Monday, 31 March 2008

This Week

Three squares this week and a New Moon in Aries. Squares are immoveable forces meeting stubborness head on. Aries is fire, ego, me, now! If we remember that everyone is meeting stubborness head on and potentially responding by getting in touch with their inner two-year-old self this week, we can stand back and may even emerge serene from the bunfight. The dark of the moon as we head into the weekend will add to the frazzlement. Take vits and fresh fruit and a sense of humour wherever you go.

What starts off as a competitive scrabble match of a week could end up being an all out war of words. The Sun and Mercury beaming down on your first house have you insisting that you are ‘right, right, right’ while those nearest and dearest to you think you are ‘wrong, overbearing, gunning-for-it’. You’re about to revisit your own wishes for where you want to be heading in life. Naturally then, anyone who starts to verbally relieve themselves on the campfire of your future hopes and wishes is likely to find themselves on a roasting spit. If such defensive/assaulting behaviour arises when your Ma, Pa, cousin, or housemate even hints that you are barking up the wrong Hornbeam, it is a surefire sign that you are doubting your own ability to make a Decision. You have been behaving a little like a disgruntled doormat of late - probably because you feel that your usual MO of off-loading both barrels at your nearest and dearest who Stand In Your Way is not the best way to win them round. And you’d be right. But hiding behind your own wrath and/or guilt is not going to protect you from compromise and or making a necessary move. Watch your ego reaching for a comfort blanket mid-week and watch for you moulding a new way to defend – or rather present – why you are so ‘right, right, right’. In the coming weeks this topic is going to come up more times than you can shake a stick at. Concentrate now on what you could be doing better and then you’ll make the most of the forthcoming re-runs.

If you feel yourself going under a little this week rest assured that this is exactly where you should be. You’ve pushed yourself and shone last week just when you were ready to run for the covers. Now the energy is split - out in the world : navel gazing on the sofa alone. Watch how you come across in the outside world in the next seven days; it will offer a clue as to what’s going on inside and where the strong, opinionated, confident you finds it’s footing – and where the smaller you gets stuck. You’re having an annual review of your 12th house of secrets, emotional hang ups, and paranoia and this time the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all at the round table. The Sun says, ‘It’s time to focus here.’ Mercury says, nervously, ‘Who said that?’ Venus, who arrives next week, says, ‘Hey man, you could really do something with this dank little cubby hole.’ This is all perfect timing, and frustrating as it may feel, the Cosmos is giving you a gentle opportunity for some tweaking to take place. Pluto the harbinger of Truth sends a steely glance to Mercury and Venus before he heads back into a deep part of your chart to carry out his own inspection. (Note down your dreams. They could be in-ter-es-ting.) If you do your homework now vis (a) hiccups in affairs of the heart and (b) how your head makes you scared - oh and also write a short treaties on ‘Communication – Why?’ Pluto’s rewards will be progress in all these areas in the months to come.

Careful what you wish for, thee who’s mind changes like the wind. Like that ‘joke’ about the Englishman, Scotsman, and Irishman who are granted one wish as they jump off a diving board, this is no time to stub your toe as you pound towards your wishes shouting, ‘Ballax!’ The Sun, New Moon and arrival of Mercury in your 11th house means it’s time to start talking up, planning, and putting into shape those things that matter most to you. (This is also a damn fine time for getting out there and socialising like a butterfly but don’t waste all this fairy dust on polo matches and knitting circles). We know that right now your idea of success is under constant debate and for the past five years you’ve been through myriad visions of your future self thanks to Uranus and his spooked-horse state of flux. But having just had a rather lovely Cosmic rush to the head your fabulous quick-witted mind should be formulating a plan equating to something not unlike a personal Narnia. Your relations to home and partners need further review, either on their insistence or your own, but if you glimpse through the back of the wardrobe and then take a step out into the snow you may feel that all things are possible. And on an aside, don’t fall out with friends over money this week. It’s just not tennis.

