Monday, 21 July 2008

This week

The planets are leading a merry dance this week, campers, with Mercury doing a cha cha cha with Uranus, Mars making a beneficent tarantella with Jupiter, and both the Sun and Mercury moving from a watery and languid polka to a feisty, thrusting samba. This is no time to sit it out. Rhythm’s gonna getya, Ms Estefan, and no mistakin’. Pom pom pom…

Get to your feet, Ram features, and swing those trousers like you mean bizniz. As a plethora of astral lovelies bring fire and music to your zone of bebes, creative ting, and squeezes this is no time to discover if you have the wherewithal to be a wallflower. It’s time to do the love, talk, shine, and the shiny love-talk so you get whatever your dancing shoes are dancing towards with gusto. Wednesday and Thursday have you lookin’ smooth. Don’t get thrown by a curve ball or change of plans vis home and family matters on Tuesday / Wednesday. It is for the best as you will see soon enough. Saturday your ruler Mars falls right into step with Jupiter the planet of luck, beneficence, and expansion. This is work plans going betterer than you could have wished, a payback for the graft you’ve been putting in. Soak it up then take that energy straight out to the dance floor of life and give it all you got. Hmm mm. Smokin’.

Prettiness, plumped cushions, and a fragrance of mown grass, eau de parfum, and pie will be your delirious wash this week, Bull, as Mercury and the Sun sashay into your mudhut joining the ever-bosomy Venus. Before Mercury makes his move at the weekend, he makes a dance card date with Uranus, the planet of spontaneity and suplize. There’s a message from a friend to you, or vice versa, which bears good news – or at least a positive twist of fate vis your deepest wishes. Watch / speak / listen Tuesday and Wednesday. The other rather beauteous news which will make your dainty hooves curl with delight is the weekend’s hook up between Mars, the thrusty young buck currently kindling passions in your fifth house of ardour, bebes, and creative ting, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, getting to work in your zone of long-range plans and distant shores. Somtink fruity to do with projects, squeezes, or baby-making is wetting your whistle and opening up a whole new path ahead. Start the engine this week. You’ll be well on your way towards the mountains [and those views] come mid-September.

The time to spout forth is coming, airy one. Mid week the Sun moves into your third house of talky talky at the same time that your flighty lord and master, Mercury, makes his dance date with the planet of change and spontaneity, Uranus. If you’re applying for something, or looking for a raise to properly reflect your bounding steps up the career ladder, then this is the day to go go go for the lettuce. By week’s end, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all congregating in your house of talky, siblings, and community. This may be as simple and satisfying as an annual street party, or as homely as a Sunday brunch with bros and sisses. Aussi tambien, it is also an urge for you to taaawwwk – and being ruled as you are by Mercury the talky talky chief of the skies, communication is going to be right up there with The Things You Need To Do Right Now. So yadada and chitty chat until the cows come home. Mars’s hook up to Jupiter on Sunday says that for the best of reasons something is coming to an end to do with a home or family matter. The more you can let go without a fight, the lighter you become.

One last week of easiness, Crab, before the watery energy of the past 3 – 4 weeks hits the fire of Leo and the saucepan of your wash begins to simmer again. Before all this, and while you are still feeling you have some sort of grip on reality, make the commitment to long term ting now – Tuesday / Wednesday is your time to book that trip, sign that paperwork, seal the contract. You’ll be fraught on Friday worrying that you’ve done the wrong thing, (you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t), but reassurance comes late Friday or Saturday via a lover, boss figure, or significant partner who also seems connected to the whole caboodle. From week’s end, as Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your 2nd house of lucre, your mind will be on piggy banks, favourite food, and spendsies. Credit crunch? Is it a biscuit?

Bygollygee wow, look at you mooove! It’s your time pussy cat, and you are too cool for skool, mm hmm. The Sun and Mercury are joining Venus in your first house of You, Yourself, and oohwhatalovelypussyyouare, and that all spells f-a-b-u-l-u-o-u-s with a capital Prrrrr. Four weeks of prettiness and counting. Shine! This week, before Mercury changes signs, he receives an unexpected dance card request from Uranus. The 12th and 8th houses, which this tango connects, are the deep, dark, letting go zones of yorn zodiac. Something you say or hear mid-week is going to reveal a tiny flaw in your approach to the general dance of life. Astrobabble suggests that you don’t let your pride quickly sweep it away with a mighty paw, but instead have a quiet looksee and an honest appraisal so that whatever this nugget of psychological goo might be, it never hampers your style again. Friday and Monday week watch work and money. Thursting action now may guarantee bigger bucks come September.

It’s time to down tempo from mid-week, Virgo, and forge some You time in the general wash that is end-July to end-August. With the Sun and Mercury joining Venus in your 12th house of “Something under the bed is drooling”, it’s a time when confidence, self-esteem, and self-assertion are diverted by inner-angst, concerns that others think you are rubbish, and the sort of gusto for anal-retentiveness that could raise the activity to an Olympic sport. Before Mercury ducks under the radar he hooks up to Uranus in your 7th house of biziniz and squeezy partners on Tuesday and Wednesday. Again with Uranus in the mix the outcome is not easy to pin down. The unexpected news from a lover or viz a creative project (sparked by last week's Full Moon) may arise again midweek for discourse. Alternatively a friend may become a lover or bizniz partner. Or a partner may grant you a long-held wish. Love/bizniz and wishes and surprises; something will pop up. Finally Mars’s hook up to Jupiter says in spite of the 12th house activity above, you still have the vision and cajones to forge ahead with one particular creative project, lover, or baby-making plan. The more you can focus on it and plan for it in the quiet of your own four walls, the better.

