Monday, 29 September 2008

This week

Astrobabble is whacked however the cake in the oven is still not cooked and so the Babblino is grafting hard over this hot keyboard at, oooh, sigh, gone midnight. It’s a dirty job and so forth. This week’s skyward ho is Mars’s hook up to Pluto before he moves into the sassy sign of Scorpio at the weekend. First up it’s New Moon time though, as in now, Monday. The Libran New Moon is a grand old time to be getting things in to balance and generally getting your cheese together. See your No Cheese On Me section below for clues as to where you should be getting ting in balance and ting.

No Cheese On Me: For you Monday’s New Moon falls in your seventh house of hotties and bidniz partners; how you operate in these arenas, where you draw your lines in the sand, and how you mek approaches to lovelies, established lovers, and to your bidniz partners has a chance of an overhaul. For attached Rams, renewing your vows and remembering why you are together would be a great way to make the most of these stars. Thursday and Mars, in this same zone, makes a power call to Pluto. If you’ve got visions of the future – particularly regarding study, travel, and foreign affairs - there’ll be little to hold you back. It may bring some upheavals, but you’ve got to follow your Star. There’s only one of you. Chest out. Make it count.

No Cheese On Me: Monday’s New Moon in Libra sings pretty arias into your bovine ears about your work life and health ‘plans’. It’s time for a wishlist of the first and some action in the second (Mercury’s retrograde means it’s time to think rather than motor on work ideas – you’ll be good to go with them from mid October). Wednesday into Thursday and the link between Mars and Pluto sez a work plan you have could be bringing deep changes – either (a) tycoonery style financial contracts or (b) an all-or-nothing ending. It looks good for you here, you’re in your power, just watch what you sign and seal while Mercury is still drivelling snafus all over your freshly mowed field of dreams. The weekend brings love ting. Venus in the 7th hooking up to Jupiter in the 9th?! A lover tawking about the future?! Astrobabble may buy some rice.

No Cheese On Me: Resolve, Bunty! A New Moon in your fifth house of lovers, chilun, and creative ting is a goooorgeous opportunity to go grab something lovely and kiss it / make it and wow it with your inner, innocent sense of adventure. This isn’t a call to maul someone at the bus stop in the morning. More a celestial kick in the shins to reconsider what you want in these three areas and how you gonna get it. So go getting, go-getter! Mars here hooking up to Pluto on Thursday sez the deep dark well you have to draw on to make some of these confessions/appeals/bebes is going to scare you cheeseless – but Pluto is on your side, right at the galactic core. It is your Truth, seeker! Mars moves into your 6th house of work and medicine cabinets at the weekend. Make love and raffia mats this week Airy because it’ll be work all work from October 6th.

No Cheese On Me: The New Moon lands in your fourth house of Home and Family just after 8.15am this morning. You might not feel the love crescendo at 8.20am but it is there and will start to flow as the Moon grows over the next few days. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a wishlist about what home means to you. There have been some changes and Mercury’s review right here right now sez there are more changes coming on the home and family front. This could mean more bebes, more shelving, or a new location, location. Wait on until after October 15th if you can. The other Noos is Mars’s shift into your zone of lovers, chilun and creative ting at the weekend. If you’re getting productive you’re going with the energy, man. If you start feeling cross then it’s time for a quick think about your own levels of power and potency (or lack of them) and why you give them away. Mek Mars’s visit a revealing-healing tingaling and not a squall.

No Cheese On Me: Talk, cars, and jaunts, Pussy Cat, are your watchwords this week. As the Libran New Moon begins to grow from Monday morning you’ll find yourself talking chitty chat more and more including to siblings, and wanting to get away from it all just for a break, like. Your New Moon wishlist should include aspirations for your relationships with bros and sisses (like just speaking to them) as well as ideas on how you could improve the way you communicate. Don’t forget Mercury is still schlepping backwards in this communications zone so perhaps wait to install broadband until after 15th of the month. Thursday and the words that pop out of your cake hole could really turn a hot lead into a hot date. Listen and learn, Leo. Ecouté et répète.

No Cheese On Me: Money makes the world go round… Or does it? Your New Moon wishlist, Virgo, should be solely aimed at deciphering what exactly money and possessions generalmente mean to your purpose here on Planet Earth. Writing a real versus a dream budget would be a good start. Mercury your ruler’s current uiiie in this same zone means you’re reviewing your bank vault anyways. Just be aware that even in your most pedantic moments you’re likely to miss something off the budget/wishlist. Prepare to review after mid-month. Thursday and there’s some movement between money and home life – either an increase in value or a lodger boosts the rent. Again watch financial contracts due to Mercury’s backwards ho. Finally for now, Sunday and the words of a lover could have you feeling very ping. Walk in the country, kick up the leaves, and ping like a bell.

