunger for more (without believing the hype so much that you disappear up your own aerosol). And with Venus’s hook up to your ruler at the weekend, there looks like more money coming in for services rendered. Go, Water Bearer.

Your mind has been flitting, Fish. The empashis has been on (a) letting go (but of what / who / them / when /er…) and (b) love and lust interests with F-U-T-U-R-E written large. poor you. Your poor fishy head has been full full full. The Sun in your 8th house has been illuminating Things that should be chucked out the moving car window – habits, hang ups, money-issues. And yet, with all this call for clarity, Mercury has rather been muddling the scene blurring your vision and sense of clearing acumen. This continues for another week so be wary of throwing the baby out etc and so forth. What Babble can tell you is that come the weekend clarity between you and a lover about the F-U-T-U-R-E may also be rather coated in Scotch mist. You definitely want a lover for the long term. Do they? And is it them anyway? Hmm. Dither. The zooming will continue for a few more weeks. Play footsy for time.