Monday, 9 June 2008

This week

The big action this week falls at the weekend with the arrival of the ohmygollygeeno Friday 13th par excellence, plus a sign change from Pluto, both following an ad lib impromptu Uranus bunfight Thursday and Friday. Pluto’s reverse into Sagittarius is an interesting move in the chess board of life. He spent 12 years in Sagittarius before landing on Capricorn on January 26th this year. Pluto’s impact upon us is hugely profound; he governs fear, truth, creation and destruction. His return to Sadge – which lasts until November – is a last-in-this-lifetime opportunity for us to make particular and significant changes to key aspects of our personality which are highlighted for each sign under Long term trigger ting, below. If you’re scared, don’t be. Since January you have seen what the future holds – and what is holding you back. Pluto’s retreat lets you let go of something that is blocking your true actualisation. Daddio. Self-awareness is all. Write it down. You’ll make a book of it one day.

The surprises for you this week come in unexpected feelings/ conversations /responses concerning love and or money and or creative projects. There’s an uncomfortable truth you have to face vis you being unable to make something stick and try as you might to talk the plane down, it’s having little or no effect. Part of what is going on is your inability to say exactly what you mean because the map you’re working from is slightly obscured from view/smothered in jam. Aussi you are a veritable inferno of demanding forward action where lovers, bebes, and creative ting are concerned, completely ignoring the need for checks to be done before the whole thing takes flight. Your best plan is to be calm and diplomatic – and to find solace in those friends to whom you can say anything. By the end of next week some of the missing pieces will become clearer and whatever you’ve overlooked will have a bearing on where you go to next. Can you see the bright yellow lessons that are sitting like ducks in a row? Herein lies a timely reminder from Uranus, the planet of sudden change, currently spinning in your 12th house of “Holy Catfish, Batman, it’s sinking sand!” We control nuthin. Always expect the unexpected. Be realistic, plan for a miracle. Long term trigger ting: As Pluto rolls cumbersomely backwards into your 9th house of distant horizons, a rethink is called for – be it issues with foreign shores, educashun, spiritual callings, or your Life Plan and where you want to be in 5 years time. Don’t let the pesky mouse that put you off going for Gold last time scare you again.

Financial plans that you thought you could whiz through are having to be revisited but worry not my grass-chewin’ friend. With Venus and the Sun still blessing your second house of money/ readies/ lettuce it looks like the reviews will eventually, give or take a few weeks, work in your favour. Kerching! What Astrobabble will advise against at this juncture is getting over-confident and slap-happy with your resources. Uranus, the planet of “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition” is making face time with Venus and then the Sun, Thursday and Friday. This is (a) soooo impulse-buying territory. Stand away! And (b) out-of-the-blue news connecting friends and your wishes with cash and what you value. The tricky angle of this face-to-face means that the news may be uncomfortable for you to hear. In the general race of life in these days it may behove you to let the goofy fool with the nasty gold watch place all his spendsies on the three-legged horse while you sit it out in the VIP area with a long gin and let the news percolate. Your dinted happiness will be stroked by Neptune over the weekend as he makes pretty shell-necklaces for you, the Sun, and Venus. It’s a time to be thankful for what you have and to daydream about how to progress forwards creatively in spite of any hamstringy snafus and unexpected about-turns. Long term trigger ting: Pluto rolls out of your 9th house of Forward ho! And back into your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes. It’s time to let go of aspects of yourself that prevent you from making lasting progress. What are the commitment issues that keep you up at night? What can you consign to the rubbish bin so you are free of empty boxes?

An unexpected something pops up in your career this week, Airy friend, as the shiney sun and pretty Venus share an unexploded molotov with slap-happy Uranus in the boardroom of your wash. This can mean unexpected breakthroughs… but being a slightly sticky angle, it is more likely an unexpected snafu arises, particularly where technology, photography, broadcasting and the media generally are concerned. Thursday and Friday are the tricky days. If you can bug out of work on Friday so much the better; the words you say may be gibberish and you’ll make no significant progress in resolving anything. Over the weekend though, reflection on the snafus brings a warming glow to your long term plans, as if you learn a new way of tackling problems that makes you braver about facing the future. Every cloud has a silver lining, as dey say. Across the street Mercury, your rollerskating ruler with wings, continues his backwards motion for another week. You’ll be acclimatising to the air conditions by now namely Go Slow. Write it down. Check it, twice. Get someone else to check it… Perhaps enjoy the slowness if you can and enjoy the review process. It’ll be forward ho! and into top gear by next weekend. Long term trigger ting: Long-term relationships of a biziniz or squeezy nature… What are you addicted to? What are you sacred of? Why are you prone to be prone? You are not a doormat. Pluto’s return is a call to look at your habits in relationships and to identify why you give your power away like a baby bird and not stand tall in your power like an eagle.

