Sunday, 21 September 2008

This week

As we moonwalk into a Mercury R and snafus and dem ding become The Way, a brief aside. When Astrobabble was Down Under in February a pal insisted that she would take Babble for a walk to see a koala, alive and stoned, up a tree. In stupid heat and carrying pointy sticks and thuddy boots we walked for hours around snake-infested Eucalyptus woodlands looking for dem bears. And nuttink. Later that evening, sitting on the veranda sipping wine, Babble saw something move in the nook of a tree 25 yards away. And there it was, stoned as a stoned thing, a cutey little koala. Laugh, man!? We howled. The irony. The cutey! What the Babble is trying to say is that sometimes waiting for The Thing is what brings the fullest sense of pleasure. It’s not much, as we go into the Mercury-induced delays, but it’s all I gat. Yeah, yeah. Stop tutting and do something constructive like back up your computer and check your tyres.

Your seventh house of one-to-ones is in the frame more than eva Ram with both biz and squeezy partners taking up most of your head and bed space. As we speak, Mars your ruler is being jostled by an about-to-reverse Mercury so be careful of jumping to conclusions because your ears are moving at a different time-space-continuum than their mouths. Wait unti they've finished speaking like you were waiting for the Koala of fate. Big tawks about future plans are on the cards Tuesday, even tawk of emigrating or mekkin money on foreign shores. Don’t sign anything for three weeks but tawk tawk tawk and shine a light in any gaps. The relationship can take it and will expect to do it back.

This week Venus your ruler moves into your zone of significant others… The feeling that it’s been all work and no play should start to lift as you dust off your foxy sling backs and push up bras and go show ‘em wat you gat. Poor, forgotten lovers who’ve been missing your Bull sensuality, are in for a treat. Just be careful that all the focus on amour doesn’t have you slipping up on important paperwork. The Sun in your work zone from Monday guarantees you’ve got everyone’s attention – but Mercury’s retrograde on Wednesday means dotting Is and Crossing Ts are not your forte. No sirree. Expect former employers popping up for a shoofty, old projects coming back to the table, and even tasks you felt were done and dusted returning for a redo. Get power meetings flagged up the grease pole early in the week and then use your wits to keep on top of the office basics til mid October.

As your ruler starts to head up the down escalator Wednesday you’ll already be sensing that you’re pushing a boulder up a hill to no avail. Sisyphus, Schmisyphus, uh? What the heavens suggest in the coming week is that old lovers are due to be getting in touch – or you are going to be getting in touch with them – or at least the thorny issue of things that weren’t said In The Past come up and bite you on the batty. "Cover me! I’m going in!" you may cry and the Sun will. You’ve got a case to put, so put it, just expect to work doubly heard at it as you'll be misunderstood and cloth-eared, frazzled as you are from all that boulder shoving. Hark the good news! There’s some happy stuff happyhaps in the office from mid-week. Even some love by the watercooler. Meow.

Monday and your ruler opposes Pluto elbowing in a tense stand off between an intuitive fear and a health or work issue which you doubt you can tackle successfully. Tuesday and you get another blast at it, this time with the support of family – or at least the power that’s been nurtured into you in the past. Go Crab! There’s on-going activity in your zone of home and family and with the Sun docking here for a month-long stay from Monday’s Autumn Equinox, your maternal instincts soar. Wear that apron and go go go on the tray bakes, Ma Larkin. At the weekend we head into the dark of the Moon ready for Monday’s New Moon in Libra. If you feel sleepy/weepy Friday through Sunday, go with it. Maltesers and a cup of tea should get you through the worst.

Your ruler the sunny Sun shifts from your bank vault into your third house as Autumn arrives. Your focus shifts from the need to flash off your ermine and blinging yourself about to gadding and chinwags. You won’t suddenly be skint (Mr Lehman) but your focus is less about wonga and much more about local exploration and tawk. Everyday life becomes an opportunity to whirl, drive-with-a-pal, and head out for tea and buns to new and exciting garden centres and railway stations. The one Picture-the-Koala caveat this week is Mercury’s reverse thrust. Tuesday and cars breaking down and trams springing a leak and canal boats going off the rails is par for the course. Pack patience and a Beano along with the minty breathspray as you set off Tues – Thurs and the Koala of fate will be waiting for you (eventually) by the veranda of destiny.

