Monday, 15 September 2008

This week

Sing-along-a sound of Astrobabble cominacha this week, stargazers. As you turn your apple cheeks skywards and ask, “Que pasa esto semana estrellas?” [sic] do so with a tune in your heeed and a hum on your cherry lips. Mercury is heading backwards ho from Wednesday next week so do what you know you should to get ahead of that perticaler game – sign now, post now, check car now and meeting plans now because it’ll all be a shower of cheese if you leave it until after the 24th. And in the spirit of Doing It, Doing It here are this week’s pasandos…

Tune of the week: Here I Go Again, Dolly Parton.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Mercury in your 7th house of squeezes and bidniz partners makes plans to stall and then reverse, revisiting, and re-introducing ole lovers and ole bidniz partners to you when you really, really, really thought you’d Moved On. Watch Thursday and Friday for getting properly Misty For You and skipping in fields of flowers in a summer frock with tousled hair and a gingham picnic blanket (but no picnic in sight ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’, hehe). Thrusty Mars and Venus say (a) you’re randy as a goat and some tingaling would suit you just fine but (b) that it has to be Your Way or The Highway this time (perhaps after a leetle bit of (a) just for old time’s sake). (Are these brackets driving you mad.) Across town Saturday – Monday a challenge pops up when a work or health issue collides with your plans for literal or metaphysical horizon expansion. Go with your gut feeling instead of locking horns just out of habit. A win win is sooo much better than a messy goring.

Tune of the week: The Model, Kraftwerk
A week of pursuing worky pleasure, getting into a fitness programme, and drawing lines in the sand. All week your Empress Venus along with feisty Mars and mercurial, er, Mercury are at the round table of your workaday world and medicine cabinet. What dey do here is (a) put a rocket under your need to get fit and stay fit and (b) mekka you push for pleasure on the 9 – 5. Bulls are amongst the most creative-lovin creatures of the zodiac. This week the urge to get your workaday world more in tune with the True, Creative You is building like a pressure cooker. As a square between the Sun and Pluto culminates at the weekend it becomes clear that any jobs / bosses who continue wandering disrespectfully beyond the line what you done drawn in de sand, will be on a list of things to Push Out of your life. One caveat to this Pushing Action; Mercury is your friend. He’s about to head backwards from next week to review work (and health) situations. By the time he turns forwards ho on 18 October we could be talking about a very different picture, a different offer on the table, or a new job altogether.

Tune of the week: Jessie, Joshua Kadison
As if it isn’t hard enough mekkin a decision when you’ve so many thoughts flapping about your ears like bees, three times a year your fabulous leader on gossamer wings, Mercury, does a uiiiee and leaves you at 6s and 7s and 43s. And so it is that now you have a week before he hits the gas in reverse. Cast your pretty mind back to this time last year… What issues re: lovers, bebes, and chilun were under review…? Because, yup you guessed it caller, here it/they/she comes again… Mercury’s backwards ho in your 5th house means it’s revisitin’ time at the Zoo of your heart, art, and plans for procreation with a month’s worth of deliberation and discussion. Your gut feeling will tell you what’s what but the sounds between your ears and the pulse beating through your body will drown it out. Watch Thurs and Fri for getting Misty For You with the abandon of someone who cares little or nothing for reality. Swoon. The challenge you face, if you wish to accept it, is a new approach to where your serious relationships need to go to thrive and survive versus your unyielding dogma about what-is-what vis home and family. It’s a lose lose as it stands. So how to convert it to a win win? It’s a challenge. It’s a compromise. It’s the Menai Straits in full swell. Review, digest, and then take brave decisive action after October 18th…

Tune of the week: This Ole House, Shakin Stevens
As you gather yourself up after the wappy Full Moon at the weekend your ability to face more than a rock bun and a Darjeeling may be shaken. In that regard, some welcome tidings, Crab. News building this week regards home and family issues and some rather fabulous vibes within; love, communications, and action around the home should have you feeling useful, practical, and appreciated. Thursday and Friday financial questions, particularly regarding the sales of properties or mortgage application decisions, look good. The one check-the-fine-print NB from yon Astrobabble is that Crabs should see things as they are not as they want them to be; Neptune is in the frame making dreams come true but also ducking your head under the briny just when you need to be crystal clear in your decision-making. Bite down on the money offered and if there’s chocolate under tooth, you’ll know not to proceed. Also, Mercury, the planet which governs negotiations and contracts, is about to do a uuiee in this home zone. If you need to delay decisions until after October 18th and re-evaluate offers / prices / contracts until then it will work out for the best. Signing up now means you may well be short of the facts. Across town: a work or health issue is really reaching breaking point by week’s end. If you shout you hand over your power with a box of chocs and a note saying, “I’m a loser.” Be firm. Find the win win. You’ll be so dern proud of yourself when you do.