The eureka moment has been and now life keeps rolling like the hills. To wit: a hummock in the lush well-mowed field that is your wash this week. Monday sees a clash of sorts and whether this is your own sense of power (a feeling you never really get used to) getting a tad overwrought with itself or an over-shiny boss-type figure towering over your small but effective hover mower in his bright shiny tractor there’s a whiff of ego-war about the whole fiasco. The Moon is off somewhere having her nails done and isn’t looking out for you so you’ll likely trip yourself up. Stand back. Stand up straight. Whistle a happy tune instead. Then as Mercury cops a stony silence from Pluto on Thursday you’ll feel yourself wilt a little… Dagnabbit… just as you thought you were doing so well. Get a grip Crabsticks! One little setback does not a heap of rubble make. After a good old audit of your future plans, Mercury, the winged messenger moves on from Pluto and takes a sharp left into the boardroom flagging you up the flagpole for the next three weeks – so make sure you’re wearing good quality pants. With the Sun and Mercury and your ruler in this part of your chart it’s a good time for sharpening up contracts and commissions. Venus will be joining the table next week so that’s when money matters can be settled. On an aside, the Moon will be at her Spanish class and then shopping all day Wednesday so don’t do anything. Don’t get out of your pyjamas if you don't want to. Don’t even brush your hair.

Monday is a sticky wicket for a pussy cat. You are convinced, sure as eggs is eggs, that the young upstart with the big paws has really got it in for you, particularly when it comes to curbing your enthusiasm for life generally and your future glory in particular. Cross words with someone at work or bossy emails on Thursday aren’t helping matters much either. With the Moon cooing gently, close partners this week can be a shoulder to cry on. But really if you could see the way the map is shaping up you’d be planning on tackling these hurdles with no need for a hanky or chicken soup. Just as a marathon runner reaches the Wall of Pain and knows that by keeping on they will Overcome, so too do you know that you’ve been through worse than this and come through it to reach the finishing line. Pluto’s about to ask you why there isn’t enough creativity in your day to day life. When the office-nazi starts berating your delightful ears or burning up your in-tray with their egomaniacal demands, doodle a picture of what you would do to them with some fishing wire, a Ford Cortina, and a tub of Harissa extra fiery marinade. That’ll put some creativity in your pipe, eh Pluto? And good folk know that every pussy cat has its day…

You’ve spoken. You’ve spoken as much from the heart as you can at this point. You’ve taken a chance, geez, you’ve even been making wishes and calling out for your dreams as you’ve stared at the clouds/horizon/pile of ironing. Now the responses begin. It’s not all plain sailing but then you wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t have to work for the success you’ve been picturing in your magnificent mind’s eye. So. Firstly a square between the Sun and Mars on Monday means that whatever this dream is, it’s going to cost a darn sight more than you’d anticipated. Looking on the bright side this means you’ll need to revisit how you’re going to get it – and securing bank loans and financial support is looking good for you in the coming weeks. Secondly close partners of a romantic or bizniz variety are going to be less than supportive, sticking their beak in with all sorts of should-dos and ought not-tos. Jam a large pie in their mouth and while they are speechless kiss them on the cheek for their negativity – their flagrant jealousy and poo-pooing attitude will only make your resolve stronger. Once you’ve got that resolve iron-cast, it’s likely you’ll need to take your eye off the dream for a while. Family matters come calling – or even a house move or refurb gets to the top of the to do list at last.

As the world of stars starts to beam upon your house of one-to-one partnerships there’s That Conversation you need to have so you can begin to move on. Pluto and Saturn linking up now insist that the words that do come out of your mouth are filled with Truth. Not the ego-centred rubbish that is passed off for Truth these days, not the glib platitudes, ‘It’s not you it’s me...’ sort of caper. Not the general, unresearched conversation-stopping, ‘It could just never work’. But the Truth. Saturn in your 12th house is your chance to let go of your most self-defeating habits vis being too scared to own up to your emotions. Going with the flow of Saturn and Pluto’s joint life-coaching session gives you the freedom to say, ‘I have these needs’. ‘I can only give this.’ ‘I don’t feel safe.’ ‘I don’t feel passion.’ ‘We were just mirrors for each other.’ ‘Go slowly as I don’t love myself yet.’ There are reasons why relationships come into our lives when they do. Likewise there are reasons why they must change, and reasons why they must end, and then why new ones must start. When That Conversation comes up, don’t be fooled into thinking that by being over-economical with the truth you are ‘letting someone down gently’. In lying to someone else, you will distrust everyone you meet. And that’s no way to begin letting others into your life is it?

While you would rather be off chasing the horizon with a fishing net in pretty turquoise shoes and silver bangles, the boss at work has Things For You To Do. Their insistence will grate on Monday and then it will give way to a sense that good stuff is coming up. It is coming but first though there are Things you must focus upon. As Mercury moves into your personal office bringing ideas, inventiveness, and busy-ness, he clashes with Pluto. Someone at work may pop your balloon leaving you hissing like a crazy cat or you’ll suddenly find yourself having to thrash out the small print on a contract that doesn’t quite stack up leaving you hurt and cross. It’s likely concerning spondoolicks as Pluto, heading back into your bank vault for a closer look, makes you worry that you’re not going to get what you need/what you deserve/those red high heels you’ve had your eye on since Easter. The lessons here are to help you (a) focus on why you need money money money while simultaneously (b) thinking about fun ways you could do it without being manacled to a desk. And they are not bad things to think about especially if they bring more opportunities for wearing turquoise shoes and silver bangles.

