Sunday, 24 August 2008

This Week

We’re coming into a time of getting on the level. If the current fiery raa of Mars means you’re impatient to get things at your level wait until the weekend. Mercury, the planet of chat and negotiation, and Venus, the planet of cup cakes, will join the tête and make tings a whole heap smoother. A New Moon comes at the weekend too. Lay low, see what pops up on the back of Pluto’s curveball due Thursday, and then from Monday 1st September commit to something that’s worth committing to. See you then.

The weekend is where it’s at. A New Moon in your sixth house of work and medicine cabinets means it’s time to take stock and make a commitment to being truer to yourself in these areas – getting a new job, a new working plan of action, or putting a new health regime in place. There’s an unavoidable fear that what you had envisaged for your future self is being lost - and that may be the case, but the picture you have had of what you need to feel ‘successful’ is changing profoundly. Think about it Thursday – Saturday. Then start out on this new path like you mean it Sunday – Monday. Chest out; make it count. Rows with significant others / biziniz partners this past week will start to ease at the weekend as Mercury and Venus bring conversations and rose petals. News, chats, and love, and chats about news, and chats about love and money, ooh, and passion too are on your mind and/or heating up your life. Ding dong, Rammy.

Patterns are shifting in the skies above your tiara and fabulous ears, Bull. The biiig focus on creative ting, chilun, and squeezes continues and with Saturn, the Sun, and a weekend New Moon in this zone it’s time to make a new commitment in one or all of these areas – or to start to see some payback for your patience and hard work. First up there’s a ding in the road where you’re being asked to back down on something concerning chilun, love affairs, or creativity – even though you want to retain control. Thursday you’ll be torn. Recognise the blessing in ‘letting go’ of control and Do the Right Thing. Take it easy Thursday – Saturday and reward yourself with pastries and flowers on the hour every hour. Then make your wish for the next phase of the love and creativity in your life on Saturday and do it with feeling. At the weekend the skies draw your attention to work and health. The fast moving planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars are congregating in your 6th house of the office and your medicine cabinet. Spruce up your work schedules, put your back into getting along with others in the office, and recommit to your health and well-being. Old lingering health problems may flare up now, thanks to Mars, but Venus promises an unction and Mercury a diagnosis. Get to it.

All the activity at the nadir of your chart may have you seeing shadows where there are none, and wondering if you’re losing your mind/s. Saturn and the Sun in your fourth house of home and family are shining lights and bringing up old childhood patterns for a rummage. A New Moon at the weekend says it’s time to see things as they really are. Look and you shall find, Fairy. What is undoing you now that shouldn’t have to? A clash between a lover and your old patterns comes Thursday and confronting the cold-hard truth is the only way out. There’s light relief in creative ting, chilun, and squeezes when Mercury and Venus skip along to join Mars in your 5th house at the weekend. Perhaps suggest the cold hard truth comes out over a creative diversion - such as potato painting or a Rorschach ink blot extravaganza.

Mid-week and we’re into the Dark of the Moon again and you’ll be fighting to see the wood for the floorboards. The Dark falls in your third house of communications so those around you may find you tawking in tongues. Excuse yourself for the interim and then resolve to make it right with a New Commitment at Saturday’s New Moon to be clearer about what you say and to say what you mean in future. On-going sha la la in your fourth house of home and family should lighten as Mercury and then Venus come a-calling from Friday. This is literally friends and loved ones calling at your mud hut - but also suggests news and talk of money vis house sales, purchases, and home improvements. The ding for you this week comes in the shape of a disagreement about your work and health… Do you remember many moons ago Babble suggesting you get health and work matters sorted before November? News you hear now may not cheer you but it will point you in the right direction to attend to those loose ends, dangly bits, and discomforts you’ve been avoiding.

You won’t be short of people to talk to for the foreseeable, pussy cat, as Mercury the planet of chitty chat sidles loquaciously into your third house of communications along with Venus, the planet of sweet words and good times, joining a jovial verbal bunfight with Mars the planet of Raa and Meee!! Bros and sisses may be calling too and things in your everyday wash and locality should feel sparkly. The ding this week comes Thursday-ish when a creative project, or plans for bebes, or attitooods of lovers hit a brick wall where money is concerned. Likely be, the brick wall is a truth you’ve been avoiding, tsk, and the Universe is shoving it under your nose like a dern hippopotamus lest you try to forget it a bit more… The bright side to this hippo action is that you now know que pasando so you can deal with it. And lovely old Universe... Saturday’s New Moon falls smackdab, in the middle of your money box, and sez pick a lane vis money, honey, and stick to it. It’s as if Old Father Time is watching out for you all along.

It should feel good at the mo, Virgo. You’ve the Sun on your side and news, requests, and money tree harvests are very much in the frame. Big bills come get ya, yes they do, but there’s abundance around from the weekend thanks to Mercury and Venus sliding into your bank vault. Your ding falls mid-week as we head into the Dark of the Virgo Moon and Pluto has words with you. Conditions / cold hard facts from either your family or regarding your home come to light and need discussing. It’s going to feel worse than it is because news comes during the dark of your personal New Moon. Let the facts percolate Thursday – Saturday. You have choices. Then take decisive action on Monday. Over the weekend, spend some time thinking under the New Moon. It’s your annual restart so write a wishlist of the traits you want for yourself which set you free from past conditioning foreva. No lay blame on dem odder peeps - focus on de positive: “I assert myself without being a bully…” “I am a groovy, confident victor rather than playing the victim…” “I am free of the need to control others…” Write the New You shortlist Sunday. Then start on this new path like you mean it Monday. Chest out; make it count.