Tune of the week: Slow Boat to China, Cleo Laine
It’s never easy to tell a fire sign (like you) that things might sloooow dooown, but there you are. It’s a dirty job but someone and such like. While you’ve been motoring in your every day life and getting down to brass tacks with your financial make up and riding the crests of the emotional waves that Uranus and the Full Moon have been chucking around, willy nilly, a need for some review has been getting short shrift. To wit, Mercury, the planet of commerce, negotiations, travel, and chitty chat is stalling this week and heading backwards from Wednesday next week. What this means, pussy cat, is that areas concerning commerce, negotiations, travel and chitty chat are going to need some revisiting between now and mid-October. Cars breaking down, ferries being late, computers crashing, business deals flaking out or coming back for another bite of the cherry… a plethora of slow boats are potentially about to cause hiccups on your high seas. It’s a pain in the aspic. Too true. But it’s coming. Get your ducks in a row, get the car checked this week if it’s got a rattle. Get your important reports and suduko scores saved on something other than the hard drive and postpone biig biz decisions until after October 18th. Then let the oceans do their thing. Late in the week a financial deal involving creative ventures, lovers, and chilun is going to cause you consternation. Keep your claws in. There’s a win win where gouging isn’t required.

Tune of the week: Nothing Going On But the Rent, Gwen Guthrie
As we head back into another Mercury retrograde in your bank vault the skies are saying in flashing lights, “Start weighing up your shekels.” What a smart Virgo will be doing this week: (a) budgets, checking what’s coming in and going out for the next six months. (b) putting money aside for any interest rate rises/washing machine breakdowns/emergency cat surgery (d) Re-exploring ways of making money by diversifying and hunting out untapped markets – though all new initiatives should have little initial outlay (e) Selling off what’s not needed in the attic/wardrobe (f) Reviewing daily rates and upping them if necessary. What smart Virgos will not be doing: (a) buying anything of significant value / of a technical nature between now and 18 October (b) ignoring the need to review money (c) making any BIG decisions about work contracts until after Oct 18th (d) getting caught out by phishing (e) giving out bank and credit card details willy nilly. Mercury doing a uuiee in your bank vault can be as minor as cheques going missing in the post... and yet, with all the attention that’s been stacking up here for a while, Astrobabble’s waters say Virgos must tackle the thorny issue of lettuce to come out on top. Watch Thursday and Friday for inklings and cosmic nudges. A brief across town: at week’s end and into Monday an old defence mechanism is triggered. Stay as you were and lose lose or snap into the moment and reach for the win win.

Tune of the week: Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles
The cosmos is lighting you up like a Christmas Tree, Scales, and bringing you attention Attention which right now you can handle. You may be having on-going moments of feeling small but it really is time to immerse yourself in the juice of life and find yourself emerging refreshed. Oobah oobah attention, perticalerly on Thursday / Friday, could bring shooting stars, weak knees, ardour and poetry. Health Warning: Keep smelling salts to hand. ‘Look to the lady!’ From next week the Sun brings a burst of added confidence. Before then, however, the Sun squares Pluto right on the galactic core (the seat of all cosmic truth. Man). Your old habit of talking like a mouse instead of talking like a lion comes to your attention like a herald of trombones played badly by school children with no sense of timing. Or harmony. Feel the clash. Make that ‘Aha!’ noise that you make. And then crack on with the vision of a wise and mighty chief. From Wednesday next week Mercury, the chitty chat / commerce / travel planet, goes awol. Astrobabble offers you this: A cut-out-and-keep sick note from making any decisions from Wednesday September 24th until 18th October. So make decisions now so you can wobble later. Ohmygollygeewow, all your Christmases done come at once.

