Sunday, 20 April 2008

This Week

Monday morning, and if you see glum faces around the office it’s likely the poor blighters have been kicked in the shins by the weekend’s Full Moon. Things could look up this week… It really rather depends whether you’ve been sewing responsible seeds, responsibly. The Karmic True Node is camping out on a lilo with Neptune above an eddy. What goes around comes around, as they say. The other headliner this week is Mars. He teams up with Uranus all week in a racing car so if you want to change lanes with gusto now’s the time. He also opposes Jupiter so watch out for any temptations to over-inflate - either overselling the quality of your posing pouch or overegging someone else’s flaws for your own benefit. On Wednesday Mars starts chucking sticks at Venus. Silly, scared tike. Stand well back though. He can throw hard.

You’ve love in your heart, there’s money coming in and contracts which portend that yet more money is coming in. And there’s strong, vibrant energy around home and family. So why do you feel ill at ease? Three reasons. On the passing level a spat around the hearth arises midweek. This is tempers getting frayed and you feeling put upon (“You treat this house like a hotel!” is the kind of ballpark). On the long-term level Pluto the planet of “Me takey no prisoners” has just turned back into your jotter of ‘Things I want to do this lifetime’ and is shaking your sense of purpose. It’s so easy to say what we want to do – but doing it takes gusto and frankly, balls. Finally on a cosmic and lunar level the Moon has just thrown up a Blue Moon in your house of endings – which means that there is still something you can’t sort out and can’t shift for another blasted four weeks Captain Haddock. But the Moon's true node is simultaneously triggering a big karmic “Here’s what you wished for.” Now this can be good or bad depending on how you make your wishes (ie with a sense of flippancy or reverence.) Add that up and you’ve got a big divide between responsibility, what (or who) is getting in your way of what you’ve been saying you want, what you actually want in the cold light of day - and your ability to pick a lane and get on the bypass to Satisfaction Street. Clarity is all, Ram. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks: How does money affect your health and your choice of job and which of these - Money, Health, Job – would you put in first, second, and third place in your vision of ‘Success’?

Cow, I hope those lashes are fluttering and your udders rippling with delight. As the Sun and Mercury shimmer prettily around your pretty ears and Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, and Uranus send you encouraging words and chocolates it really is a time for flashing your eyes and making your presence felt in the boardroom and on the pathway to your dreams. Though strewn with blossoms, this pathway has potential dings. Monday and all week a foghorn blusters through the birdsong. Be careful not to overegg the custard, to act immodestly, or talk too self-righteously. Then on Wednesday an irksome link between your ruler Venus and that snippy firebrand, Mars, means that either passion or a logjam raises its ugly head amidst the platter of flower petals. The ‘tricky’ issue with Venus hanging around in your dank 12th house is that you may not be assertive enough finding that in the heat of the moment you are either passive or too detached. Do not enter the fray. Do not make demands that are not humanly possible. But do not compromise on what is most important to you. Forewarned is forearmed. Friday is a beaut of a day for romance as Neptune makes Cow eyes at Venus. Then next week Venus skips down the garden path to your door ready to sit at the kitchen table and hold your hand as you discuss with partners how passionate you are and how determined you are where love, children, and creative things are concerned. Watch them melt. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: Me and children/love/creative ventures – how I gonna git the lot and canter off with them into the sunset/away to foreign shores?

“And now, pom pom, the end is nigh, pom dee dee te pom, and so I faaaaayce the finullll cuuurtiiin…” While this may sound ominous, Gemini, it is only the first track on a CD and next is “Fly Me To The Moon”. You see right now, as the planets begin to amass like a congregation of mourners in your 12th house of “Final Curtain”, (but thankfully not Final Countdown which really was an appalling recud) you could be mistaken for thinking that all your dreams will come to nought and that you are rubbish rubbish rubbish at whatever you turn your hand to, that people are coming to get you, and that life is a box of mouldy old turnips out at the back door in the rain with snails on. This paranoia (who said that) is part of a cycle you need to go through as you re-evaluate who is really on your side, what your real destination is and what changes need to happen. This is a long six month process of review that will continue to caw for attention like a hungry baby bird so prepare to carry out the review thoroughly. What you need to know is that life isn’t going to standstill while this happens. No sirreebob. For example by early May your winged ruler Mercury will make his way home to your treehouse and as the CD switches to track two, you’ll be dancing around the decking designing the most suitable sort of airborne transport to convey you to the Moon in style. Look up! Look up!! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How by following your dreams you are being called to give up old habits and form a new type of home-life - different from the one you have now and different from the one you had as a child (ie with you in charge of the Mothership this time.)

