Monday, 8 September 2008

This week

This is not an easy week to write. A big emotional knee-jerk of a Full Moon cometh. Two biggies (Jupiter and Pluto) are heading direct at last after six months of loitering like Asbos. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are kissing each other but picking fights with Jupiter. And Uranus is throwing evils at the Sun for Dog’s sake. So much. So bumpy. So unpredictable. Even if we all manage to meditate our way through this pile of cheese, everyone around us may be mad as biscuits. Meep. Send money mother.

You’re ready and able to face the future now and you can feel it. It’s not as you would have hoped exactly, and you’ve suffered some losses for sure, but you are bigger and braver. Success in a revised form is calling you and you’ve the confidence and stability to make it work. This week focus falls on your 7th house of long term biz and squeezy partnerships. If you find yourself giving away too much by trying to be too nicey nicey early in the week by Friday you’ll be wanting to rein it back in. Contrariwise if you’re behaving like a prima donna Monday through Wednesday you’ll be called up on it by Friday. Discussions are scheduled for the weekend sez dem skies.
Suplize, Suplize: Uranus, the planet of gaga, opposes the Sun on Friday. A surprise twist in a work or health situation presents itself. Be as open minded as you can. The forthcoming Full Moon Aaagh on Monday 15th implies it’s an all or nothing situation and emotions will be running high. What has troubled you and undone you for so many years can now be consigned to the past. This is a pivotal moment in your inner call for change.

Control and letting go have been a power-crazed seesaw in your wash, Bull. As Pluto heads direct from Tuesday you will see the freedom in letting go and the power therein. The future is beckoning you like a yacht heading to the horizon and you can’t take all the ballast with you. Freedom from the known. Trust and be gentle. Across town your ruler Venus is on the front line as your sector of work and health gets a wooden spoon from the Gods. There’s busyness, and decisions pending, and potentially some crossed swords. If you find yourself acting meek or as arrogant as a boy racer you will Pay Pay Pay for it by week’s end. Balance is the key. Friday be mindful. Everyone’s going to be wappy as a puffin and as Mars meets your ruler Venus the same day you’ll do well to stand your ground, but Diplomatically. Cash is at stake. Ooh, that got your attention.
Suplize, Suplize: Uranus, the planet of You Never Know What’s Around the Corner, makes a Point of kicking off on Friday as he picks a fight with the Sun. Friends turning, er, turncoat or dreams going awry are the soup du jour. This is an annual hooha but it’s plugging into the forthcoming Full Moon Aaagh this year making it sticky as a stick on a jam doughnut glazed with floor varnish. Friday through Tuesday it’s time to re-evaluate a friendship, dream, or a group you belong to. It’s due to end or change. So do it. Do it.

An important relationship has been taking the brunt of your insecurity, Fairy. Since May the things reflected back at you via this significant other are the things you chide yourself for far more than any other human being could possibly put into words, song, or dance. As Pluto turns direct on Tuesday expect to have a growing inner sense of your need to take ownership of your fears rather than laying them at the doorstep of this significant other. They’ve got their own bucket of cheese to carry. Why should they be carrying yorn n all? The Venus, Mercury, Mars partay is happyhaps in your 5th house of love affairs, baybees, and creative ventures. Your ruler is being a promiscuous cad playing hard to get Monday and then smooching and whispering sweet nothings on Sunday. Astrobabble is weak at the knees. It’s like the Thornbirds all over again.
Suplize, Suplize: The crayzee Jack in the Box of the skies, Uranus, is up to no good this week in your 10th house of success. Just when you thought some home or family matter was in the bag, Blam, there’s a hitch you couldn’t have foreseen. You’ll be feeling extra, double, triple emotional about the whole Ding because the Full Moon Aaagh will be revving up your adrenaline from the weekend until it peaks Monday morning. Try and take the long view.

A health or work issue you’ve been stalling on becomes a key focus this week as Pluto heads direct from Tuesday. Hanging on to something and/or being afraid to face a truth / a parting / a significant change in these areas is undoing your ability to progress. You’ve brushed so much under the carpet since May it’s now becoming a lumpy health hazard. Now you need to face it. Across town, Jupiter’s turn to direct ho for you this week sez love affairs and bizniz partners that have been less than dynamic since May are now due a shot in the arm. Hang on tight there cowboy! Back at Crab Towers you’ll be getting a shoofty on with home and family plans. This is money, improvements, buying/selling, and having visitors as well as family news and developments and, potentially, family scandal. This week it all may become a little wearing and you may feel that some people are taking liberties. With Mars in de frame you may be unable to resist doing something about it… Go sistuh!
Suplize, Suplize: Unexpected twists for you arise in your 9th house of long distance plans both literal and via airplane. Long range things are due a reshuffle and news you hear or input from brothers and sisters late in the week inform your choices - even if you don’t like the sound of them. The Full Moon Aagh is falling in Pisces, another water sign, so you’ll sink under surface Friday through Tuesday for a sulk and then come up for air.

