Monday, 14 April 2008

This Week

Often it can be the littlest things that make us feel better about ourselves - mowing the lawn, sharing a single slice of cake, doing 20 star jumps before you leave the house, kissing a dog. This week as the Moon becomes full in bottomless Scorpioville on Sunday be unexpectedly kind to three people in your close circle and make sure you are one of them. In other news the Grand Trine we spoke of last week continues apace. On Friday Mercury takes up the baton where the Moon left off and the deep yearning that you wrote down last week is ripe for discussion. By Monday week the Sun lights up the triangle. Feel it now. Talk it over this weekend. Then the following week get set to start Doing the Things You Need To Do.

The focus in your raison d’ĂȘtre this week Ram begins to shift from “Me me me!!!” to “Oh-my-gawd-how-much?” and a time of putting your hand in your pocket (to settle your bills not for that reason you foul-minded critter). Certainly over the next six weeks there will be more activity in the environs of your piggy bank and what comes in and what goes out will be a matter of note. Meanwhile the big news for you begins brewing towards the weekend and continues into next week and it’s a forthcoming family celebration or the completion of a home project. Over the weekend you may feel that things are going so exceptionally well that it’s imperative to set up a webcam so you can admire its glory from your mobile at any time and even show it off to the world by uploading a video of it onto YouTube. Go right ahead. What’s clear is that anything involving changes to your home hints at a profound change in you, yourself, and er you. What’s changing? And how do you feel about that? As the weekend draws in all this hustle and bustle may leave you wanting to bite the head off your nearest and dearest. Try not to. It’s just not tennis. (It’s the Full Moon ya eejit.) Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks: How does money affect your health and your choice of job and which of these - Money, Health, Job – would you put in first, second, and third place in your vision of ‘Success’?

That murky cloud that has been doing its best to ruin your parade these past few weeks is due to break soon, hooved friend. Mercury arrives in your sign on Friday to be followed soon by the Sun and then your pretty leader, Venus. This will be a gradual process, not an overnight one, but by the weekend you’ll feel it. The first sign you’ll have that you can stand away from the tarpaulin is a calling to get back in touch with some of your ideas and dreams that have been getting short shrift of late. Your fabulous wit, silvery tongue, and profound mooing will be sweet music to the ears of useful contacts within social circles and top drawer entertainment to your friends. Sunday’s Full Moon lands at the doorstep of your 7th house of long-term one-to-ones and/or bizniz partnerships. Watch where you put those horns if you feel a certain someone needs to Move On. Watch too a rising ardour and a need for physical validation. Wear your lucky pants if you must but remember that your faultless decision-making skills are in a hamper in the cider tent and that you’re operating with the ACME standbys. Across town on Monday 21st strive for balance between talking up your biggest brightest future plans – and over egging the custard. Don’t gloat. Realism and humility pays. And if you’re hoping to sue the assets of someone, or enter any other legal forum, be aware of self-righteousness and demanding the world when you’re only entitled to a Wurlitzer. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: Me and children/love/creative ventures – how I gonna git the lot and canter off with them into the sunset/away to foreign shores?

While you’ve still got a few minutes left on the clock, quickly scribble down your top three wishes for yourself in the coming year. Tuck this Golden Ticket away in a safe place somewhere far far away from open fires and dustbins. Your gobby, fast-thinking ruler Mercury scuttles into your 12th house of “Why me, why now? I can’t, I simply can’t...” this week to be joined in the following weeks by the Sun and Venus. What this portends is a time of reflection and mini-pita pockets of angst on your road to Dreams-in-the-Woldshire by May’s end. On this 12th house journey you can expect to feel a bit stuck, a bit rubbish, a bit useless, a bit as if the world and his rabbit are out to get you. Putrid as this news is, it does mean that when the end of May rolls round you will be aware of the gliches in the system and so be fully prepared for What Needs to be Done. (Likely too come end of May you’ll be smiling like a happy, bloated, Cheshire cat that’s just feasted on the dang rabbit). Back to the here-and-now and this weekend you may find your tax bill is bigger than anticipated or that you’re strangely obsessed with cremating your wallet on an internet shopping splurge. Just because the ££s on future contracts and pay reviews around spell BIIIG MOOONEY, Mr Bygraves, wait til they’re in your account before you buy that yacht and stomach stapling op on ebay. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How by following your dreams you are being called to give up old habits and form a new type of home-life - different from the one you have now and different from the one you had as a child (ie with you in charge of the Mothership this time.)

A mixed bag this week Crab. The weekend’s forthcoming Full Moon suggests a culmination of some kind in your domain of kiddiwinks and beaus. Building as it does with strong rancour from the Sun and Venus, it’s highly likely that the culmination will feel imposed upon you as opposed to chosen by you. Trouble with kids. Trouble with lovers. Trouble with your ability to sort it. On t’other ‘and, you’ve Mars arm wrestling Jupiter across the table in your 7th house of squeezes and bizniz partners. Over exuberance on your part will peas them right off. Over shiny-ness on their part will set you clacking with rage – but if you can strike the balance so that the energy is high but even, you’ll have pulled off a masterstroke and will be doing the hokey cokey until the second crow. Away from the dance floor your time for talking and networking has arrived and you’ll be wanting to do da vocal giddy up with your friends and social circles. With the Sun and Venus still shimmering in your boardroom, this may be the perfect time to take the vocal giddy up urges and flag them up the PR flagpole. Sell yersen baby. The high rollers are bidding. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How does one add gravitas to what one sez, Noel, so that one attracts/procures/nurtures friends and the sorts of lovers and biziniz partners one wishes for?