A misunderstanding with a lover leading to cross words or a flattened ego on Monday could heal swiftly - but don't think you can just sweep it aside. With Mercury bringing chitty chat and Venus following next week with sweetness and roses there’s good stuff following any irksome, current ding in the road. And they say, these people who know, that the path of true love never runs smoothly… Schuckssighgee... In your quieter moments, when you’re wrestling with a lion or canoeing down the Trisuli river, it would do you well Archer to ask yourself what message in these whispered words of your love triggered your ego to lash out / slam shut this week. Pluto who has been your waking shadow for the past 12 years left you in January to begin following your neighbour the Goat around. But it appears he forgot to straighten something out before he left. So now, as he turns back up the path and heads to your front door again for his final stay this lifetime, he hasn’t got time to shilly shally around with your capers and attempts to brush things under the carpet. He has Mercury and Venus in your house of love affairs in his sights... Jealousy is a fool’s game, Sag. Getting cross with your lover because you feel small and vulnerable because you think someone else has a bigger/better ‘tractor’ than you and is therefore more appealing to your mate is your hang up. Jealousy is a cancer. Name it. Own it. Bin it.

The pressure that’s been bearing down on you and squeezing you dry like a set of teeth on a doughnut is going to ease this week but it’s not going to ease quietly. What these times are revealing are lessons in love. While Mars is haring through your 7th house all testosterone and intimate belligerency (ie lust and loins and passion) the Sun, Moon, Mercury and soon Venus are wafting through your 4th house bringing light, memories, ideas and womanly nurturing in home and family, ie the inner, calmer version of what an intimate relationship is all about. In part all this fourth house activity can be as ABC as an urge to create a nest - from exchanging contracts to redecoration. But the fourth house also holds the key to your early home-life, particularly with your mum, and what those days have taught you about making your way in the world – and most importantly making your way in the world of relationships. With a square from Pluto as he heads back into your 12th house of ‘why do I keep getting the same result?’ There are much deeper questions being asked. ‘Am I doing this the same way my Mum would do it?’ 'Am I getting the same results my mum got?' You may think you’re happy living in a sepia-toned world with the Sally army on the street outside but it’s hardly carving your own mountain path, eh Goat? You’ve still a glowing chance to change things if you just speak out. The alternative is to keep doing what you/your mum's always done and keep getting what you/your mum's always got.

Monday and cross words at work or a car that needs some attention could have you reaching for the cooking sherry before the yardarm has done the necessaries. Then Thursday and into the weekend you find yourself on the back foot defending your thoughts and feelings but you’re not sure why. One of the golden rules in life may be to understand that we are never really understood. That way our expectations are based on gentleness and tolerance. In everyday life, though, the pain of the ignorance of someone who points at your least flattering feature or most unappealing personality flaw by shining a lamp on it in the middle of a crowded shopping centre is quite another palpable kettle of fish. You know why your Achilles heel is where it is and how it got to be there. Hell it even feels quite nice knowing it’s there, like an old friend somehow. If you want to let go of it though, now could be the time. Pluto dipping back into your zone of friendships for a while could bring the sort of honest-talking, ‘I-say-this-with-love-but…’ tea circle you need – so you know there are people out there who love you just the way you are. When you're ready to talk, your friends will be waiting.

Cross words about money at the start of the week, or an inkling in your water that something isn’t quiet adding up, may leave you a little upset in what are otherwise pretty, balmy times. Venus still shimmers in your first house this week, holding your hand and pouring you orange juice from sunlit glass pitchers and with the Moon here too mid-week you’ll be feeling overtures of sentimentality but contentment. Where the mud really might start to fly is when Mercury and then Venus square off to Pluto and head for squares with the ever punchy Mars by mid-month. It does look like a friend needs to come clean about some money issue or shared resources or that a wish you’d had for a cheque or commission may be asking for a part of your soul as well as your skill set. You’re likely to sign and proceed anyway, things being as they are, but the lasting taste in your mouth means that how you seal deals in future, how you negotiate, and how you plan alternatives so that you retain your soul when giving your all, are subject to enormous personal change the next time round.