Sunday, 31 August 2008

This week

The big Hi Ho Silver news this week, campers, is Saturn the head teacher of the zodiac. Thursday he shares a beef and ale pie with the Sun. Then Thursday and Friday he splits a lemon meringue pie with Jupiter, giving him a proper good talking to about steady progress and responsibility which Jupiter, the planet of raa, expansion, luck, and adventure, is sometimes wont to avoid… This meeting is of perticaler interest as on Monday week, informed and consulted by yon head teacher, Jupiter heads forwards ho after six months of loitering like a student on gap year. With your dreams and plans re-directed it’s time to start, reboot, re-emerge. Crack on, Albert.

The activity and redirection for you, Ram, regards your working life / health and the notion of ‘success’ which you’ve been trying to grapple with this past year. Saturn and the Sun in your 6th house say that appreciating or improving your health are the key to the way forwards to a brighter prettier future. Likewise, you may suddenly see how work / an opportunity through work / a new approach to the 9 - 5 may bring you treasure of a literal or more esoteric nature. Graft will be the way forward and the long-haul approach will be unavoidable but the urge to take on responsibility and head for promotion is boiling in your veins like billio. Awyes.

You and your fellow earth signs Capricorn and Virgo are feeling the might of the Saturn, Sun, and Jupiter buffet most acutely and magnificently. Creative juices/ projects / lovers / and chilun are in The Frame, Bully Bull, and are f-l-o-w-i-n-g. By mid-week an important endeavour (be it parenthood or a creative project you’re taking the lead on) gets a shot in the arm. And by Monday week you can expect to finally see a clear route forwards for a perticaler path to your future which has been under review since the Spring. And where dem boyds and bees are concerned, the Sun’s frolic through your fifth house of rumpy sez either the sap is rising or someone pretty is shining in your eyes… and for those taking the long view, a love affair which has been slow to boil could start gathering pace from Monday and through September.

Home and family are in the frame, Fairy, as the Saturn and Sun dine on pie. It’s a time of expanding the family or the home - or both. It’s also a time of taking on new responsibilities in these areas whether that’s taking in an aged p or buying a maisonette in Dagenham or fitting your own kitchen cupboards. De link to Jupiter falling on Friday means it’s a lemon meringue pie buffet style scenario in your 8th house of ‘letting go’… What do it mean, Malcolm? It mean either (a) that an old habit you need to let go of is going to be much easier and sweeter to do than you thunk (b) that there’s lucre heading your way either through family or property (c ) that you can afford to pay your tax bill because your mum gives you cash from under the mattress (d) any old hang ups you’ve had about sex may be due to be got rid of in adventurous ways. In other words your ability to attract abundance and experience is getting a boost. Closing one door opens another. Nature abhors a vacuum. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Rather nicely, the ale pie dining experience is happening in your 3rd house of community, siblings, and communications ie your everyday wash. This could be as literal as having dinner with your bro or sis or throwing a dinner party for the boss or having a street party. On a biz note, anything signed mid-week which is of a long-term nature has the stars to back it and with the link to Jupiter a close partner will be a pivotal part of this plan growing legs and running like the wind. If you’ve been waiting for someone to get on board, or wondering whether a certain someone will just pick a dern lane and stick to it, next week could see the cut of their cloth, the cut of their jib, the large slice of lemon meringue they’ve been saving just for you. A rather glorious week, Crabsticks.

The beef and ale pie is a recipe for success vis the lucre in your life, Pussy cat. Contracts signed / deals made / investments taken out this Wednesday and Thursday should be long-haul and financially juicy for you. Add the meringue pie as a sweetner to all this lolly in your 6th house of worky worky and it would seem that your hard graft is packing a punch in your wallet. Awyes. In all the glory of your new swimming pool, Rolex watch, and diamond-encrusted desk tidy be wary of rubbing the noses of your poorer but no less gorgeous pals and / or lovers in it. A rich tea biscuit is still a biscuit after all.

You and fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are most closely at the business end of the planetary dining experience alluded to, above. In fact the ale pie extravaganza is happening in your first house of You, Yourself, and You, on your time, yes on your patch, yes at your behest. Some sort of breakthrough is in order with the Sun’s link to Saturn which you’ll sense Wednesday / Thursday. Your hardwork gets you a spotlight and praise from a boss figure, or even your own ambitions for boss-dom get a shot in the arm and some sort of affirmation and you know you’re headed on the right path. If you’ve got a business presentation get to it Wednesday - Friday this week. Jupiter’s link up to the whole kit and caboodle speaks of three things (though not with its mouth full). A creative project you’ve been refining since May, or a plan for chilun which has needed some reviewing, or a love affair which has gorn a little awry are due to get back on track and then some from Monday. Have an extra Weetabix that morning, and Go For It.