Things being as they are in the jungle there is only so long a fabulous pussy cat can put up with competition – imagined or otherwise. And this week as you decide enough is enough and you set about tracking the naysayer what you may find is that de competition has in fact been PING! your own fabulous mind playing trixy wtih you. By Friday and through the weekend, as the Sun moves over the yard arm, a certain fear is going to reveal itself as nothing more than a leaf casting a shadow of a mouse. What are you going to do about that? Biting yourself on the head in rage would be foolhardy (though extremely impressive). Perhaps instead you could just witness your own humiliation quietly to yersen and then swiftly show humility and forgiveness to yersen. (And once you’ve got humility and forgiveness in your armoury you’ll be quite the best leader there was, there was. You’ll be quite the best leader there was.) This self-loving love-in all coincides delightfully with Mercury’s move on Friday into your 10th house of “Hire me. I’m the dog’s bootstraps.” Walk tall. Dress sharp. Talk to bosses. Talk to boards. Talk to the hirers and the headhunters. Your roar is growing deeper, more mature and more resonant by the day. Your gait shows you’ve got what it takes (if ya know what I is sayin’.) Don’t tell them you’re a brain surgeon if you’re not. But do tell them you’re the living, breathing top cat of the plains who ain’t scurd a’ meeces no more. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How can you enhance the ways you walk, talk and dress-like-a-success to ensure that de bossman gives you de money you so richly deserve?

It’s been a horrible week and some of the endings you’ve had to contend with/oversee/enforce have been awful. Now the skies start to tell of your reward for acting like a disposal unit. Your ruler Mercury breaks into your 9th house of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” on Friday. Now out from under the kosch Mercury says gleefully, “Hey here’s your brain back again, defuzzed and ready to start thinking about the future!” And instantly ideas begin to rise from the flotsam. The Sun follows him on Sunday with a shiny, “Here’s your courage, start facing the future now you’ve put the past to bed!” And you feel yourself roaring like a proud lion! Venus follows soon too bringing your heart back into the open to a flurry of flowers and chocs. This week holds the clues. Watch for a friend shaping up as lover or business partner - or at least for someone in your wider social circle who suddenly shows you their future importance in your life. Social networking and internet dating sites can hold the key to this denouement. IT may be unpredictable and exciting but that dunt mean it’s bad. The one caveat in this week of “We’re off to see tha Wizaaad…” is to watch out for a clash between creative ventures and the social whirl, children and the Saturday night dance; the over exuberance of one is going to impact on the other. Be sensible. If you can’t, find a friend who is and get them to hold your handy pandy. Finally for now, take the day off on Thursday. Your head will be filled with marshmallow and you’ll only have to re-do whatever you do dat day. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: When you look to the horizon and you think about setting off on that journey, what do you need to do to solidify your belief in yourself that you can get there?

Your focus is shifting from what is good about your love life to what you must change to go higher. With Venus still skipping about in her negligee in your house of long-term lovers the vibe is good. If you’re single your take is “Someone dreamy is just around the corner,” and if you’re partnered up your take is “My special someone is as cute as cute can be”. What’s following in the next month or so is a review of the good bits and the bits that need to change, improve, develop. All relationships are living organisms that grow and change. Failing to be involved in that process is where the problems arise. This week the chatterbox Mercury slides into your 8th house of “Ch-ch-ch-ch CHAAAAYNGES...” and sez “Turn and face the strange ch-ch-ch chaaaynges.” Mercury’s call is to talk about what must go go go! What must ‘Walk away Rene’… and then what needs to arise in its place. In the following weeks he’ll be followed by the Sun and Venus. What this ushers in is a time of endings and ch-ch-changes as you learn from what you’ve let go of so it never surfaces again. Watch for a clash between home life and work life and biting off more than you can chew later in the week and into next week. Catering for 14 in your studio flat and/or managing a loft conversion while you’re working a 14-hour day in the office across town is not going to make you a harmonious scale. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How can transforming what you perceive ‘wimmin’ to be free you from the need to be perfect yersen?