There’s gossip and news from friends this week, lots of it, but the big news for you, pokey-eyed friend, is about how you are now receiving payback or retribution for the good, the bad, and the ugly in your past (especially where love affairs and children are concerned). On the back of the recent Full Moon, a Karmic sauna shared by Neptune, ruler of dreams, drink, and tamazipan, and the True Lunar Node in your house of “They think it’s all over… It is now!” means you will either be paying for what you shoulda, woulda, coulda done had you had the courage to Get To It. Or, conversely, you’ll be raking in the help and support for seeds you’ve sewn selflessly in the past. Change and transformation are required in every crab’s life so instead of dwelling on lesser triumphs why not throw regrets out of the moving car window on your way to the service station and top up with super unleaded and a road map pointing you from SelfPityshire to DaysofWineandRoses-by-the-Sea. A female colleague or peer is likely to put you straight mid-week and you’re going to holler and scrike and say it isn’t so. But you’re only kidding yourself. Of all the signs you're the one most likely to get caught up in over-inflation whether that's of yourself or of the faults of other people. So watch for that and deal with it. You have two choices: retreat and sulk and then watch open clawed as history repeats itself repeats itself at the Blue Moon on May 20th. Or instead, appreciate the candour, decide to do better, and then head up the road leaving the past behind you in a puff of smoke. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How does one add gravitas to what one sez, Noel, so that one attracts/procures/nurtures friends and the sorts of lovers and biziniz partners one wishes for?

The feeling in your water this week pussycat is of being in the right place at the right time; as if the partners (bizniz or squeezy) are coming to you with a message from a time before. It’s going to be an intuitive feeling, not something spoken through a tannoy at the railway station or announced on a tv ad for your benefit, but the feeling will be louder than an opera singer in a shower cubicle and will paint you a picture of where this is all going. If it’s down the toilet then hard as that is you’ll sense that it’s for the best. The lesson has been learned. Back to the work-a-day world and the skies above your house of success are lighting up a treat. Mercury here and the Sun too are removing the shadows and you’re coming up with a smile on your fabulous face. What’s happening now is a lead up to the New Moon on May 5th bringing in a new place for you at the board table with the big players. The tricky business this week is finding a balance between shining as you were born to do and overegging your abilities at the cost of shooting yourself in the paw. What to do? Roar with pride then laugh at yourself over something trivial; roar with pride and then mock yourself for something unconnected with work but that makes you human. Being perfect makes bosses nervous and you a pain in the grass to work with. So show your soft side but not your hand. Not completely anyway. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How can you enhance the ways you walk, talk and dress-like-a-success to ensure that de bossman gives you de money you so richly deserve?

If you need to be lazy then this next week is your last chance for a while so get to grazing and mashing on the sofa watching the Rockford Files with impunity. As from next week Saturn, the godlike metronome of the zodiac, heads forward meaning you can no longer sit at the coalface of the jobs that need doing whistling and eating pork pies. Before then, while you’re mashing out, pondering over the state of the hair growing from the ears of daddy Rockford, it would be good to reflect on the denouements that have popped up in this strange month of April. Not least, the Full Moon and the last stages of Venus venturing through your house of endings. Both underline the need for you to speak out more to get what you want in future, particularly where love, money, respect and support are concerned. All around you the skies have lined up a portfolio of choices for you to make vis your future. While mashing, this week will present prime opportunities to talk, plan and negotiate on future things (in your pyjamas). Then Monday week dust off the suit and take these thoughts to business meetings. Apart from your ruler hobnobbing with Jupiter and Uranus on Monday, Venus shifts up a gear on Thursday. It’s a good time to bring love and money back to the top of your plans. Across town: this week brings a karmic taa dah in skies over your medicine cabinet and your office. A break through/lucky break/fascinating synchronicity offering a solution to a problem is most likely. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: When you look to the horizon and you think about setting off on that journey, what do you need to do to solidify your belief in yourself that you can get there?

The big news this week for you is a karmic link in your fifth house of lovers, children and creative ventures. The karma is pay back for the decisions you have made over the years (this lifetime and those before). At some level you will sense the things unfolding in front of you are out of your control as if transported to some other time and place watching a film of someone else’s life. What is the state of your relationships telling you about your own behaviour? What signs can you see that your children have come here to teach you something about you? How are your creative outputs reflecting something you have buried? Heavy stuff. There’s a clash between lovers and work midweek – either an upstart in the office starts staking out the water cooler just to get a smell of your talcum or an impudent boss has you on the back foot and feeling like a little woman who just isn’t capable of much more than baking fairy cakes. Find comfort in your mudhut – whether that’s writing the audit for a multinational in your pyjamas or indeed baking fairy cakes. But with pride! Monday week is a good time to talk to bosses about what needs to change. Have a solution and present it as a win win. What’s been going on can’t go on any longer. They know it but won’t appreciate you saying that you know that they know it. Sell the changes as if spelling the advantages in jet trails in the sky. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How can transforming what you perceive ‘wimmin’ to be free you from the need to be perfect yersen?