Worries that your long-term plans will never bear as much as a single raspberry may reach a mini crescendo this week as the Sun and Venus in your 12th house of insomnia receive a sideways glance from Uranus at week’s end. Astrobabble would like to reassure you that this fear is being heightened by Mercury’s reverse thrust in the same 12th house zone which makes you more prone than usual to misread/ misunderstand/ miss the point entirely. Talking over your worries with people who know you are as mad as a badger and love you even so is The Way. You see the surprise element of Uranus means that his prodding of the Sun and Venus with a pokey stick may well prompt revelations of how highly you are loved and thought of, but were yet to be told. Take Friday off as the Moon is having a facial and you’ll do yourself no favours without her by your side. Then spend the weekend meditating on what you need to unpack spiritually and emotionally so you can fly forwards like a boyd. Next week, the Sun and Venus come love ya and then there’ll be time to celebrate, drink like a fish, and sleep like a bairn. Long term trigger ting: Pluto leaves your seventh house of partnerships and heads back into your 6th house of work and health where he’s been for the past 12 years. It’s time to finally address the patterns, conditions, illnesses you’ve been refusing to face.

It’s still going well in your yard ain’t it, pussy cat. Mars is still pumping you with red corpuscles and fanning the flames of your giant plans trimmed with ermine and Venus and the Sun are making your networks smiley places to be. Enjoy these fine times. Next week both the Sun and Venus end their Chachacha in your house of wishes and friendships and have a four week lay down in quiet rooms in empty houses. Before they go both face “So long for now” conflabs with some of the other more weighty planetary dancers. Thursday and Friday they receive a “hasta luego” with a twist from Uranus. The twist is a truth that you need to take a leetle reality check, to set sail from fantasy island, and to see things as they are, not as you want them to be. Come Sunday this reality check is followed by a floatier, more philosophical “Until our paths cross again” from Neptune. Neptune and Chiron gently remind you that you are only strong enough to make lasting progress when in complete ownership of the truth. How could you build a garage on a cloud, Astrobabble wonders? With these thoughts in mind the Sun and Venus can retire until they head back out into the limelight right in time for your birthday. Long term trigger ting: In your quest to make headway in the workplace since January you seem to have forgotten some important factors in your life. Pluto’s return to your fifth house of bebes, squeezes, and creative projects sez it’s time to let go of the fear that brings you out in a rash just contemplating zeez fings.

The big hoopla, bloody nora, for you this week is people, particularly biziniz or squeezy people to whom you are committed. For many moons now you have come to expect the unexpected from them and this week is another one of those crazy, inexplicable, “You’ve what?!” milestones. As Uranus squares the Sun and Venus in your 10th house of, “I am the dog’s bollards,” you can expect a certain someone to either rain on your parade or at least make your parade a lot less sparkly by their absence/ forgetfulness /refusal to drive the float and pack the sandwiches. Mars’s eagle eyes in the CCTV gallery of your inner fears may make you explode with fury as you take these unsupportive actions to be a sign of evil malevolence and treachery. But it may just be that Mercury’s current blurring action means that communication wires were crossed – and they thought you were bringing the sandwiches. Come the weekend, as Neptune offers up platters of crayfish tails to the Sun and Venus, there will be a healing of sorts. And next week, as Mercury turns to forward action again, snafus can be rectified. Long term trigger ting: Pluto’s MEEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing motion into your fourth house of home and family brings with it the resurgence of issues involving these two areas of life that you have been dealing with for the past 12 years. Pluto signifies a letting go whether that is of moving home or finally facing an old family issue with your mother. (And with all the activity in your 10th house of father in these past three weeks, the family theme is all the more pertinent.)