Since May creative plans, love lives, and/or chilun issues have been stalling, hitting ding after ding in the road. From Tuesday, as Pluto starts heading forwards once more you can expect the snafus to abate and progress to be your new travelling companion. Likewise, if you’ve felt that work and health issues have been good but not great, a shot in the arm comes now as Jupiter also heads forwards after a six month lie down. You’ve the gift of the gab right now so if you’ve got interviews or pitches to make, make them now before we head into the Mercury retrograde nuisances. Trips too are good for you now, spas, socialising round and about, and pleasure trips not far from home will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Suplize, Suplize: The fly in this delightful ointment is a potential and unexpected financial knock heading your way. Uranus is about to kick your ruler, the Sun, in the shins because Uranus wants you to change. He just never sends you advance warning as to how he wants you to change. The fight later this week is between your two money houses but you could feel it from Wednesday on. If this is shares hitting the ground, or savings accounts needing to be raided, or credit cards foreclosing on your £s, it’s all about focusing your attentions on what’s important materially, what isn’t, and shoring yourself up in future. You could of course win the lottery, but it’s more likely to be a hole rather than a hill.

An old family issue/habit or some sticking point regarding your home life has been causing consternation at Virgo HQ since May. With Pluto at the wheel we’re talking issues regarding deep, uncomfortable truths, letting go, and subconscious motivations. From Tuesday as Pluto hits 1st gear and the gas, you have a gorgeous opportunity to admit to those motivations/uncomfortable truths/familial patterns and release yourself. What’s coming up in your near future requires greater freedom and more openness and availability. So release it already. Across town your ruler, Mercury, is behaving like a proper hussy. However, before you reach for the thigh-high boots and leopard skin bustier, this is promiscuity of a financial order. News and contracts and some eyeballing of investors are on the slate; funding ideas for creative ventures, playing off one contract against another, ducking and diving, bobbing and weaving. The balance is going to be not giving in too much, but then not pushing too hard. As the games begin from Monday, bin any meekness or haughtiness, and be crystal clear with yourself what the name of the game is and what your bottom and top lines are.
Suplize, Suplize: A curveball is coming as a bizniz or lovey partner behaves in a way or makes an announcement towards the end of the week that catches you off guard. The lesson here is how you react especially when we’ve got the Full Moon Aagh brewing in the midst of the action. Here is a chance to right a balance. You haven’t done it so the Universe is doing it for you. What emerges needs to be a strong, fair, 100% true you.

The power of words and the freedom to get away may have eluded you since May. Now as Pluto turns direct, communications burst out of you like a bugle. Issues you’ve been too scared to pursue, or issues with bros and sisses you’ve been avoiding, or general powerlessness in your everyday wash are ripe for a new whatfor. So whatfor like a good un. Closer to home, Libra Towers are due an overhaul/facelift/spruce. Jupiter sez home and family are ready to sing and shine like Fat Larry so family tidings, a family party, or expansions around the homestead generally are starred. If you're feeling fruity and hot, you'll be right. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all meeting and greeting in your first house of You, Yourself, and You this week. Push yourself outside your comfort zone because right now you can carry it off. Big hair… Yellow platforms... False moustaches... Hot, hot, hot.
Suplize, Suplize: Uranus, the Harbinger of Change, is striking in your office and medicine cabinet from Wednesday through Friday. This year he’s colliding with a Full Moon Aagh and opposing the Sun so it’s (a) emotional and (b) personal. For you a fear concerning your job or health, something you've been refusing to change or adapt to, comes to light. It'll be a bolt from the blue but it's right on time.

If the deep, cold hard truths about cold hard cash have been easy to ignore they won’t be for much longer. Your ruler is creaking into forwards action from Tuesday and the need you have for lucre and possessions, however ugly that may sound, will be unavoidable. You can do with less of course, follow the aesthetes, but you still need cake and gardening gloves and those cost money. To help you the skies are bringing you more confidence and ability in communicating and the support of bros and sisses. And you’ve still got the support and commitment of friends, social circles, and your bowling club/ chess league/ WI. You can expect some conversations this week to be tricky but try seeing these as the Universe giving you exercises in saying what you really mean not saying what you think the other person would like to hear.
Suplize, Suplize: On Friday Uranus, the loopy lou of the Zodiac, is throwing a cow in your fifth house of lovers, chilun, and creative projects. (Not literally a cow.) With Uranus though it’s hard to know how that will pan out for ya. It’s slap bang up against the growing Full Moon Aagh so it’s likely that a plan / project / dream regarding one or all three of these can’t go on as it has and needs rethinking, though the reasons may be unexpected. Expect surprises and a feeling of being wired to the mains Wednesday through Monday.

