Monday, 14 July 2008

This week

News during last week had the hallmarks of the Mars / Saturn tête a tête. More stabbings and Iranian bombs; who was Mars and who was Saturn do you tink? This week a Full Moon crazy is coming Friday with Uranus, the king of surprise, making a guest appearance. He then shares a banana daquiri with the Sun on Saturday. Pack a metaphorical umbrella, some flip flops, a ham sandwich, and a torch. There’s no way of knowing how this will go.

Your ruler is chundering through your sixth house of health and work and has you churning the dust up at your heels and chewing the insides of your cheeks as if you are waiting to clinch the deal, feel the readies, pop the cork. What is de hurry? If the best musicians were de ones who played the fastest, then music would only be about getting to the end of the song, not being in the song. So patience, Road Runner, patience. Your homework this week is some writing exercises. On Monday get your life balance in order by writing a hundred times which is your greatest priority - home or office? Then on Thursday make a list of what ‘success’ means to you. By Friday a.m. that’ll be ready for a revision. As the neighbour’s cockerel opens its throat and squawks like a drunk in the morning, the Full Moon will be hooking up to Uranus the planet of Boo! in your 12th house of Meep! Things aren’t what they looked like yesterday are they? Scrunch that success list up, chuck it in the mouth of that tiger you’re riding, and spend the weekend writing a new one.

It’s time to finally sign that contract, have that conversation, discuss the future on creative projects and squeezy ting. With the Sun bringing shiny words to your mouth, don’t fall into modest behaviours. It is time to say what you need to with all the gravitas you can conjure after 30 years perfecting it. Meanwhile, the energy is high at home with a decorating / clearing the dead wood / entertaining vibe in the air. Throw on your maxi dress, top it with a saucy vinyl apron, and bake pies for the throngs, er, thronging at your door. Friday’s Full Moon lands, booom, in your 9th house of foreign shores, future horizons, legal doodah, and educashun. Her hook up to Uranus, the planet of suplize suplize, that very morning means that it’s time to close the door or make a commitment - so you're following your truest desires. No rush though. Let the fairy dust of their meeting shimmer about your ears on Friday (the Moon’s digging potatoes and you won’t make any sense without her help anyway). Make your moves Saturday and into next week.

It’s all going off isn’t it Airy friend?! On the one hand you’ve got conversations about money and home matters early in the week. Signing mortgage deals, negotiating rents, and even talking family heirlooms is ripe for de pluckin’. Then you’ve got this weekend’s Full Moon to contend with as it hooks up to curve-ball Uranus the planet of ‘I-bet-you-didn’t-expect-to-find-me-in-your-urine’. The Moon’s in your eighth house of sex, death, and taxes aka ‘letting go’. Uranus is in your 10th house of success. So what is the diagnosis? It’s time to change. It’s time you kicked an old habit into a karzee and pulled the chain of destiny. Do it. That inner ‘thing’ that has been holding you back will be holding you back no more. Ooh, feel yourself snip the chains like you’re snipping gossamer with a set of nail clippers. When you take to the open skies with your new found lightness of being, be sure to wave back at earth when you soar over Astrobabble towers. Happy landings…

Meep and crickey, Crab. You’re never at your best when the Moon’s drawing crazy patterns in the skies and Friday is a Whopper. Before then it’s Monday and it’s time to speaky speaky. Mercury, the planet of chitty chat in your first house of You, Yourself, and You hooks up to Saturn, Monsieur Chef, in your third house of talky talky. Verbosity central. Early doors this week take the crazy bobbing kite that is your mind, tie it to a tree (something solid and trustworthy like an oak or a hornbeam), and then, for experiment’s sake, try introducing this reeled in version of your mind to someone. And lo! Do you see that in this grown up, grounded, clear way of communicating you could talk a plane down if you wanted to. And thus to Friday. The Full Moon in your 7th house of biziniz and squeezy partners makes a groovy angle to Uranus, the planet of you-never-know-what’s-around-the-corner, in your house of long-term, future horizons, and legal shenanigans. A door closing now or a door flinging open will change your direction forever. Jupiter is protecting you so whatever is happening is for the best. Take the whole of Friday off. After the hook up with Uranus, the Moon is doing cartwheels on an airfield for funsies and won’t be around to hold your hand.

While Astrobabble feels the need to urge a modicum of gentleness in your schedule, a bit of deliciously still ‘you’ time for resting and coiffing, the words may be in vain. The Sun in your 12th house for its final week this year would ordinarily be making you slower and less confident when chasing gazelles for snacksies. However, Mars is charging through your veins and with a hook up to Venus due next week, Astrobabble suspects that you will be coiffing for attention’s sake, and looking over your shoulder to see if a little cutie on the plain is watching you fell an entire herd of gazelle, just because you can. A worm of caution in the apple of delights; with all your attention focussed on the lovelies don’t forget to attend to material things. Particularly if an offer presents itself early doors this week, don’t go thinking it can’t happen to you. It can so read more about it. A Full Moon in your 6th house of work and health gets a laser beam from Uranus on Friday. Whether it’s your office or medicine cabinet where you feel it most the message is the same; you have the strength to give up a bad habit to get better. Hop to it.

Early doors this week your ruler meets up with Saturn from your 11th house of wishes and friendships to your first house of You, Yourself, and You. This is certainly news that you’ve been waiting for through friends and your wider networks, a wish coming into being that validates your progress (even though in your modesty you’d rather tear your own eyes out than see it). Being kind to others and to yourself is written in the skies too so make time in all the fast-paced-whirl that Mars is bringing to your wash to have a bubble bath (alone or with company) or a carpet picnic with easy souls. Friday’s Full Moon has an interesting soupy twist, hooking up as it does with the master of the soupy twist, Uranus. A sudden gut feeling/ development/ surprise move linking a biziniz or work partner and a creative venture, kiddiwinks, or squeeze is on your dance card. But viz Uranus here eets impossible to pridict ze outcome. All Astrobabble can say is that Something That Was isn’t going to be the same anymore and for surprising reasons.