The big Surprise, Surprise luuv for you this week is a revelation connected to work and (a) the future or (b) distant shores or (c) education, spiritual enrichment, yoga. You’ve had it up to the eyeballs with the choppy changey, changey technology stuff at the office in the past 3 or 4 years and you’re growing wearily accustomed to unexpected ting popping into the mix. This week the Sun and Venus, shimmering in your house of distant horizons, both receive a missive from Uranus. It’s going to be an awkward message to hear initially, as if it pits work against your plans for distant shores, real and metaphorical - but within weeks you’ll see that what you learn now and how well you respond now will pay dividends come July. The trick is to refuse to take the missive personally. See it as a fact. A reality. Respite comes Saturday and Sunday as Neptune in your 5th house of sprogs, potato painting, and easy-going squeezing makes tea for the slightly downhearted Sun and Venus. Does someone want to take care of you..? This is a fluffy moment where you may well start to believe that your fantasies for squeezes, sprogs, and potato painting endeavours can come true. Y’ole romantic you. Finally in the short-term, hide away on Friday. The Moon has gone to the country leaving you behind and won’t be back until teatime. Long term trigger ting: Pluto’s return to your 3rd house is a cosmic calling to wash off any lasting niggles/jealousies/blame for parental favouritism with brothers and sisters. Likewise Pluto here is calling for you to reconsider how you communicate. Your indecision is legendary, being the Scales, but how does this effect the way you speak /ask / answer – and what impact does this communication style have on the respect you encounter or don’t?

After a few weeks of cruising and feeling g-o-o-d GOOD, a small planetary beep beep sounds to bring you back to Tasks-ville. Coming into the weekend Uranus, in your 5th house of bebes, squeezes, and creative ventures, sends a missive to Venus and the Sun in which he says You need to change your approach to one or more of these areas. Coincidentally, Venus and the Sun are currently traversing your cosmic changing room wherein we are urged to let go of things. The fact that Uranus’s eyebrows are knitted into a cardigan means that he has other ideas. Uranus wants changes that you haven’t implemented yet – and which may be different to what you’d hoped / thought / aspired to change. Without being an alarmist stork, this is surprise pregnancy territory – particularly as over the weekend Neptune, in your house of family, links up with the Sun and Venus. Sure as eggs not every Scorpio is about to fall pregnant. The 5th house also governs creative ting and lovers – so Uranus’s action here may manifest as an unforeseen snafu or an unwanted ending. Try not to fear. It looks like the right time. As the Sun and Venus move into your 9th house of distant horizons next week whatever you’ve had to let go of this week will be paving the way for a happier future. Finally for the short-term, take Friday off. You’ll be as vacant as a boyband’s crossword puzzle. Long term trigger ting: Pluto, yorn lord and master, is scooting back into your 2nd house of money. This is a thorny topic which has ravaged the Good Ship Scorpio from time to time from 1996 until January this year. It’s been a topic that has controlled your life. Pluto returns to this zone from now until your birthday and will never ever ever return again during your lifetime. Sit down with money, talk to it frankly about why you want it in your life, its importance, and then draw a line stating clearly the percentage of your time you will spend nurturing and caring for it and the percentage of time you will spend on enjoying it.

The surprise hook up this week is the link from Uranus in your 4th house of home and family to Venus and the Sun in your 7th house of long-term squeezes and biziniz partners. This looks like a disagreement about where you two should be living and even possibly how you two should be living. With Jupiter heading backwards in your 2nd house of income at the moment money may not be tight but you certainly aren’t feeling as flush as you were earlier in the Spring. The current climate says the only way through this impasse is talking and hard as it is to be truthful, that’s exactly what you need to be. There’s something you are terribly afraid of admitting to in case it undermines another’s respect for you. That’s making you bolshy and right now your long-term lover is probably feeling your defensiveness as outright tetchiness and denial. Try not to pour scorn on their deeply-held desire for the pair of you to live on a canal boat with 18 cats and a child called Oceanblue and a talking parrot. Talk to them, ask them genuine questions, and then say you’ll go away and think about it. Because you will. Long term trigger ting: Pluto is heading back to your 1st house of You, Yourself, and You. Here he makes you tyrannical, controlling, and de bossman. This is because in his presence you suddenly become aware of his enormous power – and you fear anyone else ever having that power over you. Pluto is here to reveal how scared you are. From here until November go for humility rather than tyranny.