The icky feeling that you’re weak as a weak kitten with a poorly stomach in an alley with a bulldog is set to fade at the weekend – yarooo! – so you can make plans to be a feisty doormat-free zone from next Monday. In the meantime, a few points of note: You’re still in 12th house boot camp so feelings of impotence are likely to come up. What are you going to do? Pop someone on the hooter with a Volvo because they roll their eyes at you? Or get a Brazilian and a damn fine pedicure so you know that those who get to seeya will be rolling their eyes for a ve-he-hery different reason? The secret to getting through the blues is attitude. Don’t have a go at the lump with the rolling eyes - with your Volvo or your lashing tongue. Tit for tat is child’s play and you’re a grown up now. Spoil yourself like a grown up. Eat cake for tea instead of broccoli. Squirt your favourite perfume around the bedroom. Eat toast in bed. Have sex with someone deliriously dreamy – even if they’re only a smouldering face you’ve seen in a magazine or a Hollywood A Lister you’ve seen on the TV screen. Get the tension out with laughter, easiness, or ooba ooba action. You know it makes sense.

You, like Libra, are in boot camp territory at the moment although with a slightly different flavour. Where Librans are feeling poopy and cross you’re feeling that people are gossiping behind your back, that others are out to get you, and the only way to rub along with those in your life is to go with whatever they want and keep your head down and your mouth shut. Is that the case? The 12th house is traditionally the house of secret enemies… and yet Astrobabble feels that the Buddhist theory, that all outer conflict is, in the end, inner conflict, holds a rather lovely silken key to release the silver lining of the 12th house upset. Where are you weak? Where do you give your power away? The feelings that are bubbling up now bear gorgeous clues, so focus. Mid-week the murky subject of money arises. Friends, social groups and networks, and even your wishes, don’t match up to your budget. It’s a wake up call to get it sorted. The weekend’s New Moon falls in your 11th house of wishes. Step outside your feelings of powerlessness. Make like you’re Sheera, Princes of Power, and Write a Wishlist for your future with balls, Scorpio.

The action this week falls in your 10th and 11th houses of success and good times respectively so things should be feeling up and at ‘em, Archer. This time every year you get a shot in the arm where work and the career ladder is concerned and this year, with Saturn illuminated by the New Moon, boss figures should be recognising your stamina and indispensability. You might not feel it right now however. In fact as the weekend draws nearer and the Moon vanishes from sight, you might begin to feel a little twitchy - as if things in your career were not going as well as you’d planned. You may even start to push your weight around, trying to get noticed, to make a point. Watch out. Pluto brings you power and jaw-dropping insight but people, especially people you aren’t close to, won’t like getting their faces rubbed in it. Take the long view (of a week) and stand back a little. Then at the weekend make a wish about what you want from your career and watch the pieces fall into place from Monday. Mars, Mercury and Venus say Saturday and Sunday are times to party. So have friends over and let your hair down.

Life is actually pretty knock-out groovy for Goats at the moment. All the activity in your 9th and 10th houses of future horizons and career successes should be racking up some serious results on the clap-o-meter of your progress and happiness. The sticky wicket in all this delirious joy is Pluto. Pluto is no pussy cat. He’s no marshmallow, or gentle breeze, or doe-eyed school nursey. He’s brutal. This year he’s been intermittently stomping about in his pit boots in your 12th house of “I want my Mommy!” and unpeeling your fingers one at a time from your grip on control. And he’s doing it again on Thursday. Why? Well, honestly, because for a sign of commitment – which you are – lack of control is the scariest thing you can face. Ergo Pluto is making you face it. Pluto is about truth and forcing you to face Truth so you become wiser and more rounded. What can you do? Face the fear. Accept it. You can be as stubborn as you like – but the past nine months have brought you progress and exponential growth in at least one area of life – even though you haven’t been in control… Hmmm… As the weekend’s New Moon falls in your 9th house of The Future on Saturday it’s time to write a wishlist. Astrobabble suggests you make ‘Feeling the fear and doing it anyway,’ top of de list.

A mixed bag of onions this week. The good stuff is that from the weekend Venus and Mercury join Mars in your 9th house of future visions and far flung horizons bringing you a better balance in planning your future. Cheery news from abroad comes too, and thoughts of foreign travels become realities under these skies. The icky stuff is the ongoing attention in your 8th house of letting go. What attitude is it you’re stubbornly clinging to that is holding you back? Saturn here suggests you’re losing the game of whack-a-mole where residual father / authority / responsibility issues are concerned. Likewise maturity around money is implied by these stars – perhaps it’s time to get that loan / pension / savings plan. As the Dark of the Moon descends here coming into the weekend you can expect to feel nervous and indecisive. And as Venus and Mercury square up to Pluto in your house of wishes and friends at the same time, it may be that the words of friends will hold the clearest – but most painful truth – as to where you’re undoing yourself. From Monday the New Moon begins to reappear in the skies. Bite the bullet of letting go and committing to a lighter you and then get to it like a superhero.

Your love and financial lives are under the scope this week, Fish. Saturn, the Sun, and the New Moon all suggest that your love life is going from strength to strength.. and Mercury and Venus’s presence here during the past 3 – 4 weeks should have been making you chatty and sugary. Now these two are heading into your 8th house of money pots – but before they do they clash with the grizzly-faced Pluto currently holding the map to your future plans and distant shores. Does a lover not have the staying power? Are you being asked to compromise on a part of your (selfish) future dreams to make way for the dreams of a significant other? Watch Thursday for news and Monday for a recommitment following the discourse. Across town, and in your bank vault, Mars, Venus and Mercury are congregating. It’s time to either (a) let go of old habits that are making those around you unhappy and/or (b) get your finances in order with tidying up loans, mortgages, savings, and credit cards. The 8th house rules big pots of cash – not salaries. If you haven’t got a financial advisor but have been thinking about talking to one, make it a date next week.