After a period of frenetic activity in the office a bountiful six-week spell of loveliness and biziniz schmoozing arrives. First Mercury pops his head into the boudoir whispering all kinds of thoughts about what could go where (and being Astrobabble we’re not just talking about the new Laura Ashley console table. Dingy dong, Scorp). Besides carnal loveliness Mercury’s conversation can involve other things too – plans, commitments and after all the worky worky of recent weeks can mean sorting things with one-to-one business partners too. It’s a three week stay but it’s started so now’s the time for fresh sheets of paper and pens at the ready and some long, fertile tete a tetes. Creative projects and your love-life get a big boost around then too – think exotic, foreign, or vast-horizon twists to a theme. (Your kids heading abroad – or children becoming part of your future picture may be part of the surprise conversation in store too.) For creativity and love the internet could also get you where you want to go quicker than you’d hoped. Internet dating and web biznizes are go! By the weekend you’ve got the Full Moon building in your 12th house of “I don’t want to go in there with the lights off!” which will crash like a wave at your door on Sunday. The fear that you feel as the emotional pressure builds will have you sleepless and wired. If you can get to a beach then do. The rhythmic energy will feel strangely like home. Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is far reaching: What can your bizniz and close, loving partnerships teach you about going for your dreams (including how to reach them through communication and networking).

The honeymoon glow of your lusty trysts has a few more weeks to run but your energy is now diverting again back to the scattered desk in your office. While you’ve been snoozing and squeezing, squeezing and snoozing you’ve taken your eye off the order book and money matters are going to have to be dealt with by week’s end. What bugs you is why someone in particular with their hot-head and their impatience, can’t just take a chill pill and leave you to get back on the batting square in your own good time. Fact is Archer, time and tide wait for no man and if someone is making you think a deal about your time keeping skills, chances are you’ve asked for that lesson to come and punch you in the head, gently. By early May, as a towering authority figure gets back into the game you’ll start to look at a vision of yourself as the caller-of-the-shots, the referee at your own ballgame. Until then, suck up the time-keeping lesson with grace and once the home-bell rings head straight back to your cave for some quality time on the hearth rug. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How can you change the way you work to bring in more money and further your Success? (The focus is on PR-ing and marketing your products and services – perhaps reaching out to the luxury end of the market...)

Home may be where the heart is but it’s a bit of an empty joy if there isn’t another heart answering back as you lie buck nekked on your bearskin in front of the fire. This week Mercury the vocal dance card of the zodiac does an oral polka into your house of rude bits if you’ll excuse the metaphor. This is you inviting a lover back to your place for a Drambuie after a night on the tiles or at least placing and exploratory phone call to feel out how malleable the object of your hawk-eyed affections may be to such a proposition. This house what Mercury be entering is also that of children - so conversations about fruits of your loins are due too whether that’s issues with existing ones or debates regarding the making of new ones. You’ll be surprised at how far the directness of your communications will get you. What Astrobabble would like to urge at this juncture is a modicum of patience. While you are raging with demands for immediate consummation (of either the Drambuie, the nudity, the pregnancy or all three) your ruler Saturn is pole-axed at the Craps table at the Casino of your life. Playing Charlie as he does to your Angel, it’s no time to be making hot-headed plans without hearing what he has to say through the intercom machine thing once he’s sobered up and is fully abreast of What’s Ado. A cheeky fortnight and you’ll be reet. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: Love affairs, children, and the long-term view: how do you need to transform yourself so that you can attract/maintain/develop one that leads to the other that leads to the other?

News about your family beckons in the coming weeks as Mercury the blogger of the zodiac speeds on his skateboard into your parlour of family and home fires. With the Sun following close behind and then Venus heading there too in the coming weeks this can spell visitors heading your way, plans for hosting a party, certainly happy times around the kitchen table. The other news for Waterbearers this week is how much water can you bear? Not one for ever saying, “I can’t, sorry. Find some other schmo to carry your butts.” You may find that this week either your plans to be infallible don’t hold water – or conversely that the bosslady she sez you are marvelloso and gives you a pay rise. Whether it’s the bosslady or your own inner bosslady that’s firing your tank by week’s end you’ll be keen to start making a difference to your income with new work schemes. Technology and innovative approaches that suit you down to a tee hold the key. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How can you transform your home and family life to better reflect the person you are today?

Really pivotal times fish. The time to get out there and say it has arrived. The urge to open your throat and speak has landed, it may be a tough call and unfamiliar territory but it’s part of your necessary evolution and a fear you can and will face. The Full Moon in your 9th house means that a chapter is ending, clearing the decks so that you can sail unencumbered and ballast-free into the section of horizon you’ve got your eyes on now. What’s interesting about these two aspects – the speaking out and the moving on to new horizons is that they coincide with a Mars – Jupiter opposition in the game of love and dreams. Mars’s tactics are to demand gratification now – whether it’s a new lover professing they want you like they’ve never wanted a fish before, the acquisition of a Rembrandt painting, or the immediate creation (and delivery) of a child. Jupiter in the mix is so adventurous as to support and give in to your every whim even fanning the flames as he does so… The problem often with getting what you want the minute you want it is that the gratification quickly dies, the need for bigger, bolder acquisition/proclamation/procreation arises before the sun dial says it’s time for tiffin. And an emboldened fishy falls flat. Hold back a leetle if you can and savour each flake of metaphorical fish food heading your way. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next THREE weeks is: How Do I Talky Talky to the Pretty Lady so She Love Me Longtime or in other words how could you improve your communication skills so that you can express your wishes and bring your friends, bizniz colleagues, and one-to-ones along with you into the future.