Early doors this week something that has been holding you back is going to come to light so you can actually do something to get yourself onto the track you’ve been aiming for. During a conversation, likely with the boss, you may suddenly find yourself floating outside the encounter, watching yourself handing your power away by the wheelbarrow load. Eureka. Work to be done there, Libra. You have the tools. The big old Full Moon on Friday falls in your fourth house of family and mudhuts. This is an annual thing so although Full Moons usually spell endings, it’s not as dramatic as having to move house every single year… This year, however, the Full Moon makes a pretty angle to Uranus, the God of Change, who’s been chucking curveballs all over your career in recent times. This time around then the Full Moon in your mudhut has a stronger hue. You may have a lightning bolt of an idea to move jobs to be closer to work or family, or to change homes to be closer to work. Either way it’s a surprise development to previous thunks so keep an open mind. Uranus doesn’t do predictable.

Your wishes to travel may just get the paperwork they need this week as Mercury, the newshound, makes a pretty Cha Cha Cha with Saturn, the God of Commitment. Either that or you may have news about a course of study you’ve been wanting to take to get you to the top of your chosen mountain. Either way, papers signed now have the stars behind them. Full Moon crazy for you falls in your third house of neighbourhoods, siblings, and communications on Friday. Hooking up as it is with Uranus the planet of ‘by-golly-gee-I-didn’t-see-that-coming’ it’s hard to say exactly what surprises your neighbourhood, siblings, or communications could bring. A brother or sister could be up the duff… Perhaps it’s you surprising yourself with your own point of view on sproglets… It may even be a creative project ending unexpectedly which opens a whole new flower-strewn path to a glorious future before you. You can afford to take your hands off the wheel and watch the way this goes. Lovers, love overseas, and creative prospects are filling you with a rosy glow. It’s all good, poppet.

With the emphasis in your chart on money it would seem that what you earn and what it’s worth to you are under review. Mercury hooks up with Saturn on Monday and conversations arise about going back to college or retraining or drawing up a get-rich-quick scheme so you can earn the sort of money that you want to in the future. Either way it's certainly a time of change to do with lucre and of letting go of old ideas about money. (But whether that’s a lack of responsibility or too much focus on your lettuce, you’ll be de best judge of dat.) Friday and the Full Moon strikes in your 2nd house of income with a beam of crazy from Uranus, currently hanging out in your zone of family and mudhuts. Now it's the picture of money and home life that surfaces. But downsizing or upsizing? Getting some financial help from the family? It would seem as if you can’t get where you want to get financially from where you are now. Talk to your family or mortgage lenders on Saturday. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If you’re thinking of proposing this week or thinking of going into a partnership of a bizinz nature the skies say pieces of paper signed now have f-u-t-u-r-e written large in the watermark. Foreign affairs are equally well-starred so news from overseas should be reassuring (at last!). The wappy Full Moon on Friday is falling in your first house of You, Yourself, and You. Forget Grease. Intense is the word. You’ll begin to feel like you’re connected to the mains by Wednesday and the hum of energy will just continue escalating until Saturday morning. This is an annual event and each year, at about this time, you get yourself fraught as a fraught thing trying to get things to go your way. But boy oh boy! Flick back through any of your Astrobabble weeklies from the past – well – six months and you’ll see that the Universe is on a mission to inform you that you’ll be a far happier bunny if you let go of the need to control all and sundried tomatoes. Uranus is in the Full Moon mix on Friday bringing the unexpected to your lips with unexpected results. Could the emotional frizz of the Full Moon actually bring the breakthrough you’ve been needing? Speak softly and watch the pretty birdies follow you off their own accord.

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle and development beckoning in your house of work and health. Mercury and the Sun here, and their hook up this week to Saturn, planet of commitment, and Uranus, planet of change, mean this hustle and bustle is going to get even mo’ hustley bustley. Monday and Mercury talks to Saturn. He talks of big changes to your working practices, letting go of certain commitments to make room for others. Saturday and Uranus, planet of boo! talks to the Sun. He says that work’s going so well it may be time to ask for a raise or at least find work that pays bigger bucks. In between times you have a Full Moon in your 12th house of ‘somebody-switch-the-light-on’. It seems a concern about bread/dough/lettuce on Friday precipitates the decision on Saturday to get more wonga from what you’re good at. Market it, baby. The world needs what you gat.

You’re used to erratic behaviour, Fish. Hellcats it’s been your modus operandi for at least three years. But this week some paperwork signed or a conversation about a pet project of yours (or a squeezy lovely) has f-u-t-u-r-e written across it in rainbow colours. It’s a partnership you want to get into and want to stick out. Way to go! Celebrate it on Saturday. Before then it’s Friday and the Full Moon hits your zone of friends and wishes and gets a taser shot from Uranus the planet of loco in your first house of You, Yourself, and You. Is it a friendship hitting the skids because you need more freedom to be who you are becoming? Is it a change of old cherished wishes as you release some of them onto the breeze so new ones can take their place? It’s Uranus we’re talking about here so Astrobabble is placing no bets right now. What must be said though is whatever you do, do it with graciousness. Your wappiness has been fun for you but not always so easy on the receiving end. Others have been as patient as they can. If doors are closing under these skies, then let them close quietly.