A week of odds and potentially sods, Libra. Mid week news about changes to work seem to come out of nowhere but surprising as they are they do rather suit your plans. In fact changes that you’ve wanted for yourself may come quicker or in a different way than you’d expected. This at the same time as the Sun and Mercury make their way into your 11th house of friends and wishes. It’s time to socialise, stroke your circle circles, and enjoy the camaraderie of those networks you’ve been forging or thinking of joining. Friends and circles of acquaintances and colleagues are key to your sense of self-worth in the coming weeks. For those Scales looking to buy / move / redecorate your plans may hit a ding in the shape of an argumentative / obstinate other who rather gets your goat. The ‘block’ (blockhead) is in fact a blessing in disguise in as much as you will make hay from redressing the ‘issues’ that you discover from the encounter. Likewise a bit of a ruckus with close family members is just a gorgeous opportunity for you to kiss goodbye to that button they seem intent on hitting for good and all. Chuck it out of a moving car window. Or crush it beneath your 9 inch heels.

The movement this week, Scorp, is a refocus on your success, where you are now in terms of what you want from the outer world, and the next steps in getting to ‘the dream’. Mercury and the Sun are shifting from the watery ways of Cancer, which have suited your need to fantasise about foreign shores and spiritual evolution, in to the feisty go-get ‘em confidence of Leo; from Swan Lake to the Westside Story Jets as ‘twere. Venus here has already been racking up the issue of what money means in your picture of success. The Sun and Mercury tawk of this in terms of 1) ego and self-actualisation and 2) your ability to sell the skills you have and where you need to learn more to get higher. Mercury makes a dance floor spectacular with Uranus on Tuesday / Wednesday – this is news from overseas or ideas about long-term plans connecting with the creative spark in you. But this can be baby-creative or squeezy-sparkles or creative-projects. Surprises are in store. The weekend’s a great time to sparkle with friends locally. Get out, kick those shoes off, and all of yous shake your tail feathers.

The period of letting go is reaching its culmination for now, as the Sun and Mercury prepare to leave your deep, psychological 8th house. What have you learned about owning the ‘stuff’ that keeps tripping you up? Before Mercury leaves at the weekend he makes a midweek dance class at the behest of Uranus. Old attachments to your family’s ways may flash before your eyes like a view flashing past a moving train window. Learning from the surprising insight will stand you in good stead. Note it and incorporate it into your new dance! A desire for foreign shores, some unexpected news from abroad, or a greater need to make long-term plans/study efforts starts to bubble. It’s time to sign up and head to the sunny side of the street – whether that’s a cafĂ© in St Tropez, or a course that will get you from here to where you want to be in future. Over the weekend your ruler gets a wink from Mars across the smoky ballroom of your wash. Your success at work is going to bring in some extra cash or a timely bonus.

After the focus on love, what it means to you, and what you do and don’t want from the love you have in your life, the Sun and Mercury cross a threshold this week and shift your focus onto the domain of sex, death, and taxes, aka ‘letting go’. Venus has been here for the past few weeks preparing the way. The Sun and Mercury now mean that your head, heart, and ego are going into a form of psychological and spiritual rinse so you can ‘let go’ of habits, people, and attachments that no longer serve your purpose. An emphasis on money, spending, and general tycoonery is par for the course too. Don’t be surprised if you imagine yourself as an oil baron, ruling the world atop a mountain of dollars. Or something similar. Before Mercury makes the shift at the weekend he meets up for a boogie on the dance floor with Uranus, King of wappiness and surprise. Out of the blue moves (words) from a lover or business partner are par for the course. In fact if a significant other starts talking in tongues take it in your stride, goat. You’re a goat. You can do it. Over the weekend Jupiter and Mars dance like Arabian stallions. Overseas or long-term plans get a shot in the arm.

Love, Aquarius, is where it’s at. Mm hmm. You’re talking about it, thinking about it, planning around it. Venus has been pirouetting in a floaty gown in your 7th house of loving ting for the past few weeks and this week she is joined by the Sun (ego, shininess, energy) and Mercury (tawky, planning, travelling). So there’s desire and energy to go find significant others for your fox trot of life coming in spades. But scoop into the mix Mars and Saturn in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes (ie ‘letting go’) and you’ve got the added incentives of feisty ardour and precision and purpose. You want nothing less than a dance partner who can really hit your nail on its head. Stop. Hammer-time. Across town in more sensible trousers: news on work and money this week comes Tuesday / Wednesday when your ruler Uranus, currently creating financial highs and curve balls in your piggy bank, makes a link to Mercury the planet of commerce. Heed the words of Astrobabble. It’s time to market what you gat. At the weekend Mars in your 8th makes a pact with Jupiter in your 12th. Ever raced to let go of fear? Chucking your self-sabotaging ways from a moving car window never felt so urgent or made you quite this dizzy.

The easy tides you’ve been enjoying turn a little choppier this week as the Sun and Mercury move from compatible Cancer to the more real, in-yo-face, feisty Leo. It’s time to turn attentions from your squeezes, chilun, and creative dreams to the realities of work and shining on the shop floor. Venus has been here for a few weeks, breaking you in nicely with her soothing voice and financial rewards. The Sun and Mercury mean business will get brisker. Before the shift Mercury hooks up to Uranus in your first house of You, Yourself, and You midweek. If there’s a certain lovely, a creative project, or an issue about kiddiwinks that needs airing, now is the time. Just don’t be surprised if you surprise yourself with your ideas or your reaction to the ideas of others. Change is da word. The weekend is a social time. Get your nearest and dearest and friends together for a barbecue. Or a hokey cokey.