Tune of the Week: Windmills of your Mind, Dusty Springfield
By the time you read this any chaos caused by Monday’s early morning Full Moon in the arms of Uranus, the planet of Boo, should be evident and you’ll be laughing / weeping / picking up the pieces and planning your next step / road to recovery / revenge. Onwards! And this week the activity in your 12th house of, “Be afraid, be very afraid,” is beginning to grow noisy but steady. You’ve been getting a measure of how your fears wrong foot you at times. This week, as Neptune lends support, fears that have been with you since childhood can be released like leaves on a gentle breeze; you can even do the necessaries in your dreams. (Yaroo!) Then next week, as Mercury heads retrograde and the Sun lands in your 12th house, you’re going into optimum navel-gazing time when your energy levels reduce and the cosmos nudges you inside the mountain to think, rest, and recuperate before your time in the Sun. Astrobabble’s prescription for Scorpios may sound like profound / foolhardy bunkum, however here it is: A journal started now where you sketch, write, or pencil music to express your fears will see you well in the future. This week, socialise like a good ‘un, be measured in money matters at the weekend, then hole up for a four week inner spa and relax.

Tune of the week: You’ve Got A Friend, James Taylor
Things are looking sweet this week, Archer, with friends and social networks really lifting you up on high and mekkin you feel like you’re king of the world. Even the forthcoming uuiiee of Mercury, which normally causes such consternation, is workig for you - with old friends coming into town for a catch up and even old lovers popping up for a How You Doin’… kind of phone call. Don’t forego checking the car / backing up your computer / and checking travel and bizniz plans however. Even if you are an all-singing all-dancing one-man friends reunited for the forthcoming month the world around you will be hitting dings and having mishaps with the knock on effect reaching you at some juncture. The one little blip for you comes at week’s end and into Monday. You’ve been doing well, really well, in your career of late. Be v v careful it doesn’t go to your head. Be good to people on the way up. That way you’ll have a soft and friendly landing on your way down.

Tune of the week: I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester, The Wurzels
The success for you this week continues in your 10th house of Career Objectives. Mars sez you RAWK! Venus sez you get de money honey! And Mercury sez Buy Buy Sell Sell Do It / Say It / Book It Danno. For a plodding Goat you’re moving fast. Mercury’s imminent backwards ho falls smack dab in the centre of this board room of career delights. An avenue you might want to pursue, a direction you need some time to explore, some fine print you’re not happy with… This retrograde (from Sept 24th to Oct 18th) is a gift from the skies to let you do the above and more besides. The rule of thumb with Mercury’s trice-yearly reverse thrust is Don’t Sign Anything until the Fat Lady sings. You’ll have missed parts of the plot and will be making decisions without getting close to the small print. Thursday and Friday double check you’re being given the cold hard facts re: lettuce. Then Friday through to Monday some doubt / fear / deep need calls into question your current chosen direction… Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring. Buy yourself some time. The skies are on your side and by October 18th you’ll be in a much stronger position than you are now. Even dreams could be coming true.

Tune of the week: Long Train Runnin’, Doobie Brothers
So you’re packing your case and you’re heading off to the horizon on a pea green boat. What would you take? Money? Clean pants? Someone squeezy to hold? The planets dis week are saying Think Like This! Plan for your future, plan for that horizon, and then get out on that dern pea green boat and paddle, Muriel, paddle. The Sun is finishing his inspection of your financial plans this week so tie up loose ends and Friday, smooth over any issues with friends and money. Then next week prepare to rethink the route you’re taking in that pea green boat. From Sept 24th to Oct 18th Mercury heads backwards causing hiccups, delays, and miscommunications. If you’re literally heading abroad on or around these red light days pack a book and expect delays. For those on a metaphorical long range journey, delays often work out in your favour. Emerge older and wiser, brave Water Bearer, patient and educated.

Tune of the week: I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair, Nellie and the Nurses

Letting Go seems to be the Name of the Game for fishes right now. Three planets lined up in your eighth house of purging (and hot loving action) and the Sun about to call in for a month-long stay too. Why the intensity? Well it’s a team thing: Mars sez “I’m not giving up,” Venus sez “If you love something let it go. Ohbutgee I’m going to miss them like cerazee,” Mercury sez, “Ooh I wonder what’s around the corner…” So a composite. Mars and Venus are about to move on – Mercury though is about to go back, re-emphasising the notion that letting go, closing one door, allows other experiences to come getcha. With the Sun docking here, shining a light on the whole shebang just as our mercurial friend retraces his steps, it seems you are having a master class in seeing what you need to release so you can move on up to new wishes, new adventures, new experiences. Watch Thursday and Friday for cosmic clues to steady you on the journey. Finally for now in the process of moving along and letting go you’re likely to change and find yourself facing new directions. Squeezy or bidniz partners may object to your ideas Friday and into the weekend. Assuage their fears. You may want them on-side as life keeps rolling along.