Tuesday, 3 June 2008

This week

As the energy gathers in Gemini you may find you/the people around you/ our very mad world generally getting faster and faster so that we are all talking like Mickey Mouse on coke. (Either that or Astroabble spent too long on the fairground carousel and there’s some helium in the air.) Gemini is the planet of two truths. With all the bluster and the speed this week be as rational as you can about what you’re told. The weekend has love, old lovers, and little white loving lies writ large. At the risk of playing the party pooper to a squeaking wide-eyed promqueen on the verge of getting her drink spiked - permit Astrobabble to repeat itself. Be as rational as you can about what you’re told this week.

Talky talky. Love talky. Talky about you. Travel to talky. Call bros and sisses to talky. With all the energy stacked in your third house of talky and short distant journeys, and the new Moon smack dab in the middle of the darn activities on Tues eve, you can expect to be talking til yer blue in da face this week. Mercury’s backwards action means that some of what you say will not come out as you mean at all so be wary of confusion and arsenal-about-Tiffany in rendez vous plans too. Certainly the New Moon calls for new ways of talking – whether that’s a webcam to tawk to long-distance bros and sisses or a reconstituted effort to not say ‘hmmm’ or ‘right’ or ‘smokin’!’ as much as you’ve been doing of late when you’re giving presentations to the board. Sticking close to Venus as she is the New Moon may even be a resolution to talk less about yourself and ask more about other people in a caring, sharing sorta way. These brand new talky thoughts are bang on time as come Wednesday the Sun he shines his beamy smile at your ruler Mars auguring in talks about kids and creative projects which show you’re heading the right way. Then Friday Venus slips into something a little more comfy and offers your ruler a night cap. Love tawks are on the cards Ram. Oooh smokin’!

Money Funny Money In A Rich Man’s World Must Be Money… form a sentence using the preceding words or phrases. Oh aren’t you clever/switched to financial-know-how-overload. With all the current frenetic activity fizzing about like a bath bomb in your second house of possessions and income, now would be the ripest time of all to be totting up what you’re worth, what you need to live the lifestyle you’d like to grow accustomed to, and how you gonna git dat cash. Tuesday’s New Moon conjuncting the Sun and Venus sez you’ve got ideas. Mercury’s retrograde here says you may need to plan and then plan again over the coming few weeks to work things out. With the Sun and Venus’s sextile to Mars (currently stomping about your mudhut) there’s a chance that your financial break for freedom may involve domestic changes – selling up, buying up, renting the spare room, redecorating, investing in art yaddada, yaddada. Hang fire if you can until 23rd June before signing on the dotted line of anything – including that must-have casket of chicken thighs in formeldahyde. You won’t covet it as much as you think you will once Mercury starts skating in a forward motion again. Friday brings news – likely about money, but poss about love stuff too. Again, listen, take it on board and if you can, wait until after 23rd to see if the declaration holds water or if puff! It vaporises like steam.

This week Airy friend, you should be shrieking ‘Me me me me me me me mememe!’ Yes. It is all about you right now – who you are, why you are the way you are, what’s good good good about your wash. The annual Gemini New Moon sez, ‘I am me; unique and special in this world.’ And as you shimmer and beam the Sun and Venus are right beside you at the party too bringing you splendour and cosmic gloriousness – as is your ruler Mercury. It’s a v v swanky affair indeed. As you will know from previous Astrobabble musings here however, Mercury’s backwards motion is making it difficult at times for you to switch on the mic at your own blinkin’ party – you can’t even say a few thank yous. Not even to the caterers... You may think that Mercury’s job at the party is to muss up the technology (dratit), disorganise the seating plan (shocking), and play Duran Duran recuds all night long (ohmygoodnessno). OR you can see that Mercury’s gift to you is a fabulous private webcam that lets you see what is tricky, stucky, and needs regrouting in your world. News on Wednesday should put you in fine fettle and make you aware that you really are getting high up the ladder of your choice. Friday, and Venus in your first house sextiles Mars lighting up your need to share affection through tawk and visits. With Mercury in the mix you can expect to hear from old flames, old friends and/or siblings out of town, or at least for old loving themes to pop up for a looksee. Remember, this is your time. Ask for what you want, listen to what is requested in return, and then mebbes prepare to wait awhile for it to percolate before you get and give your answers.

