Monday, 28 April 2008

This Week

If we were all ants in a giant cosmic ant colony then it goes without saying we would be at the mercy of many things. The sky falling on our heads. Disease. Famine. Flood. Large feet. And if we were all ants in this giant ant colony we would follow our leaders without question, work until we were exhausted, breed mindlessly - and fail consistently to look up and take in the view of the blossom. Hmm… What is Astrobabble babbling on about? Well, this week it’s time to make some serious, honest resolutions about YOU. As the Grand Trine comes full circle and Saturn, the disciplinarian of the Zodiac, slows and turns to face the future, it’s time to wise up. Question your day. Question your time. Question how well you care for your miraculous, physical body. Recommit to tackling your deepest longing and proceed with honesty about who you are and who you want to be. You are not an ant. Or a sheep. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “You will be alright when you are fully yourself.” Onwards!

As the Grand Trine reaches its climax this week, Saturn, the ruler of your 10th house of “Looky here – I is da winner!” turns forwards in the midst of the action. But what does it all mean? The long answer is that you have some adding up to do where work, health, and money are concerned. What will you sacrifice to get more of something else/ so you feel like you’re the Daddy in your social pecking order, that you ARE somebody, that you’re proud of you. But what will you choose? Longer hours for more money but more stress…? Shorter hours for less money but more stress about money…? Shorter hours for less money but a greater focus on time and health…? Don’t ignore the discomfort you feel in your waters on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is your friend. It is showing you where the balance is wrong. The short answer to all this is that you know deep down what it is you want to be remembered for when the cosmic boot stamps on your hill for the very last time. So get the fig on with it Bridget. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: How does money affect your health and your choice of job and which of these - Money, Health, Job – would you put in first, second, and third place in your vision of ‘Success’?

Oooh Bull, I hope you’ve painted your pretty hooves and have flowers bedecking your glorious ears. Venus comes home this week, all lipstick and womanly cleavage, and you will start to see that love (and money) are tucked within her carpet bag and they are meant for you. Yes you! Over the next three weeks Venus and the Sun will have you prettying up and growing in confidence, Mercury will be getting your focus back onto the contents of your piggy bank, and as Saturn gathers pace in a forward direction at last, you will begin to feel that your dreams of creative ventures and love affairs, and cute, chubby chilun will all hold water. This week may be a slow one and you’ll start to feel that a long-term plan isn’t yet cast in stone and will require tweaking and reviewing. Don’t worry. Proceed as you can. The New Moon next week will shed light on what’s best for you. This week and Monday is good for talky and bizniz. Wednesday, don’t fall out with bosses. They aren’t telling you the whole truth and it’s foolhardy to charge without a clear view. Thursday and into the Weekend you’ll be ready to start talking babies, long-term plans, and converting your ubba ubbba into something serious. The key to negotiating the ubba ubbba and the long-term view is to remember – if you keep doing what you’ve done you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. Comprendo? Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: Me and children/love/creative ventures – how I gonna git the lot and canter off with them into the sunset/away to foreign shores?

Fairy cakes, the key to this week lies in partnership working. Pluto heading back into your house of lovely squeezes and/or bizniz partners spells a time of renegotiation, or ironing out the wrinkles, of checking every last nook and cranny (as ‘twere) for signs of subsidence and corrosion before you (a) finally recognise that this particular relationship is going to change you for the better or (b) finally realise that you’re addicted to something because you want an external force to beat you over the head for no good reason other than you don’t like yourself very much. As Venus sashays into your secretive 12th house, you may find that all you want is to be loved, loved, loved as you are. This is lovely and makes you self-sacrificing (because you want to then love someone else as they are). But it can make you a doormat/pushover/wuss. Stand tall! On Wednesday you may feel that it’s all slipping away. It’s not, it’s just Neptune muddying the waters. Ride the wave, or if it’s a tidal wave, surf the internet or go for a picnic on a hill instead of a beach. Saturn going direct at week’s end spells a time of renewed commitment to family and/or home-buying and nest-making. When’s the party? Astrobabble could bring pie. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT this week: How by following your dreams you are being called to give up old habits and form a new type of home-life - different from the one you have now and different from the one you had as a child (ie with you in charge of the Mothership this time.)

Friends are brillog! And this week you and your pals will have each other feeling well and truly cared for. Venus’s annual visit to your home of social circles and dreams has you putting on your favourite dress and doing lunch and gossip in style like Carrie Bradshaw. Monday’s the best day for your love life this week as Jupiter and Mercury chitty chat about holidays and tandem cycling and other fun things to do in twos. Wednesday a fugue descends. Lashing out blindly because someone or something has stirred the ocean bed and you can’t see your claw right in front of your face will just exhaust you. With all the hobnobbing with your friends, if this muddiness manifests as a chum seeming deluded remember that in all this sand and seaweed, you aren’t seeing things too well either. How do you know it’s not you that has muddied the waters because you don’t want to face facts...hmm? Stand back and wait. Your energy may seem to dip at the weekend. Be gentle on yourself. At the same time, Saturn’s turn to direct motion spells a time to come of being very clear about what you mean. So while reclining on the couch all weekend, reflect on your week and plan your future letting the lessons of Wednesday guide you well. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here for week: How does one add gravitas to what one sez, Noel, so that one attracts/procures/nurtures friends and the sorts of lovers and biziniz partners one wishes for?