No Cheese On Me: Monday’s New Moon is yorn own poysonal restart Scales. It’s time to make a wishlist based on who you want to be. What would the older, wiser you encourage you to do and suggest that you aim for? Write it down. Get it on the wishlist. You’re excused from action for a short while, hooray! Mercury the planet of communications and thoughts and thinking (amongst many things) is doing a uiiee in this first house of You, Yourself, and You so you’re in the zone of a review season. Browse, peruse, thumb, scrawl. You can shortlist later. For now Astrobabble will leave you with three key questions to address as you navel gaze: Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose? Crack on. Thursday and Mars hooks up to Pluto in your third house of communications; you can speak with the voice from the burning bush if you choose to so do it, do it. Feel the frisson of Truth burning round your brain like a Catherine Wheel. Finally, watch your lettuce. Venus and soon Mars say you’re getting more inclined to spend spend spend.

No Cheese On Me: The New Moon lands in your 12th house of “Something under the bed is drooling,” which means that, phew, after weeks of fearing the sound of a creaking floorboard or a glimpse of your own shadow you get a chink of light showing you the way to the metaphorical bedroom door and out into the esoteric hallway of liberation. We all have fears, you are not irrational or gaga. Most of them are based on the past. Let the New Moon on Monday guide you to a new way of dealing with the past [listening to Duran Duran while doing so is optional]. Thursday you have to put your foot down about money and/or your stuff. Rise above the fear of speaking up – you can be firm without being a tank. Then Sunday, Mars moves into your first house of You, Yourself, and You. Days of marathon running while wearing a spotlight are with you again after two years.

No Cheese On Me: The New Moon on Monday is your annual wishing moon so get your pen and paper out and make some dern fine lists about what you want out of life, out of this month, out of this week. A wishlist is just that… a list of things that you want. To make it workable you need to be specific but also realistic. ‘George Clooney’ is a longshot. ‘A wonderful lover who is kind and funny’ is much more ting. Thursday and a wish comes true, at least you find the power to make a giant leap towards something that makes you the you you have always wanted to be. Go Archer! Watch for arrogance though… At the weekend Mars hops into your 12th house of “Meep I want my Mommy!” A gung ho / I’m-the-dog’s-bugles attitude could be your undoing.

No Cheese On Me: Monday’s New Moon sez it’s all about the boardroom. A New start, a new path, a new idea for what success is, where it’s at, and how you’re going to come by it are all reaching for you with a ‘For heeee’s a jolly good felllloow!’ The boardroom emphasis maybe driving you to drink, seeing as it’s been roaring at you like a pack of lions for weeks, but it’s not done and dusted yet. Mercury’s backwards ho in this zone sez that old work projects, former bosses, and earlier plans that had to get shelved are popping up for another looksee. Browse, bebe, browse and grasp the nettle that’s offered on Thursday. Away from the office, your wishes are for pretty lovers and fluffy moments. Mars’s move on Sunday means you’ll be a lot less floaty than that. Horny goats will abound. Lock up your daughters.

No Cheese On Me: The New Moon lands smack dab in the middle of your very active 9th house of foreign shores, future plans, and far flung visions. Astrobabble has rather been carping on about these things for some weeks, what with the frenetic energy and the current Mercury backwards ho in this same zone. The New Moon comes as a light, blam! Illuminating the way and creating some sort of lighthouse beacon amidst the flurry of your mind. Watch Tuesday / Wednesday for an inkling and a safe path through the rocks. Thursday and you’ve got the balls to go for a deep-seated dream. Do it, Do it with bells on. Success is high on your list of priorities too in the coming weeks. So make like a light house and shine, bebe, shine.

No Cheese On Me: Monday’s New Moon lands in your 8th house of endings... Hmm. Astrobabble will try to explain. In the past few weeks you’ve had three planets swizz through this very same zone. What dem skies have been urging is that you consider how you let go – how you end things (and what you do with the residue that is left behind), how you approach sex, and how you let money come and go (loans, mortgages, big stuff like that). The focus has been especially important with Mercury’s ongoing backwards ho here for an overextended stay. In all this review process, the New Moon is a boon offering some cosmic light on your ruminations. Watch Tuesday and into Wednesday for some insights into your old habits and ideas of how to consign the past to the bin. From the weekend Mars joins Venus in your 9th house of foreign shores and future plans. If you’re not packing a beach ball and heading off to the sun sun sun, then you’ll be daydreaming about forging a new life for yersen long-haul stylee.