Oh gollygeewhizz, Scales, it’s proving a trying year is 2008. The Sun’s link to Saturn in your 12th house of fear and Meep however should switch a light on, or at least illuminate an old habit of yours which consistently sees you handing your power over like a feeble wretch. A eureka moment. A moment where you crack through the pastry crust of your inner workings and discover the sneaky bay leaf of bitterness which is impairing an otherwise delightful pie of fine ingredients. Ears/forks at the ready Wednesday through Thursday, spot that bay leaf, and get it out! Friday’s lemon meringue pie symbolically shows you the sweet rewards for your timely discrimination. Good news about home life, a housey renovation project, and even positive developments with the faaaahmilee are starred. Out, out dern bay leaf of fate. In, in joyous meringues around the hearth.

Wishes come twue, Scowp, yes-they-do. Happiness with friends is tangible as cherry pie under these skies. Clues, and lights, and favours are due in from your social networks this week. Your 11th house is lit up like a runway on a football field at night and what has been proving to be a struggle in the area of friends and dreaming gets a bolt of electricity to push it forwards mid-week. Then Friday’s meringue delights with Jupiter bring news and celebration. Short journeys are fruitful and feel-good, especially if you go via a bakery. Siblings are on side too. If you’re not one for socialising on a school night, make an exception Thursday or plan a get together Friday during happy hour. You’ve got your worries, sure as eggs are eggs, but you’ve got some great things to feel skippy about.

That promotion you’ve been hankering for, and the raise you’ve been waiting on since May, are heading your way at long last Archer. Sure enough the hardwork ain’t over, not for a long chalk, and to keep heading up the ladder you’re going to need to keep eating hearty brekkies and minding your ps and qs. However, mid-week recognition comes and takes your hand and leads you to the dining table for pie. Then from Monday your ruler Jupiter turns to direct motion in your bank vault. This says that as far as Archers are concerned lemon meringue pie spells l-e-t-t-u-c-e pure and simple. Your social life is raucous and lively too. Don’t blow the commission all in one night on cocktails in a bowling alley, tempting as it is.

The beef and ale pie of dreams is yours, yes yours Goat. The world’s earth signs of Tauruses, Virgos, and Capricorns are spotlighted by the stars this week. Since May your general wash may have been sliding like soap in the bath… the thing you wanted was there all along, you just couldn’t seem to get your pretty hooves on it. Now things are changing. The first taa daah falls during the beef and ale chowdown mid-week. Saturn, your esteemed ruler, is basking in the Sun and your future plans / long-term visions / foreign affairs get a guiding light from the source of all that is good and juicy. Then Friday Jupiter is called in, fed meringue and told of the future. For the weekend he sits and he tinks, and then from Monday 8th he stops fannying about and makes like roadrunner in a forward ho direction. Finally, then, you can reach into your wash and get a handle on That Thing that’s been giving you the run around. It won’t be until Pluto arrives back in Capricorn in November that you’ll trust it/the Universe fully once more. But by then, you’ll be looking back along the mountain range that was 2008, and be delirious with happiness at how far this weird and wonderful year has taken you.

The big delights of the week are happening in your cathartic 8th house and private, spooky, trembling 12th house. The good news is that good stuff is happening in these tricky zones; the bad news is that once you’ve had these break through moments you’re actually going to have to do something about it… The Sun’s link to Saturn in your 8th house and their trunk call to Jupiter in your zone of inner workings / inner torment / inner scaredy cat say simply “You are being your own worst enemy.” If you are perpetually scoring home goals in the same areas it’s time to see it. Yes, you may say ouch! But if you are undoing yourself through self-sabotage practices then seeing it so you can tackle it eesa good. See this week’s beef and ale pie and lemon meringue delights as emotional / spiritual gifts of sustenance so you can eek out the bad stuff and float forwards ever lighter.

For you, Fish, there’s a Big Thing happening in your 7th house of personal or biziniz partners. The struggle of commitment or the burden of a work contract may have been driving you to drink (er…) but now a ray of light shines through the depths and you are reminded of why you signed up to it in the first place and what the potential rewards are. Certainly the Sun’s input into the beef and ale pie eating contest sez you’ll start feeling a greater identity with the partnership and a greater sense of equality within it. Wishes come true too under these stars and either links with friends or a stroke of luck through your networks raise the stakes of this bizniz or squeezy partnership. Dreams that have been simmering then losing heat since May are due a blast of fire from Monday week. What you learn Friday is shoving you forwards in the right direction. Get ready to paddle fast.