Astrobabble can’t lie to you. If you’ve been feeling dejected and paranoid and downhearted in the past week or so, there is some more of this to come. The darkest hour is the one before the dawn, eh Crab? With all the argiebargie moving at the speed of a Tasmanian Devil in your 12th house of “Argh!” you’d be abnormal if you didn’t feel a bit “Argh.” A bit, “Meep!” A bit, “Someone make it stop I want to get off.” The good news is that as the light of the New Moon returns to our skies Wednesday and into Thursday you’ll begin to see a flicker of light over the horizon and that which seemed so hurtful and raw and unfair, will begin to seem like a film you watched once many moons ago when you were young / half-asleep/drunk. Like going into the garden shed, it’s so much nicer when the light is on, isn’t it? Part of this light at the end of the tunnel feeling is connected to money and possessions – as if a cheque comes in just when you were worrying that it wouldn’t. If you want to make the most of this time then this week is a genuinely great week to start facing your demons. Say, “Sod off with bells on,” to the ones that need to go make friends with the trolls and then embrace the ones that just need a little affection so they stop acting up and attention-seeking. And remember, you’re doing well, man. You really are.

This is a gooorgeous week Pussy Cat. There you are with your mane freshly coiffed and your nails manicured and polished and there’s not a beast on the plain that ain’t lookin’ at you and think THAT’s the cat’s pyjamas that is. Hurray for the good times. The Sun, Venus, New Moon, and Mercury are all partying like it’s 1999 in your 11th house of friends, social coycles and netwoyks. And with Mars giving you the gusto to stride into their midst wearing nothing but some hot pants and a coupla tassels as you sing, “I Will Survive,” at the top of your lungs and in the limelight of the karaoke night of your dreams this is a great time to be making your move, making a mark, mekking like a bee and working it. Whether it’s work, play, or making a bee-line to your dreams your friends and your joie de vivre mean you have what it takes to bring it to ya in spades. Amidst all this carousing, Venus is tossing her golden locks about the place so there’s love and affection and mebbes even a spot of chemistry in the air. And with Mercury retracing his steps at the party too there could be old lovers and old friends coming out to meet you in all your glory. Wednesday, Friday and all weekend are hazy happy days. Party on, pussy cat.

You are doing well. You are shining and you are making headway - but Astrobabble knows you think one is talking through one’s hat. Mars in your 12th house is making you obsessive, irksome, and a tad beleaguered by crossness/worry/‘them’. (Hm, Astrobabble is not entirely sure one can be a tad beleaguered…?) Anyway – in all the glory that is your success, career progress, and general making your way in the world as if by Super-Pogo – Mars is undermining what should be a glass-virtually-full sort of feeling. The other issue that is fraying you like twine is the madcap busyness in your 10th house of success, as if if you don’t run in circles fast enough to catch your tail on the hour every hour then you are a worthless individual with nothing to commend you to the world. Astrobabble says this with love, but dross and rubbish, Virgo. Undeniably Mercury’s retrograde will be promoting a need to review and revisit and learn from hindsight as you gather pace and begin taking big steps forward from July. And Mars’s goading may be making you think that all the others are hopeless numptees who don’t value you / your input / courage / witty repartee. But the stuff circling you as we speak is as positive and delightful as a pod of dolphins. You’ll feel it Wednesday and perhaps even see the rewards for it Friday. Toast your successes at the weekend. It’s a good time to be thankful for how far you’ve made yourself progress up the mountain in spite of the recent hurdles that have been thrown in your way.

The theme of distant horizons continues to flutter around your pretty head. Urges to travel may be growing obsessive. The need to have a concrete plan on where you are going to – whether that’s on the 18 – 30s holiday or on your cosmic life path, may be increasing to fever pitch. (A trip to an Ashram may dovetail the whole thing quite nicely?) With your ruler Venus here though and linking to the Sun and Mercury at week’s end if you can quiet the noise between your ears and listen to the still calming voice, you’ll find your intuition will guide you – as will a little help from your friends. On Wednesday and Friday links from this action-packed 9th house form between your 11th house of friends, social circles, social networking sites, and general networking networks. Tips, ideas, pieces of advice, shared stories all bring with them an added feeling that you can get where you want to get, that you’re on the right path, that the map you’re holding is the right one for your particular adventure. Get those sandals out of the closet / dust down your kaftan. And don’t forget to send Astrobabble a postcard.

Last week on Astrobabble we talked of the changes you have been going through to get you where you want to get to. This has all been spurred on by the gathering get together of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury socialising in your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes - aka big, important letting go-s. What we ‘ave ‘ere then this week is a New Moon at the very same get together, holding hands with the Sun and Venus and doing the hokey cokey. In other words a spark you needed to make one particular change arrives on Tuesday night this week and you can face the letting go-ness of these times with a timely reminder, sense of purpose, altogether non-attached approach. Man. What follows is the sheer brilliance of the Universe’s timing. On Wednesday and Friday and through the weekend look out for the signs that what you have decided to let go of is already making way for great things. There are clear indicators that your career success and general progress up the ladder of life are on the up. When one door closes, another one opens. You’ll be wondering why you waited so long.