It’s a money week Virgo. Monday the Sun moves into your bank vault lighting up your values viz possessions and the material plain. Tuesday Mercury meets Mars and a heated / clear / direct conversation about money takes place – possibly with you having to ask for money in spite of your Pride at having to stick your cap out. Do it. Get out of your comfort zone and you start to get over yourself. Then Wednesday, as your ruler grinds to a halt in your house of lettuce, snafus with money are increasingly likely. Do the usual security checks – credit card pay by dates, check bank statements, pay slips, BBE offers on the 0% balance transfer card you got 13 months ago etc, and don’t buy anything of significant value for three weeks. The New Moon falls here Monday week – it’s time for your annual accounting review. Make a wish list, and make it about the energy of money and the abundance of freedom it can afford you.

The Equinox lands Monday, Scales, and the Sun has got his hat on for you and your inanimate kin. You may not feel its balmy rays immediately as early doors this week life seems to switch to a different time-space- continuum. Tuesday and thrusty Mars is bound and gagged by reversing Mercury in your first house of You, Yourself and You. The power and resolve you need to make headway with a work project or lover/creative project/ chilun gets lost inside a mess of words, communications, and indecisiveness. Who you are and what you are trying to say and how you present yourself are going to confuse even you… A review/revisit/renegotiation phase is only just beginning. It’s no time to make decisions. Your New Moon is coming. The Sun is with you. There are lights, bright lights on the horizon. At the weekend, hide in a cave and meditate on your blessings, then Monday 29th wish on your New Moon like you’ve never wished before for all the things you want. Then draw up a chair and wait for the Koala.

You fear that the Koala will never appear, as if it is somehow Your Fault that he is no where to be seen. Worse still you are convincing yourself that everyone is secretly blaming you for his absence and are cussing your very name whenever you leave the room and go to the karzee. Pish, Scorp, and Phooey. It isn’t time for the Koala, and that is that. You know it deep down but for the next three weeks you will not be convinced so Astrobabble will leave that paranoia with you for now, with the question, “If you know you can’t do anything about something, then why worry?” In other news: Tuesday a gut feeling / creative inspiration about mekkin money presents itself in your gut / mind. It’s bold, bold as you can be (if you’d stop with the worrying already).

After six months of progress being slow-ish your ruler is starting to gather a head of steam and you should start to feel like you’re motoring once more, particularly when it comes to money and feeling like you’re getting where you want on the material plain. A promising boost to your career and financial picture beckons too. Watch this space but no doubt you can feel it already, your arrow trained on the target. But not the Koala. For now it’s all cracking off in your 11th house of friends and wishes. Reconnections with the past are starred.

Your year in the sun has been on hold since May, but Jupiter, the benevolent bringer of big ideas and expansion plans, has turned to a flying pace in your first house of You, Yourself, and You – and forwards ho! is assured. Monday this week and the Sun slips into your 10th house of “Hire me I am the dog’s balustrades!” So why the lack of Koala? Well Tuesday, Mercury stalls and slips backwards in the very same zone whilst in alignment with Mars. Jings Crivens Goat, what the Dickens…? It’s review, revisit time… either an old project / employer comes back with a feisty offer of gainful employment, or a career path doesn’t blow your skirt up once you’ve shoved it under brutal scrutiny… Monday week a New Moon docks in this very zone. If the Koala hasn’t appeared by week’s end, then start looking again Monday 29th.

As you gaze at your metaphorical horizon your path may be clear as a clear glass of water on a window sill in the sunlight (hooray for sunlight!). And indeed it may be – well Venus is here, and Mars and as of Monday the Sun joins the party of your future plans. However, it appears that you hadn’t reckoned on something and there are Review Times afoot. If you’re literally thinking of moving abroad, this Review may even have you rethinking which continent to head for. Likewise if you’re thinking career / life / soul / study direction, you may be ready to reconsider the start, middle, and end point of it all. (And if you’re thinking of starting legal proceedings hang fire for three weeks.) It’s time to stand back and take the long view, which you won’t like now, but you will like later. Trust me. Trust the Koala. It’s Back to the Future, for you Airy!

Something you let go of is bouncing back like a boomerang or a yo yo. Either information, or a person you used to rub along with everso well, or an idea that you shake off as best you can but when you look down is still stuck to your hand like Pooh bear with a honey-sticky stick. Some deep dark truth about how you close doors [and why] is coming up for air. Why do you swim away? What are you avoiding? Monday and Tuesday hold cosmic clues. At the weekend if you feel sad and low, it’s the Dark of the Moon making you feel lost and bereft. Hole up with a duvet, black and white films and a large pie and await for the light of the New Moon to appear like the Koala of destiny.