Monday, 7 April 2008

This Week

Early doors this week pop down on a post-it-note a deep yearning that surfaces and stick the note in a place where you’ll be looking a month from now – say, a calendar. Or if you live like a student the pile of pots by the kitchen sink. We’re heading into a time of a Grand Trine. This isn’t an Australian getting overawed by the Leeds to Luton intercity. This is a phenomenal gathering of energy between Pluto (Truth, deep, dark and furtive) and Saturn (socks up, legers in order, propriety) triggered today by the Moon and then in the coming weeks by the Sun, Mercury, Venus and then the Moon once again. For each of us the next four weeks means an emotional calling will be felt, given focus, discussed/analysed, taken on creatively, and then, if we work it, realised/grown complete. See your Babbles below for where this affects you. It’s all the more powerful as we are within hours of the Aries New Moon, the very start of our annual zodiac. (I said annual.) A final note – these are the last few days of Jupiter’s fantabulous tea party with Uranus. If there is something you wish you could change, get on with it. The energy is right behind you. Do it and don’t look back. You won’t get this chance again this side of the Mayan calendar…

Your birthday gift from the cosmos, the New Moon, has been presented. What will these next twelve months hold? The question could be phrased another way. What are you going to do proactively in the next twelve months to make you a happier creature? Venus arrives at your caravan this week bearing not just heather and pegs but a crystal ball. What she shows you is an image of you jumping up and down in a party dress calling to anyone who will listen, “Attention! Attention! Look at me!! Loook at MEE!!” Your current raison d’etre would appear to be proving yourself to the world at large by any means necessary (wearing a welly on your head or speaking into a tannoy in crowded public spaces included). While all this ‘profiling’ is going on, your poor ruler Mars is wading through treacle as he negotiates the deep, mollifying companionship of Cancer the crab. So, while there are signs of forward motion something is not quite stacking up. Either you’re not doing the shining with as much gusto as you’d like or your gusto is eclipsed by caring for someone else’s needs, or the shining and the attention you are getting are not for the reasons you really want. Thursday and through the weekend some external, ahem, stimuli/ commentaries/ reaction will force a self-reflective moment. Don’t be sore. Just reflect. Profoundly Pluto is just beginning a moonwalk backwards into your house of life direction. His idiot check here will force another look at the strange divide between work and children / creativity and health you currently face while he whistles the Simon and Garfunkel lines, “Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the thiiings that life is showing youuuu?” Do you? Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks: How does money affect your health and your choice of job and which of these - Money, Health, Job – would you put in first, second, and third place in your vision of ‘Success’?

Pencil Tuesday night ‘to myself’ in your diary. Arrange for a sofa, eight cushions, a Mississippi Mud Pie and Ice Cream / entire roasted organic chicken and couscous with sundried toms and olives to join you. Take the phone off the hook. Include please a blank sheet of handmade paper and a good quality pen plus a (lit) yellow candle and then between forkfuls daydream and jot down key thoughts… With the Sun and Mercury scooting through your 12th house throwing shadows on the wall and whispering through the yew in the maze you are rendered fragile, docile, and a teensy weensy bit befuddled this week. It isn’t guaranteed that you’re going to be led up the garden path by all and sundry or that you’re behaving like an eejit/doormat/whore either. It’s just that you are a bit raw, a tad vulnerable, not exactly in the right place to be making clear and confident decisions about who you are, what you want, and particularly how you picture love enriching your life. Pluto in his hell-cat pursuance of Truth asks, “Where do you want to be 15 years from now?” Stuck with a moron/in an illicit affair/in a perpetual state of paranoia or loneliness are not part of the glorious picture you have are they? Yet decisions we make when we are less than 100% committed to ourselves often lead later to a realisation that we have acquired an unappealing remnant… The cut and thrust is, Bully, this is no time to be wearing your lucky pants willy nilly. Play for time. Cite delayed gratification and then make that Tuesday date on the couch, jot down your self-induced snafus, and plan the stepping stones from here to Blissville. A month from now you’ll be oh so gladioli that you did. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: Me and children/love/creative ventures – how I gonna git the lot and canter off with them into the sunset/away to foreign shores?