The signs are good, puss. After so many months of feeling like torrential rain has been dampening down your parade somewhat, the clouds are moving on and the first shoots of green are springing out of the ground. Firstly, award yourself a manicure and good, hard brushing for your patience. Secondly get ready to start making those big leaps forward we have been talking of for the past six weeks. The signs are these: a New Moon on May 5th and Venus moving into your 10th house of “I want a raise, an office with a view, and a swivel chair!” means it’s time to start talking money and status with da boss. Secondly, Saturn is heading direct at week’s end in your piggy bank. He says, “What are you worth? Work hard for the financial gains. Get a savings account and a pension.” And hey presto! Within two years your take on money will be oh-so-grown up compared to the picture it is in now. Thirdly, next week Mars finally gallops into your first house and you will have the zest to prowl and roar with scintillating authority. Remember that big pawed upstart? ('What big pawed upstart?!') There you go, Lion. It’s you, baby, only you! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: How can you enhance the ways you walk, talk and dress-like-a-success to ensure that de bossman gives you de money you so richly deserve?

Progress schmogress! It’s all happening, isn’t it lovely, but it’s all happening sloooowly. Saturn is slowing to a snail’s pace as he turns direct in Virgo this week and while you can see the big shiny horizon ahead of you, and you’ve even got the sturdy raft to get you there, the headwind’s making it dern impossible to get much further than the harbour wall. The pretty stuff this week is that Venus, Mercury and the Sun, all cruising in the sunshine, mean you don’t lose heart or lose focus. Even if the headwind is your own inner lack of confidence, the skies are being supportive. Make hay/calls/plans on Monday and then let the rest of the week find its natural pace. Mid-week there’s a mini-scrap between Neptune in your house of office and health, and Mercury, your fabulous leader. Now this may be something as literal as the office drunk telling you you’ll never get any further than the car park. Or it may be something about a confusion finally coming into the clearing. On a health tip, if you’ve had inexplicable symptoms, there may be some news this week. In the office, if you feel that you’ve not been getting the whole picture from colleagues, or that they have been misunderstanding you compeltely then now you may realise it for sure. How you deal with it is up to you. What Astrobabble will tell you is that there’s a New Moon coming on Monday which will kickstart you forward. Maybe wait until then before reacting to the smarting. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: When you look to the horizon and you think about setting off on that journey, what do you need to do to solidify your belief in yourself that you can get there?

After a three week stay in your seventh house of “Ooh honey you’re the greatest,” Venus glides forwards into your eighth house of “Sex, death, and taxes” – or, in other words, life’s inevitables. What she’s doing here, hooking up with Pluto, Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury, is to add a little brightness (and money) to the knowledge you have recently gathered in your Lifeplan Jotter. Of particular note is the way you need to change/transform/revamp so that you feel betterer about yersen. The eighth house is a special place in the zodiac, a sort of cosmic Trinny and Suzannah, with emphasis on what’s going on inside and how that manifests outside. This isn’t so much about high heels making your legs look longer or skimming skirts to camouflage a pear shape as it is about attracting healthy relationships and going for more satisfying ways of making a living. In a nutshell, if you’re getting a bum deal then you need to change something in yourself that is putting up with that… And so, Venus and next week’s New Moon augur in a time of positive change. But whether you throw out the baby, bathwater, and the skin-tight leather trousers is up to you. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: How can transforming what you perceive ‘wimmin’ to be free you from the need to be perfect yersen?

Monday and there’s some surprising developments to a creative venture or love affair. The skies say developments for the better, he he, so if a cutie pie you see each day at the bus stop turns up with roses and proposes or a creative venture looks set to become a working partnership then the stars are on your side. The other biiig news this week is Venus moving into your seventh house of long-term squeezy or bizniz partners, triggering as she does the Grand Trine. Venus on her own here would speak of good times in established relationships or more opportunities for singles in finding relationships. Venus = cleavage, womanliness, pretty things, and money, luxuries, back rubs. So you see, when she brings all these things to your partnership house it all portends of nicey nicey times, mmm hmmm. But now, with her big broad smile to Saturn and your ruler, Pluto, happening at the same time there’s something much more profound about deep connection and long-term commitment happening. Relationships formed now are for the long haul and can take you towards your greatest wishes. And with Mars hooking up to Mercury on Monday, discussions look set to take you towards your greatest wishes with gusto! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: What can your bizniz and close, loving partnerships teach you about going for your dreams (including how to reach them through communication and networking).