So how was the weekend? Hopefully it was a huge and giddy celebration of one thing passing so another can take its place. If not and it’s been fraught and filled with Olympic-stylee comfort eating of cake, it would be worth listing how you’d get it better next time; the Full Moon is turning Blue and will be back in Scorpio 28 days from now so you’ll have another shot at a one-thing-passing-etc party come May 20th. In the meantime there is many a thing to grab your attention. First up is the fantabulous realisation, Eureka! Aha! moment which shows you there is a new way to do things vis work. Lovers and business partners are presenting ideas, plans, shiney future prospects. Think, touch, talk, write. Put it all in your mental blender and then wait a week… From Monday 28th your heart will be so caught up in the plans that your future becomes an instinct rather than an intellectual undertaking. But to top that delight you’ll find your tenacity is made of iron and you’ll have the strength of a hundred bison to push forward with your dreams! Chest out! Make it count! The big karmic hook up these next few weeks happens in your fourth house of home and family; this is literally waterworks getting fixed (or breaking down) and/or some old family elephant in the room trumping so loudly that it can no longer be ignored. Certainly if there is something left unsaid with a family member now is the time he/she/it will join you in the hallway for some fresh air. Don’t pussyfoot around the issue. Spit it out Scorp. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is far reaching: What can your bizniz and close, loving partnerships teach you about going for your dreams (including how to reach them through communication and networking).

Last week’s Full Moon in your 12th house of “Meep!” may have you doubting yourself and your ability to do good. As it’s a Blue Moon, that same feeling is coming again four weeks from now… You can either go and hide in a cave and play solitaire until that’s past or you can find comfort in the gorgeous lovers and children around you and succour in the way your gift of the gab is really getting your work-a-day world into the fast lane. There’s money in property around again but this time with an emphasis on changes to your work-life balance. If it’s switching to working more from home then negotiating on pay might be the solution – although you may have objections from lovers and children. Hear them out. Listen to what they are really saying. What are they so scared of? What is it they are fighting to defend? Knowing that sets you up in the right mind frame to offer a compromise that eases their worries so you get what you want. Close off your ego, feel what they are feeling, and then let your gut feeling do the talky for you. Amazing, isn’t it?! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How can you change the way you work to bring in more money and further your Success? (The focus is on PR-ing and marketing your products and services – perhaps reaching out to the luxury end of the market...)

Put down your sandwich. It’s a rollercoaster of a week, Goat. Saturn, your ruler, is rolling over in his scratcher after months in slumber and you are braced for the cockerel to crow and for your glorious sunshiney day to begin. It’s only a week’s wait before the cock-a-doodle-do and Saturn gets into his metaphorical shower but at times this week may feel like a month. Send money Mother. With your patience running thin you could be inclined to take STRESS out on your squeeze, properly turning a molehill into a mountain just to make a point. Watch your overexuberance on Wednesday and Thursday in particular. Make love not war Goat! If you can get beyond the pressure and look beneath you’ll see there really is life brewing in your house of roses and chocs and baby socks. Next week, as Saturn hits the shower, Venus pops her fabulous cleavage into the roses/chocs/socks party and has you feeling like a hot mama from the top of your, er, horns, to the bottom of your fabulous hooves. Ding dong. On an aside be circumspect but open to financial deals that seem too good to be true this week and next. There is something about payback for what you’ve done with this configuration. You’ll know in your own heart whether you deserve a knickerbocker glory or the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: Love affairs, children, and the long-term view: how do you need to transform yourself so that you can attract/maintain/develop one that leads to the other that leads to the other?

If you’re open-minded about the sides of life that are detectable only by our sixth sense then the coincidences, canny feelings, and sense of inter-connectedness around you over the next few weeks is going to have you slipping into the zone of cosmic oneness. Dreams, conversations (either real or through the ether) are going to have your hair standing on end. Your intuition is going to speak to you like a voice from the burning bush. This is all about past lives crystallising what is happening in the present but with Neptune as the messenger, it will be on a feeling rather than spoken level. Certainly there maybe something connected to children and lovers, as if the child or the lover appears to be someone from your past moving with you again in your present. Watch the weekend in particular. Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the week is made up of chitty chat and happiness around home and family, hearth and home. A family objective which didn’t quite come up to scratch by the weekend will play on your mind all month. Watch May 20th for a culmination or letting go. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How can you transform your home and family life to better reflect the person you are today?

Whatever river you’re swimming in fish, a sense of déjà vu is likely all around you. It may not be a comfortable feeling, particularly if it’s bringing up some old memories of things which didn’t work out as you’d wanted last time. But then maybe that’s its purpose. Maybe being in this river is just a timely reminder that you need to be in another river, to leave your safety ‘net’ and to find another body of water that suits you better. Your life right now is ALL about change. Talk these changes over, talk these changes up, but be prepared for some disagreements especially vis money by week’s end. Be very careful in changing lanes on the highway of your life that you don’t cut off your lover’s or your children’s; right now, fixated as you are with change, you may forget that others have their needs and their reasons. Partners of a bizniz or romantic nature who have been dragging their heels or sorting out their own patch will be more solid and clear from next week on. If you can take your energy and mix it with some of their passions too you have a party worth throwing. You’re going into a four week period of reviewing what it is you want out of life. By the time the Blue Moon hauls round again on May 20th, you’ll be able to let go of what is holding you back. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next two weeks is: How Do I Talky Talky to the Pretty Lady so She Love Me Longtime or in other words how could you improve your communication skills so that you can express your wishes and bring your friends, bizniz colleagues, and one-to-ones along with you into the future.