Cross words in the work place ain’t necessarily your style but they may come this week. You’re feeling on edge and backed into a corner already (see Pluto ting below) and that’s before the numptees start driving you up the twist with their shenanigans. Indeed, work communications coming out of leftfield may have you spitting. Lovers too may have you spitting. Deals that were struck are likely to be ‘revised’ under these stars and while that sticks in your craw the timing couldn’t be better. The changes made now pre-empt an incredible pattern in the skies which at last throws light on all that has baffled you in the past 12 years (see Pluto ting below). In the spitting and discomfort of Thursday and Friday be wary of seeking comfort in a 48-hr non-stop shopping spree through Saturday and Sunday. Neptune and Jupiter in reverse mean you may not be aware that you’re overstretching yourself. Spend the money on a massage, colonic hydrotherapy, bucket of cereal bars and really fizz up your health rather than your shoe collection. Long term trigger ting: For you this is the Daddy. Pluto has just spent 12 years in your 12th house of Arrrgh! Undermining you, bringing fear, self-doubt, and self-loathing. In January, he shifted into your 1st house of Me, Myself and I and suddenly you started feeling proud, strong, powerful – perhaps even proud, strong, powerful, tyrannical, unappreciative, bossy, overbearing, hypercritical, and unkind? Now as he shifts back into your 12th house, you’re suddenly getting a reminder of how ‘orrible it is to be scared and on the receiving end of that sort of warped, relentless, unforgiving power. In a nutshell, Pluto is here to remind you how fear feels and how much you need help and how good it feels to get that help. Concentrate now and when he returns to your first house in November you will have the humility to use your power with a fair hand, a compassionate heart, and an even temper.

The surprises this week concern doshola – and children, creativity, and squeezes. Perhaps the bill you were expecting for the potato-painting class and the feathers doesn’t add up and you only just realise it. Or the youth borrows the car and reverses it into an iron wall. Or the latest squeeze has booked a table for two at the town’s posiest restaurant and expects you to pick up the tab. You won’t have seen it coming, partly because it’s Uranus and being the planet of surprise he doesn’t let you see it coming, but also because Neptune’s on-going transit through your front room means you’re often hearing and seeing things through a bathtub of water and Forget to Check. What to do? In true Neptunian fashion you’ll likely sweep it under the carpet, or pour the angst down the sink and let it go. Mars rampaging through your seventh means that biziniz or squeezy partners may feel riled on your behalf – or even riled at you because of your knee-jerk washing away of the issue – and you’ll be left to calm them down as they froth in your defence. Tsk. Long term trigger ting: Pluto’s return to your 11th house of wishes and friendships is a casting call for you to get your wishes cast in iron. From November this year until 2025 (yes the year not the time) Pluto is going to be rolling heavily through your 12th house challenging your fears mercilessly. What you can do now to make that journey a super adventure is to strengthen your resolve about what you wish for yourself and to strengthen your networks and friendships into loving, supportive steel girders.

It looks like you’re changing your plans again Thursday – Friday this week Fish and upsetting your Mother and the rest of your family. The big step you can make, as these inevitable changes to plans arise, is to not be argumentative or defensive about it. It just makes it worse. It just gets people upset and feeling disrespected. A simple, calm, “I can’t this time. Please bear with me. I’m just having to follow the stream where it goes right now and it’s not a dig at you,” will go a long way to soothing the wearing patience the world and its badger feels sometimes when you once again cancel or rejig as you so often do. This week Neptune your ruler makes a fine smoothie with your family over the weekend. Perhaps you can intuitively find the right words to say, the right deeds to do, the right notes to sing tra lala, so that all is fair in hearth and home. Long term trigger ting: Pluto creeps backwards this week from your house of friendships and wishes to your house of “I am the right man for the job Sir Alan.” It would seem that there is still something left to fathom out in the wide world of society, something you must tango with in spite of your fear of appearing in next morning’s newspapers. Either that or there is something you need to add to your list of accomplishments so that your wishes grow all the more tangible when Pluto returns his attentions to them in November.