If you’re starting to wonder who you are, you’re feeling the impact of Pluto as he steps back into your front room and sits down by the fire, stirring his tea and watching you with penetrating eyes. For the past 13 years your life has been about deep, sometimes painful change, with relationships and circumstances testing your mettle and wearing you down to the quick. Then in January, something miraculous happened. Pluto moved on and without being able to put your finger on it something just felt a bit lighter, like you were cosy in your own skin, with your own wash, with your lot. Pluto’s temporary return to your sofa is a chance for a check, a chance for you to cast your own penetrating eyes over yourself. The focus is on where can you change the ways you ‘market’ yourself so that you attract more abundance? As Venus lights up the Grand Trine on Thursday, and Saturn turns direct over the weekend, your commitment to earn more (and love the way you earn it) grows stronger. Two years from now your hard work will bring your dream to you. So get diggin’! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: How can you change the way you work to bring in more money and further your Success? (The focus is on PR-ing and marketing your products and services – perhaps reaching out to the luxury end of the market...)

May arrives this week and with it the long-awaited starting pistol vis going for your glorious future picture… (As Astrobabble said to you many moons ago, “I said May, I mean May.”) This week the pretty stuff slowly begins to happen. On Thursday Venus pops on her prettiest dress (maternity smock) and wafts into your house of children, creativity, and love affairs. Then at the weekend, Saturn your ruler and planet of unflinching commitment polishes up his boots and meets her for a pleasant lunch at the races. Saturn is serious. He doesn’t much like frippery and wishy washiness. He likes clarity, plans, targets, and reports. If you find yourself being overly perfunctory vis your lovelife, trying to slot it in like a dental appointment, or if you suddenly see yourself setting out your creative ventures / production of children as if you were devising a military operation, try and soften up a little. Let Venus do the talking with her eyelashes and sensual fingers. The serious stuff this week is that it’s time to face your fears and you know it. You’ll see them with greatest microscopic clarity if you ask yourself two questions. 1) Why do I need to control everything and (2) In spite of that, why am I not getting what I want? Scary as it is, you have to change. But you can! Go for it like the metaphorical Parkour champion you are! Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: Love affairs, children, and the long-term view: how do you need to transform yourself so that you can attract/maintain/develop one that leads to the other that leads to the other?

Monday brings good news re: money and home/family – perhaps the day you decide to put your house up for sale a passing busload of Japanese tourists offer to buy it from you on the spot, fridge contents and all. Alternatively a family member could hit the jackpot winning a chaise longue and a kitchen island in the May raffle of the Charity for Bunting and Other Village Accoutrements. So just as you start the week feeling that it’s all going so well, Tuesday arrives and life just gets wishier and washier. Something is not going as you’d expected with home and family matters. Perhaps the offer from the Japanese tourists isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Perhaps the estate agent underestimates the value of your Yurt. Perhaps a family member is being cagey about exactly how they won that chaise longue. Whatever it is something comes to light that you don’t much like… The thing is, you’re under water and out of touch with what’s happening on dry land and so everything seems distorted. The key to sanity is: Don’t Overreact. Tuesday and Wednesday are the muddiest of days. Try not to cause or enter the fray. Go to a hydrospa instead. From Thursday and into the weekend the Grand Trine is lit up first by Venus and then by the Moon. With the emphasis here also on your home and family it looks like whatever has muddied the waters can be worked out and agreements made so that it doesn’t happen again. Certainly you’ll find yourself questioning your own part in the haze and perhaps sticking a useful adage to your fridge freezer as a daily reminder, “See things as they are, not as you want them to be.” Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: How can you transform your home and family life to better reflect the person you are today?

Chest out and speak up Monday, Fish, as if you are the actual voice from the burning bush. There’s power to change situations by your words alone. Then mid-week back off and let any dust around you settle. Neptune in your 12th house of “Ooh it’s dark in here,” crosses swords with Mercury and your big fear is that what you’ve said has backfired, misfired, or possibly even burnt your bridges. What’s actually happening is a delay, as if calling the US in the 50s, you have to wait an interminable age for the response or risk talking over the other person’s words just to avoid the silence. Saturn in your 7th house of squeezes is going direct at the weekend after months of prevaricating in the clubhouse. As he moves from the bar to his golf buggy to head out onto the fairway of your life he does so with pondering slowness. So this is your delay. So this is why others aren’t answering your call. This week go for patience, let the practice swings happen. Don’t let fear and haste make Saturn fluff his opening shot. Your Grand Trine cut-out-and-keep FOCUS FEEL COMMIT here this week: How Do I Talky Talky to the Pretty Lady so She Love Me Longtime or in other words how could you improve your communication skills so that you can express your wishes and bring your friends, bizniz colleagues, and one-to-ones along with you into the future.