If it’s been a weird six months and you’ve been feeling drawn to progress but strapped to a chair behind a closed door in a big house then you’re about to break free, Archer. Pluto, seething quietly in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, goes direct Tuesday filling you with Popeye power. At the same time Jupiter, your ruler, shouts “And we’re off,” after spending six months on the subs bench. And so. Your desire to assert yourself, be who you really are, and get paid for what you do gets a rocket under it. Which is right up your alley, adventurer you. Your self belief is charming but don’t let it spill into arrogance. Watch out Friday for puffing yourself up a tad too much. Balance is all.
Suplize, Suplize: Your Uranian ‘where-did-that–come-from’ this week falls in your house of home and family. A family member cuts you down to size with a single withering glance or your plans to expand Archer Towers hit a ding. Uranus is about change and he comes to change us when we’ve resisted doing it ourselves. Note where the clues to the truth are in any upturned apple carts and try and see the juiciness in newness.

Since May Pluto has blocked your ability to face your fears and Do It Anyway. This week as the mighty powerball heads direct the fears won’t necessarily abate but you won’t feel so emotionally impotent. In fact you will sense that facing your fears anew, after enduring this period of powerlessness, means you now emerge a more compassionate and rounded individual. With Jupiter back at your side this week too these are pivotal times when you re-gather your resolve and re-launch yourself, a little bruised but a lot wiser. With Mars jumping around on a pogo stick pay heed to (a) too little faith in yourself or (b) too much faith in yourself. Listen to yourself and pitch it so you’d respect the person on the other side of the conversation. This way up indeed!
Suplize, Suplize: Uranus, the planet of No-one Expects the Spanish Inquisition, is throwing a punch at the Sun on Friday. This is affecting your 3rd house of communications / everyday wash / short journeys and your 9th house of long-term plans and footure horizons. Your car breaking down on the way to the airport would be a literal doodah, but more likely unexpected revelations in unexpected conversations change the direction of your future in unexpected ways. And it’s emotional; the Full Moon Aagh builds Friday and goes boom Monday 15th.

There’s a big change blowing, this week, Water Bearer and it’s blowing up your street. Pluto and Jupiter head forwards after six months of stalling action. Some aspect of a dream, some deep issue with a friend, or some part of a social network or group you belong to that you’ve been Putting Off tackling needs to be Tackled. You’re worried but if you don’t make the move – whether that’s letting go or committing - it will keep coming up until you do. Now’s the time! Meanwhile across town: On going focus in your 9th house of the future and higher learning means Aquarians heading back to school this Autumn are set to have a bonza year. For others there are thoughts of overseas travel and more metaphorical visions of distant horizons. Just watch for going OTT this week on the grog/holiday mags especially Friday.
Suplize, Suplize: Money issues you haven’t faced take a ‘we told you so’ twist this week as Uranus sends a bolt of crazy into your bank vault. Unexpected bills, unexpected foreclosures on credit cards, hikes in rents and taxes all come out of leftfield. Lottery wins occur under these skies too but coming so close to the Full Moon Aagh, it’s likely to be an end to something rather than a flashy beginning.

The demolition ball of the Zodiac, Pluto, has been sleeping on the job in your house of success and career progression. If you’ve been finding things growing stale or unbearable or frustrating your cue to move comes Tuesday. Go! GO! GO!! You’ve til November to make the grade so get a shoofty on. At the same time wishes, friends, and your social groups get more fuzzy and positive. This week too there's news on big moula (investments, inheritance, and bank loans) and, for lucky fishes, there's rumpy sex with a cheeky twist on your list too. Schwing, Fish, schwing. But just when you were getting brave enough to go back in the water…
Suplize, Suplize: A curveball is coming as Uranus shakes you up, rattling the eyes in your heeeeed. Blink Thursday and through Friday and you may well suddenly see a significant other in a very new light. Coming close to a Full Moon Aaagh this may well be too much – as if this significant other is some sort of God or Goddess and you aren’t good enough. Don’t be crayzee. Regroup early next week. What emerges can be a strong, fair, 100% true you. And dat desoyves some lovin’ honeychil’.