All this Grand Trine activity is like a beam of light from the Mothership tearing through the top window of Gemini Towers and spotlighting your life’s hopes and wishes - and your social circles – while simultaneously pointing a pointy stick in the general direction of home-life and throwing pebbles at the window of ‘Bigger Dilemmas’. This third factor is where the real work needs doing. Irritating as the pinging pebbles are they are drawing necessary and timely attention to the need to compromise, let go of an old order generally, and replace that with a New Way in particular. The New Way is going to include your attitude to money (as there’s so much going in and coming out at the moment) - and relationships. The skies are on your side right now, Tinkerbell. Jupiter stands masterfully at the helm of your vessel of New Life Directions and the course looks clear. What may need some attention is an expectation on your part that things are ‘just going to happen’ (when in fact you need to be pulling your finger out) and that ‘nothing will go wrong’. Opposition this week on Thursday and Sunday should be cogitated upon. These maybe unwarranted dummy-spitting episodes – or they may be timely reminders that (a) there could be an open manhole cover up ahead on your cycle to victory or (b) that you’re wearing your winning medallion prematurely as the starting whistle has yet to be sounded. Within a month you’ll be in the process of a big personal review, feeling more together about money, and ready to begin whatever it is that needs doing around the house – whether it’s buying, selling, nesting, or taking in an aged P – as well as taking into account negotiations and the deep concerns, needs, and feelings of your closest one-to-ones. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How by following your dreams you are being called to give up old habits and form a new type of home-life - different from the one you have now and different from the one you had as a child (ie with you in charge of the Mothership this time.)

After the dark moments building up to the Aries New Moon the dawn should begin to fill you with hope and a rollicking tune from the chorus. Stacked in your 10th house of “And the winner is!” are the New Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all firing you onwards to success (and wonga). The stupendous Grand Trine is launched by your ruler the Moon this Monday too so you’ll feel it acutely but across town, with Saturn and Pluto currently skating backwards in reverse motion into the wings, you could say this is the Act before the fat lady sings. Through April the successes will come. Simultaneously you will find yourself keeping an inner-notebook and jotting down key points to direct you from here to your wishlist. In early May Saturn turns direct linking immediately to Venus. This is clinching a deal, proposals given and received, and declared intentions shouted roundly from the top of the Humber Bridge in a sailor suit. The fat lady’s glory will take a little longer. At month’s end Pluto sidles backwards into your medicine cabinet and office space to review old health conditions and outmoded work practices. He doesn’t like sloppiness, quick fixes, mess, fudging, or laziness. From the end of April until September you’d do well to unpack the rubbish you’ve been sweeping under the carpet, to pull the metaphorical fridge out from the wall in these areas and clean properly behind it. That way, when the fat lady finally opens her throat it won’t reflect your response to news from a cardiac consultant, or the Inland Revenue, but something far sweeter instead. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How does one add gravitas to what one sez, Noel, so that one attracts/procures/nurtures friends and the sorts of lovers and biziniz partners one wishes for?

Peaches. Here’s a brick. No, really, go on and take it… Is it an ordinary brick? Well it depends on which way you look at it. Looked at one way it’s just a brick on its own. Looked at another it’s a foundation stone to your future, the start of a great wall – for a sweetie shop perhaps or a fantabulous hair salon! Oh goody, goody gumdrops. As the weekend swept by the Cosmos dropped you a Cosmic brick in the shape of a New Moon in your house of horizons. Make wishes now and make sure they include building upon the brick or bricks you have at your disposal. You can of course make wishes for a get away holiday and a delicious squeeze too – but spare a wish for your lovely new brick. Start perhaps by doing an inventory of the bricks that you have – and then list which bricks you are missin’ to get from here to building the hair salon or a kooky piece of modern art… As Jupiter moves forwards from Thursday the offer/opportunity that presented itself vis service to others a few weeks ago can be acted upon. If Astrobabble can be so bold, it would suggest that you need to take the opportunity as it is and then manoeuvre yourself so that you can become the foreman, the gaffer, de chief on the project. Don’t trumpet your plans now. Don’t tear your agenda straight up the flagpole. You’re too nervous to state your intentions properly. Get in there first and then start to shake it up gently so when the gazelle of opportunity hops into the Serengeti of the work-a-day world you'll be ready for the kill. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How can you enhance the ways you walk, talk and dress-like-a-success to ensure that de bossman gives you de money you so richly deserve?