Pretty, pretty Archer. There are a number of stages in a relationship. There’s the misty meeting, all the butterflies and checking your phone on the hour every hour. There’s the meeting each others friends – crap what to wear what to wear? Then there’s the going steady, noticing the stuff he does that sends you into meltdown. And then there’s the future… The beautiful stuff going on right now above us heads is that with the New Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun all lighting up your seventh house of long-term squeezes relationships are looking gooood with a capital, oh-schucks-you two-make-a-great-couple. Then on Wednesday and Friday, the Sun and Venus respectively link up to Mars in your 9th house of distant shores, distant horizons, and future plans. Adding 2 + 2 this is a relationship which has all the hallmarks of a long-term partnership built on respect and affection. Moving out slightly, these stars speak of inspiration from one of you to the other to branch out, learn, study and improve. Moving out even further, this is a business or loving partnership that has links to foreign shores. An old flame may turn up to rock the boat / or an old flame may be the boat you need. Whichever way you look at it Archer, pack a Mills and Boon and some flip flops. We’re talking lovin’ long-haul. Mmm hmm.

“Work! Huh! What is it Good For…?” Ah Goat, you Saturn-ruled Mountain Climber of the skies you. You will easily come up with a thousand reasons as to what work is good for. Work is in your blood. It courses through your veins. It is the reason you wake up in the morning. It is the thing you often think about last thing at night. As the skies concerned with your sixth house of work are sprinkled liberally with planets your focus on Work: The Whys and Wherefores will be greater than it has been in a while. Mars in your eighth house has been making you itchy for change and this week on Wednesday and Friday, as he hooks up with the Sun and Venus respectively twinkling from your sixth house of work – news of a work breakthrough and/ or financial reward you’ve been waiting on come through. Your driving force at the moment is a distant shore – whether that’s a metaphorical ‘where I want to be in five years time’ horizon or ‘I want to move my business abroad’ horizon. You know that if you haven’t worked hard for something then it wasn’t worth it; that if something comes easy then you grow complacent and ill at ease. At least enjoy the rewards this week. They are important stepping stones en route to that horizon. And only you know how hard you’ve worked to get them.

Ding dong Airy Lovely. What we have ‘ere is a heap of passion and loving feeling that even Mills and Boon couldn’t hold a feverishly burning candle to. Astrobabble is weak at the knees at the sheer potential for ripped corsetry, heaving bosoms, and manly arms. It’s all too much. Swoon. Seriously though, these stars are sprinkled with golden Cupid arrows. Firstly you’ve got a plethora of heavenly bodies writhing uncontrollably in your fifth house of lovers, creative pursuits, and babies. The New Moon augurs in fresh starts, new ideas, and new approaches; the Sun brings focus; Mercury brings news and talky (possibly even from old squeezes) - and of course Venus, the full-lipped Empress of the skies brings prettiness and temptation. On top of this orgy of potential, Mars the swarthy, mystery man of the skies with the testosterone and the chiselled jaw and the very very [exquisitely] tight jodhpurs is stomping about manfully in your seventh house of long term lovers and bizinz partners. This is lust and/or fireworks pure and simple. Tuesday night the Sun and Venus dine by an open fire and discuss creative juices and imaginative explosions. Then Wednesday the Sun speaks to the mystery man of Venus’s inspired revelations. Then on Friday, ohmyGodican’tstandtherisingcrescendo, Venus and Mars meet with the heat of 10,000 candles burning, burning… and sparks the size of giant oysters fly through the air and he grabs her in his arms, unable despite all his manly strength to resist her charms a moment more, and their ardour is consummated in a storm of ecstasy on the hearth rug of destiny… What Astrobabble is saying is that You are Hot. Whatever you need to get down and get on with, you can’t help but light the touch paper. Go get ‘em tiger!

Homelife is being hoisted up the flagpole of your world this week, Fish. With the New Moon here alongside Mercury, Venus, and the Sun there’s an air of prettiness about it. Add into the mix Uranus’s impending reverse thrust in your house of You Yourself and You PLUS the harmonious links between your home and work life on Wednesday and Friday this week and there be a potent mix in de air of rejigging and change, there be. It may be an urge to upsize, downsize, or simply redecorate the downstairs toilet. Certainly you want prettiness and affordable luxuries and home comforts around you. But beneath this, you’re growing fidgety again about how you express yourself and make your way in the world as the most authentic version of you that you can be today – and if you feel that working from home or shifting the pattern of your work/life balance is required then now is a good time to get stuck in. Activity in the fourth house also relates to family. Reminiscences of childhood will be drifting up too, even as floating dreams. If they help remind you of where you’ve come from so you can (a) run from it screaming or (b) recreate it then so much the better for your current plans. Working closer to family, or moving closer to parents and/or children is also a picture to conjure with. One caveat as expressed last week too. Mercury is larking about with the small print. Sign nada until after 23rd June.