The watchword in your world, Virgo, is ‘endings’. By nature human beans generally speaking fear ‘endings’ more than anything else because there is no control as to what lies on ‘the other side’ of the ‘ending’. The Endings for you right now are about clearing the decks, getting rid of old habits that hold you back, saying Boo to your comfort zone and burning through that atmospheric layer to a world beyond. This week the New Moon, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all convene in your deep, dark eighth house emphasising the need in your life to abandon. This can be anything from recognising that you need to stop Not Exercising, to resolving to give up shyness/modesty/drinking tea/useless men/bad posture/crankiness - to accepting you need to get that loan/pay off your debts/rent your spare room so you can really move on. This energy sez you have grown so fed up with something that you really have no other option but to change it. As this transformation process happens you’ll find yourself re-evaluating old friendships and love affairs and your place within them, as well as your passion for creative ventures. There's also a review of whether it's right for you to start or stop working with/caring for/ or having children. Within a month the energy will be forward looking. Clear the decks now and get your hands dirty in the engine room and then the good ship Virgo will be seaworthy when the horizon shows itself through your porthole, matron. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: When you look to the horizon and you think about setting off on that journey, what do you need to do to solidify your belief in yourself that you can get there fabulously?

The debates and chitty chat and spotlight on one-to-ones both bizniz and squeezy roll along. As far as biziniz partnerships stand you’ll be finding it increasingly annoying if any limit your desire to do things your way, to get ahead as you see getting ahead to be. Mars is storming through your 10th house of “And I’m on top of the woooorld looking pom down on creeeeation…”. He takey no prisoners. He makey you wanna your own way in your own time and on your own terms. On the other side of the wharf, questions vis your lovelife continuez. This week’s focus is: Do you want to live with them? How can you live with them?! And what sort of relationship is right for you? What The World considers to be normal maybe your idea of a shocking irritant. To wit, as Neptune continues to waft through your fifth house of love affairs like a sting ray camouflaged in the shadowy depths, drawing a clear picture of what you want your love relationships to resemble may be trickier than nailing jelly to a wall in the dark with a splitting hang over. On Sunday though you get a blast of light and a Nurofen so at least you can see the area you’re working in. It’s likely to come in a conversation which challenges your opinion that you’re doing alright as you are, ie negotiating the currents by wafting emotionally along taking no responsibility for proactive action. It’s a healing chitty chat, a gentle, friendly hug of an observation. Let it help you. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How can transforming what you perceive ‘wimmin’ to be free you from the need to be perfect yersen?

Work! Huh! What is it good for? Right now you could probably come up with a dozen things – money, companionship, a sense of satisfaction, a source of endless tea and heating amongst them. What it may not be so good for this week is your patience. Keen to set off for far horizons - either to a hammock on Koh Samui or your glorious future – the duties and general day-to-dayness of the whole palaver is grinding you into a hole in the ground. Watch Monday and Friday in particular for that feeling of meltdown as the second hand moves forward more slowly than a snail in slow-motion travelling down the up escalator. What’s really going on is a review of how you work (and why) – the systems, the communications, what your niche is, where you shine. In those dragging moments as the seconds tick interminably by think on what you could be doing with those precious minutes if given a bit more authority/vision/paper. As both the Sun and Mercury square Jupiter this week in your zone of pay packets and piggy banks, double check you’re getting what you’re due and resist temptations to splurge. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is far reaching: What can your bizniz and close, loving partnerships teach you about going for your dreams (including how to reach them through communication and networking).

Ooh sha la la la! Or as Al Green might say “Ooooww Aaaaieee, Yaaayaa!” Your lovelife is getting bucket loads of cosmic stardust dear Archer with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all squeezing themselves ecstatically into your phone calls, emails, and boudoir. (If ya wanna mekka bebe now would be a good time to go for it!). Similarly your creative biznizes and/or existing children should be showing signs of cosmic blessings. If you’re single and you’ve not yet succumbed to the admiring glances thrown your way with all this fairy dust in your hair, then get out there and s-pa-r-k-l-e for all you’re worth. Words of love, songs, emails and phone messages should all be spinning around you like a Wurlitzer and melting your mobile with the heat! Particularly Sunday you could feel taken by the moment and begin spouting poetry under a balcony like a good 'un. Where there needs to be a leedle caution is in over-egging the cake – ie you, yourself as dreamcake of this perticaler scenario situation. No-one likes a self-congratulatory big-head who never tires of blowing their own trumpet. At least no-one who you’d want to spend time with when you were sober and in a punt on a lake on a sunny day. Modesty can be electric if used discriminately. So discriminate and use your fabulous lips for kissin’ instead. Woo Hoo! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How can you change the way you work to bring in more money and further your Success? (The focus is on PR-ing and marketing your products and services – perhaps reaching out to the luxury end of the market...)

We can either look at this week as the week when the cracks start appearing in a heretofore flawless plan. Or we can look at this week as the week in which the first sunlight of Spring reveals the streaks on the windows and you set about finding a recommended and thorough window cleaner. Emphasis is on homelife again this week with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all camping at your door/your dream home/the estate agents. This is family get togethers, quality downtime with your Ma and a splendid pie, and/or house-hunting, negotiations on rents or mortgages, or new wallpaper in the downstairs karzee and a quote on a rustic lean-to-come-porch situation at the ‘front’. The sticky wicket in this delightful scene is some overegging on your part – bigging something up that really isn’t that big, showing off when you should be listening instead, or saying you can afford something when unless you get your Christmas bonus eight months early and a winning dog at the track on Friday, you’ll be out on your asphalt by Midsummer’s night. If you hear yourself saying, “What could possibly go wrong?” stop where you are, park the baloney in the bin, and have a chat with an honest friend/trustworthy accountant. The person who’s most likely to poke you in the eye for all this bluster is your delightful squeeze and it’s here where the stormclouds maybe brewing. With Mars in your 7th house you are a rampant and demanding Mountain Goat. Your other half may not (a) match your demanding vision of loveliness or (b) not appreciate being barked at like a Best In Show. Cracks or cleaning? (If you’ll pardon the expression, mother) Leaky or streaky? You Decide. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: Love affairs, children, and the long-term view: how do you need to transform yourself so that you can attract/maintain/develop one that leads to the other that leads to the other?

The big energy this week is on you, your world, and your brothers and sisters. You can expect chitty chat, calls, emails, and some good news from siblings and from neighbours and those you see in your everyday wash. Likewise you’ll seem to have the knack for saying just what you need to when you need to – even if those five minute phone calls go on for over an hour. The dings in the road are where communications get overwrought or misunderstood. As a communicator driven by a brain of never-ending creativity your words may be greeted with impatience this week. Stand back and ask yourself if you’ve said too much. On Monday you may just say something out of habit or perform a reprise from your own back catalogue of verbal blunders and immediately wish you hadn’t. It can be soothed though and you’ll feel better for getting it out in the open. Later in the week and into the weekend it may be that your bright ideas at work or for the annual village fete in aid of the postmaster’s dog get poo-pooed by a nay-sayer. They may have a point. They may just have toothache and are not In The Mood. If you can accept that communication, like a lake, has to express the current weather then you’ll move away from self-blame more quickly. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How can you transform your home and family life to better reflect the person you are today?

There’s a focus on your wallet right now fishy. Buying pretty things, shopping around for the best dealio on the leccy or broadband provider, and flashing the cash to friends at the bar and shouting them a stout AND a pickled egg, you fabulous thing. Where there’s an irk in the flow of your groats is where kids, lovers, or creative ventures are concerned. Maybe the bairn’s swimming lessons have gone up and you feel stung. Maybe a lover chooses the lobster on the menu and your wallet takes a battering. Maybe your watercolour teacher starts charging you for easel hire and you feel your patience begin to boil. Whatever it is, all the attention on your swag bag right now is a cosmic “Wot’s it wurrf to ya?” in your shell-like. A chance comes to air your grievances on Friday. It’s not a comfy chair and a fireside chat so go steady but resolute to say your piece. Across town your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep focus here for the next four weeks is: How Do I Talky Talky to the Pretty Lady so She Love Me Longtime or in other words how could you improve your communication skills so that you can express your wishes and bring your friends, bizniz colleagues, and one-to-ones along with you into the future.